The Rise and Fall Of Club Penguin


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      note that you might be helping save (or at least polluting less) the planet using the recycled materials, but definitely not using wireless chargers which you mentioned in the same sentence. those things are extremely energy inefficient, so if possible, a cable is always better. and if you're on your PC anyway, plug it in there, instead of a wall plug, if you want to save even more energy (and money).

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    • Mars
      Mars 3 months ago

      do a video on Panfu, it was a really popular european club penguin ripoff

  • Jessica Lucas
    Jessica Lucas 4 months ago +8631

    I remember one of the last times I was on Club Penguin and went to the pizza parlor, I witnessed two penguins on a “date” when the guy’s “wife” barged in and we witnessed a penguin divorce. Perfection.

    • stormbringer126
      stormbringer126 12 days ago

      That's glorious

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    • Homer Sexual
      Homer Sexual Month ago +2

      I would always go to the pizza parlor, hide under a table where some poor unsuspecting penguins were having a date and then spam the fart whistle sound. Good times!

    • sangonomiya kokomi
      sangonomiya kokomi Month ago +1

      okay I don’t know is this is about me but I once caused a penguin divorce at the pizza parlor

      FLAAMECORE Month ago

      now im jealous

  • Iman Rasheed
    Iman Rasheed 3 months ago +1663

    Still scarred by my first experience of classism when my club penguin boyfriend left me for another penguin because she was member and was totally dripped out 😕

    • CarleyCurly
      CarleyCurly Day ago +1

      I caught my club penguin boyfriend cheating on my in the coffee shop with a member

    • ー
       4 days ago +2

      same for me but with animal jam

    • SquidDogGH
      SquidDogGH 19 days ago +1

      yeaaaaa members are dripped the hell out

    • Parking_lot182
      Parking_lot182 29 days ago +16

      Being a non member truly was a struggle 😂😂

  • Virus The Dragon
    Virus The Dragon 3 months ago +4418

    the fact the developers actually let the players tip the iceberg and reveal the secret in Club Penguin's last moments touches me.

    • Hisokalimitedarmpithair
      Hisokalimitedarmpithair 29 days ago

      @innocehnt it never will

    • Hisokalimitedarmpithair
      Hisokalimitedarmpithair 29 days ago

      @Belle um hello just say it kid😐

    • Yung Oldman
      Yung Oldman 2 months ago +1

      @Soham Dambalkar its uh. Its in the video bud. Youre not very bright are you

    • assworm
      assworm 2 months ago

      @Myself HII

    • Yami Yugi
      Yami Yugi 2 months ago +3

      We waited so long.. we thought it was impossible.. but in the end we did it

  • Annie Ellison
    Annie Ellison 3 months ago +500

    I remember getting banned for starting "riots" on club penguin in protest of the inequality between members and non members. That was 10 years ago, pretty sure that's why I'm a socialist now.

    • Ev
      Ev 18 days ago +17

      That was you?!?! Im in the presence of an icon.

    • Mia S
      Mia S 23 days ago +27

      Honestly? That’s based as fuck

    • Skye4213
      Skye4213 24 days ago +25

      Damn, I wish I was that cool as a kid

  • Sam The Lion
    Sam The Lion Month ago +437

    Update: Club Penguin rewritten is now gone too. Disney officially got police involved and they closed it down. Club Penguin is dead again. :(

  • lina h.
    lina h. 3 months ago +315

    This was a GREAT video, you covered everything... EXCEPT MISSIONS!! THE LIL SECRET AGENT THINGY!! THE TELEPHONE BOX AND AUNT ARCTICA AND THE POLAR BEAR 😭😭😭 That was my favourite part of club penguin... Also the fishing mini game and the giant red mullet in the ski lodge (?)

    • Brooke AC
      Brooke AC Month ago +17

      It can’t be in the video because agents aren’t supposed to reveal the agency! (Lol man I miss it so much although I do remember having an actual nightmare about Herbert when I was 9)

    • TwinkleStarlord
      TwinkleStarlord Month ago +30

      The secret agent thing was my favorite thing about Club Penguin. I just remember as a kid that the biggest plot twist was that Aunt Arctica was the chief of the secret agents.

  • Isabella Shaw
    Isabella Shaw 3 months ago +554

    The 2008 medieval party was, and is to this day, the highlight of my entire life.

    • 66
      66 18 days ago

      @《Cօʍքʟɛȶɛʟʏ Wɨʟɖ》 I’m almost as soggy and sad as a club penguin player

    • Ally
      Ally 25 days ago +3

      That was my all-time favorite Club Penguin party!

    • 《Cօʍքʟɛȶɛʟʏ Wɨʟɖ》
      《Cօʍքʟɛȶɛʟʏ Wɨʟɖ》 28 days ago +2

      Well at least you're honest, lmao.

    • 66
      66 Month ago

      @《Cօʍքʟɛȶɛʟʏ Wɨʟɖ》 yes!! =D

  • Yenlinh Le
    Yenlinh Le 3 months ago +166

    The unregistered hypercam really makes the whole Club Penguin experience better

    • K-leb
      K-leb 2 months ago +1

      Add in some 009 Sound System music and the experience is complete.

  • dia
    dia 2 months ago +331

    CP Rewritten had a serious issue with the previous owner, Codey. Thank you for covering this - it's imperative that people know exactly how much damage he did both to the moderators' wellbeing and the security of the site and its users. I was one of the people that got doxed by him for being a member of staff that refused to resign - though I can't exactly prove my identity or disclose which moderator I was, me and some of the other staff had a lot of our social medias compromised and had our addresses, facebooks, family members names etc. posted on there for the world to see. I had pizzas sent to my address since you can't SWAT people in the UK, where a lot of the moderators were/are based (I'm not sure about 2022 staff - I don't keep up with it anymore as I have completely distanced myself from the CPPS community because of what happened to me and a few other ex-staff members of Rewritten). This video is very informative and I understand that some of the information was probably very hard to get a hold of - thank you for your research. I'm very grateful that someone actually spoke about Rewritten in their reflection of Club Penguin's history and the glaring security issues that make the CPPS community so dangerous.

