10 Things You Didn't Know About GORDON RAMSAY

  • Published on Jun 19, 2017
  • 10 Facts you most probably didn't know about famous chef Gordon Ramsay.
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    Gordon Ramsay has built a massive empire centered around his love for all things culinary-related. He has starred in various television shows, including “Hell’s Kitchen,” "MasterChef," and “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.” He has restaurants all over the globe, and he even launched his own line of tableware. We’ve all seen him blow a gasket on national television, but there’s much more to this celebrity chef than his short temper. Here are 10 Things You Didn't Know About Gordon Ramsay.
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Comments • 4 807

  • Noobish Boi
    Noobish Boi 7 hours ago

    He now has 16 michelin stars :)

  • Active James
    Active James 3 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay is gay

  • Achan Ajith
    Achan Ajith 5 days ago

    7:50 it’s ramsAy

  • Achan Ajith
    Achan Ajith 5 days ago

    I didn’t know jack had an IDeNtIcAL twin sister

  • WinkBlower
    WinkBlower 8 days ago

    I just spend 11 minutes+ just to know what I didn't know about Gordon Ramsay

  • Juice
    Juice 8 days ago

    Worth 54 million and not giving his children any of the money when he dies. That's fucked up

  • Radu Gaming
    Radu Gaming 8 days ago

    He is scotish not british

  • Mengistu Alemu
    Mengistu Alemu 9 days ago

    this person amizing shef & he has wonderful gorgeouse familly !!! he learn so many things he's life i'm happy by his doing everything keep it up!!!

  • Mountain Rat
    Mountain Rat 9 days ago

    You keep begging me to comment so that you can gain some traction with your pathetic videos. So here is my comment.

  • Mountain Rat
    Mountain Rat 9 days ago

    Narrator should do phone s3x

  • kimberly ingraham
    kimberly ingraham 9 days ago

    Jack is NOT identical They are fraternal...different gender..

  • awesome get it
    awesome get it 9 days ago

    Why the thumbnail make it look like something different as if that wasn’t his daughter

  • Im Sunny
    Im Sunny 9 days ago +1

    'Short tempered' well.. you don't know much about his meltdowns I suppose.😉Btw I'm just trying the moon thingy

  • Im Sunny
    Im Sunny 9 days ago

    'Short tempered' well.. you don't know much about his meltdowns I suppose.😉Btw I'm just trying the moon thingy

  • Udon
    Udon 10 days ago

    10:04 Nice Packaged Water

  • bruce wightman
    bruce wightman 10 days ago


  • Silver Donut
    Silver Donut 10 days ago +3

    Gordon is NOT a strict father. His the family’s joker

  • xUmbrellaCo
    xUmbrellaCo 11 days ago

    I never liked airplane food Dx I always bring my noodle cup

  • brosya24
    brosya24 12 days ago

    Jack's identical twin is his dad . 🤣

  • A.M’s Life
    A.M’s Life 12 days ago

    4:01 correction 5 kids

  • dick chocolate
    dick chocolate 12 days ago

    this is not accurate 3:48

  • Scribbles Animations
    Scribbles Animations 12 days ago

    I can totally see how Gordon and Simon could be friends 😂

  • Peeps Yeets
    Peeps Yeets 14 days ago +1

    He's not British xDD, he's Scottish.

  • Steven Ye nay
    Steven Ye nay 14 days ago +1

    Gordan Ramsay is not fucking British he is Scottish

  • Darian Gaming
    Darian Gaming 14 days ago

    I'm glad i dont like going on planes lol

  • LeMarquis
    LeMarquis 14 days ago

    what a joke

  • lina maria
    lina maria 15 days ago

    This nigga was not fucking born a women he literally has a son yall retarded

  • Sammi Tran
    Sammi Tran 15 days ago

    He’s fucking Scottish

  • 4 smith
    4 smith 16 days ago

    he is a Scottish not British.

  • dix rael
    dix rael 16 days ago

    Number 11 thing you did'nt know about Gordon:
    You can grill a steak or fish on Gordon's forehead wrinkle. Lol

  • Natsuki Hoi
    Natsuki Hoi 17 days ago


  • Gemma Lines
    Gemma Lines 18 days ago

    Probably 99.9 % of people down here know about half of these

  • Nawaf Talal
    Nawaf Talal 18 days ago

    he dont just have 6 michillen stars he has 16 michillen stars Ramsay's restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total and currently Wikipedia

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz 19 days ago

    I honestly didn't like the surgery. For me, i actually liked his wrinkles, that makes him original

  • tullyman82
    tullyman82 20 days ago

    10 facts that I don't give a shit about, your channel sux donkey cock.

  • ExperiencedGhost
    ExperiencedGhost 20 days ago

    Haha I had a cat named Matilda !!! His kids won't see any money?? Wat a jerk. You want to have your kids some financial certainty in their life. He could open a account for them in their name but only they could touch the money if they are 30y for example. What if he dies before his wife, will she also not have any money? Of course, but when she dies will she deny her children the money? Is she as bad as him?

