• Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • This is the BattlBox Mission 53 Breakdown with CURRIN1776.

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  • monsmaark
    monsmaark 2 months ago

    Here's a question: Gerber NXT or Leatherman Wingman?

  • Silence My Brother
    Silence My Brother 2 months ago

    I'm sold on BattleBox💯

  • kuribo1
    kuribo1 2 months ago

    Dog did not absolutely understand what the fuck just happened, dog was like "you give me water, I drink, then you shove me out of the way, what did I do...."confusion written all over his face.

  • Liquid Plays
    Liquid Plays 3 months ago +1

    Shoot the videos closer to 6pm, you'll be cooler, and also the light will be in what's called, Golden Hour

  • Nacho Bidness
    Nacho Bidness 3 months ago +1

    You've come a long way from Mission 1! You were like a young scared little puppy back then.

  • Good Ol Boy #76
    Good Ol Boy #76 3 months ago +4

    I am sorry the only thing in the whole box was the Gerber tool and the knife. I have seen all the videos of this box and almost everyone said the same thing that the box was not very good this time.

  • Anita Schultz
    Anita Schultz 3 months ago +1

    Not happy with the gimmicky magazine and knife is now where near a $200 knife.

  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago +2

    My bug out bags are on a whole other level with these guys. I’m starting bag # 4 because I’ve maxed out the other three. They always include certain things I didn’t think about. That’s why I keep the boxes flowing in.

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 3 months ago +4

    They really put a $10 altoids can survival kit in a mag and called it a "$60" value, not too happy this month battlbox. Still love you tho❤

  • thmpsnjms92
    thmpsnjms92 3 months ago +1

    If anyone is having difficulty with the mag I don’t even bother with pushing down the retaining clips when I separate it. I just use equal force pushing and pulling on the different halves and it slides right apart. Dog dish was the lamest thing in the box but it will make one of my friends happy

  • Cipher TheDemonLord
    Cipher TheDemonLord 3 months ago +2

    I lost it when you drank after the dog and the toilet 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Cool stuff as always.

  • Nick Chuckran
    Nick Chuckran 3 months ago +1

    Not a big fan of Mission 53. Just got it today in the mail. I hoping that the July box would of been a bit more patriotic! I would of rather have gotten a nice American flag instead of a stupid trail bowl!!

  • BundesRepublic Murica
    BundesRepublic Murica 3 months ago

    I can’t wait. Looks really cool.

  • ceschmid
    ceschmid 3 months ago

    Hey, just a point. And I might be retarded, but I can’t get that AR survival kit apart. I’m about ready to shoot it with my long gun. It does NO GOOD if it won’t come apart. FYI.

  • Ed's Auto Help & More
    Ed's Auto Help & More 3 months ago

    Hopefully if you're in your survival situation you have plenty of time Opening up the survival magazine sucks

  • The Mad Tatter
    The Mad Tatter 3 months ago +1

    Being from the UK and hearing Currin say Shite is absolutely epic 😂👍

  • ceschmid
    ceschmid 3 months ago

    Very much appreciate the vidjas. Both informative and entertaining. 👍

  • Jeremy Woodall
    Jeremy Woodall 3 months ago

    Hey Currin.... um they have these things called pop up shades.... or tarps.... get yourself some shade. You may lose one view but I think it will be worth it in the long run lol

  • Murray Miller
    Murray Miller 3 months ago +1

    What did I like and not like about Mission 53
    Gerber Multitool. Looked to be a little cheaper made than other Gerber models but still good overall
    Denim Bowl. IT is nice heavy material and will work well for my Service Dog on hot days for water.
    Rope Trench Lighter. Useful tool with a lot of history behind it. The video goes into great detail on how to use it properly
    Waterproof pouches. While Zip loc bags could serve much the same purpose they are useful and the larger one could be use to haul water in a pinch
    Take it/Leave It
    The Shit kits. C'mon. Really? we get a lot of packs of TP in MRE's and that seems to more than satisfy my needs. I stilll have a mountain of the stuff.
    Knife. Rather gimmicky and I don't think it is very useful as a survival tool. Like another reviewer said the exposed gears lend themselves to getting fouled and the knife not working properly. For what they want for it, the only way they could sell them is in a subscription box.
    Hate it:
    AR-15 Magazine/survival kit. First I don't have an AR-15 since they are almost impossible to own in CA. That being said I know a lot of folks have them so the magazine is good for them. The catch to separate the survival kit needs to be much simpler and easier to operate, especially for older survivalists. In my own case I could not get the catches depressed enough to get the two parts to separate so I wound up having another person help get the kit open. Really poor design. Imagine if you were out and needed to use something in the small kit. If you didn't have someone with you you would have to destroy the magazine to get it open. The little card type multitool is worthless and fails very often. It is difficult to use without gloves and you will end up cutting yourself hence thinned for the other First Aid items in the kit.
    Overall I agree with some of the other reviewers that this kit did not deliver good value for the money, especially after last month's kit.

