EU 'very worried' about no-deal Brexit - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • The new European Parliament President, David Sassoli, sits down with Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis after meeting the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.
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    President Sassoli said that his meeting with Boris Johnson “began with a very strong declaration that with or without a deal the United Kingdom will come out (of the EU) on October 31 with no agreement”.
    The new president of the European Parliament has undertaken his first tour of Europe since beginning his premiership and has met with French President Emmanuel Macron as well as German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.
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  • Ba Whatever
    Ba Whatever Day ago

    Britain is not leaving the EU end of!!

  • john a
    john a 16 days ago

    Well, it didn't happen in March 19. It didn't happen April 19 and it didn't happen October 19 and now we wait for Jan 2020 ? They can't make their own minds up. One minute they say the UK leaving isn't a problem and the next it will be a catastrophe. Make your minds up.

  • Frater Deus Est Veritas

    Catastrophic for the Germans.

    MrRRHHMM 2 months ago +1

    More Repulsive Deep State, Globalist backed nonsense from this GUTTER broadcaster.... This nightmare of a broadcaster should imo to be pulled off the air... The bbc ''WHERE TRUTH AND INTEGRITY GO To DIE''

  • StillSalty
    StillSalty 3 months ago +1

    BBC: Cradle of Marxism

  • Steve Legend
    Steve Legend 3 months ago +2

    So the EU gives nothing but a shit deal for 3 years and its Boris that has to show imagination? FÙCK YOU EU CÙNTS

  • John Morris
    John Morris 3 months ago +1

    No deal brexit removed from table ?, no, what should be removed are two other things, a second referendum or remain. We voted leave, no ifs or buts and no second chances.
    We were told the vote would be final. History has been re written by some who constantly say we didn't vote to leave without a deal, that lie has been repeated daily so many people actually believe it as true. The talk of deals was only brought up soon AFTER we voted leave, so not a valid arguement. The proof of that can still be seen in old video clips if a few hours of revision can be spared.
    Maybe we will temporaraly be a little worse off after a no deal Brexit, but it will be a price worth paying as there are much bigger issues at stake if we stay in. That is the trouble with mainstream media, this is not mentioned as they only support a remain agenda.

  • Robert Schofield
    Robert Schofield 3 months ago +1

    Bollocks to the Eu








  • P.D. Evans
    P.D. Evans 3 months ago

    more fear mongering from the EU? stop the presses

  • Michael Glynn
    Michael Glynn 3 months ago

    Europhiles - you’ve had three years and you’ve chosen not to negotiate in good faith. If the thing is a mess the EU and the UK Europhile traitors are to blame - no one else. The people voted and we’re out on 31/10/19. We’ve been lied to and deceived for three years. That’s not going to happen again. Scum will face treason trials! The EU will fail when we leave. BBC are part of the EU clan so the interviewer has no credibility! Who is going to pay the parasite states when British taxpayers money dries up for the EU ?

  • Jac Crystal
    Jac Crystal 3 months ago

    No surprise the EU is worried: it would have the 'infamy' of 'No deal' around its neck and must be fearful at the ensuing EU wide consequences of having acted imperiously by violating its treaty commitments to 'democracy' and 'human dignity'.

  • maurizio azzalin
    maurizio azzalin 3 months ago

    my goodness, the subtitles are dreadful...pop robocopa deli??

  • maurizio azzalin
    maurizio azzalin 3 months ago

    The translator's word for Fantasia (immagination) was quite correct, not the interviewer's (fantasy). Mr Sassoli's position is quite clear - if Mr Johnson's proposal is acceptable then it will be accepted

  • Richard Born
    Richard Born 3 months ago

    I hope the UK gets out asap. We’re fed up with you Brits. Just get out and stay on your Island.