    • notNajimi
      notNajimi 2 months ago +19

      @Bluejay Productions well depending on the place they may have to foot the bill for the pizzas

    • Bluejay Productions
      Bluejay Productions 2 months ago +8

      @dia Oh I thought that was code for something serious. I wanna say thats Kinda funny cuz like free food am I right?

    • dia
      dia 2 months ago +19

      @Bluejay Productions oh no they literally sent pizzas just to show they had your address

    • Bluejay Productions
      Bluejay Productions 2 months ago +3

      What is "pizzas" code for?

    • Aspharon
      Aspharon 2 months ago +13

      > I'm not sure about 2022 staff
      The game is mostly run by stu and Thorn, which are names you'll probably recognize. They're currently the only two admins. The main and only public developer is Gravix, who joined the team mid-2020 and almost single-handedly rewrote the game from Flash to HTML5. Aside from that, pretty much all moderators joined the team in 2020 or later (exception being Stevie and RogerDan), and every single one I've spoken with has been incredibly kind. I've got faith in the current team to build a positive community (even if I don't agree with some of their other decisions, like implementing more AS3 content)

  • Casey Aonso
    Casey Aonso 4 months ago +1736

    omfg this game used to be my LIFE as a kid

    • Robin Eras
      Robin Eras 7 days ago

      Legends supporting legends

    • lithium
      lithium 3 months ago +1

      Caseyyyy!!!! Love to see you here

    • momo momo
      momo momo 3 months ago +1

      Wasn't the pizza place or something the background for your videos at one point?

    • Lost Boots
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  • Comicat
    Comicat 3 months ago +129

    i distinctly remember as a child never knowing what pookies were and just going into the pet shop saying "free pookie" out of curiosity until an ACTUAL pookie came up to me and stopped talking in the uwu baby voice to tell me that i wasn't a pookie because "pookies are yellow". i then just straight up went "i don't understand this this seems weird" and left and oh my god the bullet i dodged that day

  • Clockwork
    Clockwork 23 days ago +32

    You know, looking back on things, Club Penguin was actually the first sort of game where I presented myself as female, not as a joke but because it made me feel comfortable and happy.
    It felt nice having people acknowledge and recognize me as a girl rather than a guy.. and here I am, 12 years later since I started playing Club Penguin and I've come out as transgender.
    I don't want this to seem like some "Oh! look at me, I'm trans!" comment for attention, because it's not.
    I just found it fascinating that this video reminded me of what was essentially the biggest bombshell hint at the person I'd become today.
    Sure, I probably would've found another game that did the same thing and I know there's a lot of controversy regarding Club Penguin.. but it's kind of neat to think that a small island of countless penguins was the place that I first started presenting and feeling like myself, a place that would shape and change me, a place where I made so many friends and memories and a place that would play what I consider a crucial role in who I am now.
    I'll never forget hearing the sad news and playing every day that I could in the last few months of the game's life, having fun with friends old and new, penguin dressed in the goth looking outfit I rocked from Halloween 2012/13 that I adored so much, being able to finally tip the iceberg after years of rumor, jokes and speculation..
    Club Penguin took part in the golden years of childhood and it was a blast.. Club Penguin still has a very special place in my heart to this day and truthfully.. it always will

    • Eldritch Whimsical
      Eldritch Whimsical 5 days ago

      Not exactly Club Penguin related entirely but I always vaguely remembered having an expierence like this. I used to have male avatars and as the years went by I started using them to just represent myself instead of just stage play reasons. I felt more prideful in the male avatars and now I'm convinced that a good handful of the mmos I played as a kid affect how I represent myself now. I mean of course I used female avatars but I still switched the genders of my character. And there here I am basically coming out as genderfluid. It's strange sure but it's still so coincidental.. 🤔

  • Alaina Ruby
    Alaina Ruby 3 months ago +326

    My sister was a member on Club Penguin and we liked to do the thing where you turn your igloo into some kind of business. We had done things like make her igloo into a restaurant or school. But my favorite story is when her igloo was a doctor's office. Me and my sister work together when she does stuff like this because we could be on two separate computers but in the same room so I can tell her if what she's trying to say is showing up. So she would be the main person in charge but I would also "work" at whatever our business was. We would usually make friends with people who would eventually also "work" for us. This one night we logged off and told everyone we were going to bed. The next morning we logged back on and went to her igloo and a bunch of people that we were playing with the night before were still in her igloo. I'm guessing we went back to the same server that we were using the night before and the people that were there were probably on me or my sister's friend lists, but we had just logged on and therefore hadn't opened up her igloo to the public yet, and because Club Penguin will automatically log you out if you're inactive for ten minutes, this meant that either they were active in my sister's igloo all night or because they were probably also friends with each other, if they did leave, they came back to the same server and used to feature where you could teleport to wherever your friend was. But as soon as we showed up in her igloo, they were like, "Yay! She's back!" I think about it sometimes and how crazy it was.

    • notNajimi
      notNajimi 2 months ago +10

      That’s adorable, but I think I’d collapse under the social pressure lol.

    • BluSlvrWolf
      BluSlvrWolf 2 months ago +18

      Aw, that's really cute!

  • Eco
    Eco 3 months ago +177

    The constant use of the acronym "CP" throughout this video always lingered on the back of my mind, little did I know that was clever (and disgusting) foreshadowing

    • Brooke AC
      Brooke AC 23 days ago +5

      @Silvana Vizcarra It means child "prawn" (real word rhymes with prawn. Exploitative imagery. It's terrible beyond words)

    • Silvana Vizcarra
      Silvana Vizcarra 24 days ago +1

      @Brooke AC wait what does it mean?

    • Brooke AC
      Brooke AC Month ago +22

      I remember being confused and horrified when I learned CP could mean more than just Club Penguin

  • Mac Lake
    Mac Lake Month ago +42

    Fun story, during the peak of covid 19 my girlfriend at the time and I couldn't get together to celebrate our one year anniversary (she was high risk) so our anniversary date was on club penguin rewritten at the pizza cafe, it ended with us both being banned for life and laughing our asses off together on the phone

    • Mac Lake
      Mac Lake 11 hours ago

      @Emilia Josephine No way!! Finally someone else who appreciates the romance that club penguin pizza place provides

    • Emilia Josephine
      Emilia Josephine Day ago +1

      ?? you're joking because i literally did the exact same thing w my girlfriend ??? the pizza place and everything ???