  • azerathul
    azerathul 3 months ago +3

    Overall, it's a good box. You hit a lot of useful areas with the diversity of the contents. Battlbox did a great job curating this box as there are items most people wouldnt have found otherwise. Nobody is getting into firefights on a regular basis with their AR so I don't get where the magazine capacity complaints are coming from. Carry a couple mags and have the kit handy if you need it. People need to stop trolling on the boxes. I understand everyone wants value but part of what you are paying for is the experience and having the Battlbox guys go out and find neat new gear that you wouldnt stumble upon on your normal Amazon recommended items. Dont get this box to simply get "deals". Get this box if you like a curated box filled with surprise items you can have fun with. Don't be a cheapass and don't be a troll.

  • Paul Ganzell
    Paul Ganzell 3 months ago +3

    Love the vidjas. Man I'm in southeastern sc and it's like trying to breathe through a bowl of soup.

  • Germ X
    Germ X 3 months ago +2

    Hey Currin I will still watch the videos even if you give yourself shade just sayin lol

  • Adam Martinez
    Adam Martinez 3 months ago +1

    Nice!!.... Stuff.

  • Video Addict
    Video Addict 3 months ago +3

    Pull your “Wick” in and out!! Lol

  • Chase Hall
    Chase Hall 3 months ago +3

    What happened to veteran owned companies or veteran designed gear for the July box... that's the only reason I bought this

    • Chase Hall
      Chase Hall 3 months ago +1

      @GOT YOUR SIX I meant the past July boxes were all vet owned companies or vet designed products

      GOT YOUR SIX 3 months ago +4

      GY6 is veteran owned and operated! Semper Fi!

  • Bozidar Kovacic
    Bozidar Kovacic 3 months ago

    Regards from Croatia !

  • Luis ArellanoRN
    Luis ArellanoRN 3 months ago +3

    Great spokesman ...adds value to the Battlbox

  • Javier Salazarbooth
    Javier Salazarbooth 3 months ago +4

    The mag is a nightmare to open.

    • Matt Brown
      Matt Brown 3 months ago

      Javier Salazarbooth wicked treaky to open

    • Jarhead6
      Jarhead6 3 months ago

      Javier Salazarbooth it was for me as well.

  • Richie Evans
    Richie Evans 3 months ago


  • Richie Evans
    Richie Evans 3 months ago


  • Frederick Satkin
    Frederick Satkin 3 months ago +7

    It’d make more sense to hide a magazine in a survival kit though lol

  • Nate dean
    Nate dean 3 months ago +1

    great box as always, sometimes things don't think need ending up being valuable and needed

  • raw900rr
    raw900rr 3 months ago +1

    Bowl I could see as a foragers tool for collecting items. The shit kit? Meh. I've got those already using TP, baby wipes and a vacuum sealer. Rope lighter, could be useful, but I've got about a million fire implements right now. The Gerber multi tool is about the only thing I'm looking forward to. Should be a fair backup to my leatherman rev. And for once I'm glad I dont have the pro. The water tight bags are kinda meh too, as i have watertight boxes that i carabiner to my bag if I need them, but the watertight bags could be used to transport water, and being clear could be used to sanitize water using the sun. Even if said water gets to 200*

  • safe space
    safe space 3 months ago

    The knife saved the day....otherwise I would not have bought the box.

  • CRABST3R !
    CRABST3R ! 3 months ago

    Nine line and mag are cool.

  • David Harkins
    David Harkins 3 months ago +4

    Colapsable bowl - Nifty, but probably won't use it as most of us Have a mess kit in our packs. Cannot use it to cook or boil water.
    Rope Lighter - Really cool, can that being quite useful to start fires
    Bathroom packs - Nice way to reduce the weight of a hike pack

    Overall Basic is pretty good

    Gerber Suspension - My only complaint about the suspension was no pocket clip. One that has said clip, Awesome! Possibly the best budget multi-tool
    Dry bags - Handy for Kayak trips. Should be more durable than Ziploc bags

    Overall advanced does improve the box significantly with that multi-tool. Going well up to this point.

    Survival Magazine - This is a huge loser for me. I want my magazine to hold rounds, not an Altoids tin survival kit that I'd have trouble stuffing back into the magazine

    Pro brings the value down quite a bit for me

    Pro Plus:
    Interesting looking knife, but doesn't look like something I'd pay $200 for, but for the extra $50 it costs to jump to pro plus, seems worth it. Functions a little different with the lever action, but cool enough

    I don't think the pro plus would elevate or drag down how someone feels about the box as a whole.

    All in all, solid with a few hits, a couple misses

  • Nicholas Ramsey
    Nicholas Ramsey 3 months ago +5

    No one can say he won’t even break a sweat for his craft. I enjoy the way they always add a bit of humor to their vids. I’m sure I will find many of these items useful. Hopefully not the sh** kit but better to have it and not need it than to not have it and desperately need it. Thanks for the great vids keep them coming👍.

  • Psycho Rhino
    Psycho Rhino 3 months ago

    i know man

  • Alex Snow
    Alex Snow 3 months ago

    Nice first comment that's it just first it's lonely at the top 😔😔