5 Transfers That Could Happen In January! | Scout Report


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  • Toribio Romo
    Toribio Romo Day ago

    Didn’t Navas sign a new contract?

  • Priyanshu Singh
    Priyanshu Singh 4 days ago

    Uhh haven't Monreal (kinda) and Jenikinson been in the Arsenal team for longer? So doesn't that make him the 3rd or 4th longest serving player EFD?

  • Richard Jaiyesimi
    Richard Jaiyesimi 6 days ago

    Nooooo way

  • Kk Jj
    Kk Jj 7 days ago

    De Ligt to Liverpool!!!

  • Red-Haired Shanks
    Red-Haired Shanks 7 days ago

    This man really said Kovacic was a regular starter at Madrid, and that he's one of the reasons for Real;s poor form LOOOL
    And why does he pronounce Gunners as "Goo-nars"?? Dislike

  • Aman Pandey
    Aman Pandey 7 days ago

    Isco should be transferred to liverpool

  • Pas Nduwi
    Pas Nduwi 7 days ago

    frk united should swap fred for ndombele

  • Anish Dhamankar
    Anish Dhamankar 7 days ago +1

    Isco will come to City

  • Jordan Partridge
    Jordan Partridge 8 days ago

    Replacing Leno is unfair he’s sat behind the worst top 6 defence and the worst arsenal defence I’ve seen for a while 5 of those goals where against Liverpool and you just have to look at Arsenal’s defence and Liverpool’s attack and you see why
    And before people say Manchester United have the worst defence but in my opinion it’s Arsenal’s defence that is the worst in the top 6 they have one good defender Manchester United have a few and a lot of them have potential to be world beaters

  • Nicholas Watts
    Nicholas Watts 9 days ago

    ISCO HAD HIS APPENDIX REMOVED YOU MUPPETS. LOPETEGUI WOULD HAVE PLAYED HIM EVERY GAME IF NOT FOR THE SURGERY. OF COURSE HIS GAME TIME WENT DOWN. solari is a piece of shit manager so that's why he still sits on the bench/at home on the bog.

  • Luke Barrett
    Luke Barrett 9 days ago

    Would defo be down for an Ozil/Isco swap. Like actually a great deal for both teams considering neither are really fitting in to their respective managers plans and Isco would be a good replacement for Ramsey when he leaves Arsenal. Win win what can go wrong.

    • Luke Barrett
      Luke Barrett 7 days ago

      +Haseeb Khan Real madrid have said they want Ozil and he is currently worth more than Isco so i dont see how doing this would make Real madrid stupid. Also why would Isco now want to go to Arsenal, more likely than any other prem team if you ask me, maybe with the exeption of man u. Wouldnt go to Man city or Chelsea just to get more time on the bench, Tottenham and Liverpool are not in the market looking for a player like Isco and Man u have recently spent a shit tonne of money soo probs wont be able to slash any more cash. Besides if Arsenal get champions league theres really no reason this couldnt happen in the summer

    • Haseeb Khan
      Haseeb Khan 7 days ago

      Luke Barrett Real Madrid wouldn’t be as stupid to do so. That’s never happening. Besides Isco wouldn’t leave for arsenal if going to the prem.

  • colin mckenna
    colin mckenna 9 days ago

    Who counts all these fukin useless stats?

  • General Zeave
    General Zeave 9 days ago

    Is that newport in the background at the start

  • TheAvenger62
    TheAvenger62 9 days ago

    1:03 sounds like he is saying Lille instead Lyon

  • Itsamedario
    Itsamedario 10 days ago

    The very last thing Liverpool need is ANOTHER midfielder

  • Darren
    Darren 10 days ago

    If Isco goes to Liverpool I'm killing myself.
    Don't worry, I know everything about Madrid and Isco. I know he ain't going anywhere 🙂

  • Nhlanhla Nyathi
    Nhlanhla Nyathi 10 days ago

    All I saw that made sense was the ndombele one cuz that is actually happening the rest

  • Theguywhocorrectsallyourmistakesonyourcomments

    PSV is pronounced pay-s-vay

  • The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus

    Yeah, Özil is holding Arsenal hostage for every possible penny he can squeeze from the club. He's not moving his lazy hole anywhere this January.