  • Colin Dale
    Colin Dale 3 months ago +1


    MrRRHHMM 3 months ago

    ...The gutter bbc ''Where truth and integrity go to die'' and the rotten to the core 2 Party system along with 80 % of the UK Media and the the house of snakes its all over for their Orwellian, Deep State, Illuminate agenda and their reprehensible philosophy, its like watching a snakes that have swallowed their own poison/venom, they writhe and twist before the inevitable..Vote BREXIT Party at the next GE.... DRAIN THE SWAMP

  • Loweseph Moto
    Loweseph Moto 3 months ago

    No deal

  • Staffan Karin Pappila
    Staffan Karin Pappila 3 months ago

    Please leave, You never should have joined. If you think brexit is over in the UK, it is not. It will linger on for years to come. UK needs healing. The EU Will manage. Get real! ”Splendid Isolation” and etonians running the country and mocking ”the elites”. BJ youtubing, Trump tweetning. What has happened to the anglosaxon world? Gone mad?

  • Angelo O'Klonis
    Angelo O'Klonis 3 months ago +1

    Thank you! You made my day! Brexit with no Munich type or treasonous deals!

  • Peter Nicho
    Peter Nicho 3 months ago +3

    Bias BBC leave the EU without a deal.

  • Mark Cooper
    Mark Cooper 3 months ago

    Give us what we want or shut the f ck up .

  • B.T.
    B.T. 3 months ago

    I am worried the UK will see the number of migrants drop to only 50.000 instead of 600.000 a year. That is not good, because the UK needs more diversity in the smaller villages. Besides that, where can the other 550.000 go? Germany has had its share already. France can’t handle more poverty in the suburbs. Italy is a Catholic country, so it is not compatible with radical religions. The UK is familiar with all sorts of religion.

  • Philip Print
    Philip Print 3 months ago +1

    This is what happens when you let a champagne socialist talk to an EU zealot. This is the bloke who talked to Berclown behind our back. Throw him out and Maitless get a job more in the line to your capabilities.

  • Kelvin Bennis
    Kelvin Bennis 3 months ago +2

    Oh Emily what a tabloid fool you are you can’t even interpret this man’s words properly

  • Catherine Taylor
    Catherine Taylor 3 months ago

    'huge social and economic repercussions' for the EU! For one, BMW will not be impressed by the loss of a huge market! we have a 95 billion deficit with the EU - who will they sell all these goods to? Trump is already talking about increasing tariffs on goods from the EU. Hopefully, if we leave, this will lead to a rebellion by the countries who have been sold down the river by the EU refusing to make a reasonable trade deal with the UK

  • Nicolas Hermence
    Nicolas Hermence 3 months ago

    Before 1973 England traded with the commonwealth and other global partners . Why would the UK think they couldn’t do it now? The 31st of October 2019 could be a great day for the UK if they leave Europe, it would mean the end of Europe as we see it now.
    English accent “ bloody great”!

  • Gross Herman
    Gross Herman 3 months ago

    No deal will be a disaster but not for us but for them £ is what they want and what they need. Listen to this woman hinting that Boris will break the law. He has never said he will break the law only the remain liars have said that, check it out, he has never said it but the BBC would have you think he has.. bloody liars.

  • chris77777777ify
    chris77777777ify 3 months ago

    These so called brexit deals should be dealt with in a manner as if we had left.
    These deals should be easy.

  • Stephen Conway
    Stephen Conway 3 months ago

    Let's get this right. Even Boris Government has calculated that Red tape bill for EU-UK trade in no-deal Brexit will be £15 billion annually. Being inside the EU was an investment. It cost about the same as that extra red tape, and yet gave access to 759 trade/trading deals to the world. Now let's accept the figures. It is about no money saved and about losing so much access to trade freely around the globe.

    Leave voters you were duped.

  • Rotters
    Rotters 3 months ago

    No one is sincer because they are *not* going to give you brexit.
    Best get yer pitchforks ready because we will have to have a revolution to get out of the EU.

  • Rotters
    Rotters 3 months ago

    No one is sincer because they are *not* going to give you brexit.
    Best get yer pitchforks ready because we will have to have a revolution to get out of the EU.

