Building things from my FIRST REDSTONE WORLD!

  • Mumbo's first Minecraft world that was used for redstone testing. This is the world I used to learn redstone. The Original redstone testing world, with with my first ever redstone contraptions. In this video Mumbo reacts to old redstone builds, then trys to rebuild them bigger (or smaller!!) and better.
    Awesome triple piston extender:
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    Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

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  • Mitchell Béland-Pleau

    I always keep my piston door challenges slimeless and honneyless 😉

  • Scorpio GameKing
    Scorpio GameKing 7 days ago

    Great video, I actually just watched the video where you found this world and in it you found a color combination lock piston door that should open when the colors in the door were right. I believe you said something about wanting to make that again and personally I think it'd be really cool to see realized in modern minecraft.

  • MisterTwister
    MisterTwister 7 days ago +1

    His amateur Redstone is 100 times better than my current Redstone.
    Fuckin’ Hell.

  • Nancy Veronica Aguilera
    Nancy Veronica Aguilera 10 days ago +1

    ('>') sniff

  • Lil Huff
    Lil Huff 11 days ago +1

    10:00 use red stone torches not observers
    nvm forgot they are placed powered
    but red stone torches that you can decide if they are powered or not should be a thing

  • James Satherley
    James Satherley 12 days ago

    The seamless door isnt seamless as you can see glass at the bottom :(

  • random person
    random person 14 days ago

    nice vid

  • Xenronnify
    Xenronnify 15 days ago

    _Hello everyone, this is Mumbo here, welcome back and TO-DAY we are back in the redstone testing world..._

  • GamingVlogs
    GamingVlogs 15 days ago +1

    Try elevators!

  • Rook Bowden
    Rook Bowden 23 days ago +1

    You should build a red stone build without red stone. You can use observers and pistons and levers and things like that.

  • Ryan R.T.C
    Ryan R.T.C 24 days ago

    Do it again

  • P Evans
    P Evans Month ago

    I have to build redstone like those old ones...

  • Davi Carvalho De Souza

    why don't make a video about blocks like cauldrons,droppers,furnaces in resdstone?
    because I always wonder to know when I should use a furnace or a cauldron instead of a normal block

  • Saladness
    Saladness Month ago +1

    0:17 mumbo, what on earth is in your inventory?

  • Arceus 101
    Arceus 101 Month ago

    The seemless glass door could look better with panes

  • Fnaffan1712 _
    Fnaffan1712 _ Month ago

    I think I have an Idea for potentially nice Looking Door, Sand/Gravel Door(or if you really want an Challenge with Concrete Powder) that builds itself with Blocks Shooting/Falling out of the Walls to Close.
    I tried to build this thing in PocketEdition and I made it that it Worked almost fast(for an 3x3 Door it neded like 15 Sec. to close) but it was Nice to see all the Blocks flying across the Room.

  • Eben
    Eben Month ago +1

    Build a note block activated vault door

  • Jimmie Boyd
    Jimmie Boyd Month ago

    Mumbo has redstone ptsd

  • SoulSystem
    SoulSystem Month ago

    Mass of indecipherable redstone last seen a decade ago: exists
    Mumbo: Oh that's gotta be a flush with the wall combination lock

  • Rachel Cobb
    Rachel Cobb Month ago

    Every single one of his builds in this world have wool as a part of them

    Oh and also they contain Pistons and observers

  • Carret Losno
    Carret Losno Month ago

    On the piston pusher thingy, I think the problem was that the observers were firing too quickly for the pistons up top to be powered by the blocks next to them.

  • TypicalTom
    TypicalTom Month ago

    Mumbo you must do this more times its really cool

  • Elisa La Barge
    Elisa La Barge Month ago +1

    Anyone else remember button panels?

  • Huehuehue Hue
    Huehuehue Hue Month ago

    Me: tries and build a flushing toilet
    Me: a 20 by 20 red stone just to do that

  • The bush king
    The bush king Month ago

    5 millions subs!!

