Guess how much money Lil Yachty spent?!


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  • Benjamin Apple
    Benjamin Apple 3 months ago +627

    Ngl I remember selling my first car for 8k in 100's and was disappointed at how small the stack was

  • Big Opp
    Big Opp 2 months ago +22

    Dealt with lots of cash in my years. That looks like 50k.

  • gladys guerra
    gladys guerra Month ago

    I counted all of it I spent eight hours counting and I’m not sure if I missed some but I think it’s $50,000 or $70,000

  • Kam Action
    Kam Action 3 months ago +1

    I say bout 50 bands cuz I had 10 bands in all blues and that's bout 5 times the size of my stack 🥶

  • Hahaha Hahaha
    Hahaha Hahaha Month ago +1

    I think that’s maybe at least 40-$50K

  • Rxl
    Rxl 3 months ago +278

    Love when rappers play the “Lemmie show the poor people that make me money how much more money I make than them” game.

    • Moray,ivan Brown
      Moray,ivan Brown 2 months ago

      50,000 or 100,000

    • Green Man
      Green Man 2 months ago

      They were poor once too

    • Gbg_shawn
      Gbg_shawn 2 months ago

      A Million

      GOOFI AUGHHH 2 months ago

      Well bro if they made it they can flex it there ain't nothin wrong with it there just showing there accomplishments

    • Mamabicho
      Mamabicho 2 months ago

      Ain’t ur profile pic money????

  • Olivia Bucio
    Olivia Bucio 23 days ago

    I love y’all guys

  • GameKnight YT
    GameKnight YT 2 months ago

    Mr Beast: ha, that’s about as much as I have in my pocket…

  • BigDWiz
    BigDWiz Month ago +2

    I've watched enough mr beast to know that is either 40k or 50k

  • preston latham
    preston latham 3 months ago +7

    That’s 50k,,, it’s easy 8k every 3/4 inch or just make an L Shape with thumb and pointer finger 50Large 😎

  • eazyc404
    eazyc404 3 months ago +186

    used to work at a bank we keep 100s in 10k stacks, looks like about 40-50k

  • kortus Of Khorne
    kortus Of Khorne 2 months ago

    Enough to make my day the fuck

  • Mohamed Siddiqui
    Mohamed Siddiqui 2 months ago

    I am money and I can confirm that that’s around 50-60k

  • NapTime
    NapTime  20 days ago +1

    That's 40 to 50k right there

  • Emmanuel Flores
    Emmanuel Flores 2 months ago +1

    I will take a gift on $1,000 Kubo

  • Loyalty is key
    Loyalty is key Month ago

    20k for real I can’t even say anymore because that stack is short .. I can’t hold you.

  • Kade Keller
    Kade Keller 2 months ago

    I feel like $673,200

  • Ron sales
    Ron sales 2 months ago

    I'm in Canada n we use plastic bills now. 100k look like that

  • haha
    haha Month ago

    I said bout 100k because lil Yachty got have some light cash on him at all times

  • mmmkayyy
    mmmkayyy 4 months ago +143

    Kinda hard to tell because when the bank gives you 10k it's usually really crisp bills and these are kinda bent and such. Ima guess 50k little more little less.

    • Andrew B
      Andrew B 3 months ago

      @Ronnie Horn 60 piece n a biscuit ya bish foh

    • J Money
      J Money 3 months ago

      I’m guessing that’s like 200-300k

    • Ronnie Horn
      Ronnie Horn 3 months ago +1

      @Push Itsmefool uhh more than you bet dat jit. Show sum ill drop my number and let's see. Then you drop your number and I will really show you boy

    • BakaKami
      BakaKami 3 months ago

      @Ronnie Horn bro you are delusional or something go home... 😴

  • alexis
    alexis 2 months ago

    Ive made a lot of money dancing. If thats all 100s id say 50-60 K at least

  • Aurimas Leonavičius
    Aurimas Leonavičius 2 months ago

    I'd say 100k or just a lil less

  • Raymond Boomin
    Raymond Boomin 3 months ago

    100 bands for sure how tf that look like 50k to y’all ?

  • Blade Insane
    Blade Insane 2 months ago

    Yea that’s like 50k 60k the most 💯💯

  • Mansons LSDplugg
    Mansons LSDplugg 4 months ago +47

    Legend has it if you compliment his nails he then gives you 50k

  • Ted smith
    Ted smith 2 months ago

    300 to 600 racks ,, i know what 10 racks look like , i swore its a mill

  • Jesse Turner
    Jesse Turner 3 months ago

    If he’s not giving it away what’s the point of guessing

  • Antonio Monroy berganza

    Holy shit I think that is 150k

  • Semaj Lewis
    Semaj Lewis 2 months ago

    $100,000 for sure

  • MistunoriKapela
    MistunoriKapela 3 months ago +58

    I’m not sure how hard he’s compressing the stack but i know 50k is 1/2 inch less than the height of 1 bill if the stack is new. I’d say that’s 75k

    • Keyboard Gangster
      Keyboard Gangster 3 months ago

      75 was my guess I count rack racks

    • Johnny Chimpo
      Johnny Chimpo 3 months ago

      Definitely depends on how circulated through bills are but I think 75k too

  • Aaron Stewart
    Aaron Stewart 2 months ago

    I'd say somewhere around 45k

  • Charley Blaser
    Charley Blaser 3 months ago

    2 Million and if I am right give me all the money

  • Invader
    Invader 3 months ago

    Surely enough to get him a better diet?

