Will LeBron win a title with the Lakers? Stephen Jackson thinks so | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Stephen Jackson joins Nick Wright and Cris Carter to discuss LeBron James' title chances in Los Angeles. Nick and Cris are on opposite ends on whether LeBron will win a title with the Lakers.
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    Will LeBron win a title with the Lakers? Stephen Jackson thinks so | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

    First Things First
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Comments • 439

  • First Things First
    First Things First  8 months ago +20

    Will LeBron win a title with the Lakers?

    • willie williams
      willie williams 8 months ago

      Yes....Some people live in the moment.......
      This year Lebron gets a Pass.....next year No!

    • Alen Avunjian
      Alen Avunjian 8 months ago

      @213 imagine thinking Clippers will advance in the playoffs. you guys will literally never win a championship lol

    • queen bee
      queen bee 8 months ago


  • Deshawn4life
    Deshawn4life 3 months ago

    Three or two more championship for King James one of the best ever

  • RIFICA777
    RIFICA777 6 months ago

    What league he played in? NFL or NBA?

  • RIFICA777
    RIFICA777 6 months ago

    Its a mess right now though.

  • ArchtopNYC
    ArchtopNYC 7 months ago

    Jordan put on a decent amount of muscle/weight as he got older. Worked for him...

  • The Truth
    The Truth 7 months ago

    What are these guys talking about? Players are NOT lined up to play with Lebron.

  • noah kalidas
    noah kalidas 7 months ago

    Yes and no. I get CC has a point, BUT Stephen has a bigger point. The WAY LBJ approaches the game should not change. I've always had an issue with CC pushing his point way too much. Stephen already agreed with you bruh. But he seems to repeat himself like there's no tomorrow.

  • Greg Belcher
    Greg Belcher 8 months ago

    Stephen Jackson cracks me up. 😂

  • Freetown2006
    Freetown2006 8 months ago

    Wtf was CC talking about in the beginning. Lose weight😂😂.

  • Foreveryoung Ayeisha
    Foreveryoung Ayeisha 8 months ago

    I thought he was a super freak. I guess he ain't super freaky after all. #NoMichealJordan

  • Arod Sands
    Arod Sands 8 months ago +1

    He aint winning no more ships..period..he lost 6 Finals even with Good teams

  • Grasped Consciousness
    Grasped Consciousness 8 months ago

    Michael Strahan proved it to me

  • Thanasis Golematis
    Thanasis Golematis 8 months ago +1

    How will Squidward feel, after Draymond Green wins his 4th ring,one more than LeSwept?

  • Jack Felipe
    Jack Felipe 8 months ago

    He won't cuz. Of Lakers fanboys. Bashing him all the time.

  • Sali Yilmaz
    Sali Yilmaz 8 months ago

    Man look Cristiano Ronaldo!!! Period. Dont talk about other Athlets.

  • Michael Grigsby
    Michael Grigsby 8 months ago

    Chris Carter sounds like a fool, how can you get smaller and then go play in the post???...SMH

  • London Artis
    London Artis 8 months ago

    1:29 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lemon Ice
    Lemon Ice 8 months ago

    A year older, another year of who's going to come play with him, another new coach, roster change; that's a bit too much to come together in such a short time. Other teams are getting stronger, more experienced so NO, he will not win a title with the Lakers. His power, skills and endurance will diminish not improve in the coming years.

  • Ty West
    Ty West 8 months ago

    Why you keep asking Stephen Jackson about LBJ he never gives anything but good things to say about dude... annoying

  • Kristion
    Kristion 8 months ago

    When has free agency and team changing not won Lebron a title? Never! So yeah if he’s healthy free agency will win Lebron his 4th title, etc. like it won Lebron all of his 1st 3 titles! But the guy they compared him too never had to team change or wait for a top free agent to get a title. So

  • Avery S
    Avery S 8 months ago

    Free throws, lean out while maintaining strength & build that intermediate game... Lebrons biggest flaw if you could even say a player as great as him has one is the mediocre mid range game... he is either taking a 3 or getting to the rim, which is a deadly combination but limits you if one isn’t available. As Lebron ages finishing at the rim will only get tougher & while his 3 point shot has improved over the years, nothing would unlock his game and have as little impact on his body as developing an intermediate game. Mid range fade, dribble pull up, high post step back. That’s what LBJ can do to Unlock the last phase of his incredible career

  • carstuff
    carstuff 8 months ago

    Cris went from 216 to 211 LMAO chill bruh

    • carstuff
      carstuff 8 months ago

      He is right about Bron though. At 250, he'd still be unstoppable

  • D Heisenberg
    D Heisenberg 8 months ago

    yes if he starts making FTs @ 78-80%

  • R B
    R B 8 months ago

    Short answer. NO. This is KB24 town....

