New BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe 2020 - see if it's better than the Mercedes CLA!

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • This is the new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe! It's a stylish overhaul of the 1 Series hatchback, armed with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that can produce up to 306hp! Get it in M235i guise and you'll go from 0-60mph in just 4.9 seconds! Does the Mercedes CLA finally have a viable alternative? Join Mat for a closer look!
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Comments • 2 322

  • ltlwatcher
    ltlwatcher 2 days ago

    No, it's just Onion news 😂 it?

  • mortl
    mortl 2 days ago

    i actually quite like it. But will there be an engine tha´ts not a 3 cylinder out of a mini cooper?

  • David Viner
    David Viner 3 days ago

    I drive a BMW, I will buy classic BMWs from now on, no new ones. This thing is a dog (no offence to dogs meant as all dogs are nicer than this thing, which goes to show how badly inter bred the BMW design is) a dog with fleas. And even the fleas can't stand it. Why O why have BMW sunk this low???? Where is the pride in their cars now? Such a shame

  • franki3Ru550
    franki3Ru550 4 days ago

    How is this ugly? I think it’s starting to look slightly futuristic.. you guys probably just like cars that are boring and average on the road.. you guys probably don’t like futuristic cars lol

  • franki3Ru550
    franki3Ru550 4 days ago

    I love the tail lights looks futuristic

  • N. P.
    N. P. 4 days ago

    Mitsubishi Lancer lookalike...headlights a beat up swallen cheekbone. Get rid of this designer group.

  • sebastian serey
    sebastian serey 6 days ago


  • Malligrub 1
    Malligrub 1 7 days ago

    Why do BMW have so much trouble with the 1-series, when this 2 and the 3/5/8 look so good? The front end of this is basically what I thought the 1-series would look like if all the little imperfections in lines and proportion corrected. Not surprised that most people in the comments can't appreciate the looks though, it's not the typical lazy sports coupe design you see these days with no character lines anywhere

  • hkrainman
    hkrainman 7 days ago

    BMW made their 3 series oversized & totally screwed up 2 series with front wheel drive. Oh BMW...

  • Wesley T
    Wesley T 7 days ago

    The front and back had to be lower and sleeker. It looks more like a BMW Gran Turismo model then a Gran coupé

  • Matt B
    Matt B 9 days ago

    So that's another BMW I'll never Buy.

    • robscloudable
      robscloudable 6 days ago

      You know you have to be able to afford one before making stupid comments... I hear the aygo is cheap.

  • MC Mark Markson
    MC Mark Markson 9 days ago

    You know the design fails when you want the earlier versions...

  • Philip Chan
    Philip Chan 9 days ago

    My god this is so so ugly. Its as if they've hired the entire design team at Chervolet and placed 100% determination in overhauling for Americans and pissing off the rest of the world. Stomach churning side profile of a brick and a fridge.

  • Ernestnooby Noobito
    Ernestnooby Noobito 9 days ago +1


  • For Gmaps
    For Gmaps 10 days ago

    "27k, 15k more than a 1 series hatch". A 1 series hatch is 12k?

  • Z Z
    Z Z 10 days ago

    Looks like a Mazda from the side

  • NutNbutSpeed
    NutNbutSpeed 10 days ago

    You lost me at FWD. Sorry, BMW will definitely lose my business if they begin doing FWD. Not to mention you have to pay a subscription for Android Auto

  • Stephen Moniaga
    Stephen Moniaga 12 days ago

    like i commented on other vid , the only thing BMW did right these days are their headlamp design , sleek looking. BUT their overall design . . . i dont like it !!

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie 12 days ago

    Horrible !

  • Zan
    Zan 13 days ago

    Ahh these boring BMWs...No matter the series it looks the same for the past years

  • Nielsen Vega
    Nielsen Vega 13 days ago

    Sadly BMWs are looking more like Hondas.

  • KRIS·
    KRIS· 13 days ago

    It looks so weird, it’s not ugly but it’s not good looking either... Fugly 🤢

  • Sina Madani
    Sina Madani 13 days ago

    It doesn't suit the 2 series at all. Too bulky and looks squarely (pun intended) aimed at the Chinese market

  • Exotic Nature
    Exotic Nature 13 days ago

    Everybody saying it looks like a Kia , but tbh.. The Kia Stinger is way better than this thing it kinda looks like a volvo s60 from 2010

  • Billz
    Billz 15 days ago

    the ugly fat little sibling lol

  • Rashad Ghanem
    Rashad Ghanem 15 days ago

    It looks like a mini Hyundai Tucson🤢🤮

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips 15 days ago

    In other news, the First generation Porsche Panamera is no longer the ugliest four door car in existence.

  • Stryker
    Stryker 16 days ago

    Why no option for both being ugly?

  • Joao Filipe Lima
    Joao Filipe Lima 16 days ago

    another stupid BMW

  • Arun Parkin
    Arun Parkin 18 days ago

    Not as obnoxious as the X5, but damn that is overdone! The bulges, creases, fake vents; what happened to simplicity, good proportions and clean lines? And those vents as the rear bumper! Looks like someone's stabbed in with a knife!

