AMD destroys itself

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • It's a 12-core WAR as AMD's Ryzen 9 3900X goes up against their own Threadripper 2920X, which recently saw a hefty price cut after the Ryzen 3000 series launch.
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    AMD destroys itself
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  • Bitwit
    Bitwit  29 days ago +665

    Yo yo yo it's worth pointing out that there have been some crazy sales on Threadripper chips lately due to the Ryzen 3000 launch. From what I've seen, the 3900X still holds the best bang for the buck, but a good deal could easily sway someone to Threadripper if they're looking for more IO and memory capacity.


    • jesse guajardo
      jesse guajardo Day ago

      @zach h100i is the way to go! I'm using it, and it's cool and runs super quiet

    • Robert Mackiewicz
      Robert Mackiewicz 20 days ago

      talk about the tdp of the CPUs as well

    • Ian Visser
      Ian Visser 24 days ago

      Trick behind them making threadripper obsolete is to add a media point and use it as marketing for Ryzen 9. Threadripper is going next level, its based on Epyc architecture and chipset, so likelyhood is that 'High end, high core count' cpus from AMD are going to be insane and match the high end intels in price, while having double core count & performance + more pcie lanes (gen 4) and more memory channels. literally taking Xeon and intel X series cpus out off the market

    • oldskoolhead0
      oldskoolhead0 26 days ago

      an amazing deal on a threadripper chip still doesnt negate the fact that the platform is so much more expensive as well, you would have to give me the threadripper chip for free for me to even consider investing in the platform instead of just banging a 3900x in my x470 board instead, in fact i would seriously consider throwing the motherboard in as well as a sweetener, an aorous extreme or something then ill take it ;-).........the liquid cooled one please

    • William Thomson
      William Thomson 27 days ago

      The 3900x scores are invalid. New Ryzen sees massive performance loss at scores higher than 60c

  • Jesus Baeza
    Jesus Baeza 2 days ago

    Also remember threadripper has quad channel support and ryzen only has dual channel

  • FBI
    FBI 7 days ago

    I used the AMD to destroy the AMD

  • SteveAkaGoatpile
    SteveAkaGoatpile 9 days ago

    I dont think this is much of a problem. anyone who is ENTHUSIASTIC enough to get threadripper is going to upgrade anyway.

  • Ben Lacsina
    Ben Lacsina 10 days ago

    *I used AMD to destroy AMD.*

  • David M. Bebber
    David M. Bebber 13 days ago

    Hmmm... a 3rd gen top of SKU chip based on 7nm manufacturing and sells for $850 is better than a 2nd gen one based on 12nm Manufacturing and sells for $620? .....Shocker!

  • HudsonGTV
    HudsonGTV 19 days ago +1

    You probably cut like 15 times in a single sentence.

  • PappaLitto
    PappaLitto 20 days ago

    What alien technology did AMD hijack from Area 51

  • Glenn V
    Glenn V 21 day ago +1

    Clickbait titles actually starting to piss me off here.
    =>amd DESTROYS itself
    =>amd's new product is slightly faster than its previous product, which has been entirely normal in this industry since the 1980s.

  • GERM
    GERM 21 day ago

    okay, I seriously don't get it. can someone please explain to me? I'm not really into AMD stuff so I don't know the "common sense" of the brand, like which model is better, faster sucks, how to judge against intel... etc. All I understand is that one CPU is better than another but I do not understand why this relates to AMD destroying itself. Can someone please explain? Appreciate it

  • LotsOfStuff 123
    LotsOfStuff 123 22 days ago +2

    clickbait thumbnail and clickbait title

  • shaolin95
    shaolin95 22 days ago

    Hahaha what else can we expect from this AMD Butthurt channel. The 9900k still beats the 3900 in premiere (thanks to it's igpu which amd does not have), Photoshop and similar apps plus of course gaming .
    Oh and no compatibility crap issues either. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lucky Underwood
    Lucky Underwood 23 days ago

    I guess Intel can add more Threadripping & cache or just stay ignorant!

  • Bad Evilcow
    Bad Evilcow 24 days ago

    AMD is what a jedi would choose tbh

  • bearded hardware
    bearded hardware 24 days ago

    Good video slacks !!

  • xx xx
    xx xx 24 days ago

    I bought the 2920X not long ago *before* the price cuts and now I'm wondering if I should get the 3900x

  • Ryan Hezel
    Ryan Hezel 24 days ago

    *Morr rGb*

  • /
    / 25 days ago

    amD has the biggest d

  • Daniel Griffith
    Daniel Griffith 25 days ago

    oh noes! AMD is finished! Sell your stock!