  • Rotters
    Rotters 3 months ago

    No one is sincer because they are *not* going to give you brexit.
    Best get yer pitchforks ready because we will have to have a revolution to get out of the EU.

  • Rotters
    Rotters 3 months ago

    No one is sincer because they are *not* going to give you brexit.
    Best get yer pitchforks ready because we will have to have a revolution to get out of the EU.

  • Rotters
    Rotters 3 months ago

    No one is sincer because they are *not* going to give you brexit.
    Best get yer pitchforks ready because we will have to have a revolution to get out of the EU.

  • Blah
    Blah 3 months ago

    This woman is well known for being in league with the EU. She is SO biased.....Scare Tactics, are we scared yet? F*** off BBC.

    KEVIN HESKETH 3 months ago +1

    The BBC is involved in a human rights crime.Either it's allowing in the north west of England autosuggestions on television or Its using scripted manufactured artificial schizophrenia messages given to a Northern rail employee,by access and frequencies used without consent.To give a BBC person their voices added to the manufactured artificial schizophrenia device and used to give a Northern employee schizophrenia.
    If you think that's bad the NHS collaborate and in 2008 antipsychotic medication prescribed and schizophrenia messages given by this technique to inform the victim of the side effects.Side effects that have seen 6 billion dollars awarded to a patient.The doctors did not tell a patient of the side effects.In the UK the victim of this human rights crime told to his face before prescribed Risperidone " you can't prove it" in 2007 in a secure unit were those behind this expect a blow up from the victim.Did not get that so they chose to continue to this day to prescribe and hide to shield the human rights criminals in psychology and psychiatry and television industry.
    The hide because to end it is to face court.They want to use manufactured artificial schizophrenia messages to tell their victim whose life they have stolen inflicted psychological torture coercive control with hypnotic suggestions and civil that it's a joke.Fathers and mothers their children trying to tell the man whose life they wrecked they ruined they destroyed their play thing that it's a joke.This is real not a fabrication or made up but a revolting inhuman human exploitation and torture practice.
    If they think it's a joke,in court they can justify it and win.Passively the victim even in 2007 in that secure unit and every day thinks one thing.When will it end is today the day it ends?Then he leaves his rapists.Unforgivable evil people.

  • Mr N Brown
    Mr N Brown 3 months ago

    Come on all its been 3.5 years... All incompetent politicians on both sides...

  • Maximus Attackus
    Maximus Attackus 3 months ago

    The simple truth ! and the reason why the media is so bias is the EU is good for Champagne Socialists and Liberal Elites , but for the working man&women its bad as they get shafted by cheap labour and mass immigration , which in turn makes it difficult for them to earn a living .

  • HarryBags Lestwee
    HarryBags Lestwee 3 months ago +1

    Not joining the Euro would be 'catastrophic'. All we've learned is that these people are being paid by lobby groups to lie to us.

  • Maximus Attackus
    Maximus Attackus 3 months ago

    Look at the pure hatred in Emily Maitlis's face , Neo liberal elite moron , looks down on the everyday man&women as a piece of shit , she's really saying you thick fuckers had the cheek to vote out and i'm not having it and i'll do whatever it takes to thwart Brexit , back to your Guardian , Avocado & Poached eggs sweetie X

  • Train Sail
    Train Sail 3 months ago

    The EU would like to consider proposals that favour the EU each time and in every area of governance. Full stop. As for caring about British people, blah, blah, blah, the truth is they don't give a toss.

  • Steve Insidious
    Steve Insidious 3 months ago

    BBC scum, you are FAKE NEWS

  • chello70
    chello70 3 months ago

    “The Brexit Bojo Channel”......The BBC.
    You can’t escape anymore....

  • wavy davy
    wavy davy 3 months ago +4

    is she in mourning because were leaving?.

