2019/2020 Tesla Model X Long Range (100D) - Full Take Review (4K)

  • Welcome to X Rides Cars! Today let's take a look at the 2019 Tesla Model X Long Range. You can take a look at this vehicle quite in-depth with a lot of details.
    PLEASE NOTE: The Long Range badge is the new 100D designation with no powertrain changes. The 2020 model also remains unchanged from the 2019 model.
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Comments • 80

  • P. T.
    P. T. 2 days ago

    Driver's door can automatically close after entry by simply stepping on the brake pedal.

  • Doriy
    Doriy 3 days ago +1

    I love this car so much I’m buying it when I have the money for it

  • MoeKipSin 2020
    MoeKipSin 2020 6 days ago

    Not FIRST But I Made IT

  • Dylan Jdjskskmd
    Dylan Jdjskskmd 6 days ago

    Do tesl do a penny deposit

  • A S
    A S 8 days ago

    I love my Tesla soooooooo much 😩😩😩😩😍😍😍. *speaking into existence*

  • Feyon Prajapati
    Feyon Prajapati 11 days ago

    Is that rakhi?😂

  • : xdtutdxwu :
    : xdtutdxwu : 18 days ago +1

    It will be very funny when one of the servomotors fails )))

  • Arun Sanan
    Arun Sanan 22 days ago +1

    A very well put together video. Very informative and pleasant.

  • singer kranthi Lake
    singer kranthi Lake 23 days ago +1

    Thankyou so much you clearly explained

  • Vini Grae
    Vini Grae 29 days ago

    I’ve stood beside a whole lot of cars, even high performance sport ones, but once I stood beside this Model X I knew this was my future car without a doubt

  • ivanegc
    ivanegc Month ago

    What’s the size of the windshield

  • Andre Taylor
    Andre Taylor Month ago +1

    Omg do you have enough ads

  • Sam Bow
    Sam Bow Month ago

    You need that wet browser.

  • Terri Baby
    Terri Baby Month ago +12

    Never knew I wanted this car until I moved to LA! Dope af I love it. It’s already mine in my head 😉😍🔥💫✨

  • Steve Nguyen
    Steve Nguyen Month ago

    I wonder how this car drives in snow.

  • RonaldThePro Gamer
    RonaldThePro Gamer Month ago

    Dear Santa.....

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas Month ago

    Uggghhhh I gotta get me one ASAP

  • TerabyteRex
    TerabyteRex Month ago

    There is no transmission in an electric car.

  • trolzilalol
    trolzilalol Month ago +1

    I just bought a 2020 camry but wish I could eventually afford a tesla and never buy gas again

    • Vini Grae
      Vini Grae 29 days ago

      trolzilalol why buy a 2020 Camry when you could just do installments for the Tesla

  • Beast Gamers
    Beast Gamers Month ago

    Wow 🤩

  • Michael Tamingo
    Michael Tamingo Month ago

    I only have 100 dollar. Cmon men, even if I would sell a kidney it is not enough

  • Shavea Thompson
    Shavea Thompson Month ago +2

    I want one

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 2 months ago

    well, you should have waited for spawning the model 2, that is only 25k without the unnecessary software that they rip you off with, and there is also the nismo leaf widebody production is being launched, tesla has not put in the maxwell batteries in their cars yet. so lots of people jumping the gun in 2018 and 2019 paying astronomical for these cars and massive depreciation, I would have waited for 2021 for a used then buy another used in 2024, when all tech and prices are not in the early adopter ballpark anymor

  • Bryan Mendez
    Bryan Mendez 2 months ago

    Can someone do a go fund me to get one?

  • Jim Brannan
    Jim Brannan 2 months ago

    In what country do they spell Curb - Kerb and why would use it for a Tesla review?

  • Spill_the_TEA
    Spill_the_TEA 2 months ago +1

    So basically
    The Tesla model x long range is the: 100d
    And the performance is the : p100d

    HYIN PUTRA 2 months ago

    The passenger door is too way high up when its open .

    • Yolopapi
      Yolopapi 29 days ago

      @Vini Grae What do you mean I illiterate everywhere?

    • Vini Grae
      Vini Grae 29 days ago

      Yolopapi illiterates everywhere bruh

    • Yolopapi
      Yolopapi Month ago

      It can be lower it has sensors to detect

  • FGOMG Fares
    FGOMG Fares 2 months ago

    How does it auto-drive

  • Julia Thompson
    Julia Thompson 2 months ago +1

    I have a model x

  • Julia Thompson
    Julia Thompson 2 months ago +1

    I'm getting mine tomarrow

    • Aero 18
      Aero 18 2 months ago

      Julia Thompson well good luck driving it

  • Vladimir Leontyev
    Vladimir Leontyev 2 months ago

    Camera on a side - for self driving system, not for blind spot...... its not chevy Impala man....