  • 7_k
    7_k 3 months ago

    I think around 80 honestly prob a 100

  • The One
    The One 4 months ago +212

    However much it is, you definitely overpaying! Icebox be finenessing people

    • Trunk Knocc
      Trunk Knocc 3 months ago

      50k 💯 Money don't fold at that amount

    • Pock Pock
      Pock Pock 3 months ago

      @Barry Bigballs link the vid

    • El De la Chevy
      El De la Chevy 3 months ago

      Don’t hate but appreciate

    • Barry Bigballs
      Barry Bigballs 3 months ago +5

      Yeh them fools are buying iced out jewellery for stupid money .. there’s a video on TheXvid an it shows how much a million pounds worth of diamonds looks like an it’s a lot there’s a tray full of them

    • Eli Howard
      Eli Howard 4 months ago +2

      Fact Factz

  • Levi Newcombe
    Levi Newcombe 2 months ago

    I think it's around 40 or 50 k

  • Dylon Glover
    Dylon Glover 3 months ago

    That’s a good 100k

  • KY Gunslinger🇺🇸
    KY Gunslinger🇺🇸 2 months ago

    Between 40-60k

  • big man
    big man 3 months ago

    No way y'all are saying 100k 😭

  • Mark Chapman
    Mark Chapman 4 months ago +49

    Didn’t think he was like this always thought he was humble that’s why I like him

  • Blakey_boi69
    Blakey_boi69 2 months ago

    Ima say ab 67-80k$

  • Santiago Contreras
    Santiago Contreras 3 months ago +1

    Yo 50 racks and I could use that in a way that could change my life lift me up big homie

    • Green Man
      Green Man 2 months ago

      God helps those who helps themselves

  • Takeala Lewis
    Takeala Lewis 5 days ago

    I think it’s like $1 million

  • kante
    kante Month ago

    Guessing about 250k or 50 k or 150k or 100k one of them

  • MezzyMan LaFlare Family
    MezzyMan LaFlare Family 3 months ago +16

    Never in my life seen that much money in real life

  • 9secondcivic
    9secondcivic 2 months ago

    25k. I know my blues clues

  • Joe Champion
    Joe Champion 2 months ago

    Painted nails....All these new dudes 92% feminine

  • Pedro Santiago
    Pedro Santiago 3 months ago


  • Jelly park
    Jelly park 18 days ago


  • Mimi Honey8
    Mimi Honey8 3 months ago +11

    Enough to pay for my new clutch. And then put the rest in my trading account. Lol

    • Zeckor
      Zeckor 3 months ago +2

      @Mimi Honey8 how did i know lmao

    • Mimi Honey8
      Mimi Honey8 3 months ago

      @Zeckor yes 6 speed

    • Zeckor
      Zeckor 3 months ago

      Pov: you drive an sti

  • Lu Rok
    Lu Rok 3 months ago

    $50K To $60K

  • Keidra Berry
    Keidra Berry 2 months ago

    2000 and I like these videos

  • James Bond
    James Bond 2 months ago

    bout 30 40 thousand don't let then camera enlargement fool you up close it can look doubled but it roughly 30k maybe 50k max when you touch it enough you know 😉

  • Julie Guay
    Julie Guay 15 days ago

    Bra that doesn't even look like $1,000

    STEEZ 4 months ago +77


    • Johnny Chimpo
      Johnny Chimpo 3 months ago

      @Bryan De Anda no it’s not lol

    • Scott Heuser
      Scott Heuser 4 months ago

      @Tyrone biggums damn right Mr Biggums find this thread if you ever have that kinda cash and lmk. I just wanna see the cash put through a counter .. that's all I ask

    • Bryan De Anda
      Bryan De Anda 4 months ago

      That’s like 150 k

    • Deranged diaz
      Deranged diaz 4 months ago

      @Scott Heuser is not 10 prob more than 35 its prolly around 50

    • cucklordd
      cucklordd 4 months ago +1

      It’s 75k

  • Paralee Culbert
    Paralee Culbert 3 months ago

    Why is every new rapper first name Lil 😃

  • William Cruz
    William Cruz 2 months ago

    $70 stacks.