  • Super hater
    Super hater 2 months ago

    If it ant fix don't broke it

  • ProGamerFoxy
    ProGamerFoxy 2 months ago

    Love your videos mumbo

  • Rik Den Breejen
    Rik Den Breejen 2 months ago

    Title: building thin...
    Me; building *THICK*

  • CosmicAgata Lulu
    CosmicAgata Lulu 2 months ago

    Someone knows whats going on?

  • Aidan MaKinster
    Aidan MaKinster 2 months ago

    Do more!

  • Alry FireBlade
    Alry FireBlade 2 months ago

    Why all r3dstoners use sandstone testworld instead of regular gras ?

  • Alry FireBlade
    Alry FireBlade 2 months ago

    Why all r3dstoners use sandstone testworld instead of regular gras ?

  • branko
    branko 2 months ago

    Im right now creating my first redstone testing world!

  • Cometmoon
    Cometmoon 2 months ago +1

    Mumbo- "I would've been 16 at the time..."

    That would make Mumbo 24yrs old this year? Dang, I feel old! Only other person that seems to be the oldest among the Hermits is docm77(& he's a few years older than I am).

  • Biteso
    Biteso 2 months ago


  • Aiden Harris
    Aiden Harris 2 months ago

    With the slime block tower next to it the blocks on the side of the tunnel will either move with the slime blocks or the slime blocks will not move at all causing the door to break

  • Truman Hanson
    Truman Hanson 2 months ago

    I would like more.
    Also I think you should have made the block swapper in the seamless glass piston door one block further up.

  • Firigion Puff
    Firigion Puff 2 months ago

    Man, you need to start using note blocks for updating budded pistonsand chaning observers. They are compact (compared to pistons) and silent (compared to droppers). Too bad they are not immovable.

  • Ruan Oliveira
    Ruan Oliveira 2 months ago

    Hello munbo

  • Alani Carter
    Alani Carter 2 months ago +1

    “and when I said piston door, I mean combination lock- it’s been a long day”

  • Rishant J
    Rishant J 2 months ago +1

    Wauw!! I can remember the 3x3 semeless transparent piston door. It has been a long time since then. It shocks me how fast time goes by.

  • OXAR
    OXAR 2 months ago

    Mumbo back then: so redstone dust, comparator redstone dust, piston, 2 repeaters, comparator and a piston over a redstone torch.

    Mumbo now: Observa

  • derick grac
    derick grac 2 months ago

    I’m very confused as I why he was upset with the first crafting bench swapper? It spit it out fine I thought? I’m not any good at red stone so 😅 anyone care to explain?

  • Brenden Domsalla
    Brenden Domsalla 2 months ago

    Of you made quad piston extender for both sides you could've made it flush easier

  • davita gamer
    davita gamer 2 months ago

    where is your New skin ???

  • Mor Mouda
    Mor Mouda 2 months ago

    Like it! It is a good video!

  • joe mamba
    joe mamba 2 months ago

    for the 2nd to last one

  • joe mamba
    joe mamba 2 months ago

    switch observers with redstone torches

  • _RealUnderscore_
    _RealUnderscore_ 2 months ago +1

    It takes knowledge to simplify complicated things, but it takes the same amount of knowledge to understand the craziness of the complicated ones. - Me, trying to be noticed

  • q m
    q m 2 months ago

    8:19 you can use note blocks if there is a block on top of them they are completely silenced

  • MattyIce 0910
    MattyIce 0910 2 months ago

    I wanted to build the first one but because Bedrock Edition doesn’t have 1 tick pulses (I think) the crafting table keeps getting pulled bacc into the wall

  • GeekJokes
    GeekJokes 2 months ago

    youve done a video like this... at least three times, counting this one
    im not really complaining, they are still fun to watch... but you keep forgetting

  • Le-Epic Snail
    Le-Epic Snail 2 months ago +1

    Can you make make a tunnel that makes blocks from the back come in front of you so it makes it infinity

  • TheRageDemon
    TheRageDemon 2 months ago

    Hey mumbo is it possible to make a zero tick farm in the far lands? If so and it actually works could you make a video on it?