  • Osama Manan
    Osama Manan 21 day ago

    Chicken biryani maybe

  • Sup it's Cc
    Sup it's Cc 24 days ago

    How do you know all of this about him it's creepy

  • Sydney Wright
    Sydney Wright 24 days ago

    Love him

  • Ellen Williams
    Ellen Williams 25 days ago

    MISHA!!! 10:00

  • Kelly Parker
    Kelly Parker 25 days ago

    "Identical twin sister" ??? They are fraternal twins

  • Dakota Corey
    Dakota Corey 26 days ago

    He’s Scottish

  • Torm Decinal
    Torm Decinal 28 days ago

    Gordon ramsay i never hearded one and saying some bad words

  • Anastasia Kotey
    Anastasia Kotey Month ago

    Get your facts right guys he is Scottish and not British

  • kyjarhead12
    kyjarhead12 Month ago

    Favorite form of exercise has to be intercourse, hands down

  • The JMRo HQ
    The JMRo HQ Month ago

    I saw the blogs...and I call bullshit on this channel...HE IS NOT A STRICT PARENT HE IS SUCH AN AMAAAZZING DAD...AND YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!

  • Jean-Ian Simard
    Jean-Ian Simard Month ago +2

    Not leaving his estate to his children is probably the biggest present he could give them.

    • Dawn groundhog67
      Dawn groundhog67 20 days ago

      I think it's wrong with how hard it is I would give my kids everything i grew up poor living in shelters. I starved if I had that kind of money I would take care of my family!!

  • Manish Paudel
    Manish Paudel Month ago

    When i saw the thumbnail,"what matilda does not have boobs?"

  • Leaf
    Leaf Month ago

    Imagine having parents worth almost 200 million dollars but they are not going to leave you anything because they don't want to spoil them that's fucked up. just 1 million dollars and I could live the rest of my life happy and would never have to stress again about not having enough money, and I could finally pursue my dreams instead of slaving away just to exist.

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K Month ago

    "whipping up some delicious mills..." sigh i can't stand the way some girls talk. kinda like, "thiinks!" for thanks ;)

  • ConcreteAngelx3
    ConcreteAngelx3 Month ago

    I'm not sure how much of this I believe. He's not going to give his kids an inheritance? And he doesn't let his kids eat in any of his restaurants? Why not? And Matilda ate in Hell's Kitchen and that's one of his restaurants so it actually isn't true.

  • ConcreteAngelx3
    ConcreteAngelx3 Month ago

    You can't be identical twins if you are different sexes. Come on Talko, that's common knowledge.

  • Mira Reynolds
    Mira Reynolds Month ago

    2:56 Gordon Ramsay and slightly shorter Gordon Ramsay

  • keith barthe
    keith barthe Month ago

    Wont leave his kids a dime??? What a dk!!!

  • Lana Alzoubi
    Lana Alzoubi Month ago

    Gordan Ramsay works in masterchef junior

  • Tenzin D
    Tenzin D Month ago

    Has he gone Vegan ? Really ... I hope I heard it right .... Good for him and Ofcourse Hope to see People like him bring a good change ..

    • A_YT
      A_YT Month ago

      Tenzin D bruh

  • webbit2012
    webbit2012 Month ago

    Now that they're divorced you can tell almost all the critiques about Gordon and his wife being loving and great together was all lies.

  • Young Minds Comedy
    Young Minds Comedy Month ago

    In a twitter post he commented british airline makes better butter chicken than india

  • Srirup Ganguly
    Srirup Ganguly Month ago

    Whatever . . .
    He is not Gorden but God :)
    With love and respect

  • WhiteHazeGruntz
    WhiteHazeGruntz Month ago

    Ur a idiot. U talk about his son jack n kinda say by joining his country's service he isnt fallowing hia dads foot steps. I knew like all this already with out looking for info. Jack is fallowing his dads footsteps by joining the royal Marines. I believe he was a marine or something. Forgot what but he has trained with the royal Marines i believe. But how could u not mention gordan serverd n his son is still fallowing his footsteps by trying to enlist for royal. If u wanna fallow in someone's foot steps truely. Then u need to take the same path n not just skip to the future. His daughter isnt fallowing in his path. She skipped to his current path but skipped the service. Sad i gotta correct u. Its like u knew a lil bit n made a video with out doing any research. Which means ur incompatent n need a new job cause u r to dumb to just wing it

  • Wendy F
    Wendy F Month ago

    He's Scottish not British

  • Crystal Chen
    Crystal Chen Month ago

    Oh shoot I ride Singapore airlines pretty often!

  • Ray Turner
    Ray Turner Month ago +2

    Why do so many American women have a nasal problem when they speak!

  • {Pigeon kingdom Hall}

    Maybe we do know things about Gordon ramsay.

  • Bonnita Claus
    Bonnita Claus Month ago

    I have a recent salmon I cooked up over an open fire. I love cooking over an open fire. Right now I have lots of pecan and hickory wood. My strength in cooking is campfire cooking. I do not have a Twitter account.