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox 2 months ago

    Why wont you try to review the Tesla Cybertruck?

    • Lamar Is Not Here
      Lamar Is Not Here 2 months ago

      I don’t know how you’re going to review something that isn’t even out yet

    • Red Fox
      Red Fox 2 months ago

      @X Rides Cars What do you mean?

    • X Rides Cars
      X Rides Cars  2 months ago +1

      Red Fox It will take time before that can happen.

  • Thoreau
    Thoreau 2 months ago +1

    Is there an emergency manual door release?
    Anything mechanical can break down.

    • Davin Dalecki
      Davin Dalecki 2 months ago +1

      Yes there is if you pull on the normal handle inside that you use to open the door normal it will go out automatically or you can push it if you pull it as far as the handle will go and it manually opens it

    • X Rides Cars
      X Rides Cars  2 months ago +1

      Thoreau From what I know, no.

  • Kelp Farming
    Kelp Farming 2 months ago +1

    Elon is a bullsht artist. And the Eco Extremists will buy anything to think they are saving an earth that managed for 4 billion years without needing them. How pathetic

    • Jonathan H
      Jonathan H 2 months ago

      Kelp Farming It doesn’t have a four year life you actual muppet. I’m in a fortunate position to be able to afford a nice luxury car, but it’s just utility. Everyone has different budgets for their cars and mine sits at around £100k. I’m not spending my life’s savings on it, it’s all relative...

    • Kelp Farming
      Kelp Farming 2 months ago +1

      @Jonathan H Yeh, a car with 4 year life. think real hard about that. And for the money you spend on it. Cheers

    • Jonathan H
      Jonathan H 2 months ago

      Kelp Farming It’s a nice car and I like it. The batteries have a 8 year free replacement warranty if there is any dip in performance. I don’t care what happens outside 4 years as I generally buy a new car every 4 years.

    • Kelp Farming
      Kelp Farming 2 months ago +1

      @Jonathan H YOU SAID IT BEST..STATUS SYMBOL. The problem is people are hoping it says IM TECH, others I CARE ABOUT TEH MELTING EARTH...but to most it says..IM EASILY FOOLED and I CANT travel very far with this mess. Just wait until the general warranties start wearing off on these. You dont have grease monl=keys fixing these. OnlY the rich can afford to have them serviced. Just wait

    • Jonathan H
      Jonathan H 2 months ago

      Kelp Farming I have a model x and I’m happy with it. Easy to use and a great status symbol. That’s why people buy these cars. For the speed and status. Their not that expensive either.

  • Alec Shoemaker
    Alec Shoemaker 2 months ago

    Do you know about Xmas light show on the Model X

  • Stefan Norberg
    Stefan Norberg 2 months ago +4

    The driver door auto closes if you press the brake pedal. Also the door auto opens when approached with the keyfob.

  • HighsNBurgers
    HighsNBurgers 2 months ago +1

    Somehow still boring to me but great for all the consumer-bots.

  • MontiR Aruba
    MontiR Aruba 2 months ago

    I am getting the CT first with the Plaid powertrain. Then after I will get the Model X with the Plaid powertrain also.

  • Ralph Eddy
    Ralph Eddy 2 months ago

    Tesla got 5 billion tax dollars to start this company free money n o need to pay back so these cars are belonging to US tax payers.

  • Raw2929 Will
    Raw2929 Will 2 months ago

    People don't give the company the credit they deserve amazing

  • Danielle M
    Danielle M 2 months ago +9

    Can’t wait to buy it. One day!!!

  • Danielle M
    Danielle M 2 months ago +1

    Are the seats cooled

      REDWOOD 2 months ago

      I think back in 2017 and earlier you could get ventilated seats and also you could get leather. Sorry to say they simplified the car and got rid of those options

    • X Rides Cars
      X Rides Cars  2 months ago

      Danielle M No

  • plokfok
    plokfok 2 months ago


  • Curt Padgett
    Curt Padgett 3 months ago

    How much is it

    • NoName
      NoName 2 months ago

      @Jonathan H No!! I don't doubt that at all. It sure is a nice car

    • Jonathan H
      Jonathan H 2 months ago

      D. Reyna it’s a nice car.. I have one, would recommend!

    • NoName
      NoName 2 months ago

      @X Rides Cars107k? No thanks

    • X Rides Cars
      X Rides Cars  3 months ago +1

      Curt Padgett The Long Range Starts at around $85K. With all of the options this has, a car exactly like this one shown here has an MSRP of around $107K

  • Tru7blue
    Tru7blue 3 months ago +1

    Falcon wing doors serves what purpose? Looks inconvenient to me. Bending or ducking.
    How is this car in wintery conditions?