  • ArtisticallyME
    ArtisticallyME 3 months ago +37

    Club penguin was never a part of my life, however animal jam was and I find it quite similar to this.

    • Fritzy
      Fritzy 23 days ago

      She’s done a video on AJ

    • Starcino
      Starcino 2 months ago +2

      I was a big animal jam addict. I have to say I was kinda pissed when they moved everyone over to play wild. I’m still salty over that

    • emma tucker
      emma tucker 2 months ago +6

      animal jam was my entire childhood, i haven't played in years but it's sad to see what wildworks is doing to the franchise

  • WarriorWillowCat
    WarriorWillowCat Month ago +62

    Just an update: CPR is now officially shutdown as of 8 hours ago due to Disney.

    • Kate Mangham
      Kate Mangham Month ago +21

      Typical of Disney to ruin the fun lol very “if I can’t have it, no one can” vibes

  • samantha brooke
    samantha brooke 3 months ago +75

    I love your "The Rise and Fall of..." videos!! I would love to see things like Pixie Hollow, Disney Create, Millsberry, Weeworld, etc as well!

    • KB
      KB 17 days ago +2

      Specifically there's one story I wanna reboot as a movie, it has potential as something professionally done and not like 10 year old drama lmao, idk about the rest, I feel like they're too cringe to come back from that

    • KB
      KB 17 days ago +3

      I honestly feel like it's part of what influenced my dreams to make my own animated shows and movies, I have endless OCs lmao, I honestly think I wanna reboot the wolf OCs that I remember (I'm sure there's many more that I don't 😀)

    • Brandon Chutt
      Brandon Chutt Month ago +5

      Yes millsberry was dope. And don't forget nicktropolis

  • Megan Hash
    Megan Hash 3 months ago +1809

    I went to an arts high school for creative writing. When Club Penguin shut down, a friend of mine wrote a eulogy for his puffle for that week's writing assignment. Just thought I'd share that :)

    • Jarbincks
      Jarbincks 5 days ago +1

      This gave me hope for humanity

    • Danielle Jones
      Danielle Jones Month ago +7

      Thank you for doing so. The serotonin that flooded my brain was immeasurable.

    • Virus The Dragon
      Virus The Dragon 2 months ago +1

      @Myself sorry, dont think this is a place to post this?

    • Virus The Dragon
      Virus The Dragon 2 months ago +5

      SCREAMING, CRYING, SOBBING, BAWLING. That is the most wholesome thing i have seen all day.

  • Novaruu
    Novaruu 3 months ago +100

    the part where they actually tipped the iceburg has me in tears, i cant imagine being on the server on that last day. here i am, 12 years later and it still has a special place in my heart

  • Legal Eagle Feathers
    Legal Eagle Feathers Month ago +8

    Oh my god, the private server thing with the staff infighting is so true. I used to be part of staff for a private Toontown server and by god they were slinging slurs and other gross shit around like snowballs. If you left the team there was a 101% chance that the "leader" would make fun of you behind your back; dude even made fun of someone's disability. NOT a cool place at all.

  • Kat James
    Kat James 3 months ago +49

    As a reformed pookie myself, you’re right that was horrific

  • Jazracanah Zulueta
    Jazracanah Zulueta Month ago +16

    Super sad that now even Club Penguin Rewritten is gone

  • dee
    dee 4 months ago +8703

    Me, in my 20s, once every month: “I miss club penguin”

    • K-leb
      K-leb 2 months ago

      I was just reminiscing with some dude last night about Club Penguin while we were high out of our minds. Very nostalgic.

    • Lev M
      Lev M 2 months ago

      So you miss that period of your life?

    • C137kenyy.
      C137kenyy. 2 months ago


    • Genesis Perez
      Genesis Perez 2 months ago

      Yes me all the time 😣

    • Ashton Ferguson
      Ashton Ferguson 3 months ago

      @Bunny Frosting it's not nearly as magical or romantic as the memories.

  • Connie Stephens
    Connie Stephens Month ago +11

    They don't get talked about often as "myths" since they're so overshadowed by the iceberg, but I wanted to give a shout-out to the rainbow puffle and the golden puffle. They got their start as myths but Disney turned them into a real thing once they started running out of ideas for new puffles. I definitely have memories of watching TheXvid videos of people having them and thinking it was real.

  • Caitlin Wheeler
    Caitlin Wheeler 3 months ago +29

    I remember when the iceberg wasn’t even listed as a location on the map you just had to know that you could travel there. That and the EPF being harder to access. I also had a whole book for the game with all these secrets in it 😭
    Edit: also the sweet pizza setting that used to be a iykyk sorta thing

  • SJB
    SJB 3 months ago +48

    If anyone wants to relive that Club Penguin nostalgia, there is a pretty big community around Club Penguin Rewritten.

    • Piper Ramone
      Piper Ramone 8 days ago

      @ToonKid4 so true king

    • ToonKid4
      ToonKid4 Month ago

      you spelled "was" wrong, rip cpr, again

    • Jugemu Jugemu Go Ko no Surikire Kaijari Suigyo
      Jugemu Jugemu Go Ko no Surikire Kaijari Suigyo 3 months ago +10

      That was because flash died, and more measurements had to be done to continue playing. As a result more players were unable to play (including myself)
      I don't know if players remember me anymore, but I was northernstal.

    • Egg
      Egg 3 months ago +11

      Club penguin rewritten was really popular right before and during the pandemic. It was lit during summer of 2020. But in the last year it’s lost that popularity and it’s not as fun anymore with less players.

  • Mushy Room
    Mushy Room 3 months ago +48

    The secret agent missions were my life for three years during those times lmao. And probably why Gary was my favorite NPC. I always feel really nostalgic when I think back on it.

  • NateIsLame
    NateIsLame 3 months ago +1004

    God this opened up Pandora’s Box of forgotten endless childhood nostalgia for me. I remember doing insane chores around my house in exchange for Club Penguin memberships. This video was awesome. Thank you.

