• Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD invited me to tour his studio in NJ for a fifth time! It's been a real treat seeing it progress over two and a half years. Thanks for having me, Marques!
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    MKBHD studio tour 4.0:
    MKBHD studio tour 3.0:
    MKBHD studio tour 2.0:
    MKBHD studio tour 1.0:
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  • Josh Baesal
    Josh Baesal Month ago +2071

    Marques is a really hard working talented and inspirational person. Good job Sam at covering this every year and showing us what goes in making a MKBHD video. I really admire the efforts Marques and team put into every video.

    • T Wjr
      T Wjr 27 days ago

      Yea and he also had no struggles. I could accomplish alot by having no struggles at all. In fact i think we all could. This dude had everything needed from day one. How about a story where someone overcomes instead of just having all that's needed from day one. Just another catered to with a golden rag up his ass.

    • Dragon Spirit
      Dragon Spirit Month ago

      AnJai it’s a Pewdiepie joke

    • AnJai
      AnJai Month ago

      SARAN SHAJI what?

      SARAN SHAJI Month ago

      +AnJai .

  • salazizzle
    salazizzle 21 hour ago

    This is like MTV Cribs for tech nerds

  • MoltenGames
    MoltenGames 2 days ago

    his surfboard costs more than my whole setup

  • XxpodyXx X
    XxpodyXx X 3 days ago

    That camera dude is trash literally a 9 yearold camera man

  • Mr. Gamer
    Mr. Gamer 5 days ago

    you have a treasure in your room
    #loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GreyFace
    GreyFace 6 days ago

    even my 7 yo sister can shoot better videos than this.

  • João Gata
    João Gata 6 days ago


  • njrom
    njrom 7 days ago +1

    Maybe point the camera at the stuff he is pointing to? I don't really understand why this wasn't done more. If there is a reason let me know why?

  • Mankaran Atwal
    Mankaran Atwal 7 days ago

    Which keyboard u use bro

  • Emil Dahl
    Emil Dahl 9 days ago

    3:50 What is that felt box with pine coats?

  • Mike Dobbelaere
    Mike Dobbelaere 9 days ago

    How many phones does one need.. Answer: As much as possible!

  • UhNeon
    UhNeon 10 days ago

    Who ever recording this you're a shit filmer.

  • Ryan Chan
    Ryan Chan 10 days ago

    Would u be able to list everything he mentioned in the video especially the 80tb storages and the drawers in the first studio?

  • b u b
    b u b 10 days ago

    128gb of RAM?????????????????

  • John Lim
    John Lim 12 days ago

    pls adjust ur camera shot towards the end of the video pls. i beg you. sigh

  • Jearrod Fountain
    Jearrod Fountain 12 days ago +1

    I really love those daftpunk posters

  • Ishku 101
    Ishku 101 13 days ago

    weird flex but okay!!!1

  • Utoob3r
    Utoob3r 14 days ago

    The $500k MKB studio....I gasp!

  • Des
    Des 15 days ago

    Wow. Amazing studio. So much stuff go's into these videos. You really can't just make one in your bedroom anymore!

  • All about gamer
    All about gamer 15 days ago +1

    Look at the mkbhd cameras!!!!
    Just... Wow!!!😯😯😯

  • saboo
    saboo 16 days ago

    Marques is one of the few tech youtubers who underwent the studio change without becoming shit (looking at you linus)

  • Ayobami Bello
    Ayobami Bello 17 days ago

    Hey marques do Disney shot movies in your studio? 😕😖

  • Chris! W
    Chris! W 18 days ago

    what brand of carpets? I need something to kill noise in my dorm room

  • John Padilla
    John Padilla 18 days ago

    cool info, but BIG TIP make sure not use auto focus is annoying near end of video. please take time to learn this

  • Ninely
    Ninely 18 days ago

    Bro ur camera movement kinda annoying

  • Colonel Baby
    Colonel Baby 18 days ago

    Can you stop filming him and actually film the things that he's pointing at?? Infuriating when he's pointing at shit and you just hold the camera still...

  • Francis Valcke
    Francis Valcke 19 days ago

    what is that thing on the door that can't be seen?

  • SH
    SH 20 days ago

    You don't show what he is talking about ... you just point it right at him the ENTIRE TIME!! I know what Marques looks like!! I am here clearly to see his fricking office and all his stuff & NOT HIM THE ENTIRE TIME!!

  • Doskii
    Doskii 20 days ago

    Terrible camera work. Point it at what he is talking about!

  • Anthony Briggs
    Anthony Briggs 20 days ago +1

    I notice that there are no dual screens to be found is there a reason why?

