How to watch BBC iPlayer without registering

  • Published on Oct 21, 2017
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    Remember you do need a TV licence to watch BBC iPlayer both live and catch up
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Comments • 49

  • Take me to the Geek
    Take me to the Geek  2 months ago

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  • Callum Davey-Turner
    Callum Davey-Turner 11 days ago

    great vid, keep it up

  • David Buckley
    David Buckley Month ago

    People could get caught and fined using this information please do not.

    • Take me to the Geek
      Take me to the Geek  Month ago

      Hi David. I clearly state that people need a TV Licence to watch BBC TV. or iPlayer. That is separate to registration. Registration as on the BBc site is for the BBC to provide better program information to you. It is not repeat not to do with the TV licence. Which of course you must have a TV licence to watch BBC TV. This is in no way suggesting that you don't need one.

  • Karen Morris
    Karen Morris Month ago

    Can I log in from australia

    • Take me to the Geek
      Take me to the Geek  Month ago

      Hi yes you can if you use a VPN. You can get a free trial of a UK VPN here

  • choochoochooseyou
    choochoochooseyou 3 months ago

    Managed to register but it says unavailable to play. I'm using a vpn although it does still show me being in the UK. Unsure what to try next.

  • Take me to the Geek
    Take me to the Geek  3 months ago

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  • NWANKWO Energy
    NWANKWO Energy 4 months ago

    Worked watched England vs Norway. 2019

  • N L
    N L 5 months ago

    Who designed bbc iplayer .....
    It's shit

  • Riyana Aydarus
    Riyana Aydarus 6 months ago +2

    im bored:(

  • Strange Lights
    Strange Lights 7 months ago

    It's getting shit anyway, subtitle films, shit dramas and films, it's giving me the hump

  • Mr. Max
    Mr. Max 8 months ago +3

    Stop paying TV licence!

  • Mr. Max
    Mr. Max 8 months ago

    Who bother watching shit?

  • zezt zezter
    zezt zezter 11 months ago +2

    Ho up to yesterday I am having trouble getting into the bbciplayer on the tv. before all i did was click on channeles and bbciplayer and then i'd get the 'having to sign in' sht, so i would go thru process again and get in. But NOW I tried it several times and its not letting me in. so I tried doing what they ask with the acount number stuff and it didn't work. can you help?

    • lezzliea
      lezzliea 10 months ago +1

      You're right, I had a login to watch iPlayer on my tv, now I can only get iPlayer on my pc, the BBC have fucked things up big style!

  • M E P R
    M E P R 11 months ago

    Yeah, but the BBC could still get (if they wanted it) the IP address of the registered devices registered under the fake account and probably workout where they were coming from. Now they know that you have registered from a different location with a fake email address. I would not recommend this at all. The BBC is tightening up hugely on its iPlayer. You risk a 1000 pound fine. Just pay the license about 12 quid a month per house hold - thats nothing really.

  • franko smith
    franko smith Year ago

    What is an I player? I do not fucking know?

  • MikenLizP
    MikenLizP Year ago +4

    unfortunately it now sends a verification email to your "not real" email address, and you need to click to verify

    • Take me to the Geek
      Take me to the Geek  Year ago +1

      About time, it was really slack,. However I would always recommend using a gmail or yahoo free email account, Setup once then use for all TV/Media sites and connect using a VPN, Check out my videos on the channel for VPN

    • Tyler Burney
      Tyler Burney Year ago

      MikenLizP You don’t actually, or I didn’t anyway. And if you did need to do at you could always make a throwaway one at or something like that and use that.

  • mutantdog
    mutantdog Year ago +1

    I would never use this account because i don't have a license, but i appreciate you sharing the login details anyway. :)

    • Strange Lights
      Strange Lights 7 months ago

      You don't need a license

    • Andrew Daygame
      Andrew Daygame 9 months ago +4

      @Take me to the Geek That's such a boring answer. Live on the edge a little man

    • Take me to the Geek
      Take me to the Geek  Year ago

      You should always have a TV licence for watching BBC content. that i agree with and fully endorse. However I don't see why you should also have to share your Private viewing habits with anyone.