  • King Lex
    King Lex 3 months ago +23

    What really killed this for me was around 2013 when Disney were making parties out of their own products. I was there for the Marvel party and tapped out before that Shake It Up party came around. It just became such recognisable branding and the heart of the game was gone

  • Gracie
    Gracie 19 days ago +5

    Nothing will ever be as amazing to me as operation blackout, I literally remember not leaving my computer for that entire week except for school. I was soooo obsessed.

  • Killing Me Will Not Bring Back Your Apples

    I remember that before the Dojo was on the map you could just click on a certain spot on the island and get sent to this empty clearing. At some point, the sensei turned up, and after that, construction started on the Dojo. It was really interesting seeing that dojo get built almost like it was happening in real life.

  • Scribblemeeps
    Scribblemeeps 3 months ago +28

    I remember having up to 35 puffles and being so attached to them I drew them in my sketchbook and put all their names in there, I practically played the game to spend time with those puffles. I even remembered begging my parents for a membership card and ended up getting one for my birthday, I’ll just say that I made my house look so messy

  • long live the king
    long live the king 4 months ago +5022

    club penguin is so nostalgic for me, i know this sounds very "and everyone clapped", but someone talked about club penguin shutting down in class and half the class was legitimately distraught.

    • this will not do
      this will not do 2 months ago +3

      this sounds completely believable for gen z

    • Twilight Hairball
      Twilight Hairball 3 months ago +1

      I remember when they announced it we had guests at my house and I had to legit take a moment away to cry on the bathroom, so your story sounds very believable.

    • YourLocalPlagueDoctor
      YourLocalPlagueDoctor 3 months ago

      No bc my class was too 😭✋

    • Bored Nerd
      Bored Nerd 3 months ago +5

      it doesnt sound "and everyone clapped". one of my strongest high school memories is how upset people were about club penguin shutting down

    • D&D Owl
      D&D Owl 4 months ago +3

      this is believable, I’ve seen second graders discovering animal jam and freerice

  • dayphobe
    dayphobe 3 months ago +47

    25:25 this scene where it turns over and everyone is so surprised makes me incredibly happy for some reason

  • Eureka
    Eureka 3 months ago +20

    I was really a toontown girl.
    ClubPenguin was my Second. I remember breaking up relationships in that game at 11 years old back in 2006.
    I’d see a couple doing heart emoji’s at the Diner, then i’d walk up and give one of them a heart. The other penguin got mad and left, while the other cried while chasing them.

  • Ellersbane
    Ellersbane 3 months ago +31

    I remember playing both CPO and CPR, though one time I tried to reccomend CPR to another player on CPR. I got banned for saying CPR, so I never went back to CPO again since I found that kind of scummy. I later found out I jumped ship at the right time after all that terrible stuff came out.

  • river
    river 3 months ago +40

    i wish cpo had better owners, it was my favorite ever cp recreation because it had the best and most complete gameplay and design out of any cpps i had ever played (besides the filter and security) and it really gave the most nostalgic feel. i miss it a lot but i dont miss the drama that came along with it

  • Secondhand Birthdays
    Secondhand Birthdays 4 months ago +3428

    I remember the “pookie” adoption thing always being super violent. When they first entered the pet shop, a lot of pookies would do something like *gets thrown into the shop from a moving car, rolls down the steps* and stuff like that. If you had a tragic backstory, like being kept in a cage and starved and everything, more people would be “sympathetic “ and adopt you, apparently

    • lani velazquez
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    • 𝕲𝖔𝖉.
      𝕲𝖔𝖉. 3 months ago


    • Emma R
      Emma R 3 months ago

      @everyyxy LMAOO

    • Mitch
      Mitch 3 months ago +3

      @Willow De Los Rios correct, they did a few raids if memory serves me correctly. I never witnessed one however.

    • Willow De Los Rios
      Willow De Los Rios 3 months ago

      @Mitch is that the game that 4chan raided?

  • Alexitimio
    Alexitimio 3 months ago +18

    This was EPF erasure. That was literally the best part of the game. I loved playing the missions over and over again.

  • underyourbed
    underyourbed Month ago +9

    walked into the pizza parlor in CPR once.
    saw people spamming "amongus" and "sus".
    it was actually pretty funny bc it was the last thing i expected from that visit. never change, modern internet humor.

  • autumn m
    autumn m 3 months ago +7

    Okay look you gotta do a video on Toontown!!! Quackity literally originated as a Toontown youtuber, and the game is still around today as Toontown Rewritten as well. It would be amazing to see a video on it!

  • Blue Be
    Blue Be 3 months ago +11

    The Halloween specials were my favorite. Nothing got me in the spirit of Halloween as a kid than seeing all of club penguin decked out in Halloween decor of purple and orange and green, everything dark and spooky. I still look up videos of club penguin Halloween during autumn season because it brings back such good memories

    • Daisy L
      Daisy L 2 months ago +1

      Me too the Halloween parties were my favourite by far, I still listen to the music occasionally for nostalgia

  • Doodle Date
    Doodle Date 4 months ago +595

    YESSS. I am SO ready to learn the entire lore of Club Penguin!!

    • G. T.
      G. T. 3 months ago +1

      YOO, ya'll have to draw something related to puffles sometime!!

    • Debut
      Debut 4 months ago +4


  • Milk McLactose
    Milk McLactose 3 months ago +7

    Y'know, club penguin rewritten (literally a remastered club penguin) has been around for years and is going strong! I'm online right now meeting Paige the puffle handler :-)

  • Ella Spivey
    Ella Spivey 2 months ago +9

    I was part of the Club Penguin Island raid! It was chaotic and amazing. I still sometimes say “quack my zack and bring free trials back” and “biss on Mickey”.

  • VictorianGM777
    VictorianGM777 Month ago +2

    God, I loved that pizza parlour minigame in like 2009. I played a lot of Card-Jitsu as well (pretty sure I had a black belt) and the mine cart game and the fishing. But the amount of time I spent on that pizza parlour game was crazy. I never had a membership, but I did have a red puffle.

