Powerful PC in your POCKET

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
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Comments • 4 116

  • eanna connolly
    eanna connolly 6 days ago +1

    When a kickstarter actually makes the product they said they would instead of just taking your money

  • Hemanth Reddy D
    Hemanth Reddy D 6 days ago

    Will a wired mouse connect

  • Luis Alejandro Niño de Rivera Martínez

    So what’s the best pocket pc you can buy on 2019????

  • Sam
    Sam 9 days ago


  • Paul Dominik
    Paul Dominik 9 days ago

    It's because of these reviews that I went supporting GPD HK. Unfortunately, that company declined all my refund requests and did not even send me any product from their previous campaign. And here they are now, trying to rip off customers with another campaign. I have no idea how many percent did not receive their products but letting you guys know, Indiegogo and GPD won't be helpful at all where you're amongst the ones who they sent no products to. I did back their MicroPC campaign and they already started selling before backers even got hold of theirs. Most who got it are reporting bad quality. @t

  • Trends Inspiration
    Trends Inspiration 9 days ago

    The black bars on the side of the screens..why.. why .. at least they could put a speaker inside them ..

  • Threetree583059
    Threetree583059 11 days ago


  • K EL
    K EL 17 days ago

    Jornada 720 is that you?

    RENZ ASTIG! 18 days ago +1

    Wow ..ILOVEIT its For HACKERS out there...
    You can go any where and hack things, THANKYOU FOR INFO!

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap 20 days ago

    Right now, I have a Google Pixel 2XL and a Bluetooth foldable keyboard. Does this offer me anything?

  • Señor Poodles
    Señor Poodles 22 days ago

    What are these, computers for ants?

  • Bradley Unknown
    Bradley Unknown 23 days ago

    I think ill just buy a switch for mobile gaming XD

  • Andres Valdevit
    Andres Valdevit 23 days ago

    Do the GPD P2 MAX review now!

  • XeroRez
    XeroRez 25 days ago

    The fact that he's calling AoE 2 RETRO now.. makes me feel old.. I still love it and play from time to time :P XD

  • where is my wall
    where is my wall 27 days ago

    i'll say it ..microsoft windows department is the worst at making softwares ..their os is the worst in the world..tons and tons of useless services in the background running around and bugs like no other..

  • Shuu秀修
    Shuu秀修 27 days ago

    *Big Pockets, Small Hands.*

  • Brayden Rogers-Stone
    Brayden Rogers-Stone 28 days ago

    Even this device has more ports then the full sized Surface Pro 5!

  • LeaPacho : Gaming
    LeaPacho : Gaming Month ago

    But can It run Minecraft?

  • Donald Eric Marcelo
    Donald Eric Marcelo Month ago +1

    I probably could use this for making letters, quotations, and presentations. Programs for use by a businessman in a meeting somewhere other than his office. I wouldn't use it to play video games (except Sudoku, gotta have Sudoku) or for editing videos or photos. (",)

  • Bailey Evanoff
    Bailey Evanoff Month ago +2

    Portable Kali box with no compromises...I've dreamed of this day for many years.

  • Emufasar
    Emufasar Month ago

    Internal layout of this reminds me a lot of the nintendo switch internals

  • Husky Ruski
    Husky Ruski Month ago

    they need to make an android/linux hybrid for it with a sim card slot and it's own signature headphones

  • Kevin Hooper
    Kevin Hooper Month ago

    Unless you can’t read clown why do the side by side ?

  • Somarac
    Somarac Month ago +1

    Linus has earrings. Just pointing that out.

  • theaccountwitha really long name

    Pretty much a chrombook

  • Pinda
    Pinda Month ago +1

    Theres something called a phone...

  • Non Pervenuto
    Non Pervenuto Month ago

    conceptually i LOVE these devices

  • ginsengjin
    ginsengjin Month ago +5

    It needs a touchscreen and ability to flip it into a tablet. Then it's perfect.

  • Grant Fox
    Grant Fox Month ago

    This is pretty cool

    Was that a pun?

  • Charles Alden
    Charles Alden Month ago +1

    I use mine to remotely administrate Unix servers while on the go. Mostly when I'm on the train to work and people are screaming into my ear that they can't login into their user session. Like they can't wait just 15 minutes until I enter the damn office. Anyway, this has replaced my BlackBerry as my go to device for SSH'ing into servers and it works wonderfully. I'm running Linux on mine as that is what I prefer, though I also have ChromeOS with Android support as it's second OS.

    The version I'm using is the Black, 8GB, 128GB, Intel M3, so it's faster than the Celeron version depicted on LTT.

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 Month ago

    I think I'd still prefer the nub mouse, just in the corner, and frankly the fact there is no GNU support from the factory on the 2 is a bit of bum (since I thought something like this might be good for a little ROS node to debug robots or something) but the fact its a lot faster is very nice.

  • Ness
    Ness Month ago

    if it had a touchscreen... perfect 👌🏽

    • Ness
      Ness Month ago

      Brendin C no. essentially it would be a pocket surface laptop. something microsoft was rumored to do called the andromeda but with two touch screens that fold in the center instead. this is more practical.