  • the first pancake
    the first pancake Month ago

    Ate breakfast at his Las Vegas restaurant.... worst 45 dollar bacon and eggs I've ever eaten.

  • Tindra Brink 8C Korsavadsskolan 7-9

    best moment 5:46 - 5:58
    Jensen's smile is atrue blessing

  • HonestlyCrayz
    HonestlyCrayz Month ago

    Jack has an identical twin sister... hummmm okay let’s think about that one for a sec...

  • loverbite1
    loverbite1 Month ago

    What I love about this British celebrity chef is that he s face is like Popeye😂😂😂😂

  • wow youre retarded
    wow youre retarded Month ago

    He is scotish

  • Mr Film
    Mr Film Month ago


    SINOFPRIDE 0 Month ago

    Most of this is false INFO

  • sebas l
    sebas l Month ago

    My favorite exercise 💦👉👌

  • bert andrews
    bert andrews Month ago

    thumbs down for the ads that interupt the footage

  • EthanDoezWhatever.
    EthanDoezWhatever. Month ago

    He’s not British. He’s Scottish!

  • samtyification
    samtyification Month ago

    identical twin sister?

  • 81SK
    81SK Month ago

    0:08 he is scotish...

  • Adnan Ali
    Adnan Ali Month ago

    So Gordon has an Identical Brother-In-Insult which is Simon Cowell

  • XxPurple sparklesxX
    XxPurple sparklesxX Month ago +1

    Cant believe Simon and Gordon are actually friends xD i knew it

  • Ashmin_ AR10
    Ashmin_ AR10 Month ago


  • Ashmin_ AR10
    Ashmin_ AR10 Month ago

    Hehe top 3 words Used by Gordon Ramsay!
    1.its fucking RAW!
    2.Fucking idiot

  • 0_ Doyle
    0_ Doyle Month ago

    He is not british he is scottish

  • edgar gallardo
    edgar gallardo Month ago


  • Gavri Benson
    Gavri Benson Month ago +4

    0:11 He's not British he's Scottish

  • TRenty *
    TRenty * Month ago

    He’s Scottish not British 😕😒😕😒😒😕😒😕😔

  • Marie Foxx
    Marie Foxx Month ago +1

    I'm surprised there was nothing about the big scandal with Ramsay's cheating on his wife!! Or that he was a football player before he even got into Food!

  • KJ Setser
    KJ Setser Month ago +2

    4:15 OH, COME ON, MAN!!😠😆

  • KJ Setser
    KJ Setser Month ago +1

    1:00 That's really sad, man.😟

  • Samiya Shehab
    Samiya Shehab Month ago

    he isn't strict Matilda said that he is a softy and runs around the house naked

  • Galvarino
    Galvarino Month ago +1

    Tana or Taina make your mind women

  • woozyarun60661
    woozyarun60661 Month ago

    Matilda Ramsay goes to my school mums life

  • cousinzbandmack
    cousinzbandmack Month ago

    I could see Matilda still getting his money when he dies. She seems close to him and is becoming a chef herself. Someone will have to take over the restaurants

  • charles mendoza
    charles mendoza Month ago

    Too many ads

  • Eggsquisitely Dank
    Eggsquisitely Dank Month ago

    I'm pretty sure that he has 16 michelin stars

  • Mychal Simpson
    Mychal Simpson Month ago

    My favorite type of workout is Yoga, kickboxing and walking. I was surprised by the fact that Chef Gordon Ramsay will comment on your food that was surprising but not surprising at the same time. But I will never eat airplane food. Gordon Ramsay is awesome and I agree with the way he is with his children. I would be the same way and I also agree with the relationship he has with his wife that explains why he and Mrs. Ramsay have been married for so long I like that and respect that. Cook on Chef Gordon Ramsay I love ya!😀😄😊😍🇬🇧😎

  • LaSopRAWna
    LaSopRAWna Month ago

    FALSE. Jack and Holly Ramsay may be twins....but they are not "identical" twins - www.quora.com/Can-a-brother-and-sister-be-identical-twins - They may be "identical twins" to each respective parent...but not to each other! Jack is uncannily his father's doppelganger with blond hair, blue eyes, his father's exact facial shape, eyebrows, and build. (It's hard to tell what his height is. Mother, Tana Ramsay, is quite petite). Jack's twin, Holly, looks so much like her mother it is striking, both brunette with brown eyes, same eye brows and facial structure. Holly appears to be a little taller than her mom and a little plumper.

  • Matt Muor
    Matt Muor 2 months ago +1

    *The thumbnail I knew*

  • Jessie Eminson
    Jessie Eminson 2 months ago

    Ummm a boy can't have an identical twin sister....

  • Denise Eggert
    Denise Eggert 2 months ago

    Twins who are male and female, can't be identical. Only twins of the same sex can be identical. Twins who are male and female, are fraternal twins.