    MONKE STUDIOS Month ago +7

    Sad how Club Penguin rewritten Is gone to now..
    R.I.P Club Penguin Community

  • A%
    A% 4 months ago +2268

    No matter how many times I hear it, "why not build our empire by conquering weaker cpps first" never ceases to make me laugh.

    • K-leb
      K-leb 2 months ago

      The internet does something to a man; brings out the beast oft-left buried deep inside.

    • Negative Creep
      Negative Creep 3 months ago +1

      Least power hungry internet mod/admin

    • LiviWasLost
      LiviWasLost 3 months ago +4

      @DropsofKayla that is a bot

    • i don't check my notifications
      i don't check my notifications 3 months ago +3

      You know that one video of the Club Penguin 3D model where he changes which hats are attached? It has the same energy as when he activates all layers

    • DropsofKayla
      DropsofKayla 3 months ago +21

      @AxxL Are you ok?

  • Emma Berger
    Emma Berger 25 days ago +2

    Sometimes I watch these vids just for fun to learn about weird stuff but it really hits different with the nostalgia 🥺

  • Meredith Binkley
    Meredith Binkley Month ago +2

    Watching this as I mourn the loss of Club Penguin Rewritten. I didn't appreciated enough while it was around. I'd been meaning to get back on and play more, but it was gone in an instant before I got around to it ):

  • Erin Corcoran
    Erin Corcoran Month ago +2

    Oh my gosh I loved Club Penguin so much as a kid. I did so much house work to beg my dad for a membership lol. I remember finding all of the secret little game modes like switching the pizza maker to candy pizza, growing all the crops by hitting the thing outside the mineshaft, or the soda sea version of the submarine game. I think there was smth special you could do in the fishing game too but idr. I do remember when the dojo was still in development and you couldn't really do anything with your black belt. It was insane the first time I logged on and found out they'd added more special cardjitsu areas for them lol. It was also just a great place to hang out with your friends after school. I was there to tip the iceberg too, though at the time I didnt realize the game was shutting down. By the time I heard the news it was already gone rip

  • Celia Nunn
    Celia Nunn 22 days ago +2

    I think my brother used those generated codes. I remember seeing that screen, him being able to do things in game that i couldnt, and with his computer smarts, i wont be surprised. He got me introduced to club penguin. We were on around 2000s. He stayed on longer then me. I personally liked the books, video games, puffles, mini games, and secrets more than the whole co-op things.

  • Kaz Rowe
    Kaz Rowe 3 months ago +3136

    God I remember taking the club penguin 'secret agent' thing VERY seriously hahaha. I was so dedicated to solving all of the missions and yes the jet pack and mine cart games were supreme. I miss this game so much. Good times.

    • Sara
      Sara 3 months ago


    • Tide Pod Pad Thai
      Tide Pod Pad Thai 3 months ago +2

      @Jasmine Patterson i actually still have the EPF ds game in my cartridge collection!!

    • shauni mcgarva
      shauni mcgarva 3 months ago +1

      The roleplay on CP was very intense haha

    • Shannon Corcoran
      Shannon Corcoran 3 months ago +3

      i’m telling you friend you need to get the nintendo DS game for club penguin it’s all about being a secret agent

  • Dyanna Judy
    Dyanna Judy 29 days ago +2

    Ironically, my favorite places to go were the unpopular places like the Coffee shop, Theatre, and the ice rink.
    I used to perform with bands at the lighthouse 24/7

  • focat
    focat 25 days ago +1

    I remember playing this game with my sister. The nostalgia. It always hits me hard everytime. My favorite room was probably the agent room.

  • PapouSkyPrince Productions

    I remember watching Penguins on the Iceberg dancing and doing their best to tip it over, some people threw snowballs, others were singing 'Bring Me To Life' from 'Evanescence', meanwhile others were screaming to shut up....which ended up with me throwing an ice ball at them, and continuing my journey towards the flipping iceberg.

  • Phoebe Batchelor
    Phoebe Batchelor Month ago +2

    I'd do anything to go back in time and experience all of these games again as a child just once

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +1

    O alas, the nostalgia. I miss the good old days... So many memories: the christmas and halloween events and such, the dojo and the rumours of being able to be like a shadow ninja or something, trying to tip the iceburg. I would give much to go back.

  • TerraDaustro
    TerraDaustro 3 months ago +16

    I remember meeting Rockhopper 3 times throughout my several years playing the game, and one time he even responded directly to something I said! Anytime his ship docked and you could go inside was the most fun. And the parties! My favorites were the Fall Fair (so many awesome games you could only play once a year) and the Halloween party :)

  • Pasta Sauce
    Pasta Sauce 3 months ago +15

    I used to play Club Penguin Online. All of the servers merge in my memory, so if I recall correctly, Riley was supposed to pay his staff too. But, he kept all the money even though he kept promising to pay them. I remember one of the staff members called him out on it on the CPO forums. There was also a huge scandal of account info being sold by him too, and CPO shut down for a bit before opening up again. Mods used to just hang out in town, and would always abuse their commands, and I remember them being pretty inappropriate towards randos in town too. They'd pick favorites kind of thing, and start being inappropriate (I want to say they also gave them mod commands, but I can't 100% remember for sure) while also fighting with people too. I remember there would be a lot of heated fights. Which is weird cause it's just a penguin game, but it would get really uncomfortable. I do know that the staff made forums posts on the website calling Riley out on shady stuff a lot towards the downfall of the game, and the website shut down probably like 3 separate times due to the scandals with him. I'm surprised there isn't a lot more about it, because it was pretty popular, and the scandals were pretty bad.

  • Awesome Ocelot
    Awesome Ocelot Month ago +2

    Honestly I loved Card-Jitsu snow so much! It was so much fun! I originally used the fish tank on a stick and did badly then I started using the Snow Shurukens and did great. I also loved to play Card-Jitsu fire before snow opened. I actually joined the game during the water jitsu party. And the normal card-Jitsu was really fun as well.

