Powerful PC in your POCKET

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
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Comments • 3 991

  • Majrec
    Majrec 23 hours ago

    But will it run my phone ? :D

  • Masked Millionaire
    Masked Millionaire 2 days ago

    you are fucking annoying mate..

  • Jaime Kaleido
    Jaime Kaleido 2 days ago

    How about left-handed people? Unusable mouse experience??

  • dragade101
    dragade101 3 days ago

    get a real tablet with keyboard. Otherwise. WHY!!!

  • DJjayfortier DJJayFortier

    I don't really get the need for this, just get the gpd win with built in game controller plus pc functionality. I think this is even more expensive

  • qwert63
    qwert63 6 days ago

    IT CAN RUN 1080P?!?!?? I NEED IT, CUZ MY "NEW" ONE CANT!!!!!

  • qwert63
    qwert63 6 days ago +1

    Is it faster than AMD A6-7310? If yes then SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY (my laptop is shit....)

  • scoutie25
    scoutie25 7 days ago

    The future is near

  • Rommel Rivera
    Rommel Rivera 8 days ago

    Running Windows 10 Home on the internal disk and Ubuntu Mate 18.10 on a SanDisk Ultra 400GB card. It's an intriguing little device, but it has some annoying quirks. Windows occasionally goes to sleep while I am using it. Didn't have much luck with my USB3 Ethernet adapter. Hopefully those quirks will be corrected and more OSs will support it. I just needed a small full Windows laptop to watch movies on and do light work when I travel. The GPD Pocket 2 has a chance to meet those needs. Great review. Tx!

  • Cordell Frank
    Cordell Frank 9 days ago

    Linus packing..........Pocket PC LOL

  • Luckysquirrel1256
    Luckysquirrel1256 9 days ago

    So did he run Cinebench while in Silent Mode?

  • Joseph K. Lindstradt
    Joseph K. Lindstradt 11 days ago

    If you disable animation on the marching ants you likely won't experience that slowdown in Photoshop.

  • Omprakash Prakash
    Omprakash Prakash 12 days ago

    Where are you shope that pc

  • Azhiju Games
    Azhiju Games 15 days ago

    size of the iphone

  • paul drozd
    paul drozd 15 days ago

    Please someone install chrome on on one of these small PC's I just wanna see if it's better then the slate, you could always remote to you desktop at anytime

  • Techhh
    Techhh 15 days ago

    what if this thing is made with ryzen mobile

  • Quasar119
    Quasar119 16 days ago

    Cheaper and better than the Iphone x and XS.

  • Arad Fathalian
    Arad Fathalian 17 days ago

    “Inside this box, I have an engineering sample of the all new Dell Pen**”

  • Johan Crous
    Johan Crous 17 days ago

    Question, On your video, you add a 512 gb micro SD card, but I read somewhere it is limited to 400 GB for sd and 1Tb for hdd. Is it correct?

  • CsontFox
    CsontFox 20 days ago


  • nidalee OP
    nidalee OP 22 days ago

    im buying this soon becaus this is gonna be the mofo future

  • Ness O.
    Ness O. 22 days ago

    You purposely put on big boy pants with big pockets

  • Only 883
    Only 883 24 days ago

    No E in drag Linus

  • Snake The Demon
    Snake The Demon 27 days ago

    i like to support u also subscribed

  • 4rcefed
    4rcefed 27 days ago

    successful? i bought vector, cheaper and smarter

  • 4rcefed
    4rcefed 27 days ago

    Sorry your pockets are fairly large

    • 4rcefed
      4rcefed 27 days ago

      yeah i know but its and programers will notice its wrong

    • 4rcefed
      4rcefed 27 days ago

      btw where is the 'tab' button, linux users don't purchase equipment w/o tab

    • 4rcefed
      4rcefed 27 days ago

      sharp zaurus was larger 10 years ago and actually fit

  • Vincenzo Lombardo
    Vincenzo Lombardo 28 days ago

    But does it have RGB?

  • Difference Engine (DE)
    Difference Engine (DE) 28 days ago +10

    Opens up the Laptop while loading Tomb raider? Man..

  • Viral Idiot
    Viral Idiot 29 days ago

    I have a better ENIAC

  • DarthTechwarrior
    DarthTechwarrior 29 days ago

    Whats the point of these at this day and age? Why would you need more power than the best tabs/ phones of that size provide?
    Do you need a device that small so you can run windows? Why?

