Dear Ms. Banks

  • Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • Thanks to Mitch Ferrino for helping with audio.

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  • Norisha Coleman
    Norisha Coleman 29 days ago

    "You broke bitch next window next teller banks" i just cant Bob i need oxygen because i cant handle the gas. GET IT GURRL N WORK

  • Ben Toohey
    Ben Toohey 2 months ago

    more like bop the drag queen

  • Dai is Dope
    Dai is Dope 3 months ago


  • J M
    J M 3 months ago

    You did that miss bob

  • Tacos Forever
    Tacos Forever 3 months ago

    Did she even reply or did she just leave it on read?

    KRYMINAL 4 months ago

    Don't title it Ms Banks as theres another rising black female artist named that, just lable it azealia banks

  • Ann M
    Ann M 5 months ago


  • Linda Lou
    Linda Lou 5 months ago

    Thank you...Next. **Don’t you come for me, Ariana. 😜

  • Well Guess What Mimi We Did

    My mother is currently dancing at this

  • Jamila Dai
    Jamila Dai 5 months ago

    Call the fire department.

    RENOUNCED100 5 months ago

    Slayed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Julio Badilla
    Julio Badilla 5 months ago

    Just came here to remind you this shit whaaaack

  • MrPunchthru2dub
    MrPunchthru2dub 5 months ago

    Drag her

  • Tamu Malone
    Tamu Malone 6 months ago

    Bite the hand that brung her one trick pony ass up FUCK HER

  • George Adamo
    George Adamo 6 months ago

    This is INCREDIBLE! I am so happy you did this! She is craaaazy. Like...all I know of her are a couple songs and that she tells off poc, gay men, drag queens, etc and proclaims to have invented everything. She's like a walking filibuster. It amazes me how any agent would sign her. Not worth it!

  • Savannah Morgan
    Savannah Morgan 6 months ago


  • Christopherson
    Christopherson 6 months ago

    Did she ever reply?

  • K. Xtravaganza
    K. Xtravaganza 6 months ago


  • Alexi bunting
    Alexi bunting 6 months ago +1

    You are my spirit animal

  • Jimmy and Taylor Perry
    Jimmy and Taylor Perry 7 months ago


  • Phat Izumi
    Phat Izumi 7 months ago


  • GoldenSlumber
    GoldenSlumber 7 months ago

    Ooh Bob, watched this again for the third time and I still got the goosebumps. Sign of a legendary read, in my humble opinion.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen
    Anastasia Beaverhousen 8 months ago

    Fuck yeah Bob!!!!!🙌🏾Preach!!

  • Juan Esteves
    Juan Esteves 8 months ago

    you are on the wrong side on this bob

  • matt thompson
    matt thompson 8 months ago

    Lmao, azealia banks - a black person, is propagating black culture...ok

  • Ethel Bradley
    Ethel Bradley 8 months ago +1

    I honestly rewatch this so often because it is fucking amazing and Caldwell can really spit well but also is intelligent and knows what he spits and to whom in particular -

  • Olka Jakiel
    Olka Jakiel 9 months ago

    wig snached, crops watered, skin cleared, tears wiped.

  • Edgar Chevreuil Jimenez

    Girl take a seat and delete this video. You’re embarrassing.

  • Moo
    Moo 10 months ago

    RuPaul should be ashamed, period. But that's the thing, money doesn't buy talent so she had to copy the song. Y'all can defend all you want, it won't change the fact that she took something that wasn't her's.

  • stxrdustsubs
    stxrdustsubs 10 months ago

    we stan our s8 winner. 💖

  • Vinícius Vieira
    Vinícius Vieira 10 months ago

    I'm Vinícius from Brazil, i love you lady... You are rock! Say my name plaeseeeee. #PURSEFIRST

  • Ryzen D.
    Ryzen D. 10 months ago

    Call Me Mother sounds better tho so....

  • David Corpuz
    David Corpuz 11 months ago

    Am I the only one who wanted Bianca Del Rio to read Azealia?

  • Marjolein Pls
    Marjolein Pls 11 months ago

    My name is Coldbub????

  • Courtney Goins
    Courtney Goins Year ago

    Did she clap back at bob?

  • kyle51895
    kyle51895 Year ago +1

    YASSSSSSS let her know!!! Trash bitch

  • Nicholas Ribergaard


  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown Year ago

    Lol Azealias above this

  • Karl Nieto
    Karl Nieto Year ago +1


  • Cyber_babe
    Cyber_babe Year ago

    soo u won a 100 000 dollars for a game and calling azealia broke while she wins 3 million per month by e one entertainment (more than bob's salary)

  • Staccy Devine
    Staccy Devine Year ago

    Yyyyyaaaaasss queen

  • -Kaylin Stewart-
    -Kaylin Stewart- Year ago

    Hi! ❤️

  • Susan Valdivieso
    Susan Valdivieso Year ago

    Well Done honey

  • JustPM
    JustPM Year ago

    You tried it, he stole her shit period

  • Piih Sousa
    Piih Sousa Year ago

    Number #1 itunes

  • hellolesly
    hellolesly Year ago

    Bob the DRAG HERR QUEEEN!!!!