  • JohnnyHotshot
    JohnnyHotshot 3 months ago +2295

    I remember the “celebrity” penguins - Rockhopper, Gary, Candace, Aunt Arctic, Sensei, etc. If you got lucky, you could run into them if they were ever logged on. I remember checking “Trackers” that would tell you if they were online and on what server. Without even trying one time though, I got lucky enough to wander into the Cove when Rockhopper himself was there, and I got his special profile background.

    • masterplusmargarita
      masterplusmargarita Month ago +1

      @Clellie Irwin They were characters in the game's lore - they'd be featured in the marketing, they'd get up to stuff that was written about in the weekly newspaper, and they showed up in the secret agent adventure game segments. They weren't players - I'd guess they were either played by employees or bots.

    • Delta Flash
      Delta Flash Month ago

      I had the exact same thing but it was gary in the haunted mansion. One of the best moments in my childhood

    • Izzy James
      Izzy James Month ago

      I was once in the same location as Rock hopper for 1 second before the server bugged out because the room was so full. I didn't even realise until I got a badge or award or something for 'meeting RockHopper'

    • PJ
      PJ Month ago

      it's been ages since ive even touched club penguin but id still sell my soul to meet rockhopper

    • Clellie Irwin
      Clellie Irwin 2 months ago +1

      Never played much, can someone explain what makes someone a club penguin "celebrity"?

  • Retz
    Retz 3 months ago +10

    This video unlocked the memories of the excitement I'd get every time I opened Club Penguin hoping there'd be a new place to explore on the map. Every time a new area came out it was like a whole different game for me lmao. I loved trying to find all the easter eggs and secrets in areas because Club Penguin had a lot of them. It was honestly such a fun game and I'm glad I got to play it as a kid when it was at its peak popularity. The only game I enjoyed more as a kid was Minecraft.

  • Angie Thorstenson
    Angie Thorstenson 2 months ago +2

    I watch a lot of drama channels because I love a good train wreck but specifically I love a good deep dive. I just want to say, your videos are just so damn interesting. I was a Neopets person but I have had so much fun learning these kind of histories from your videos.

  • DizzyPenguin
    DizzyPenguin 3 months ago +13

    This really brought me back to a safe place in my life. I could fall into this game for hours on end and it was truly a calm place for me. I remember the mine cart game so vividly, feeling like i was in a super big secret when I became a tour guide and a secret agent.
    My parents saved a newspaper clipping from when I was little, because it had club penguin on the front page and I was so excited that they saved it all those years.

  • Mooglemuffins
    Mooglemuffins 2 months ago +1

    Man....I remember chatting with people on experimental penguins back in the 90's. It was such a silly little chat room but I loved it. Finding Penguin Chat again a few years later I was so excited.

  • Alison The Fairy
    Alison The Fairy 4 months ago +563

    The phrase "waddle on" still triggers bad memories for me, when Pixie Hollow closed (and they outright stated they were closing it to focus on Club Penguin) they just told us to "waddle on to club penguin" as if it would fill the void Pixie Hollow left.

    • Sophia B
      Sophia B Month ago +3

      @Claudia H. I think someone brought it back! It’s called “we the pixies”. I never played the original so idk how legit it is, but I saw a tiktok about it and tried it out, it’s fun!

    • Claudia H.
      Claudia H. 3 months ago +2

      Bruh I would still play Pixie Hollow if it existed! The games and art style were so good omg PH was my life for years

    • Blaze Lutari
      Blaze Lutari 3 months ago +3

      @Lee Horn Yep, also never touched club penguin out of spite 'till the rewrittens came along. I actually used to buy CP membership over toontown because you could buy CP in australia, but for some reason toontown membership needed a US address? But when Toontown shut I stopped getting CP membership lmao

    • Lee Horn
      Lee Horn 3 months ago +3

      I was so heartbroken when Pixie Hollow was shut down (and never touch club penguin as an act of rebellion). Still miss it.

    • Blaze Lutari
      Blaze Lutari 3 months ago +7

      Toontown player; sadly this is the attitude Disney seemed to have as a whole for their online games and it's a real shame :( They neglected a bunch of their MMOs for Club Penguin only for it to also close! I genuinely think they could be making bank if they managed to keep these games open and thriving. Just lean heavily into nostalgia, it works!

  • Retz
    Retz 3 months ago +13

    One of the biggest achievements of my childhood was when I found out I passed the secret agent test on Club Penguin. That was my peak.

  • Hidden Masquerade
    Hidden Masquerade Month ago +2

    Man I remember convincing my mom to pay for memberships for me and my sisters. Felt so decked out with a huge igloo and multiple puffles 😩
    Of course I outgrew it but damn those were simpler times

  • AnjaXanjaxenon 4
    AnjaXanjaxenon 4 3 months ago +2

    Barely started watching the video but felt the need that my respect went up instantly when you threw your phone for a sponsorship while every other creator just chatters endlessly about these phone cases

  • kolechia
    kolechia Month ago +14

    oh the club penguin rewritten section aged like milk huh

  • Shibu
    Shibu 4 months ago +1244

    I used to adopt so many puffles you couldn't see the floor to my igloo and since afaik there was no way to just shuffle through each puffles (you had to individually click them, and they kept moving so I couldn't click them all) a lot of my puffles went neglected. I used to get legitimately upset I got the puffles running away notes and one time I was so distressed that I emailed club penguin support and asked if they were ok on my school email address. They replied saying something like yes they're fine but they always signed off the email with a question. I remember it was like "why do you think the sky is orange? (it was the lead up to some dojo event) and my stupid kid brain was like omg they wanna hear my opinions!! So I replied with my theory, and a different employee answered and signed off with another question (they were definitely required to do it) and I thought they wanted to be my friend and started just casually talking to them. Anyways shout out to the club penguin support employees who I traumadumped on about how I got bullied at school or something when I was 8.
    Came for club penguin, stayed for the support

    • Virus The Dragon
      Virus The Dragon 3 months ago +8

      this just made my day

    • Mora Ocampo Perracini
      Mora Ocampo Perracini 3 months ago +11

      I literally want to cry from how happy this makes me. Thank you I was having a bad day

    • Laura
      Laura 3 months ago +83

      Omfg that's so sweet. Having worked occasional support shifts at my job, I can safely say that having an 8 year old writing in to ask about the safety of their virtual pets would be a breath of fresh air compared to the normal "adults screaming at you for problems they probably created"

    • //LostProxy Nevermore/ /
      //LostProxy Nevermore/ / 3 months ago +6

      I feel like we’d be pretty good friends, we seem like we’d have a lot in common

    • Grace Elizabeth
      Grace Elizabeth 3 months ago +11

      That is gold omg

  • stephanie Yanez
    stephanie Yanez 24 days ago +2

    I remember having the urge to play Club penguin one day and when I searched up the website, I learned that the site shut down the day before lmao I almost cried

  • that person
    that person 3 months ago +23

    As a regular cpo player from back in day, I was completely clueless that this was going on in the background. However I had my club penguin phase there and I was lucky I came out unscathed.