  • JohnoRules
    JohnoRules 10 days ago

    He called them the gooners not the gunners

  • YouTube Fan
    YouTube Fan 10 days ago

    Yeeess Özil to Inter !😍😍😍😍 he will suit the team perfectly since they need a no.10 playmaker so bad

  • Championzo
    Championzo 10 days ago

    5 transfers that won’t happen...

  • dan323220
    dan323220 10 days ago

    Non of these will happen

  • oni boi
    oni boi 10 days ago +1

    I'm an arsenal fan but... Ozil is better with inter's jersey

  • Diego Emilio
    Diego Emilio 10 days ago

    something tells me Real Madrid will sign de ligt as a long term replacement for Sergio Ramos 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Dominic Engelen
    Dominic Engelen 10 days ago

    Bit hard on Leno considering the whole back line has been shit he has no protection

  • Lalruatfela Ralte
    Lalruatfela Ralte 11 days ago

    ISCO to Liverpool would be awesome!!! need him as a playmaker!!

  • Declan Morgan
    Declan Morgan 11 days ago +1

    "the gooners"

  • Corey Peters
    Corey Peters 11 days ago

    While Henderson is useless as a Liverpool fan. I would prefer to sign a CB to replace Lovren. Rather than Isco we have good enough mids named Fabinho and Keita. And @ CB we are one injury to VVD from being totally fucked

  • Edward joute
    Edward joute 11 days ago

    Am i the only one wishing Juve sign Ozil just to see him and Ronaldo play together again ?

  • Virgil Vel Harriott
    Virgil Vel Harriott 11 days ago

    Why the hell does Liverpool need more creativity in the mid?? Ox? Shaqiri?

    • Haseeb Khan
      Haseeb Khan 7 days ago

      Virgil Vel Harriott you wouldn’t take Isco over those two? Dumbest thing I’ve heard. Isco is far better than both of them.

  • FA1A2
    FA1A2 11 days ago


  • OLiG Gaming
    OLiG Gaming 11 days ago +1

    #SundayVibes Would you not agree that Brozovic is severely underrated and should be on the radar for the top teams that need a holding Mid, I’m talking city, United, Barca (when Sergio B bottles it)

  • michael b
    michael b 11 days ago

    I think in this transfer market you might be interested in buying a new top

  • Jamar Berry
    Jamar Berry 11 days ago

    Sunday vibes extra time ?

  • Stephen AS
    Stephen AS 11 days ago

    This man:
    “There is very good chance Isco could leave within the next 3 weeks”
    This man literally a minute later:
    “A transfer seems unlikely due to his €690m release clause”
    Who tf wrote the script for this?

  • LukoHD
    LukoHD 11 days ago

    He’s not wearing a footie shirt😧

  • Shea PlayzXG
    Shea PlayzXG 11 days ago

    cech is 34 u spoon and where not after keylor navas

  • Kaiser Aaron Hbk
    Kaiser Aaron Hbk 11 days ago

    "Lés Gonész" smh

  • 920mario
    920mario 11 days ago

    Why even put isco in the damn list he aint going no where with that buy out

    • Dubbsteppa21
      Dubbsteppa21 10 days ago

      Just because he has a buyout clause doesn't mean someone has to pay that to get him just means if real don't want to sell him u need to pay that to deal with the player directly and even then isco still has to agree to leave

  • Ade Mclaren
    Ade Mclaren 11 days ago

    Yea thats what Arsenal need, another keeper lol. Lenos had a good start its defence that needs fixing

  • Nameless King
    Nameless King 11 days ago

    fekir to liverpool? posible?

    • Dubbsteppa21
      Dubbsteppa21 10 days ago

      Only if they agree to let him go for cheaper than they wanted last time Liverpool tried to get him

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 11 days ago

    I really want Navas to leave Real, a kepper that good should't go underuse.