  • Ze Max
    Ze Max 25 days ago

    We love you quick & dirty videos

  • Flo D
    Flo D 25 days ago

    Wow, your 3900X boosts quite high. Mine does not and I have AGESA installed.

  • Maanus Mei
    Maanus Mei 25 days ago

    Yep, OC please + both in games etc..

  • TheGhung Fu
    TheGhung Fu 25 days ago

    Windows updates? How quaint.

  • Eliot Rulez
    Eliot Rulez 25 days ago

    In Europe Threadripper 2920X is at €369,.- while the 3900X is at €529,- xD

  • CrimsonReD
    CrimsonReD 25 days ago

    I think I missed it, did he post the ripper's speed during bench?

  • Gaming Palooza Empire
    Gaming Palooza Empire 26 days ago

    Now.. lets do a test of the 3900x vs the 2950x threadripper to see if it can beat a 16 core CPU.

  • PanMants.
    PanMants. 26 days ago


  • HPS.Darrian
    HPS.Darrian 26 days ago +1

    When I watch pc videos to make feel like I have one because my pc shit the bed

  • edseit66
    edseit66 26 days ago +1

    Sorry but the extra pcie lanes on the TR will continue to crush the am4 platform.

  • Alex Marin
    Alex Marin 26 days ago

    First and second gen Threadripper were within 5-7% from one another in terms of performance so going 1st from 3rd gen Ryzen is around 28-33% uplift. The 1920X was retailing for months for $330 since last year and now sits at $293. So why should I feel that I am getting a good deal buying a 500-dollar 3900X that at best delivers around 30% higher performance than a 1920X (and which by the way has larger total PCie bandwidth and more memory channels)? Wasn’t that the exact same argument against Intel when comparing the 2700X with the 9900K? Double standard?

  • Clive Mattinson
    Clive Mattinson 27 days ago

    Could you talk faster please? (LOL)

  • Sori Pop
    Sori Pop 27 days ago

    can u do ryzen 3900x one ccx disabled (low performing one) and test the best performing one against 3600x

  • japrogramer
    japrogramer 27 days ago

    Intel should just declare bankruptcy now.

  • Jacob Szymczak
    Jacob Szymczak 27 days ago +1

    AMD: *It hurt itself in its confusion*

  • Templar_ East
    Templar_ East 27 days ago

    I need a wifi card for my PC what do you recommend

  • Zach Bedard
    Zach Bedard 27 days ago

    Round 2 please!!!!!!!

  • Md. Imamul Islam
    Md. Imamul Islam 27 days ago

    So, how much sugar and cocaine did you huff before filming this? Jeez!

  • Dark099 Gaming
    Dark099 Gaming 27 days ago

    I am a simple man when i see AMD hate. I like. Intel/NVIDIA winning streak over 20 years. Thank you Intel/NVIDIA to be the only best and give us the best

  • cordawg17
    cordawg17 27 days ago

    Wow those unnecessary cuts from the video are really distracting. Can you make a video without those little mini cuts.

  • BigWill Gaming
    BigWill Gaming 27 days ago

    yo I like that The Division background on ya pc

  • al hadjiril
    al hadjiril 27 days ago

    has lyle not taught you anything? you're supposed to take the median score, not the average score.

  • Turbo Drift
    Turbo Drift 27 days ago

    Can I have your pc please?

  • Xtoor Gaming
    Xtoor Gaming 27 days ago +2

    I’m glad amd finally showed so progress but don’t underestimate intel..... they have their secret sauce too and I’m very sure they coming back hard, which is good for us consumers

  • alex:r.c
    alex:r.c 27 days ago

    You destroyed yourself

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill 27 days ago

    Could you possibly make a few videos about the new Ryzen chips and several options on different builds around them?

  • Ron Shemer
    Ron Shemer 27 days ago

    Hey Bitwit, i seen some of your videos and i really enjoy all of them. I'm considering building myself a new PC but im not sure if i should do it or just upgrade my current one.The specs i have right now are :
    CPU: Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.40 GHz
    RAM: 8 GB DDR3 800MHz
    Motherboard: Z77-DS3H
    GPU:AMD Radeon R9 200/ HD 7900 Series
    SSD: 55GB Kingston SSD
    1 TB Western Digital

    i Would really appreciate your opinion about it

  • Omega Tron
    Omega Tron 27 days ago

    all consoles use amd...they are doing just fine...future consoles will use amd...they will do just fine

  • TheRealSamPreece
    TheRealSamPreece 27 days ago

    consumer-level technology is so rinsed-out for profit.