  • GeeTheDon
    GeeTheDon 3 months ago

    If u really touching money that’s about 50-60

  • Abdiel Angel
    Abdiel Angel 3 months ago

    All of that is 1$

  • King Playa
    King Playa 4 months ago +336

    Ion kno, let me count it at the crib fam. I’ll bring it back lol

  • Uurdawg
    Uurdawg 2 months ago

    Thats a ease 90 to 120k

  • trippy jay
    trippy jay Month ago

    I give it bout 14k

  • AydenBloxx
    AydenBloxx 3 months ago

    id say 30-35k

  • Kade Keller
    Kade Keller 2 months ago

    IK I said a lot but look closely into the money the 50k thing might be right but this are $100 bills we’re talking about

  • Justin kemp
    Justin kemp 3 months ago +67

    It looks like it could be about 50k or a little more

    • UnitedGTA Ron
      UnitedGTA Ron 3 months ago +1

      Not more than 25-30k max. Ive held 14k in 100s and this is only slightly taller

  • Ángel Mendieta perez
    Ángel Mendieta perez 2 months ago

    250k 💎🥶🤑

  • Josh Mowen
    Josh Mowen 3 months ago

    I do sum things🤫so ik my money

  • Demi Frew
    Demi Frew Month ago

    I think it is 2008 1250 am I correct

  • J-R
    J-R 3 months ago

    Why what’s in it for us! 🤔

  • Tummyhawk
    Tummyhawk 4 months ago +54

    50-60k, I pulled out 40k cash in 100s and it looked similar but not as tall

    • KeepherTV
      KeepherTV  3 months ago

      I’m thinking 35k

    • Zach B
      Zach B 3 months ago

      @DctheKidd When you hate and the most cash seen at one time was a stimulus check, that’s how LLS.

    • Victoria Marquez
      Victoria Marquez 3 months ago


    • Zach B
      Zach B 3 months ago

      @AK I’m sticking with no less than 50 bro but I respect the fact you at least have a comparison rather than just throwing out numbers. But you can fold $10,000 in all hundreds with no problem and I’ve done it with a few 50s and 20s in it and put it in some Nike joggers. It’s not possible to split that in half and fold it into 2 stacks

    • ben ben
      ben ben 3 months ago

      I was thinking 60

  • 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐮𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲

    look like my amount😈

  • Stephanie naranjo
    Stephanie naranjo Month ago

    Building books lol

  • Beluga Jr
    Beluga Jr Month ago

    That 80k worth

  • Logan Watson
    Logan Watson Month ago

    I feel like 250k

  • Selector 🎼Kedouble
    Selector 🎼Kedouble 4 months ago +21

    Y'all really out here trying to count his money 💲.. Times definitely has change

  • Brandon Alexander
    Brandon Alexander 3 months ago

    That’s a 50thy Ball

  • Alex Sosa
    Alex Sosa 3 months ago +1

    20 band's home boy

  • Full Service Company
    Full Service Company 2 months ago


  • lars angus
    lars angus Month ago

    There are 3,352 bills

  • Ruckus2w
    Ruckus2w 4 months ago +28

    if i was camera i just take the money and run 😂

  • Prin_go
    Prin_go Month ago

    About 458K$$$

  • BossInAZ EnT.
    BossInAZ EnT. 3 months ago +1


  • Coldheartedjay
    Coldheartedjay 5 days ago

    A good 50k

  • heriberto flores
    heriberto flores 3 months ago

    🤔 hmmm 50 dollars in prop money

  • bookers whiskey
    bookers whiskey 4 months ago +47

    Industry sending out all the right messages.

  • lightning
    lightning Month ago


  • Gorilla Man Beats 🎧
    Gorilla Man Beats 🎧 2 months ago

    Thats a quarter mil

  • Aiden123
    Aiden123 Month ago


  • Wishing Star.
    Wishing Star. 5 days ago

    5 dollars at least

  • Miguel Jacskon
    Miguel Jacskon 2 months ago

    Probably 50k 100k

  • David English
    David English 2 months ago

    Record label money?

  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown 3 months ago


  • Deacon Pitts
    Deacon Pitts 2 months ago


  • Fried Ketchup
    Fried Ketchup 4 months ago +51

    50 to 60k icebox jewelry go crazy

  • Grape Julmice
    Grape Julmice 3 months ago

    That’s about 30k

  • Social.baby12
    Social.baby12 3 months ago

    100k nah I'm boggin

  • Alain Linares
    Alain Linares Month ago

    5000000 it has to be

  • Tony Ramirez
    Tony Ramirez 2 months ago


  • erica farmer
    erica farmer 4 months ago +39

    Def right around 60k I’ve pulled out between 8-12 k in 20s multiple times and it looks like 12000 in 20s which is 60k in 100s

  • cliped
    cliped Month ago