  • Floof Bird
    Floof Bird 3 months ago +7

    My brother and I shared a club penguin account and I used to spend hours playing all the mini games and taking care of his puffles because he never did. Good times

  • BNSY Photography
    BNSY Photography 3 months ago +6

    Loved Club Penguin as a kid. I'm 22 now. It was a good time to be a kid back in the early 2000s. Remember wanting a membership as well, seeing celebrities on there, going to the iceberg to flip it.

  • Bangles
    Bangles 4 months ago +1425

    rip to all the puffles that haven't been fed in 10 years

    • Harrison Dye
      Harrison Dye 3 months ago

      Don't they run away after you don't take care of them for a while?

    • Tide Pod Pad Thai
      Tide Pod Pad Thai 3 months ago

      @Nellie C I don't think that happened later during the game's existence

    • Tide Pod Pad Thai
      Tide Pod Pad Thai 3 months ago +3

      When club penguin closed they were sent to *The Void*

    • Bangles
      Bangles 4 months ago +9

      @galaxycoffee puffles are obviously apex predators, no other explanation

    • xCosmicsune
      xCosmicsune 4 months ago +9

      @galaxycoffee Just like real children

  • Bookie
    Bookie 24 days ago +3

    I never had the membership, so I treasured my red and blue puffle like they were my own children. Sad that the game's legacy has been stained, but the tipping iceberg surprise and the shenanigans from the original game will forever live in my heart ^^

  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter 2 months ago +2

    (before video) Actually, I've never played or been involved with Club Penguin. My favorite online space was probably IMVU. I just use Discord now; it's way better and easier to maintain.
    11:30 The only 'generators' that worked were the *_fixed value injectors._* These would directly inject code into the running Flash sequence, and do whatever it was programmed to do. There were a lot of these for the old *_Adventure Quest_* games and their spinoffs, but there is a catch; sometimes, the game would return an error and boot back to login, and would not continue from there. Some of the injectors triggered 'read flags' that told the game that something is wrong and needs to be looked into (and with Flash games this can and often did happen to those playing without using anything other than their mouse and possibly a *_shitty internet connection)._*
    As I said, Club Penguin is not something I ever had any part in, but, I can see the appeal, sure. Though, microtransactions are garbage. Hate paywalls with a passion. Paying for DLC? I'm okay with that, but things like *"$50 for 200% EXP for two weeks"* boils my blood. Of course, I did have the *_Dragon Amulet_* upgrade for *_DragonFable,_* but that was a *one-time, optional purchase* (and back when PayPal was good too-should of stuck with being an _anonymous payment platform),_ and it was not that expensive either. Anyway, with game mods like this, there's bound to be problems, so none of that surprised me. I'd love to give Riley a shiner and some busted teeth, but, you know... #WhatAnAsshole

  • Oliver Healey
    Oliver Healey Month ago +4

    this is a fantastically well researched and presented video! i was never much into club penguin but i feel like i know so much about it now! i would love to see you make a video like this about the rise and fall of Pixie Hollow!

  • la directora 22
    la directora 22 2 months ago +1

    I never really interacted with people beacuse I feared that my parents would punish me, but I can assure you that I spent an unhealthy amount of time in the mini-games. My favorites were the pizza one and also the one with the coffee bags.
    I think the last time I logged in I had around 5 thousand coins on my purse. Good times

  • ASoupofPrunes
    ASoupofPrunes 3 months ago +1395

    When I was little, my older sister went on my account and said “Let’s discuss our current economic crisis” and got kicked from the server. I was upset with her at the time, but the older I get, the more disappointed I am by Disney not stanning free speech smh

    • Itzy Streaming Playlists on Channel
      Itzy Streaming Playlists on Channel 2 months ago

      I mean it's a kids game??

    • Heartstorng Rose
      Heartstorng Rose 2 months ago +6

      @BNSY Photography I mean they didn't really say anything about politics because they got banned for asking to discuss the economy 😭

    • BNSY Photography
      BNSY Photography 3 months ago +3

      Well no, it's just the game is for kids. Nothing adult or political was allowed.

    • Autocorrect
      Autocorrect 3 months ago +4

      Lmao I didn’t have a pc since later on so I barely played when it died

  • bvnny ೄྀ࿐ˊˎ-
    bvnny ೄྀ࿐ˊˎ- 3 months ago +1

    Due to my memory loss, one of my only vivid club penguin memories is when my friend and i would make sock accounts and go around talking to people through the default chat bubbles, asking "do you want to be my friend?" and then immediately saying "no" to ourselves. Ah, my first ever experience with trolling. good memories lmao

    MOON _ FACTOR Month ago +2

    One of my best friends in middle school was a clubPenguin member and showed me all the secrets of the world when I was a new member. He was a mad indianaJones fan, and his penguin had a bullwhip with a whip animation which he was always equipped with and i remember when we played together he would whip people who were annoying other players or throwing snowballs at innocent targets.
    Always great fun.
    I feel if he had ever made it onto one of the 18+ versions of CPO he would have been whipping anyone who used hate speech. Take punching Naz*s to a digital level. You go, Cody.
    This was such a treat to watch, thanks for all the gritty details, im so glad that child predator was brought to justice.
    Much love!!

  • under the seafoam
    under the seafoam 2 months ago +1

    I definitely missed out. Me and my brother were too preoccupied with Neopets at the time that we never got to try this game out.
    The pizza parlor sounds like a wild mess and I would've enjoyed it so much.