    • Armando Zapata
      Armando Zapata 17 days ago

      Windows runs on the x86 architecture, which is a whole lot more powerful than anything Snapdragons can bring to the table still... For power users, this is a must in order to run high end software, do video editing, and some more stuff.
      Granted, you CAN browse internet and TheXvid content mostly on your phone. However, a Windows or Mac PC let's you do the things these mobile OS won't allow for. There is a lot more software available for Windows and Mac than on Android and iOS.
      The trade-off for x86 though, is high power consumption.
      So you can pick either having:
      A. a high efficiency, lower performance device which still let's you do 90% of stuff adequately, at the expense of top end performance
      B. A high performance, low efficiency device for power tasks, which can go as far as emulating a phone OS though raw horsepower, and basically give no restrictions on software compatibility. Your battery life suffers tremendously though.
      It's basically the same argument of getting a sedan/hatchback against a pickup truck, or SUV. Likewise, getting a low end flip phone vs a cutting edge flagship monster; both perform similar functions for different people and needs. Some can go for a flip phone and love the simplicity, while others love the touchscreen and options new phones provide (despite being beyond and above their initial purpose). And others will swear by Pick-up trucks, while others will say it's a colossal waste of gas and money, and will prefer a sedan.
      This argument of why go for this, basically is the same as why to go for a regular laptop over a phone in a nutshell. :)
      PS: I own the Pocket 2, and also have a good smartphone. They both serve me differenty, but compliment each other fantastically.

  • Torchman1999
    Torchman1999 Month ago

    But will liquid metal improve performance?

  • Cearon
    Cearon Month ago

    *But* how would it hold up against a Chinese smartphone of say under 250? Or the price of the laptop, but that's not going to be any challenge.

  • kdandsheela
    kdandsheela Month ago

    Honestly, at this point I'd just get a cheaper tablet with a magnetic keyboard attachment

  • Rob Peebles
    Rob Peebles Month ago

    Nipple eh... So inappropriate

  • Abdullah Hamad
    Abdullah Hamad Month ago

    All I've seen are unboxings that don't address the battery life. How long does it run a Steam FPG on one charge?

    • Armando Zapata
      Armando Zapata Month ago

      I can run a steam game (Bad Company 2, or NFS Hot Pursuit) for about 2 hours on it without issues. You can also unlock the base TDP from 4.5 to higher, and sacrifice battery life for even more performance

    RED RUM Month ago

    Pointless. Solution 🤔 iPhone ..............................

    RED RUM Month ago

    Does it have a cd 💿 drive

  • Onlineearnwords ONLINEEARNWORDS

    Ur price sir

  • Л. Владимиров

    I want something like this but with chrome os instead

  • Л. Владимиров

    Burnout paradise should run with good fps, and it looks awesome

  • nedj10
    nedj10 Month ago

    Can you add the new 512 GB microSD card you demo'd with this machine?

  • LIOTBs
    LIOTBs Month ago

    So, what you are saying is that you bench-marked it in low power mode and still beat the crap out of the others?

  • Terrance Barrett
    Terrance Barrett Month ago

    I'm still wondering where that little sony pc from 007 is. I think it was casino royale...

  • Terrance Barrett
    Terrance Barrett Month ago

    They should make a track pad eject from the right or fold out from the bottom.

  • Loganatorexit
    Loganatorexit Month ago

    Hitman blood money? Anyone?

  • Matthew Wahl
    Matthew Wahl Month ago

    9:24 i love you microsoft

  • Dakota Lally
    Dakota Lally Month ago

    5:50 Even 17" laptops are being made with the tiny arrow keys and this drives me batshit!
    I use Excel a LOT for work and in my everyday life. Not having full-sized arrow keys is a major pain. As I type this, I realize I can just turn off numlock and use the number pad. That being said, we also have a couple 14.1" laptops, and if I can't use the 17" or the desktop, I am indeed SOL.

  • Matthew Gallagher
    Matthew Gallagher Month ago

    I would love a device like this even just to be able to walk people through various Windows settings on the go.

  • Ainsley Williams
    Ainsley Williams Month ago

    can it run linux os?

  • Omer Azad
    Omer Azad Month ago +1

    Play Fortnite on it

  • Vxpor
    Vxpor Month ago

    Can you plug in a keyboard and mouse?

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter Month ago

    For some reason I just got a flash of Linus still doing this 30 years from now as a much older man. I wish I could have had sound with whatever technology he was talking about...

  • William Peng
    William Peng Month ago

    So will a 10 years later pocket sized pc be as fast as a 8700k🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson Month ago

    Can it play path of exile?

  • Person Person
    Person Person Month ago +25

    Even this device has more ports than MacBook Pro.

    • Sophie Mohrle
      Sophie Mohrle 8 days ago

      +17ilLnE Of course it's gonna be slower considering the sheer size difference. I do find it sad that the MacBook Pro only have USB-C ports though (and a headphone jack). I love USB-C but it's just not that common yet. If I'm not mistaken one of the reasons Apple gave for not including other ports was space. It does seem kind of absurd when you see this tiny laptop with full fledged ports. I'm guessing that actually the thickness is deciding factor not overall size.

    • 17ilLnE
      17ilLnE 12 days ago

      Actually the MacBook has 2 thunderbolt 3 and a headphone jack.you can use 2 8k monitors with just one of them . And it’s still slower than the MacBook Pro

  • saeed hassan
    saeed hassan Month ago


  • Sailn
    Sailn Month ago

    Next Year: The smallest PC in the World(with Rtx technology) And 5 tb ssd

  • zachary hebert
    zachary hebert Month ago

    i want one!

  • Juliett A
    Juliett A Month ago

    I love how every time he's testing video playback, he watches videos of himself.

