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  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • The only way to tell his story is to live his fantasy. ✨ Taron Egerton is Elton John in #Rocketman, in theatres May 31. Watch the new trailer now!
    ROCKETMAN is an epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Elton John’s breakthrough years, starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden and Bryce Dallas Howard.
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Comments • 8 193

  • Jaqui Alonso
    Jaqui Alonso 5 minutes ago

    What are all the songs in this trailer?

  • Raymond Marquez
    Raymond Marquez 14 minutes ago

    Elton John sucks

  • Saul Garcia Jr.
    Saul Garcia Jr. 30 minutes ago

    I wanna see a Stairway to Heaven next, and maybe a Micheal Jackson movie next, I just don’t know what to call it

  • Tasnia Hasan
    Tasnia Hasan Hour ago

    waiting for the soundtrack....taron singing all elton songs!

  • Oscar Suarez
    Oscar Suarez 2 hours ago

    Why him tho he still alive I would like to see a movie about Kurt cobain and nirvana

  • 5ft 8
    5ft 8 2 hours ago

    the british are coming

  • Emily Lovell
    Emily Lovell 2 hours ago

    I love Elton John ❤️

  • h
    h 2 hours ago +1

    now we just need a david bowie movie

  • Caden Cries Over Jim Halpert

    Lol this is just boh rhap but like not

  • xXEmoCarrotXx
    xXEmoCarrotXx 2 hours ago

    How do you like a video twice?

  • Madi Smith
    Madi Smith 2 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see this movie

  • Adolfo Garza
    Adolfo Garza 3 hours ago

    I'm excited,
    It's would be great if they came up with a David Bowie movie and a Nirvana movie

  • Diego Luna
    Diego Luna 4 hours ago

    And the Oscar goes to: Taron Egerton for "Rocketman"!!!!

  • Under the Surface
    Under the Surface 4 hours ago

    Elton was not fat.

  • Camilo Gomez
    Camilo Gomez 4 hours ago

    Really need a movie based on CCR

  • Jack Of All Trades Mercury

    Another Hollywood movie👎 Peter Allen is way Better than Elton John

  • Maria Nieves Snow
    Maria Nieves Snow 6 hours ago

    I So Can’t Wait To See It🥰

  • Blood Legion
    Blood Legion 7 hours ago

    Ok they did Queen now this but how about a REAL freaking story??! Hammer of the Gods The Led Zeppelin story!!

  • André Ferreira
    André Ferreira 7 hours ago


  • Cposada2
    Cposada2 8 hours ago

    Freddie Mercury
    John Elton
    David Bowie
    Micheal Jackson
    Paul McCartney
    Now that’s a crossover I’d like to see

  • Peter Vráblik
    Peter Vráblik 8 hours ago

    1:47 Song?

  • Ryu Onmyoji
    Ryu Onmyoji 9 hours ago

    I wonder if that asshole manager is still alive

  • Angry Capitalism
    Angry Capitalism 9 hours ago


  • Charlotte Fairhall
    Charlotte Fairhall 9 hours ago

    Omg Saturday night’s alright for fighting is about a pub in my home town Bernie Taupin used to visit 😂 hope they do a scene for this it would be hilarious 😂😂

  • Timelapsed
    Timelapsed 9 hours ago

    Something's telling me we're going to see a lot more biopics about musicians in the future.

  • Makayla Sherwood
    Makayla Sherwood 9 hours ago

    Shit first Freddie now elton who’s next???

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson 10 hours ago

    Reginald? OMG that’s so proper. Lol I literally thought it was Elton.

  • Dundee
    Dundee 10 hours ago

    Looks awesome

  • Dundee
    Dundee 10 hours ago

    Stop the hate

  • Lili Alana
    Lili Alana 11 hours ago

    I need The Beatles!!!!

  • Coco Janelle
    Coco Janelle 12 hours ago

    Anyone know the song at 1:13 please and thank you❤️

  • Clean_ Mimis
    Clean_ Mimis 12 hours ago

    This is so obviously a cash grab

  • JC Denton
    JC Denton 13 hours ago

    Don't Go Breaking My Heart

  • Hector Soris
    Hector Soris 13 hours ago

    Enough of these british stars next will be Ozzie's nightmares, how about The days and nights of Bob Seager something with an American pulse?

  • naomi c.
    naomi c. 14 hours ago

    when he walked out on stage towards the end who else got total harry styles vibes?

  • Harrell Favis
    Harrell Favis 14 hours ago

    Freddie Mercury, Elton John...starting to see a pattern here..