  • Quetzacoatl
    Quetzacoatl 2 months ago

    You should try doing a 4 wide hidden piston stair case

  • 0nly_Griffy
    0nly_Griffy 2 months ago

    Mumbo: it could be incredibly simple to build right
    Me: :/

  • Enderboy1293 batman
    Enderboy1293 batman 2 months ago +1

    You are almost at 2.000 videos

  • NonStopPear A
    NonStopPear A 2 months ago +1

    8:36 rare sight of Mumbo Jumbo being confused at redstone

  • NonStopPear A
    NonStopPear A 2 months ago +2

    Am I the only other red stone engineer who understands everything Mumbo Jumbo is saying?

  • Dark _Queen666
    Dark _Queen666 2 months ago +2

    Please make a random sound generation machine! It works like this: some kind of easy randomiser with a command block that will play a sound occasionally to a player (cave sound to scare the heck out of them)

  • Jan Zadorozny
    Jan Zadorozny 2 months ago

    Build a walking robot that can shoot tnt and walk forword backwords, left and right and so it can stop walking

  • Erwin Corpuz
    Erwin Corpuz 2 months ago

    Are u Filipino bc you keep coming from the phillipines

  • Benjamin Lahat
    Benjamin Lahat 2 months ago

    You really sound like John Watson from Sherlock😅

  • Archie&Thomas’Sh*ttyAdventures

    Mumbo why don’t you make these on the hermitcraft server!😂

  • electricmojo
    electricmojo 2 months ago

    did you know the song "shaft . mucho mumbo" ??

  • Dennis Cuesta
    Dennis Cuesta 2 months ago

    I built a 3x3 piston door too compact it only uses 1 piston lol

  • Dennis Cuesta
    Dennis Cuesta 2 months ago +1

    This video is basically just Mumbo looking under his bed..

  • boer harms
    boer harms 2 months ago

    where are the boats and hoes?

  • Michael Afton yt
    Michael Afton yt 2 months ago

    I'm sat here watching this video wearing one of your blue jumpers

  • Timothy payn
    Timothy payn 2 months ago

    Mumbo...on the seemless piston door, you used a line of slime bocks. do my eyes decieve me, or does it run right next to where the coridor wall would be? Trying to avoid broken contraptions 😅 check 12:13

  • The Yep It’s Me
    The Yep It’s Me 2 months ago

    Where is your skin?

  • Mage Gaming
    Mage Gaming 2 months ago

    Do another video of this do like a 30 min episode of this and tell me if I’m wierd or not but this is like same to me

  • fahd adegboye
    fahd adegboye 2 months ago +1

    Mumbo Jumbo make a series were people make builds and u make them moveable!
    This is how many videos Mumbo Jumbo should make for the series

  • Yeetimus Maximus
    Yeetimus Maximus 2 months ago

    I enjoyed

  • Deelara
    Deelara 2 months ago

    I accidentally just made a 3x2 T-FlipFlop thing

  • Scruffle Gamer
    Scruffle Gamer 2 months ago

    Looks at mess of wool ahh

    JAYMAR PAJUDPOD 2 months ago

    can you do your intro to filipino? hahahahaha

  • squashed bread catty
    squashed bread catty 2 months ago

    redstone boi is about to hit 5m

  • Josh R.
    Josh R. 2 months ago

    Hey mumbo. idk if you know this but i was messing around with honey blocks the other day and i noticed that they work they same way as slime blocks (as in they stick to other blocks when you push them with a piston), but i also noticed that if you put a slime block and a honey block next to each other they wont stick to each other and i thought you might be able to do something cool with that

  • The Zenith
    The Zenith 2 months ago

    Can You Make A Real Piston House