  • Zaid Shah
    Zaid Shah 11 days ago

    I would love to see isco at Liverpool

  • AY-Men Ultra
    AY-Men Ultra 11 days ago +4

    This is actually the shittiest scouting report ever nothing in the list is even possible

  • Colin Man
    Colin Man 11 days ago

    Accorsing to reports in spain barca have given up on de ligt cuz they think hes going to juve or bayern. BAD RESEARCH GUYS

  • 1,000,000 subscribers challange With no videos

    If Arsenal had ambitions they would have gone for De Ligt

    • Olajide Olatunji
      Olajide Olatunji 9 days ago

      1,000,000 subscribers challange With no videos and if they had an owner that would up their budget

  • AY-Men Ultra
    AY-Men Ultra 11 days ago +8

    I see Liverpool I like

    • AY-Men Ultra
      AY-Men Ultra 9 days ago +1

      +Luis diaz it's just a loss and was a good game, will that make me hate my club no I will support no matter what #YNWA

    • Luis diaz
      Luis diaz 10 days ago

      Like a thot? Especially after that man city whooping

  • Élisée Bitsene
    Élisée Bitsene 11 days ago

    You guys are killing me! It's pronounced "Tan-guee" !!

  • E T
    E T 11 days ago

    hole in your shirt 👕

  • Jup Jones
    Jup Jones 11 days ago

    Isco said he's staying in January

  • Claire Almen
    Claire Almen 11 days ago

    Where is werner

  • romano douglas
    romano douglas 11 days ago

    Great video as always dougie

  • Ghazala khan
    Ghazala khan 11 days ago

    5ways barca can dominate in Europe

  • Carlos_the_champ ion
    Carlos_the_champ ion 11 days ago

    I hope de ligt goes to barca

  • CG 14
    CG 14 11 days ago

    I love that dig at all the haters at the start. Silence those haters

  • Frederik Bælum Svendsen
    Frederik Bælum Svendsen 11 days ago +1

    What do you think of Christensen to Barca romours?

  • Prinon Elom
    Prinon Elom 11 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice the hole in Dougie's t-shirt??

  • Your neighborhood friend
    Your neighborhood friend 11 days ago +2

    I would love to see Isco at Liverpool.

  • TD_YT
    TD_YT 11 days ago

    Love the thumbnail

  • Ross The Boss
    Ross The Boss 11 days ago

    Isco to Liverpool is a good shout. If the money's right that is and they're not asking for 100m+

  • sergioantoniomestas
    sergioantoniomestas 11 days ago

    Keylor Navas is unrealistic

  • Andreas Wolff
    Andreas Wolff 11 days ago +1

    De Ligt is pronounced whit a soft g

  • georgemikel haydar
    georgemikel haydar 11 days ago


    that sounds racist

    • Dubbsteppa21
      Dubbsteppa21 10 days ago

      Pretty sure it's pronounced tan gee aswel hahaha

  • LyricBeast
    LyricBeast 11 days ago

    #sundayvibes whose the player most likely to retire and start doing crack. I think wilshere

  • John kyle
    John kyle 11 days ago

    Why would liverpool go for Isco and why would he be captain. Just click bait

    • Dubbsteppa21
      Dubbsteppa21 10 days ago

      they photoshopped isco on to Henderson's body that's why he has a captains arm band on

  • Rapidviking
    Rapidviking 11 days ago

    Gooners What you mean gunneres

  • Kamal Rifka
    Kamal Rifka 11 days ago +5

    You guys have talked so much about the Ajax boys it getting really boring

  • Nathaniel Holder
    Nathaniel Holder 11 days ago

    broke boy there is a hole in your shirt

  • Hairy Crow 187
    Hairy Crow 187 11 days ago +2

    That pronunciation of ndombele is horrible

  • Umberto Robotti
    Umberto Robotti 11 days ago

    Inter Milan can’t afford anyone this January due to the FPF rules!

  • Edaward Kenway
    Edaward Kenway 11 days ago

    What a lot of shit

  • James Harmsworth
    James Harmsworth 11 days ago +1

    The Gooners 😂

  • Napoleon BonerParty
    Napoleon BonerParty 11 days ago +22

    Ain’t gonna lie, Özil looks good on that inter kit

  • André Mc Farlane
    André Mc Farlane 11 days ago +6

    Ndombele is not a holder adds why ppl keep thinking that I don't know he is a box to box #8 Tousart and Cheikh (he isn't even really a holding mid he's more similar to Ndombele but plays their sometimes) are the holders for Lyon. If City are gonna buy the kid to be a holding mid that'd be silly and short sighted

    • Battist Oberhößel
      Battist Oberhößel 8 days ago

      +xArchangeland I think Verratti could be exceptional, if used correctly. He could replace Busquets at one point, I think.