  • Bulg Garrigson
    Bulg Garrigson 20 days ago

    guy rich af

  • Massey Adel
    Massey Adel 21 day ago

    Lmao MKBHD thinks he's big enough to make an award for Apple

  • jcorcs
    jcorcs 21 day ago

    I love the shots of the studio we get in the videos, but... I could not work in a space that messy. I would do some serious reorganizing tbh.

  • dario D
    dario D 21 day ago

    now i an getting really intrigued about what are you hiding with that blurred dot

    • anhu92
      anhu92 18 days ago

      it's the unit number on the glass door

  • dario D
    dario D 21 day ago

    they have only 3 RED cameras. pooor them...

  • Jerad Berry
    Jerad Berry 22 days ago +1

    i keep turning the volume up cause hes quiet, then hes super loud, wtf @ volume levels, isnt he wearing a mic?

  • Jerad Berry
    Jerad Berry 22 days ago +1

    his voice sounds so different

  • Trevor Murray
    Trevor Murray 22 days ago

    this studio looks like it would be super cold all the time

  • Sebastian K
    Sebastian K 22 days ago

    8:44-8:45 you have some sound issue

  • Julian Zapanta
    Julian Zapanta 22 days ago

    @8:44 you hear a weird static sound. I guess static is still within the studio!

  • Tucker Gott
    Tucker Gott 23 days ago +2

    WAIT A SECOND!! It appears that Marques was watching one of my videos at 0:31. Marques, if you ever want to film a tech video with paramotors, hit me up! I'm like right around the corner from your studio.

  • Ahmad Ehab
    Ahmad Ehab 23 days ago

    Why whenever Marques points at something you don't capture it?!?!?! So annoying.

  • WilliamA00
    WilliamA00 23 days ago

    I don't get why your red and black panels on the wall by the desk are misaligned in every single way possible! it makes me so frustrated!!! I literally get pissed of lmao :I Is it meant to misaligned to piss people off or did you just not care to measure and align them when you put them up?

  • Grant Siders
    Grant Siders 23 days ago

    This video kind of sucks. Audio issues, and camera angles are terrible. Jesus. Almost unwatchable.

  • Louis Priesmeier
    Louis Priesmeier 24 days ago

    If I would be a Chief this would be the place to be...

  • Ji Park
    Ji Park 24 days ago

    How's your security in that building? I'd find securing the building from potential theft should be like at least #3 on the priority list.

  • Rees Morgan
    Rees Morgan 25 days ago

    anyone know what that mouse pad is at 10:02? looks sick!

  • Bryan Ullmann
    Bryan Ullmann 25 days ago

    boostedboiz??? YOU LIKE TURBO HONDAS??!!?! :")

  • Dub damakka
    Dub damakka 25 days ago


  • The Terrible Puddle
    The Terrible Puddle 25 days ago

    Get your Yamaha HS8 on a pair of Primacoustic RX7. They are the best isolators and they fit the size of your monitors.

  • Fabian Rupp
    Fabian Rupp 25 days ago

    Good idea, placed magnetic Hard drives close to magnetic loudspeaker 👏

  • Alan Livingston
    Alan Livingston 25 days ago

    I would rather sit in a $1k chair and use a $300 laptop than the other way around.

  • Souljabroable West
    Souljabroable West 26 days ago

    lol that guy at the end

  • SlipFPV
    SlipFPV 26 days ago

    3 RED, seriously?! I'm jealous!

  • TD Map
    TD Map 26 days ago

    See you in 2020

  • William Bouldin
    William Bouldin 26 days ago

    When are you going to put fins on your surfboard, and what kind would you get?

  • Militolin
    Militolin 27 days ago

    I see alot of ikea furniture

  • ExoTech
    ExoTech 27 days ago

    so many fucking studio tours that i know MKBHD's studio better than my own house -_-
    also this dude is like a fucking amateur with his camera skills.jeez bro u have 200k subs and ur camera skills aren't reflecting that success.

  • Nemo zi
    Nemo zi 27 days ago

    He has litterly 3 red cameras brooooo

  • kntwing
    kntwing 27 days ago


  • Aleksey Soldatenkov
    Aleksey Soldatenkov 27 days ago

    Crazy Story Time: I found a Herman Miller Embody at Goodwill for $25. I didn't know what it was or it's MSRP, but when I sat down and felt how smooth the wheels were, I knew I had to get it.

  • Benjy Poli
    Benjy Poli 27 days ago


  • Saad Mulla
    Saad Mulla 27 days ago

    Maja nahi aaya

  • gaurav forged
    gaurav forged 27 days ago

    hardware ooooofff..

  • Karelle Hebert
    Karelle Hebert 28 days ago

    Am I the only one noticing how much confidence Marques gained in the last years, I feel like when he wasn't talking only talking about the tech he was kind of shy and now he seems so confident making conversation. Love it !