    • LokeyThaDj
      LokeyThaDj 2 months ago +1

      Tru7blue my mom just got one two days ago the doors are good a whole lot of space to get in and out of. The little kids get in with no problems same with adults even my grandparents got in comfortably they said it was easier to get in than their toyota highlander.
      Sn. Don’t you have to bend or duck to get into anything other than a convertible? But goto a showroom one day and try one its crazy how much easier it is

    • Tru7blue
      Tru7blue 2 months ago

      Danielle M I have one child. Clearly 🙄 check out my avatar. Thanks for answering my question Unclearly.

    • Danielle M
      Danielle M 2 months ago

      Tru7blue you have never had children clearly

  • SU4Life NoLa
    SU4Life NoLa 3 months ago +1

    When in a parking.lot, I am.kinda concerned about the falcon doors striking another vehicle. It appears the falcon doors sir out somewhat at it's highest point which could be an issue if you were next to a huge truck or SUV. Does the door pause when/if it senses a possible collision onto the next parked vehicle?

    • Drew
      Drew Month ago +1

      the falcon doors are extremely sensitive. have owned this for over a year and parked in some very tight spaces. never once have the doors failed.

    • LokeyThaDj
      LokeyThaDj 2 months ago

      SU4Life NoLa i had the same question but the front doors open farther than the back do. The falcon wing doors open up and then out. And if something is in the way the sensor in the door will pause it or if you’re in a low garage it will go up as much as possible but won’t hit anything

    • frank topete
      frank topete 2 months ago

      SU4Life NoLa sensors in the door.

  • NahB: Epic Gamer
    NahB: Epic Gamer 3 months ago +1

    If you disliked this video, reply to this comment and say why. Give useful criticism.

    • LokeyThaDj
      LokeyThaDj 2 months ago

      shadow-x-v i see you’re point but it has something called the trip planner in the gps it will tell you when and where to stop at a Supercharger. It also tells you how long of a charge you will need to get to the next station and how much battery life you will have when you get to whatever you’re destination is. But like i said i see you’re point cuz if there’s no charging stations on you’re route in the next 328 mile you’re assed out. But they keep making more stations so in time and will be cool

    • shadow-x-v
      shadow-x-v 2 months ago

      NahB: Epic Gamer
      I don't like the car , its not dependable and when the warranty expires you'll be in big trouble.

    • NahB: Epic Gamer
      NahB: Epic Gamer 3 months ago

      shadow-x-v So you don't like the car, so you disliked the video

    • shadow-x-v
      shadow-x-v 3 months ago +1

      NahB: Epic Gamer
      Not practical for long range distance.
      Or travels 🙈

    • Tru7blue
      Tru7blue 3 months ago

      NahB: Epic Gamer I actually like the car. I posted my concerns above.

  • iSharkJawz
    iSharkJawz 3 months ago +11

    Well I made my decision I'm buying on in a week thanks

  • yousef alghamdi MD
    yousef alghamdi MD 3 months ago +1

    Sooooo much technology in an ugly car

    • Jonathan H
      Jonathan H 2 months ago

      Keep telling yourself that. I have one and it’s awesome. But it seems you may not be able to afford it! 👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels 3 months ago +3

    Full review with no driving?

    • Will Yap
      Will Yap 12 days ago

      I am pretty sure his parents dont allow him to drive it.

  • Dimitare Nedeltchev
    Dimitare Nedeltchev 3 months ago

    Ridiculously expensive for what it offers. Won't be buying this anytime soon. ICE all the way for now.

  • J_USA_1984
    J_USA_1984 3 months ago +1

    Buy American. Boycott German.

  • icecold723
    icecold723 3 months ago +1

    Tesla is the future.

  • Alexis Mzwa
    Alexis Mzwa 3 months ago +3


  • Arthur Scratcher
    Arthur Scratcher 3 months ago +4

    Nice Ending!!!

  • Logan Wolverine
    Logan Wolverine 3 months ago +1

    you're hairy

  • caster cyrus
    caster cyrus 3 months ago +2

    im torn between white or all black

  • agus2001
    agus2001 3 months ago +2

    I love that car.