  • dolocollector
    dolocollector 8 months ago


  • marcus king
    marcus king 8 months ago

    Lebron work the post don't hold your breath CC, this was the year he could have did that and he didn't

  • The Future Is Here
    The Future Is Here 8 months ago

    LeBron won't decide if he wins another title, and neither will Magic.
    It is up to the Kawhi Leonard's and Anthony Davis' of the world.
    He needs three rings to make a legit run at being The GOAT, and he's gonna need some help.
    There's A LOT of work left to be done.....

  • Jacob P.
    Jacob P. 8 months ago

    What cc lost 4 lbs to finish his career. So drastic

  • Virginia Coleman
    Virginia Coleman 8 months ago

    4 championships still isn't enough to call LeBron James the GOAT!!! Shaquille O'Neal has 4 titles...he will just tie with Shaq & 1 more than D-Wade!

  • iClone Animations
    iClone Animations 8 months ago

    Cris Carter just said Shaq lost weight as he got older....

  • Anchor
    Anchor 8 months ago

    lebron can't win without 2 future hofers on his team

  • Kevin Costner
    Kevin Costner 8 months ago +1

    Love you Stak but quit the lies. Lebron’s done winning titles. He’s stuck with 3

  • courtney collins
    courtney collins 8 months ago

    CC FT’s only don’t determine yours status. That’s like taking away from MJs legacy cuz he couldn’t shoot 3s lol

  • Marcellus Wallace
    Marcellus Wallace 8 months ago

    "You can't practice free throws"....lmao. I can't take Jackson serious

  • Mr Smarty Pants
    Mr Smarty Pants 8 months ago +2

    CC is a Lebron Hater because he's no longer the greatest athlete to come from Ohio.

  • Choko Lait
    Choko Lait 8 months ago


  • todd belle
    todd belle 8 months ago

    Lebron is the best ever wats left to prove

  • cheesesteakphilly
    cheesesteakphilly 8 months ago

    Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no
    Make up your mind! These guys change their opinion every day.

  • Tienburger
    Tienburger 8 months ago

    Lebron lovers will be like, he still has a chance to make playoffs😂

    • Leroy Williams
      Leroy Williams 8 months ago

      No he doesn't it's over LBJ haaaahaaa lol

  • Susana Diaz
    Susana Diaz 8 months ago

    Stupid answer anybody has a chance to win a title while they’re playing that’s not answering the question.
    LeBron deactivates every other player around him By holding the ball too long.
    Let Kuzma hold the ball that long he will score at least 40 points per game

  • J Garner
    J Garner 8 months ago

    So it was ok for Jordan to draw the foul and shoot FREE throws as C.C. said...but its a problem for Harden to do it...shitz weird

  • reynoldmn
    reynoldmn 8 months ago

    I agree with Stephen Jackson, Bron will be fine & the best player on the planet.

  • Deleon Benson
    Deleon Benson 8 months ago

    No and he doesn't care like Walt said

  • Luke Stakelbeck
    Luke Stakelbeck 8 months ago

    All this advice is fine & dandy but lebron refuses to be coached. You cNt call & run plays because lebron will just change it on the fly. He thinks he knows best even when he doesnt.

  • 게비스콘
    게비스콘 8 months ago

    playoff first

  • O'Lebron BeckhamJr
    O'Lebron BeckhamJr 8 months ago

    Chris I Have Been There Done That Cater 😂😂😂

  • AP82
    AP82 8 months ago

    Dr Cris Carter

  • Tim Snell
    Tim Snell 8 months ago

    Really drop from 215 to 211? Did i hear that right

  • Dirk Garner
    Dirk Garner 8 months ago +1

    La is not winning the chip until they trade lebron James

  • RealJad11games
    RealJad11games 8 months ago

    Maybe not, Lebron may drop off drastically because he will be 35 next year

  • jonz23m
    jonz23m 8 months ago

    Another Lakers/LeBron segment - why do they even pay producers and these overpaid talking heads? just have a 24h live stream of a Lakers fan club room. nobody with a brain should be spending cable money for this garbage.

  • Leo Dunson
    Leo Dunson 8 months ago

    Wait you think Lebron, Ad and Kyrie wouldn’t be a favorite? Lebron beat Golden State without Kyrie and his other all star

  • Eshonne Mitchell
    Eshonne Mitchell 8 months ago

    Look at CC spittin facts at the end lol

  • chaun229
    chaun229 8 months ago +1

    Nick tried to change the subject when talking about lebums freethrows lol

  • chaun229
    chaun229 8 months ago

    playing in the post is old, even tho it wins championships. 😂glad I'm not young

  • Black
    Black 8 months ago

    Nah haters, keep y'all same energy...

  • D Davis
    D Davis 8 months ago

    I will have to agree with Chris. Lose about 10lbs and make them free throws

  • Chris Leach
    Chris Leach 8 months ago

    I usually always agree with cc, but he’s petty this episode. Jackson knows basketball a million times better than you bruh lol

    FATMANSCOOP88 8 months ago

    Excellent advice cc

  • Ahmed James
    Ahmed James 8 months ago

    Free throws are also mental ,