  • Noah Nottingham
    Noah Nottingham Year ago +2

    I hacked your account

    • Take me to the Geek
      Take me to the Geek  Year ago +1

      @Tyler Burney Fairly cocky badass, to go round threatening someone like me :)

    • Tyler Burney
      Tyler Burney Year ago

      Noah Nottingham Games Watch out guys, we’ve got a badass over here

  • Spiritual36
    Spiritual36 Year ago


  • Jack
    Jack Year ago +6

    The BBC has fought tooth and nail to keep much of what they do and pay secret.They control nearly half the media and prosecute nearly 200,000 poor annually.I stopped paying and saved £12 a month

  • John Manning
    John Manning Year ago +2

    The i player is very popular in our house,and the bbc is great for all it stands for.The fact that the presenters guide you to the i player for catch up etc is great.But recently certain presenters have been guiding us to the R player,does anyone know how to get this R player or is it only available for people with antennas which are tuned outside the uk. .Thank you

    • Take me to the Geek
      Take me to the Geek  Year ago

      Unless it is referring to BBc radio Player. I couldn't help, not heard of "R" player and neither does it seem has Google

  • JMJ -K
    JMJ -K Year ago +1

    cheers mate.

  • mac man
    mac man Year ago


    • Take me to the Geek
      Take me to the Geek  Year ago +1

      Privacy, anonymity , the only question they are entitled to, your licence details they don't ask ! Questions that might help with viewing habits i.e. your Sex they don't ask as they are too PC. So yes What is the Point ,

  • The Vegan Fanboy !
    The Vegan Fanboy ! Year ago +4

    You are way to underated

  • Anj Kovo
    Anj Kovo Year ago +14

    Don't do it (If you have no licence) you will give them your location & IP Address which will be used against you

    • Take me to the Geek
      Take me to the Geek  Year ago

      You should always have a BBC TV licence to watch BBC content. that I agree with and fully endorse but I see no need that you have to share your personal viewing habits. So I would suggest registering with a gmail or yahoo email and use a VPN, check out the channel for VPNs how to use and setup. I recommend Lamnia and Private VPN

    • Dale Benton
      Dale Benton Year ago +1

      Yes very true there,Making a fake account in fake details,Never hide up the IP address,Every computer and device all knows where it really do live,Before you know it,Have a few LOUD bangs on ya door,Thats when the TV Licence people are there,Then some ones in deep trouble for it

    • Tyler Burney
      Tyler Burney Year ago

      Tim Bain This might be a silly question, but is there any chance they could find my isp in the first place if I’m using a vpn?

    • Tim Bain
      Tim Bain Year ago

      No you won't, your ISP can't give the BBC (actually not the BBC but their agents who are a company that hunts down non payers) your IP address under data protection laws.

    • Take me to the Geek
      Take me to the Geek  Year ago +4

      Most people use a VPN

  • Gary Carlyle
    Gary Carlyle Year ago +14

    but isnt this registering? just using fake details? nothing wrong with that but it is still registering.

    • shawn G
      shawn G Year ago +2

      No just use the ones he put it :) ;) Mr Wibbly!
      Hundred's of IP addresses for one account let them sort that out ;)

  • Anna
    Anna Year ago +1

    I think this is just temporary anyway, "too good" to be true for such a greedy corporation that sends goons to harass us in our homes. They simply just do it step by step to avoid resistance.First TV licence was needed only for watching BBC Live broadcast, the any Broadcast including Iplayer, then was a voluntary sign in to It, now is just mandatory sign it but fake accounts are allowed. It's rather obvious that soon your real email address that matches your TV licence number will be needed. There is no big loss anyway. Why would you even want willingly brainwash yourself with crap and pay for it? There is You tube, books and so on.