Kim Helps Former Inmate To Remove His Face Tattoos | Season 17 | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

  • Published on Jan 12, 2020
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Comments • 725

  • Ab Bent
    Ab Bent 43 minutes ago

    She wants to fuck him really...

  • Big Draco
    Big Draco 6 hours ago

    BREAKING NEWS: Kim Kardashian divorces Kanye and makes another sextape with a former inmate.

  • CrooksOG
    CrooksOG 7 hours ago

    lmfao bruh you see da size of that fucki bowl

  • Corleone
    Corleone 7 hours ago

    How can this stupid bitch Kim be helping a convict. there's so many other causes in this world, and she helps a guy that threw his own life away. Ironic, considering she also threw hers when she sold her soul.

  • Lou Shark
    Lou Shark 11 hours ago

    Good girl Kim 👍

  • itzzeve
    itzzeve 11 hours ago

    Kim was always my favourite Kardashian out of all, despite the funny memes of her crying over diamond earrings being lost, idk what it was.

  • Boppedu
    Boppedu 14 hours ago

    He only did it to come close to you

  • Quinton Nguyen
    Quinton Nguyen 18 hours ago

    kim didn't even eat her food

  • ella juseyo
    ella juseyo 22 hours ago

    People don’t give her credit but she’s actually so Intelligent it’s shown so much here

  • GetLazarBeamed
    GetLazarBeamed Day ago

    Literally beat off camera 🤣

  • k Ali
    k Ali Day ago

    Daam Kanye hit jackpot pulled the queen of showbiz

  • k Ali
    k Ali Day ago

    U look so much prettier by the years

  • k Ali
    k Ali Day ago

    Y hav to film every good deed

  • k Ali
    k Ali Day ago

    Yeh it's the Kanye effect big change

  • natalie storm
    natalie storm Day ago

    damn he fine though

  • Call It Mexico
    Call It Mexico Day ago

    Kanye’s face at the end 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Ghost572
    Ghost572 Day ago

    Nice shes helping idiots out who get face tatoos. Moral of the story if you want a job don't get a stupid Tatoo on your face because the majority of people wont hire you because of your stupid decision.

  • Simon
    Simon Day ago

    Would she do the same for a white guy? No? Oh.... isn’t that racist then? Pretty sure a white celeb who only helps other whites would be seen as racist.... can’t wait to see how many white people she helps!

    PRE WAVY Day ago

    Kim is beautiful 😻

  • LickleSpade
    LickleSpade Day ago

    You could see he tried to get the digits right at the end🤣

  • Jazz Purple
    Jazz Purple Day ago

    That's what's happens when u marry a real nigga !! Stay blessed kanye and Kim, doing more work than any president has ever done helping men from the prison system. KIMYE FOR PRESIDENT

  • Mario Wright
    Mario Wright Day ago

    That's very nice of u kim one love🇯🇲🇨🇦🇯🇲

  • maurice.
    maurice. Day ago

    damn paul, no disrespect homie, but if your mother is single....holla at ya boy...gawh damn

    ALIYEM BLESSING 2 days ago

    I have always seen the angel in Kim ..No matter what anyone thinks she's always ganna be just amazing in my eyes

  • An Unknown Soul
    An Unknown Soul 2 days ago +1

    "i actually still like my face tats, im just not in a position to have them" that hits

  • KP Roblox
    KP Roblox 2 days ago

    Wow she changed a lot❤️love her

  • Kia Brown
    Kia Brown 2 days ago


  • Kingnel
    Kingnel 2 days ago

    Them bred 9s tho

  • mega man
    mega man 2 days ago

    wow who literally cares about this

  • Giovanni Jay
    Giovanni Jay 2 days ago

    Why do I like Kim now

  • aragon twinkll
    aragon twinkll 2 days ago

    Rip for all the ppl thinking good about that porn bitch....

  • I B
    I B 2 days ago

    Kanye gona fuk her good to tonight coz she wanted his penis bad n kanye saw that in her 😂

  • Logan Jenner
    Logan Jenner 2 days ago

    " look everbody im a good person"...😒

  • S B
    S B 2 days ago

    Regardless what people say about Kim she’s a good person I can tell

  • Westside G
    Westside G 2 days ago

    I love what she’s doing.

  • Charlie Sng
    Charlie Sng 3 days ago +1

    Is jess hillswood here from Auckland

  • Zawadi Birya
    Zawadi Birya 3 days ago

    His mom is gorgeous!

  • Tara F
    Tara F 3 days ago

    if kim really was a good person she would be filming him and would've gifted him the removal with out bringing the cameras in his face and trying to make everything content for her show.

  • Voodoo Hendrix
    Voodoo Hendrix 3 days ago

    Kim should renowed her whole wardrobe, she is will be a talented lawyer

  • Ap M
    Ap M 3 days ago

    But what about how she treats her family? Or is that just take? For drama maybe look ok but it's mostly just them against Kourtney no....

  • SaintJohn Chick
    SaintJohn Chick 3 days ago +1

    Everyone says that Kanye is crazy but I think he played a MAJOR role in Kims transformation

  • Optic500
    Optic500 3 days ago

    Rise and shine
    Spice and wine

  • Liam Eaton
    Liam Eaton 3 days ago

    All these little girls who are brainwashed by Kim Kardashian. Do not aspire to be like her and dont get plastic surgery !

  • Naomi Alimasi
    Naomi Alimasi 3 days ago

    So nice ❤️

  • sandra jin
    sandra jin 3 days ago +1

    Thank God he didn't have a whole entire face of tattoos. Imagine that pain.

  • Nexhy
    Nexhy 3 days ago

    I watch these videos to see if one day I’ll get to see her fat ass just jiggling around

  • uncooked ham
    uncooked ham 3 days ago

    What's wrong with their faces? They can't seem to open their mouths very much and they seem quite expressionless. Are they okay?

  • Ananya Acharya
    Ananya Acharya 3 days ago

    Why did I think that she'd take out a KKW foundation, give it to him, lol..

  • G A
    G A 3 days ago

    Sana all tinutulungan 😆😬

  • For Gmaps
    For Gmaps 3 days ago

    Yeah so sweet and so genuine.
    What crime did he commit?

  • For Gmaps
    For Gmaps 3 days ago

    Yeah so sweet and so genuine.
    What crime did he commit?

  • Lauren T
    Lauren T 3 days ago

    The guy’s sister or whoever she is is BEAUTIFUL and most importantly... it’s a natural beauty as well

  • 💫
    💫 3 days ago

    kanye is so supportive

  • Amanda milson
    Amanda milson 3 days ago +1

    Just another overprivliged human

  • hannah waheed
    hannah waheed 3 days ago

    There are people with no food and no shelter and she is helping someone remove tattoos

  • Daniel Conkerton
    Daniel Conkerton 3 days ago

    People come for Kim alot and call her a airhead or whatever but She's helped so many people and donated millions to charities....

  • reynaldio babym
    reynaldio babym 4 days ago

    I love you,kim!

  • Charlotte McGrady
    Charlotte McGrady 4 days ago

    That’s a huge bowl

  • heather m
    heather m 4 days ago

    Dont be fucking rude👜👜👜

  • Brenon Fiwchuk
    Brenon Fiwchuk 4 days ago

    Why don’t you just use a bit of foundation...? 😂😂😂