  • Reclusus
    Reclusus Month ago

    I think it is a shitty mini lappy...no touchscreen etc..with an Apple pricing while it is serious behind on tech. It is a machine that they make a lot of profit in for sure.

    • Armando Zapata
      Armando Zapata Month ago

      Dude... It has a touchscreen... And Apple products start you at about 1000$

  • Mtiu old channel
    Mtiu old channel Month ago

    And theres me 100% cpu usage in a desktop

  • iranicus
    iranicus Month ago

    Playing battlefield 5 online with that touch thing as the mouse would be insane xD

  • Ricardo Cervera
    Ricardo Cervera Month ago

    Hey, i just got ny self a gpd pocket 2, i mean 5min ago, could you help me out to pick a charger hub?, I dont need ethernet, maybe 2 usb3 and hdmi but need it to charge it?!.

  • Seth Forbus
    Seth Forbus Month ago

    I own a GPD Win (same company) its a gaming variant that costs less and has an xbox controller built into it with a slightly smaller screen. Some of the controller buttons wore out really quickly and they never responded to my warranty claim. Cool company, just don't expect the quality of expensive high end computers.

  • ProjectDv2
    ProjectDv2 Month ago

    It kinda hurts to hear Linus talk about the Q6600 being a benchmark for slowness, seeing as I'm still stuck using it in my desktop. It really fucking sucks not being able to afford to upgrade my system. *sniffle*

  • Jon 1212
    Jon 1212 Month ago

    Linus: hey what’s your favorite food
    Me: Atom.

  • Mr Muffin
    Mr Muffin Month ago

    This computer runs games better then my own pc

  • Dead25m
    Dead25m Month ago


  • Stealth gaming
    Stealth gaming Month ago

    He said bbc at the end and he was talking about private internet connection 😂😂😂

  • NyteBlayde 904
    NyteBlayde 904 Month ago

    Just bring this to Star-Bucks and start gaming, and also, this little laptop is better then my pc

  • Yosuke Rechain
    Yosuke Rechain Month ago

    Best for game emulator be portable (っ´▽`)っ ♥

  • Obc Tbc
    Obc Tbc Month ago

    My pc cant play tripple A...

  • Negative7
    Negative7 Month ago


    I hope not I hate that game

  • Hisan
    Hisan Month ago

    "... it's definitely audible. [ *Speaking of which, let me introduce you to our new sponsor...* ]"

  • Leutwin Rossacci
    Leutwin Rossacci Month ago

    Still more io than a mac

  • Elox2000’s Art and more!

    Oh i have an idea! you could make a foldable oled screen as a added attachment for it!

  • 3lit3 Gam3r
    3lit3 Gam3r Month ago

    Too expensive

  • Polarbear Frost
    Polarbear Frost Month ago

    owo I kinda want one now.

  • John Abramo
    John Abramo Month ago

    Am I the only person that hits the spacebar with my index finger?

  • Lee Gibson
    Lee Gibson Month ago

    Is slower than a Q6600... I think they can keep it then. How does it rate against the N3000/N3150 processors?

  • Lee Gibson
    Lee Gibson Month ago

    While is running let's open it up... Erm...

  • Cam Moffitt
    Cam Moffitt Month ago

    This is cool and all but to me it's not worth almost $1000 CAD

  • HmdrBros243
    HmdrBros243 Month ago

    The future of gaming: Atari breakout

  • Oprescu Florin
    Oprescu Florin Month ago

    what is a Taipei port?

  • Po Li
    Po Li Month ago

    still using emmc is enough to say no to this product, slow and unreplacable

  • Tommy Bangacuci
    Tommy Bangacuci Month ago

    Anybody else skip through being sold on some shit they aren't interested in before getting the content they want?

  • Napkin Of Destiny
    Napkin Of Destiny Month ago

    Lol That has more storage than my fully sized laptop

  • Aspire Y
    Aspire Y Month ago

    So can you play overwatch on it??

  • joshua francis
    joshua francis Month ago

    Can it pubg?

  • SynergyHub
    SynergyHub Month ago

    FYI - H A T E the presence of background music .. very distracting.

  • Isa.com2
    Isa.com2 Month ago

    that's a trackpad

  • Ball Key
    Ball Key Month ago

    yeah your just asking for blackberry to make a comeback😂

  • Josh Bacon
    Josh Bacon Month ago

    Very reminiscent of the Sony VAIO P series. I won't pay $700 for this but this is awesome!

  • GoldenBoy
    GoldenBoy 2 months ago

    10 years ago used to be a fun of these UMPCs-back then it was companies like Dynamism and Viliv.Grew out of the gimmick.Looks like some people are now getting caught up with these over priced tech gimmicks-BEEN THERE DONE THAT

  • Anna Volobueva
    Anna Volobueva 2 months ago

    I thought this would be power mips based and was watching with my mind blown for a while..

  • psyrvn
    psyrvn 2 months ago

    Definitely gonna buy..

    If i had the money...

  • That One Guy On Youtube

    Is it better than the win 2 tho?

  • Iskandar Hairulnezam Saine

    Can the emmc storage replace to nvme?

  • kamoper
    kamoper 2 months ago

    I'd love to see a comparison between it and the zotac you reviewed...