  • DblOSmith
    DblOSmith 3 months ago +173

    One day... one day....

  • Johnny Wishbonn
    Johnny Wishbonn 3 months ago

    What would happen to the battery if you let it drain to empty?

  • Aero 18
    Aero 18 3 months ago +6

    for some reason im in a model 3 and watching model x vedios

    • Naxzed
      Naxzed Month ago

      @Henri Saarmas What the hell

    • Henri Saarmas
      Henri Saarmas 2 months ago

      Aviation10 HD you put peepee in your car

    • Aero 18
      Aero 18 2 months ago

      Henri MJ bruh I have a model 3 Probably ur the one that's gay

    • Henri Saarmas
      Henri Saarmas 2 months ago

      Aviation10 HD gay flex u gay

  • HolyHails
    HolyHails 3 months ago +26

    Solid review! That car is the exact look I would get. Absolutely love the wood trim and 6 seat option.

  • Cymro1970
    Cymro1970 3 months ago +6

    Is the sentry mode available in the model x also?

    • Bob Vab
      Bob Vab 3 months ago

      yes it comes standard on all three Tesla Models

  • Andy R
    Andy R 3 months ago +13

    Falcon wing, Falcon wing, Falcon wing, Falcon wing, Falcon wing, Falcon wing. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Suha ERLER
      Suha ERLER 3 months ago +1

      Model Y doesn’t have falcon doors soo you are good to go

    • v
      v 3 months ago +1


  • Oscar Ortiz
    Oscar Ortiz 3 months ago

    Can’t tell if the car is on or off

  • Jason Hatfield
    Jason Hatfield 3 months ago

    I see they never fixed the door alignment issue totally. Your front driver door and rear door are slightly off. For that price, kind of unacceptable.

    • brianmcg321
      brianmcg321 3 months ago

      Ugh. That's just something I can't un-see.

  • eyeswideopen23
    eyeswideopen23 3 months ago

    Nice but I would have to tint the roof so only little light would come in

  • B Rapozo
    B Rapozo 3 months ago +12

    im glad you did not say "lets start it up and let it run"

    • Yellow Circle
      Yellow Circle 2 months ago

      X Rides Cars it’s supposed to be a gas powered car joke

    • X Rides Cars
      X Rides Cars  3 months ago +5

      It’s an electric car. You can’t start it, you can power it.

  • Grant Botto
    Grant Botto 3 months ago +2


  • Aguboy
    Aguboy 3 months ago +2

    It’s not a full wing door. A full wing door has one hinge vs the falcon wing door that has two hinges that the model x has

  • Pedro Kritselis
    Pedro Kritselis 3 months ago +1

    Almost no 9-5 job can afford a 100k car unless your a Dr. sheesh

  • Constance Jennings
    Constance Jennings 3 months ago

    Nice upload, just subbed. Did you know about followsm . c o m?! It will really help you rank your videos.

  • Jữnįör 888
    Jữnįör 888 4 months ago +10

    Wow man that was a great and well detailed video thanks 🙏🏽

    • Eugene Baker
      Eugene Baker 27 days ago

      Your hand emoji looks like the Mitsubishi logo!

  • LeChatonDeLaPoliceNational

    The best car for my opinion

  • James Barela
    James Barela 4 months ago +2

    OMG!!! There is not one thing about this wave of future vehicle that I don't like. And I'm not typically a fan of the gull wing doors. I don't think I would trust myself (and definitely not others on the road) to even drive it. Mind blowing machinery right here!!!

    • X Rides Cars
      X Rides Cars  4 months ago +1

      James Barela It takes a little bit of getting used to in order to drive this vehicle, but you’re fine once you do. I had this particular car as a loaner for a weekend and 6 weeks later I actually bought one of these myself.

  • Ryan John Kennedy
    Ryan John Kennedy 4 months ago +7

    Great video and review!!

  • Lucius
    Lucius 4 months ago +3

    Nice channel, keep up the great work.

  • blues watchin
    blues watchin 4 months ago

    Bruh your not a robot

  • Gerald Green
    Gerald Green 4 months ago +4

    I have questions but l need to see it from the inside...close......

  • N G
    N G 4 months ago +7

    4:54 that’s a Tesla model s not Model x

    • Shaun Egan
      Shaun Egan 4 months ago +1

      We really needed to know that didn’t we

    • Malik Smith
      Malik Smith 4 months ago

      N G I said the same thing