    • Brendin C
      Brendin C Month ago

      So... a Windows tablet?

    PAVNEET MALIK Month ago

    Am I the only one who wants this PC without the keyboard hey windows 10 is fully touch supported now we can plug in the keyboard whenever wanted

  • Muhammad Umair Ehthesham

    Are they selling this laptop , do they have some website to check for pricing and purchase?

  • Monolith Fan
    Monolith Fan Month ago

    I bought one and I feel like I was scammed thanks Linus. They released a better version as a final release AFTER delivering to the BACKERS. So Backers got FUCKED.

  • Diemaco
    Diemaco Month ago

    My laptop is much much bigger and can’t even open photoshop. Everyone always says that they have a GAMING pc and i stil beat them in csgo and other games with really low fps

  • Aydon Hancock
    Aydon Hancock Month ago

    Oh hey you found my phone, now can you give it back please?

  • curious mage
    curious mage Month ago +1

    You also forgot the 2048 pressure levels pen support. I don't think surface go has any levels. Only Surface Pro has .

    • a a
      a a Month ago

      Does it actually have that? I didn't see that listed on their website.

  • Raja
    Raja Month ago

    If there is a touch screen thrn it is good

  • Abdulla Masud
    Abdulla Masud Month ago

    my potato can't even run tomb raider in 720p

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh Month ago

    I thought netbooks died 7 years ago.

  • Ruby Low
    Ruby Low 2 months ago

    hi, i would like to know, can it run adobe illustrator CC?

  • Samuel 1L
    Samuel 1L 2 months ago

    did linus steel my sisrs

  • Tales Grimm
    Tales Grimm 2 months ago +1

    Why didn't they just put the nipple mouse in the top-right where the optical sensor is? That would be a lot easier to use and more like a game controller.

  • Yoni Musher
    Yoni Musher 2 months ago

    Wtf is up with the music, really calming but I've never heard this in a ltt video.

  • Aidan Land BcB
    Aidan Land BcB 2 months ago

    Does anybody actually buy the sponsored products. The only one I got is dbrand and that was from an Austin Evans vid not his

  • MTGrand
    MTGrand 2 months ago +48

    Powerful PC in your pocket 🚫
    Powerful pocket in your PC ✅

  • Morgan Sedge
    Morgan Sedge 2 months ago

    Very nice little PC ..i am wondering what program (app) you use to measure the performance ?

  • Rutger MacDonald
    Rutger MacDonald 2 months ago

    I don’t think that card slot dimension is a tooling error. I think it’s to protect your card from accidentally getting popped out. I actually like the way it’s depressed in there.

  • its matt
    its matt 2 months ago

    The inside reminds me of the Switch

  • mikey wagstaff
    mikey wagstaff 2 months ago

    Would you be able to use a plug in gpu

  • Marley Butler
    Marley Butler 2 months ago

    Apple did not invent dongles

  • Hisui Onigiri
    Hisui Onigiri 2 months ago

    i really need this, because I often typing with one hand

  • Diarrheaman
    Diarrheaman 2 months ago

    It could be a phone

  • Jeff Bankston
    Jeff Bankston 2 months ago

    For what I need 2000 bucks can suck my toenail this is old they still make it its still 2 grand they can keep it

  • Stephen Maher
    Stephen Maher 2 months ago

    I think the use case for this is sweaty guys like me who want a solid budget option that you don't moving around and beating up a lot. You could easily toss this around, you don't have to baby it not necessarily because of its build quality but size, you don't have to manage weight or flexing of materials (less torque applied by the wieght at the end when holding from one edge).

    A quick and dirty beet it up word processor that's also perfect for browsing and some mobile entertainment in the form of emulators, indie games, and streaming video.

  • 玄龜
    玄龜 3 months ago

    What is this shit? € 1.873??? Retarded Mofos

  • Jason howe
    Jason howe 3 months ago

    I see no point in investing in a palmtop/mini laptop only to have windows brick it after 1-3 updates..
    I like the concept however unless you increase its foot print to allow atleast a 1TB nvme or sata m.2 ssd it pointless to
    I own 2 dells in 11-13 inch spec and just windows updates 32-128GB is not enough on a win 10 platform..
    I would be careful what things you go slapping into slots what you think might be a ram slot might well be sim card slot..
    to be honest given the lack of actual onboard storage I would likely suggest to vendors to make this an android tool or atleast make it wide enough so either a sata or nvme m.2 could be used as inbuilt storage medium as this make more sense if you are going to play with windows 10 as its preferred OS use..

  • jonnp99
    jonnp99 3 months ago

    If only they can make things upgradeable like upgradable CPUs or ram

  • Stock Brazen
    Stock Brazen 3 months ago

    Its a netbook

  • TGoKovenant
    TGoKovenant 3 months ago +3

    Ubuntu Maté 18.04 just came out for the pocket and pocket 2. Runs great on both. Especially the pocket 2 really stands out without all the background windows garbage running.