  • SuperShekky
    SuperShekky 27 days ago

    Ye get paid by nvidia more haha

  • Economan3000
    Economan3000 27 days ago


  • Labolas2Glasya
    Labolas2Glasya 27 days ago

    Round two should notbea question but a statement

  • jtnachos16
    jtnachos16 27 days ago

    That title was a bit worrying. Please don't do that particular form of clickbait.

  • depth386
    depth386 27 days ago

    Wtf it takes me more than 2 hours to build a PC just on air. Making a video too? Sheesh lol

    HOUR:N9NE 27 days ago

    Man! I want a threadripper but I didn’t want to pay more cash for the motherboard to go with it! So...

  • Jule Rulez
    Jule Rulez 27 days ago

    Great vid! Really comparing to Threadripper ryzen 3000 is unbelievably fast!

  • David Peterson
    David Peterson 27 days ago

    no, no, no...You failed to show the TR core speeds like you did with the 3900x. You know that is where the difference is. An update to this video with ALL of the information should be completed.

  • Steven Nguyen
    Steven Nguyen 27 days ago

    Hey bitwit, out of curiosity I was just watching random videos and somehow I stumbled upon a channel called something along the lines of Amazondeals or Amazonweek or something. Just wanted to know if that is you in those videos?

  • Vernon Ray
    Vernon Ray 27 days ago

    I miss wify

  • Syanide Music
    Syanide Music 27 days ago

    lol how ironic an AMD ad pops up before the start of the video.

  • Linda H
    Linda H 27 days ago

    If Intel didn't have that i7 8th Gen with over clocking. Intel will be closing down. And for price? AMD has them beat at every turn with the cores of their chips. And with Sony putting in a order with AMD for 10 million chips for the PS5. Intel is FKED. Next it will Be Microsoft putting in a huge order for AMD chips for their next Xbox.

  • kritixania
    kritixania 27 days ago

    Here in europe the 2920x (380 euro) cost 215 euro less than the 3900x

  • Funny Animals
    Funny Animals 27 days ago

    It is better to defeat your self rather than 1000 enemies.
    - Gautama Buddha
    And that's how you improve yourself

  • Tannah O'Neill
    Tannah O'Neill 27 days ago

    Just wondering, did you update the AMD Chipset Drivers, and Check to see if there was a Bios update for Thread ripper? As these are not handled by windows update.

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 27 days ago

    they will destroy 2950x too and higher like 2970xand 2990x when 3950x comes

  • recurf
    recurf 27 days ago

    maybe dont spend 1/3 of the video saying its a rushed video, and it would be a better video? god i hate 'youtubers'

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali 27 days ago

    I still have my Amd Fx-6300 😂

  • Yu Tub
    Yu Tub 27 days ago

    ah hes back with that big black cooler

  • Mr. SEA
    Mr. SEA 27 days ago

    The big expectations annually by AMD fans regarding the changes and improvements that have been annually occurring cannot continue indefinitely. I am, however happy to see AMD receiving some spot light. The first AMD chip I ever purchased was in the mid 90s, it was a 486 DX4 -133 I believe. My last favourite CPU before the boot kicking Intel Core 2 Duo arrived in early 2000s was an AMD 2500+. Since then I did pick up almost 2 years ago a Ryzen 5 1600, which I am very happy with...cheers.

  • impero101
    impero101 27 days ago

    Definitely not regretting ordering the 3900x now. Can't wait for it to get here. I'll go from a 2-core 2.0Ghz i7 laptop cpu, to a 12-core 3.8Ghz Ryzen.

  • godslaw 75
    godslaw 75 27 days ago

    Be quiet! Beast of a cooler eats almost all CPUs for breakfast, if not all!

  • Armando Debergues
    Armando Debergues 28 days ago

    I would've bought the 3900X but I got the 9900KF for $419.99 and the Aorus Z390 PRO WIFI for $189.99.
    Whereas the 39KX is $500 and the motherboard I wanted was $300. $200 more but for what I need the i9 9900KF will be more than enough. And I needed new DDR4 3200 also.

  • Chrome 15
    Chrome 15 28 days ago

    i don't think amd destroyed himself the fact is the potential of technologie is overkill now, and they have to keep foward
    we all seing that with the gtx 1650 lol if the new one is not better that the previous hey gys let be honest we all say it just booshit...

  • justin Case
    justin Case 28 days ago

    Just you wait for the 3920x Threadripper 3000 -- I'll have a true upgrade path for my 2920X... But why? It's still ridiculously too fast already?

  • Hades Eye
    Hades Eye 28 days ago

    Maybe full FreeBSD 12 build/compilation time? Not everyone is trashdowz fan. ;)

  • harrison wheeler
    harrison wheeler 28 days ago

    Hows charlie?