  • jadenedd
    jadenedd 3 months ago +3

    omg i would love to see you talk about tumblr’s obsession with peter pan actors at disney parks and how it ended in the actors getting fired a lot

  • The Kazoo Queen
    The Kazoo Queen 4 months ago +794

    as someone who was one of the first members in 2005, this was a true nostalgia trip. i remember when the dojo and stage came out, Rockhopper walking around, when they only had the red puffle, and when the spy headquarters blew up. i asked for a membership every christmas and roleplayed wolf packs in the forest with other players. eventually, i stopped playing around 2011, because i started disliking the changes. more and more stuff was exclusive to paying members and it lost a lot of the coziness of its early era.

    • The Kazoo Queen
      The Kazoo Queen 4 months ago +4

      only OG members remember sitting on random people and spamming the fart sound until they left

    • Bad Film
      Bad Film 4 months ago +2

      @tupacshologram i've thought about this all day and i think i do remember rockhopper saying specific things that would be pretty hard for an AI to react to like i think i remember sometimes he would react to snowballs being thrown or would answer questions and such.

    • autiztabonita
      autiztabonita 4 months ago +3

      @Jackie Attackie I LOVE THE DS GAMES those were so good!!!

    • The Kazoo Queen
      The Kazoo Queen 4 months ago +4

      All these replies are valid. Also, remember when Rockhopper would appear and walk around, and the room he was in would get so full of players that you had to either (a) wait for someone to leave and spam entering the room, or (b) hope he walked over to one of the adjacent map locations?

  • Skye4213
    Skye4213 24 days ago +2

    I really wanted to play Club Penguin as a kid, but my parents wouldn't let me (iirc it was because they read about the private memberships and didn't want to pay for one or have be constantly beg for one), so looking back I have a kind of envy nostalgia rather than regular nostalgia since I never played it, nor did I ever really see much of what the game was actually like. Maybe I'll try cpr someday, but I'll always be disappointed that I never got to try the real thing before it shut down.

  • zephi
    zephi Month ago +1

    i remember being so happy when i managed to get a rainbow puffle after completing a bunch of tasks
    it was my greatest achievement before club penguin shut down :^)

  • melon man
    melon man 3 months ago +1

    As a kid I did way to much research, and while I never got a member ship, I managed to get infinite money, and every single non member item in the game which included beta stuff. Along with accessing rooms that were no longer available. Considering most of this was brute forced, how I never lost my account or got banned remains a mystery to me

  • Célistine Oosting
    Célistine Oosting 2 months ago +1

    There was this Club Penguin competitor with pandas called Panfu. I was totally into Panfu because it was in languages like Dutch which Club Penguin didn't have

  • Sketch Love
    Sketch Love 4 months ago +728

    I remember my penguin used to "work" at the coffee shop. I was really disappointed when an update for some disney themed party turned the coffee shop into a smoothie shop and they never fixed it. Needless to say my penguin was out of a job.

    • Twilight Hairball
      Twilight Hairball 3 months ago +9

      Disney is taking the daily bread out of these penguins' flippers

    • Nifty the Goblin
      Nifty the Goblin 3 months ago +27

      Disney gentrification

    • Solus•Lexvaine
      Solus•Lexvaine 3 months ago +21

      @EZOnTheEyes oh trust me buddy, we will...

    • EZOnTheEyes
      EZOnTheEyes 3 months ago +82

      This is why the penguins needed to unionize

  • Ranger Danger
    Ranger Danger 3 months ago +8

    I remember during the secret agent event I kept checking how long until the next part would unlock every 30 seconds and getting sad that it wasn't unlocking immediately.
    I kept coming back and got so excited each time the next part unlocked.
    Can't remember much aside from that, other that I really enjoyed the Ninja duel game.

  • AirToots
    AirToots 3 months ago +1

    This is such a great video describing everything that happened. I feel like something Disney could have done is emulate Old School RuneScape and just make a mobile version of the full browser game with cross play. Thus pushing into the mobile market without shutting down the original game. To be honest though this probably wouldn’t have saved the game or the community but you never know. It’s a shame though I love club penguin and played it for hours on end as a child even buying some of the DS games that came out centered around the EPF/PSA. It’s such a nostalgic feeling, but I just don’t think there’s room for it in modern kid’s entertainment these days.
    I remember playing on CPR for a while after the initial shutdown and it was a lot of fun meeting people and reminiscing the old days. The drama that came out of the developers though quickly turned me off from the game and I moved on with my life. Kinda sucks but oh well. I hope the original developers and employees who created and maintained the official Club Penguin until it’s shutdown are proud of the impact they’ve had on children’s lives and creating so many good memories.
    Also the Boiler Room is the best secret room not the pool because you can read through all the old newspapers there.

  • Paula Seabee
    Paula Seabee Month ago +3

    Disney's legal action against the Rewritten domain:
    I'm no expert but I think the basis of this is that Disney own the name/brand "Club Penguin". Anyone using or publicising that brand, even adding "Rewritten" to it, without permission is infringing trademark law? This is especially strong if whatever is using the brand can be confused with the original. It's a case of 'passing off' - i.e. users of "Club Penguin Rewritten" might mistakenly assume it's actually Disney. Intentional or not, Disney has a case.
    By reducing it to initials, CPR is dodging passing off, as only those 'in the know' and not the general public might know what the initials stand for. Then they only have to defend content or copyright law ...

  • Dyanna Judy
    Dyanna Judy 29 days ago +1

    From the secret agent missions with Herbert the polar bear, the pizza game, ninjitsu, and others, Club Penguin had the most superior mini games

  • Cranky Deer
    Cranky Deer Month ago +3

    Okay 2 things - my mum always bought me and my sister 12 months membership every Christmas so I had the privilege of never being a non-member and don’t remember any of what you couldn’t do as a non-member and 2 - I stg I had piles upon piles of the those real life dojo cards. Like we sorted them one year and I swear there were over 100000

  • DanFire Flare
    DanFire Flare 3 months ago +1

    A part of me has some regret not trying to give Island more of a chance, especially since it had a lot more potential in theory