  • Edrag5364 mc
    Edrag5364 mc 3 months ago +2

    sounds like it would be a great device for a writer to research and work on their manuscript. You got me to thinking about getting one.

  • Dhomy Start
    Dhomy Start 3 months ago +2

    Daaaaamn but
    GPD WIN 2

  • One cheeky bih
    One cheeky bih 3 months ago

    Surface go is garbo

  • Luis Angel Lopez Castruita

    OMG put on an ESD Wrist Band please you're killing me...

  • drifter4training
    drifter4training 3 months ago

    wish it had a viao p size model..

  • Bryce Light
    Bryce Light 3 months ago

    the cool thing about your commercials or sponsors is there all computer/tech stuff which is what your viewers are into, thus I enjoy and look forward to what you sponsor as I believe you just don't sponsor anything, only things of value...this works great for me as a viewer and for a company like Origin PC as they get a audience of like minded computer people that focus on quality...your a Genius.

  • Afnan Acchan
    Afnan Acchan 3 months ago +1

    Vaio had something similar 10 years ago but because of price it failed to become mainstream.

    • MATAM
      MATAM Month ago +1

      Sony* not Vaio. Vaio was a brand of Sony.

  • Master Danten
    Master Danten 3 months ago

    We hate apple

  • Endro Sinani
    Endro Sinani 3 months ago

    background music ??

  • Question???
    Question??? 3 months ago

    Man,I am so shocked you are so rich! that laptop is so expensive!

  • Ahmad Nasriya
    Ahmad Nasriya 3 months ago

    I won't buy it even if it was just $100

  • Kitbash
    Kitbash 3 months ago

    3:18 The part where we get some weird sounds

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 3 months ago

    Does it have a usb port

  • milkamilla
    milkamilla 3 months ago

    There's absolutely no way I'd ever buy this, but it's so little and cute :,)

  • skins4thewin
    skins4thewin 3 months ago +1

    They should have made the mouse thumb pad bigger. It has the space for something at least 4x as big which would make a tremendous difference in usability.

    AduDOMBA ABLE 3 months ago

    Please find some < $ 500 linix machines to review... please please please please 😙😙😙😚😚😚🙃🙃🙃☺☺☺

  • maccollectorZ
    maccollectorZ 4 months ago

    So typical to wake a Windows PC up and see that some Windows process is using 80% of the CPU xD

  • Mr Fish
    Mr Fish 4 months ago

    lets tell everyone to make big pockets so that they can carry any laptop

  • gio
    gio 4 months ago

    wait about 4 or 6 years and you'll have a device that could play any game between 2006 to 2014 and low spec games from 2015 to 2020. Hell, I'd buy it as a pocket pc just to take it to a friends place or while on vacation just to play rocket league or unreal tournament, all you'd need is this, an hdmi, an xbox controller reciever or usb hub and some xbox controllers.

  • Shayan The Thief
    Shayan The Thief 4 months ago


  • Tae Kim
    Tae Kim 4 months ago

    Hahaha. As usual, that TOS has a clause that includes forfeiting your soul and your first born child. GL explaining that to your wife.

  • cdreid9999
    cdreid9999 4 months ago

    Er.. dont they call that a cellphone?

  • Zayaan Dadwani
    Zayaan Dadwani 4 months ago

    He really makes you hate the sponsor

  • Chaosprince829
    Chaosprince829 4 months ago


  • camron gremmels
    camron gremmels 4 months ago

    "It is just creaming" Linus Sebastian 2019

  • Jayblue873
    Jayblue873 4 months ago

    Still better then my 13 inch laptop......

  • Motanul
    Motanul 4 months ago +1

    Introducing Nintendo 3Ds XXL

  • James Herron
    James Herron 4 months ago

    I might be able to play Roblox on that thing, if it wasn’t so expensive...

  • Naa
    Naa 4 months ago +5

    Late Blackberry Bolds had a similar sensor-pointer, it worked quite well.

  • Naa
    Naa 4 months ago

    I'm sure you have big pockets

  • shyam saha
    shyam saha 4 months ago

    Fuk this,

  • Wade Bawden
    Wade Bawden 4 months ago

    Cant fit my laptop in my pocket. It's a bit too big at 15 inch.

  • Andres Valdevit
    Andres Valdevit 5 months ago +1

    Man I'm looking forward to the Pocket 3!

  • jtgdyt2
    jtgdyt2 5 months ago

    Is there a way to get a middle mouse click without an external mouse?

  • Henry
    Henry 5 months ago

    HAHA pocket PC

  • Esdynu
    Esdynu 5 months ago


  • Morris Yang
    Morris Yang 5 months ago

    Does this GPD Pocket2 support 4K output, I mean, like 4K@60Hz

  • 4w0ken
    4w0ken 5 months ago

    if something like that hols a sim and give me geniune access to an appstore im down to replacing my phone

  • nezerac
    nezerac 5 months ago

    Is it bad when Linus references your current processor as something that's from "literally 10yrs ago"?