  • Gideon Balauro
    Gideon Balauro 17 hours ago

    Elton john story

  • joe samm
    joe samm 17 hours ago

    this movie looks really great. no doubt taron can sing. but it is ruined without eltons voice of the 70s. why would you make a movie about a legendary performer and not use his unique voice. i love elton, always have for 45+ years, but going to see this will be like listening to a broadway play. so very very very dissappointing. elton and david should know better.

  • intergalactic24
    intergalactic24 19 hours ago

    A little bit to late eltie sorry, you lost to bohemian rhapsody,,,

  • Edgy Yelp Reviewer
    Edgy Yelp Reviewer 20 hours ago +1

    Waiting for the 6ix9ine biopic

  • Moki Satele
    Moki Satele 20 hours ago

    Rather watch this then all the horrible sht that's going on in the world.

  • Unexpecting Penguin
    Unexpecting Penguin 21 hour ago

    What's the name of the song. I can't think of it but I love the song.

  • Braddles B
    Braddles B 21 hour ago

    The Beatles.

  • AA Productions
    AA Productions 22 hours ago

    Next should be micheal Jackson

  • james mirt
    james mirt 23 hours ago

    First Queen, then Motley Crue, and now this... I’m not complaining. I’m actually really excited

  • 2_screwz _loose
    2_screwz _loose Day ago

    Anyone know the song at 1:50

    • rck
      rck 16 hours ago

      2_screwz _loose Thanks dude, appreciate it!

    • 2_screwz _loose
      2_screwz _loose 16 hours ago

      rck i found out what it is, it’s tiny dancer

    • rck
      rck 18 hours ago

      2_screwz _loose Im searching as well

  • Voice Friendly
    Voice Friendly Day ago

    From A High Grade Secret Agent to now a All Star Piano Playing Singer

  • HyPe
    HyPe Day ago +3

    Well if the movie turns out not as good as planned at least it would have a banger soundtrack

  • Kayla Cohn
    Kayla Cohn Day ago

    *Honest trailers trailer- How To Make Avengers Endgame More Hype-Worthy: A Comment Section*

  • Northwoods Sportsman

    I'm want bob segar or Bob Dylan

  • The Creepy Sun Baby From The Teletubbies

    As a huuuuge fan of Elton John, I’m fucking h y p e.

  • Bre Carlisle
    Bre Carlisle Day ago

    billy joel next

  • &Ö& Paneristi
    &Ö& Paneristi Day ago

    NWA is still the greatest music movie of all time

  • Nick Tom
    Nick Tom Day ago

    never lets you down:Rick A the movie

  • Harrison Carr
    Harrison Carr Day ago

    Just waiting on the LMFAO origin story movie. Someday....

  • kiru
    kiru Day ago

    Atleast Elton can watch this

  • Dmitry Silantyev

    Awesome trailer of Bohemian rhapsody.

  • Tegan Kogler
    Tegan Kogler Day ago +2

    2045: Bodak yellow

  • Candie Montes
    Candie Montes Day ago

    I thought it came out in March

  • Sankriti K
    Sankriti K Day ago

    Yes 🖤 Mr Egerton

  • Yeerard Way
    Yeerard Way Day ago

    So he just straight up stole a dudes name

  • Max B
    Max B Day ago

    I cant Believe how much Taron Egerton is associated with Elton
    I mean he sang im still standing in sing
    He played Kingsman with Elton
    And now he is playing Elton

  • Dr.Drake Ramoray
    Dr.Drake Ramoray Day ago +1

    Elton John! What a legend

  • bernardo izaguirre
    bernardo izaguirre Day ago +1

    Everybody wants a movie of Bowie, Lep Zepellin, Nirvana, Guns n' roses, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson etc. But nobody wants a movie of Ramstein

    • Carissa Conti
      Carissa Conti 10 hours ago

      I don't think anybody wants a movie about Michael Jackson anymore. !!! O.o

  • pillsareyummy
    pillsareyummy Day ago

    Hey, Robert Stark is in this! Poor Elton probably had to hear the phrase 'Winter is coming' far too often.

  • Jaclyn Bierman
    Jaclyn Bierman Day ago

    If Taron Everton doesn’t get an Academy Award nomination for this then I’ve lost all hope

  • Briana Patrick
    Briana Patrick Day ago

    The bohemian rhapsody of Elton john lmfao

  • Jo Aguirre
    Jo Aguirre Day ago

    It seems... Common.