  • almost medic
    almost medic Year ago

    "when you vote for trump you vote against my rights" Yet to this day no one in the LGBTQ+ community can say a single right trump is trying to take away from them... I dont like trump either but its fuckin stupid to spread shit that aint real. Yall really trying to pretend like the president hates you so you can feel special? pathetic.

  • Anp
    Anp Year ago


  • Ben Toohey
    Ben Toohey Year ago

    Okay but why does he sound like chance the rapper a bit

  • Kyle McGonagle
    Kyle McGonagle Year ago +1

    I think about this video everyday

  • Natasha
    Natasha Year ago


  • Postmodern Kitchen
    Postmodern Kitchen Year ago +1

    Omg I love you so much

  • Kai Phi
    Kai Phi Year ago

    This is misogynistic and gross. Azealia is a part of queer culture. RuPaul sampled her song without proper crediting or receiving the licensing rights. This isn't just a matter of two house tracks sounding similar, it's plain infringement. There are also several examples of lyricism plagiarism and flow jacking.
    Caldwell, you are blindly supporting RuPaul (the person with more power and privilege in this situation,) at the expense of a loving, freethinking black woman. A black woman who has discussed queer theory and history at length, including her use of the gay slur when she was younger (she has since apologized fervently several times and vowed never to say it again.) She is also extremely radical and has discussed her political opinions at length (bipartisan,) being a vocal supporter of black reparations. What is Ru doing with his platform and microphone? Ru says drag is the antithesis of the matrix. AZEALIA is the antithesis of the matrix, Ru is trying his best to sugar coat and dole out complacency on a platter.

  • Aviemore StudMuffin

    Team Azealia Banks! You suck!

  • Neil Hunter
    Neil Hunter Year ago +6

    Loved the Paris is Burning quote... but suspect its wasted on her

  • Craig Martin
    Craig Martin Year ago +5

    bob you will always be the peoples drag queen :*

  • princess _ mischiif

    Omg bob I fucken love yooooou!

  • Lia Tsur
    Lia Tsur Year ago +2


  • lauchzwiebel
    lauchzwiebel Year ago

    Queen I am living for it!!
    Queen on fire 🔥

  • Silly Sally
    Silly Sally Year ago +1


  • Erin Kilgore
    Erin Kilgore Year ago


  • yeoman2k1
    yeoman2k1 Year ago +1

    so so good

  • Tako Tuesday
    Tako Tuesday Year ago

    Bob I love you and have mad respect for you but... you wrong. Mama Ru stole from Ms Banks it’s so blatant.

  • Simon Sozzi
    Simon Sozzi Year ago

    Shit! I've been listening to her new song on loop! Oh well. I'll just listen to this. Bye Fezalia!

  • Maira O'Brien
    Maira O'Brien Year ago +1

    Fuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk. Where is Banks buried? Cause you just fucking did that

  • GoldenSlumber
    GoldenSlumber Year ago

    Oooh, bow down, the Queen most definitely has spoken

  • Mariam Saleh
    Mariam Saleh Year ago

    didnt know it was possible for my wig to fly off so many times but here we are

  • RemyDeLeMonde
    RemyDeLeMonde Year ago

    I’m sorry, I write and sing myself, and I like Rupaul and enjoy his music, but it’s obvious that the songs are EXTREMELY similar. It doesn’t matter what she does and says about others, the truth about the song is the truth. Period.

  • Caio Bittencourt
    Caio Bittencourt Year ago


  • Ren ★
    Ren ★ Year ago

    i need this to go on itunes or something sis i can’t keep using my data to listen to it lmao

  • alisson rodrigues

    Passou vergonha nesse rap KKKKKKK azealia maior e melhor

  • ReasonS DerangeD
    ReasonS DerangeD Year ago

    Ya shoulda told her to BoB On This.

  • Chill Cyril
    Chill Cyril Year ago +1

    honestly i kinda like bob but this is absolutely cringyyyyy lmaooo... at least the rap part....... the rest is just so fucking annoying looollll. I hate how all the rpdr queens defend ru like she(/the ppl who actually produced call me mother) didn't CLEARLY steal from azealia's much more iconic Big Big Beat.... saying that the only similarity is that they're both inspired by 90's house music is like,,,, amazingly dumb? Do u truly believe that all fucking house beats sound like that? Of course u fucking dont ure just thirsty for mama ru's cock, which, in all fairness , u should b considering that she's the one that put u on the fucking map..... Also the whole debate this has started with gays accusing Azealia of appropriating gay culture is.... truly DISGUSTING and really showcases some of the most toxic behaviour that gay men exhibit towards the lgbtq+ community: NOT GIVING A SINGLE FUCK ABOUT ALL THE LGBT PPL THAT ARENT GAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How THE FUCK are some drag queens, whose whole fucking gig revolves around imitating [black] women gonna tell a queer ass black woman that she's stealing from them?????? honestly how do u get so dumb and so full of urself.... it truly repulses me and its the single thing i hate the most within the gay community. Just to b clear this is coming from a gay man who would rly like for u to open u mind to the other members of our BEAUTIFUL community and actually fight and advocate for their rights, as well as recognize their influence to queer culture..... i also just wanna add that the rapidity at which some queens will jump at women's throat to viciously drag/attack them is often also representative of the misogyny problem within the gay community.................. something! u! can! def! link! to! this! fucking! debacle!!!!!

  • Lee Daniels
    Lee Daniels Year ago

    Omg this is iconic