  • Zeppelin Floyd
    Zeppelin Floyd 19 days ago

    This BMW designer's brain is definitely his second favourite organ.

    IAN PENMAN 19 days ago

    £15 grand more expensive that the 1 series? (making it start at £12000?) and £15000 cheaper than Merc CLA? (making it start at £42000?) 2:56 in the vid?????

  • Mohamed El-busaid
    Mohamed El-busaid 20 days ago +1

    A lot of negative opinions on this, but yeah for me, I think its gorgeous 👌🏼. I will definitely purchase it some time in the future. Would deffo be an upgrade on my current Scirocco

  • Benjamin Watson
    Benjamin Watson 20 days ago

    will it be available in america

  • Rafa v
    Rafa v 20 days ago

    Am i the only one who quite likes it? I think in more modest colours like grey or black, white etc it looks quite good, especially with the 19 inch wheels, even in the base model. I think it will make the rear look a bit smaller, but i think its something that will look better in person as well. The m sport model looks good as well. Ill make my final judgement when i see it in person. HOWEVER, BMW really needs to get their act together with the tech integration, cause now its only apple car integrated but the doors can only unlock with android phones?? And tbh there should be a hybrid version. Todays world requires fuel efficiency, so who really cares how many cylinders it has as long as it provides good power. All these "BMW fans" lamenting bmw for coming out with a smaller model to capture a very popular market need to fuck off. They still make beasts like the m2, m3, m5, m8 and so on, which is all car people really care about anyway. The m235i still has a 4 cylinder with 303hp and 0-100 in 4,8 which is far more than the bicycles most people have commenting on youtube about how shit BMW is. People talk about all the old M cars from the 90's and early 2000's forgetting that BMW has been making small low power cars its entire history. Not to mention the Isetta. Sure i think BMW had its downs recently but I think they have been picking up again, but you cant just look at any new BMW and compare it to the E90 and cry about how it doesnt have RWD.

  • Passing By
    Passing By 20 days ago

    Bmw spirit doesn't exist ..unnecessary car 👎

  • Refrieddog
    Refrieddog 20 days ago

    Why are the germans copying koreans?

  • 300M Chrysler
    300M Chrysler 21 day ago

    rip off from kia face

  • Grant Palmer
    Grant Palmer 22 days ago

    I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but - how come the new 3 series looks good and the rest of line up look crap?
    They’ve got it so wrong at BMW lately.

  • Jordan Belfort
    Jordan Belfort 22 days ago

    1 & 2 series exterior designers need to be fired!!!

  • gii SB
    gii SB 22 days ago

    wow this car ia ugly...

  • gii SB
    gii SB 22 days ago

    cars like these are going to sink the sales no one wants this sht. 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • gii SB
    gii SB 22 days ago

    disgusting. looks like a hyundai. the front is horrid. and front wheel drive. it's shit.

  • Scott Ferguson
    Scott Ferguson 22 days ago +1

    Mercedes-Benz WILL ALWAYS come out on top! Plus the prestige that comes with a Mercedes will always be there!!

  • Michael pound
    Michael pound 22 days ago +1

    Why do people buy these boring looking snout nosey bmw's.was someone sinking down a few cans of Stella when they designed this crud. They are SOOO boring

  • Noisy Planet
    Noisy Planet 23 days ago

    It looks so fat in the back.

  • avi nisanov
    avi nisanov 23 days ago

    Name of the song in the video?

  • Eldray
    Eldray 23 days ago

    I love how people just blindly hate anything new. The new 1 and 2 series are completely fine, actually, they are quite impressive in terms of fwd handling. Better cornering speed than a Civic Type R due to it's advanced power distributing system. And looks are subjective.

  • R L
    R L 23 days ago

    So glad I got the older gen m235i. This is an eyesore at it's finest, leaves a lot to be desired. RIP

  • R35spect GT-R
    R35spect GT-R 24 days ago

    What the fuck

  • PlayaTaee
    PlayaTaee 24 days ago

    looked ok at first until i saw the angles.. wtf

  • fwefization
    fwefization 24 days ago


  • moto bazuka
    moto bazuka 24 days ago


  • Strength RD
    Strength RD 24 days ago

    Personally think the styling looks great, the Mercedes is extremely boring looking.

  • Playcer
    Playcer 24 days ago

    It looks like the i30n fastback

  • Playcer
    Playcer 24 days ago

    Well it's definitely uglier

  • HQBProductions
    HQBProductions 25 days ago

    The rear view is just awful and the rest is just yet another 3 series lookalike from 2007...why bother with it?

  • thor_sT
    thor_sT 25 days ago

    Well, bmw seems to be making the 2 series pretty uhm.. soft? That car looks weird for a BMW..

    БΞΛТ ТłMΞ 25 days ago

    I think it looks NOTHING like a 2 series at all

  • Bionic Rusty
    Bionic Rusty 25 days ago

    I’m jumping off the wagon of comments here.
    I love it and much prefer it to the CLA.
    The only thing I don’t like is the FWD. Even with the ARB control it’s gonna torque steer like mad.
    I have an X1 18d and even that does it. Overtaking in sport is almost dangerous.