    • Battist Oberhößel
      Battist Oberhößel 8 days ago

      +xArchangel Neuer never was a traditional keeper. He was great with his feet long before Pep came to Bayern. You don't learn to play like that in a year.
      If you would know Pep's tactics, you would know that he plays with 5 attacking and 5 defending players. That's why he always plays 4-1-4-1. Or 4-3-3 with one DM that stays back. Yes he should resist the press, but the most important attribute he needs is DEFENDING. If he only needs to resist the press, why doesn't it work when Gündoğan plays there?! Because he doesn't defend enough! City need another defensive DM. Not a Regista like Jorginho.

    • xArchangel
      xArchangel 10 days ago

      +Battist Oberhößel No my point is all the players pep uses in our squad are good under pressure and they do what is expected in their positions for example pep at Bayern had great traditional goalkeeper Neuer but made him a sweeper keeper so he came off his line alot and regains possession for a counter attack so which proves he was a great passer.
      Pep always needs players who do their job but are calm under pressure he just needs a holding midfielder who can do his job and can take pressure and pass.
      Look, not all our players have the vision like David Silva or KDB but they have to their jobs and build up play not just start the attack so we can't have holding mid that just defends thats why Jorginho does his job but provides something extra as man City like to keep the ball but can do traditional football roles like if ur a defender u have to defend but for pep they need to know how pass and cope without the ball...
      And BY THE WAY I don't rate Verratti.

    • Battist Oberhößel
      Battist Oberhößel 10 days ago

      +xArchangel you forget that City have a lot of good passers of the ball, what City lack are defensive players. Fernandinho is the only CDM at the club. Jorginho, Neves, Pjanic are all great passers of the ball, but they can't defend good enough. Fernandinho covers for City's attack. That's why they are so open when he is missing. They don't need another great passer, they need a good defender! Verratti would maybe be another good fit, but even he is too risky.

    • xArchangel
      xArchangel 10 days ago

      +Battist Oberhößel They can't pass the ball well enough except Sergio Busquets but his age is far from our liking Neves isn't playing the right football in the premiership and needs more creativity on the pitch whilst working hard. As you can see the City Board weren't ready to make a bid for Pjanic who we did try to make a move for. He is a bit creative and does work hard on the pitch. Even Jorginho would've been a good fit as he was our number 1 target.

  • Dornel Mccaw
    Dornel Mccaw 11 days ago


  • P Mc
    P Mc 11 days ago +1

    Navas to arsenal fake news
    Ozil said he's gonna stay fake news

  • siba somdyala
    siba somdyala 11 days ago

    these are so never happening

  • MrNanoman07
    MrNanoman07 11 days ago +1

    Navas signed a new deal at madrid

  • Doris
    Doris 11 days ago +4

    Ozil to Cork city confirmed

  • Gocha Macharashvili
    Gocha Macharashvili 11 days ago

    Do confirmed transfers rabiot, clayn, solanke

    • LAtterwill6
      LAtterwill6 11 days ago

      Gocha Macharashvili who the fuck is clayn

  • Hardik Rawat
    Hardik Rawat 11 days ago


  • Cam Wilson
    Cam Wilson 11 days ago +7

    I’ll nut if we get Isco

    • xChafa
      xChafa 10 days ago

      Haha you wont

  • Luis
    Luis 11 days ago

    Rumour has it the Chelsea have bid 53million for Krzysztof Piatek

  • jason collins mannion
    jason collins mannion 11 days ago

    None of these will happen

  • tdyerwestfield - Ball Street OG

    You'd think that with Aubameyang and Lacazette upfront, that Ozil would be having a field day. He's always been overrated, but it was his assists keeping the wolves at bay. Now he's not doing that, there's nothing to back him up with.

  • Bob Kartel
    Bob Kartel 11 days ago +151


    • Bob Kartel
      Bob Kartel 8 days ago

      +Wubb Dubbz ikr, it would be difficult for him to break into that midfield, given the talent but we would use him as a left winger

    • Wubb Dubbz
      Wubb Dubbz 9 days ago

      Wouldn’t start when you have that midfield 😰

    • ASA 96
      ASA 96 10 days ago

      +James Deleon Clyne's at Bournemouth dude.