  • steven rowe
    steven rowe 3 months ago

    Notice the word COULD,
    It also may be bad, but it may be good and could be good also.
    Be wary of experts

  • Freddy Squire Naranjo
    Freddy Squire Naranjo 3 months ago

    Out of 28 countires of which today includes the UK.....within the EU. The UK economy is the size of approx 17/18 of these 28, of which means 17/18 member states leaving at the same TIME!!!! So you can imagine they are really bricking themselves NOW!!! They at last have come to realise that and will negotiate, you wait and see and if thet don't we leave and good luck to the reamining 27 states!!!!

  • Rsenl1
    Rsenl1 3 months ago +1

    Break The Internet: Remembering That Time Y2K Threatened To Kill Us All

    • Staffan Karin Pappila
      Staffan Karin Pappila 3 months ago

      Dennis So many ”nice” people on the internet, sad it didn’t break down.

    • Dennis
      Dennis 3 months ago

      And why did it not happen? Because millions of $s were spend to prevent anything from happening. A lot of people worked very hard to make sure everything went smoothly. Not people like you obviously, you were probably too drunk or too stupid to know what was going on.

    • Staffan Karin Pappila
      Staffan Karin Pappila 3 months ago

      Rsenl1 It did not

  • Blackswan Kent
    Blackswan Kent 3 months ago

    I would love to meet her, laying on a bed... Beckoning me over.. Closing her eyes as I climb apone her.. the sweet smell of perfume... masking the smell of shit as I then defecate right into her mouth slamming my palm down forcing a swallow.. What?

  • John Brown
    John Brown 3 months ago


  • artisansportsman
    artisansportsman 3 months ago

    He cares about the citizen's of Ireland & the UK, WOW what a load of bollocks he doesn't give a flying fuck about us he is concerned for his financial future which would crumble without the UK tax payers donation to a club we voted to leave 3 years ago. Fuck off we are out weather our politicians take us out or we riot until we are kicked out either way its happening .

  • del1984fly
    del1984fly 3 months ago

    BBC 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    The comedy almost wants me to start paying my license

  • Denis Nash
    Denis Nash 3 months ago

    I just can't watch Emily Maitlis, the silly BBC cow.

  • Denis Nash
    Denis Nash 3 months ago

    "No-deal leads to a catastrophe". Why?

    • Denis Nash
      Denis Nash 3 months ago

      @IamMonti That's just yet another non-answer. Give me one example of a catastrophe caused by Brexit.

    • IamMonti
      IamMonti 3 months ago

      The fact that you're even asking after all that has traspired in the last three years is enough to answer your own question.

  • Peter John Ayton
    Peter John Ayton 3 months ago

    No wonder she's mate-less

  • Jack The Film Fanatic
    Jack The Film Fanatic 3 months ago

    It would be Crazy but Farage has bought and sold the British Public.

  • MR intel
    MR intel 3 months ago +1

    Of course Boris is not serious. He absolutely wants to leave the EU with no deal. The only ones who would benefit are British and multinational corporations, i.e. those who are represented by the current prime minister.
    If Boris goes ahead, thereby breaking the law, he must immediately be arrested and removed from office.
    If the rule of law is compromised, fascism won't be far.

  • Linda Kelly
    Linda Kelly 3 months ago

    Ironic, the interviewer said boris is breaking the law due to brexit...17.4million voted to leave and that is a law. Boris is obeying the law, its the EU, UK parliament, UK courts and the anti-brexit groups who are violating the will of the majority.

  • David Barneby
    David Barneby 3 months ago

    From listening here , it appears that any attempt to create a deal presents a danger to the EU , whatever proposals reasonable , potentially workable on not . I believe that whatever Boris Johnson suggests with the greatest sincerity will be turned down out of hand by the EU . They are justified in expecting Britain to leave without a deal . Britain should have left without a deal 3 years ago . Mrs May completely ruined everything by trying to compromise in EUs favour .

  • Boomer Galactica
    Boomer Galactica 3 months ago

    There will be a deal now that southern Eire has surrendered.

  • Mal Jones
    Mal Jones 3 months ago

    Boris Johnson is the only hope the UK has to get a deal. The EU need the UK and the UK need the EU but as marriage things can have light on the other side.