Who is the Best James Bond?

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • James Bond is arguably the most famous spy in cinematic history.
    Even the most devoted Bond fan would have to admit that not every Bond is of equal quality.
    So today we’ll rank the Best James Bond up to now!
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  • David AdventTime21
    David AdventTime21 12 days ago

    [Thumbnail] 👀
    Why is one of those James Bonds a black woman?

  • Mugabe Karim
    Mugabe Karim 12 days ago

    Hell yah

  • JohnnyJoe
    JohnnyJoe 28 days ago

    Damn, yDamn, your list sucks. Which idiot chooses to put a person who has not even been featured in a Bond movie (and who is also not even confirmed that she is Bond). Only an idiot.

    Daniel Craig has zero charisma as Bond. Those movies may have good action, but zero humor and so damn boring.

    And please! Send the girl who is the speaker to a speech teacher.

    1. Sean Connery
    2. Roger Moore
    3. Pierce Brosnan
    4. George Lazenby
    5. Daniel Craig
    6. Timothy Daltonour list sucks!

  • VIJINI ##
    VIJINI ## Month ago


  • D-bois V5
    D-bois V5 Month ago

    Johnny English are you challenging U S

  • Thata Smith
    Thata Smith Month ago

    The best of all BOND is Mr. Mighty

  • archers elevators
    archers elevators Month ago

    Next Video
    Longest Movie Franchises

  • Irresponsible Adulting

    why is Lashana Lynch in the best "james bond" when she isnt james bond you fool. shes 007 but not bond. get your facts right. and they seriously dodged a bullet not making her bond as thats a direct violation of a powerful male role somthing that would be spat on. so lashana lynch being a separate character is fine i have no issue with it. but a female bond is sexist towards men. "get your own characters" right now you have

  • Awesome SK55
    Awesome SK55 Month ago

    I'm all for representation in movies and equal opportunity. But Hollywood is taking this too far. I would have accepted someone as Idris Elba as the first Black James Bond.. Since he is talented and charming.. But casting an African American woman to be the next Bond seems over the top. It's like Charlie's Angles all over again. If the film flops, they might say the film didn't do well because of racists. I am still trying to be open to the idea but it doesn't seem right

  • Юсуф Вейсел

    GoldenEye 1995 Best Bond Movie

  • Юсуф Вейсел
    Юсуф Вейсел Month ago +1

    Pierce Brosnan is The Best James Bond (007)

  • Syed HR!
    Syed HR! Month ago +2

    Sean Connery should've been the first.

  • siddhant kumar
    siddhant kumar Month ago +3

    How dare you to put a black ugly woke female wanna be James Bond 😠 in thumbnail .

  • Hanif Ameen
    Hanif Ameen Month ago +1

    Your video just tainted my hype for bond ever so slightly.... thanks.

  • Dr K
    Dr K Month ago


  • Mcheetah
    Mcheetah Month ago +1

    I've never liked Daniel Craig as Bond. He has absolutely no charisma in the role. And Lynch shouldn't even be on this list. I'd say Brosnan is third, Moore is second, and Connery's Bond is first, but not the best possible live-action Bond.

  • carl charleston
    carl charleston Month ago

    Please, bring back Top ten most powerful entities

  • Isaac ezegbu
    Isaac ezegbu Month ago +1

    Sean Connery is my best James bond, Daniel Craig is my worst so far made me nearly dislike the franchise

  • kkhan tuan
    kkhan tuan Month ago +10

    I’m not interested seeing the next James Bond

  • Shayna Ghram-Kaiser
    Shayna Ghram-Kaiser Month ago +2

    Pierce Brosnan is the best Bond

  • John Adams
    John Adams Month ago

    sean conrey and pierce brosnan are by far the 2 best

  • Ramon Lopez
    Ramon Lopez Month ago

    Hell No!!!

  • The GOD that failed
    The GOD that failed Month ago +4

    Who r u........
    James bond

  • Raj Chetan
    Raj Chetan Month ago +1

    Craig is The James Bond

  • Alush Play
    Alush Play Month ago +1

    Nice video about James Bond and Happy Christmas. ❄❤❄❤❄❤❄

  • Mohammed Faizan
    Mohammed Faizan Month ago +2

    Love you from india

  • Venu Jayachandran
    Venu Jayachandran Month ago +1

    Sean Connery is the best

  • Rhythm Khandelwal
    Rhythm Khandelwal Month ago +10

    Before Watching This video. My List from best to worst
    1)Pierce Brosnan
    2)Sean Connery
    3) Daniel Craig
    4)Roger Moore
    5) Timothy Dalton
    6) George Clooney

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  • Mark Law
    Mark Law Month ago +2

    You should ask the older people who is the best bond. Sean is slick and the bond. He's a chick magnet.

  • YR Soren
    YR Soren Month ago +1

    2 & 4

  • Khronic Madness
    Khronic Madness Month ago

    2 or 3, number one was one of the sorriest Bonds ever, made me stop watching Bond movies

  • tontoace7
    tontoace7 Month ago

    Craig is the best by far.

  • Mr. Friendship
    Mr. Friendship Month ago +9

    _"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action."_
    *~ Ian Fleming*

  • Српски патриота

    Daniel Craig is the best one.But Sean Connery has a spot in my heart.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I like Craig a lot as Bond, hope they don't replace him

    • BJMKA
      BJMKA Month ago +1

      Just Some Guy without a Mustache after the new one next year he will be replaced because he doesn’t want to do it anymore

  • Madison Gurumayum
    Madison Gurumayum Month ago


  • Leroy Gonsalves
    Leroy Gonsalves Month ago


  • Muhammed In
    Muhammed In Month ago