  • Kabir Humayon
    Kabir Humayon 28 days ago

    cameraman was fucking awful

  • charles fair
    charles fair 28 days ago

    8:45 scared the shit out of me

  • cj18
    cj18 28 days ago

    for your level that's a shitty keyboard markus

  • Ben Jackbag Mank
    Ben Jackbag Mank 28 days ago

    Google pays Markass well.

  • Vicimus
    Vicimus 28 days ago


  • Ossama
    Ossama 28 days ago

    american dream right here

  • sirlexluther
    sirlexluther 28 days ago

    That studio is just amazing. Keep up the great work! Anyone know what that wireless keyboard he's using?

  • _Paws_
    _Paws_ 29 days ago

    12:23 Isn't there a setup that works like curtains or room dividers that work as soundproofing? You can install rails from the ceiling that lets you move around the curtains/room dividers.

  • _Paws_
    _Paws_ 29 days ago

    5:00 Who was distracted by the opaque circle moving around?

  • Vlad Nastasiu
    Vlad Nastasiu 29 days ago

    Who does the cleaning in these spaces?

  • Matej
    Matej 29 days ago

    blur blur, blur blur bluuur... didnt catch a thing u sad M.

    SXXXLT 29 days ago

    can i borrow a phone from that drawer

  • Brady Hoyem
    Brady Hoyem 29 days ago

    Who down votes these videos? Y'all are crazy

  • Jim Cutler
    Jim Cutler 29 days ago

    +Sam Sheffer. Sam in the audio drawer, what are the 2 little units the lavs are connected to? Nice and small is what I like switching to. Did you catch the brand? Either wireless transmitter or tiny recorder? (It's not the DR-10L)

  • Mahamuge Dinendra Nadishan Costa

    Great video, however, when Marques points and explains his tech/equipment please point the camera at said thing.

  • Mamo
    Mamo 29 days ago

    The camera operator should actually listen to the subject speaking and note what they are talking about and demonstrating and then actually include that information in the shot.
    Not that hard to do people.

  • Groovybok98
    Groovybok98 29 days ago

    What is the address? Asking for a friend.

  • Dkwart Dkwart
    Dkwart Dkwart Month ago

    spent most of the time trying to figure what the burry point us,

  • Mannerso
    Mannerso Month ago

    Next time make sure you film the staff the person is talking about, not just the character. and oh, don't forget to get some B-roll

  • Fred Turner
    Fred Turner Month ago

    Marques, you gotta check Steelcase furniture for desks and chairs, that is what you deserve. The best for the best

  • Legit Plays
    Legit Plays Month ago

    I legit heard "Mark Ass Brownie"

  • coolcat2005dj
    coolcat2005dj Month ago

    what a stupid framing, not a studio tour, its Marq tour...if you dont know how to operate gimbal try manual idiot

  • Adhiraj Singh
    Adhiraj Singh Month ago

    rotoscopy & masking is $8/ hour in india guys. It'll fix the blur.

  • Gavin Gaydon
    Gavin Gaydon Month ago

    Over the years MKBHD has come a long long way :)

  • Kenny Z
    Kenny Z Month ago

    2:14 lowkey thought he threw up a gang sign XD

  • Josh Meade
    Josh Meade Month ago +1

    You need a new camera man

  • snowman playz
    snowman playz Month ago

    Marquesss gimme a phone broooo

  • em.fotografik
    em.fotografik Month ago

    The cameraman is not very good IMO. I think most of the people (including myself) clicked on this video to see the studio and the equipment you use. If the camera is going to be on MKBHD 90% of the time, what was the point of this video?!

  • JulianLeBLanc
    JulianLeBLanc Month ago

    Not sure why anyone would wana film at Marques studio with anything less than a RED camera. I'm so used to watching him and his studio in crisp quality that it's so hard to watch your muddy footage. Not to mention the weird composition and terrible audio

  • Johan Channel
    Johan Channel Month ago

    Still got that hot sauce😎🔥.

  • Johan Channel
    Johan Channel Month ago

    The quality of the video was not Marques's fault.Who the heck was the camera man? Sam, get it together. God this camera man sucks. Stop pointing at just him. He's showing you his office. We want to see the office! Don't hire him again.

  • Cultural Cats
    Cultural Cats Month ago

    Hey at 3:41 the censor doesn't fully cover the number, and you can read it by going through each frame.

  • Faarouq Luqman
    Faarouq Luqman Month ago

    Rocket League!

  • Speed Racer
    Speed Racer Month ago

    As a TheXvidr who shoots ultra widescreen, what are your thoughts on this?
    I think 16:9 should be the filming standard, for Hollywood and TheXvid

  • Lux Pro
    Lux Pro Month ago

    Anyone know where to buy that utility closet?