  • Charlene Nolan 86

    Taron has such expressive eyes 👀. You can see and feel so much emotion just looking at them. He better be nominated for best actor at the Oscars, he's a definite for a golden globe 👍👌 and the bafta 😍💯👍👌.

  • Ralph Bubb
    Ralph Bubb Day ago

    1:16 best advice of 2019

  • Madelyn Shinn
    Madelyn Shinn Day ago

    What’s the song at 1:10?

  • Sahtak
    Sahtak Day ago

    This movie is unnecessary

  • Coby
    Coby Day ago +1

    We need a Beatles biopic. Like, now. Immediately. Named: “Here Comes the Sun”.

  • Pradeep Soni
    Pradeep Soni Day ago +1

    Oh ... Its the cheat from GTA san andreas

  • Dude Camera
    Dude Camera Day ago +31

    Best biopic of 2018:
    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Best biopic of 2019:


  • Will Mitchell HD Films

    Rami malek has to make an appearance in this film.

  • poppy Robinson
    poppy Robinson Day ago

    who thinks Taron is kinda cute?

    • rascm1984
      rascm1984 Day ago +1

      poppy Robinson yes, he is cute

  • You Tube
    You Tube Day ago +1


  • The Night Snail
    The Night Snail Day ago

    Pink Floyd needs a biopic

  • hit or miss
    hit or miss Day ago

    Didn’t know eggsy was also Elton John

  • Megan :3
    Megan :3 Day ago

    Wait what song of elton John is it at 1:11 ? Sorry I'ma be honest this is the first time I've ever heard of elton John.

  • daijoboob
    daijoboob Day ago

    they need to make a david bowie one called starman or stardust or some it just NEEDS to happen

  • Jack Berczi
    Jack Berczi Day ago

    My god, cash grab after cash grab these days

  • Cee Alcantara
    Cee Alcantara Day ago

    Prince needs a movie, and no not Purple Rain

  • Sammy Hewson
    Sammy Hewson Day ago

    Can we get a comfortably numb and a who are you? Movie for the 2 greatest fucking bands of all time

  • Lara Oporto
    Lara Oporto 2 days ago

    next one should be guns n' roses movie.

  • mu Mu
    mu Mu 2 days ago +3

    Omg this is so amazing elton john one of my favorites 🌹❤️🌹❤️omg hahahahah im so excited

  • legiondood
    legiondood 2 days ago

    No joke, I looked at the title before the image loaded and thought it was a biopic about Kim jong un.

  • Sammm
    Sammm 2 days ago

    I can’t wait

  • Gustavo Al
    Gustavo Al 2 days ago

    Well, nothing compared with the two hundred superhero movies.

    THE GAME PLAYER 2 days ago

    Queen,Elton jhonn,MICHAEL JACKSON PLEASE.

      THE GAME PLAYER Day ago

      +Joel Quincy but this is the story of him we cant not deny will say that you would not like to se him gradually becoming the KING OF POP.

    • Joel Quincy
      Joel Quincy 2 days ago

      No one wants to watch someone touching children

  • Jay Timan
    Jay Timan 2 days ago +8

    We also need:
    Stairway to heaven
    The Wall
    Sultans of Swing
    Smooth Criminal
    The show must go on, as a Bohemian Rhapsody sequel

  • NuclearSFX
    NuclearSFX 2 days ago

    Eggsy was inspired after Kingsman 2

  • Hairy Hank
    Hairy Hank 2 days ago

    The next movie has to be hotel california

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 2 days ago +1

    NOTORIOUS(biggie smalls)
    ALL EYES ON ME(tupac)
    8 MILE(eminem)
    42(Jackie robinson)
    ROCKETMAN(Elton john)
    Love movies that tells someones story. Hope there are more movies like this. 👍

  • CobaltBlueVision
    CobaltBlueVision 2 days ago

    Freddie Mercury now Elton John

  • Peake Performance
    Peake Performance 2 days ago +15

    The best part is Taron Egerton is actually singing all the songs himself

  • James Osbourne
    James Osbourne 2 days ago

    Song name at 1:48?

  • Manus Byrne
    Manus Byrne 2 days ago +1

    2018 Bohemian Rhapsody
    2019 Rocket Man
    2020 starman
    2021 Like a Rolling Stone
    2022 blue Jean
    2023 Yellow Submarine
    2024 Paint It Black
    2025 Smells Like Teen Spirit
    2026 Strangers in the Night
    2027 the sounds of Silence
    2028 Stairway to Heaven
    2029 hallelujah
    2030 feeling good

  • Att
    Att 2 days ago

    Honestly I'm just hoping this one's got better editing than Bohemian Rhapsody