    • The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus
      The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus 10 days ago

      You didn't even get Clyne, lad. Not a hope.

    • unknown R
      unknown R 11 days ago +1

      +The wage gap Is a myth 😂😂😂

  • Simone Collu
    Simone Collu 11 days ago

    Barella to chelsea
    50 mil euro offer

  • Toks TV
    Toks TV 11 days ago +12

    So did they not hear Ozil is staying at Arsenal

  • A British Mistake
    A British Mistake 11 days ago +1

    They are all unrealistic, why post this video it’s a pice of shite

  • Eduard Van den Brink
    Eduard Van den Brink 11 days ago +5

    Ajax have litterally confirmed multiple times they won't sell in january what's the point of doing this video without doing any research even after Tuchel himself said De jong or De ligt won't join them in the winter

  • Boss 8055
    Boss 8055 11 days ago +3


  • Gogou Luiz
    Gogou Luiz 11 days ago

    Navas is fantastic. He should move from Madrid

  • Rajib Gogoi
    Rajib Gogoi 11 days ago

    Arsenal s problem is defenders not the Goalkeeper ..their DEFENSE IS FUCKING SHIT... where ozil fits ..there is no CAM position in Arsenal formation

  • Mark-o- lantern
    Mark-o- lantern 11 days ago

    Ozil is a very good player but i think he has problems with unai emery

  • Minh Đỗ Lê Thành
    Minh Đỗ Lê Thành 11 days ago +22

    Kovacic a regular in Real Madrid?
    I'm a bit in doubt.

    • UnitedForBetter.
      UnitedForBetter. 11 days ago

      OLiG Gaming - Oh!my bad on the Kroos thing.

    • OLiG Gaming
      OLiG Gaming 11 days ago +1

      UnitedForBetter. Toni Kronos turned either 28/29 about 2 days ago... and if anything , it’s modrics numbers that have declined this season, Kroos has got a few more years in him yet

    • UnitedForBetter.
      UnitedForBetter. 11 days ago +1

      I think what you would point to is how Modric and Kroos are now both north of thirty, with the latter not really being what he once was. I think he is certainly an option for a Madrid side who (to put it bluntly) are not really world-class anymore.

    • Bishan Poudel
      Bishan Poudel 11 days ago +1

      He was regular substitute and was a part in 4 4 2 line with Kroos at CM

  • franklin clinton
    franklin clinton 11 days ago +6

    Isco to liverpool would nice and it would add more creativity and be a main superstar

    • Eagle Carpets
      Eagle Carpets 9 days ago

      Lol do you see Liverpool’s team they don’t need any improvements currently they just need to defend a little better

    • Prashant Bairagi
      Prashant Bairagi 11 days ago

      Dont think so . isco won't fit into the klopp system and i would rather see fekir or thorgan hazard..hazard just to be better than mane imo.

    • ウィアブー
      ウィアブー 11 days ago

      Bradley Owusu Are you seriously saying Isco is allowed to be lazy?

    • Bradley Owusu
      Bradley Owusu 11 days ago +1

      ウィアブー Not really of Klopp played Fabinho and Milner it would make up for Isco’s lack of running

    • ウィアブー
      ウィアブー 11 days ago +1

      franklin clinton He wouldn't, he would get benched because he wouldn't run like Klopp's playing style expects him to.

  • Joseph Philips
    Joseph Philips 11 days ago

    Create gofundme for Dougie to buy him new t-shirt

  • Leo DB
    Leo DB 11 days ago +111

    you have a hole in your shirt bro...

    • Somali Goat
      Somali Goat 9 days ago

      This comment and the replies killed me for real lol.

    • Mission Punani
      Mission Punani 10 days ago +1

      This is the best comment chain ever.

    • Kaydzy
      Kaydzy 10 days ago

      +Mojebi kim jun un doesn't have 1

    • Leo K
      Leo K 11 days ago

      +Mojebi no tom got his filled with a 🥒

    • Leo DB
      Leo DB 11 days ago +1

      Jamie Brown already done bro...

  • Sam Boyce
    Sam Boyce 11 days ago +16

    Still got a hole in that shirt