• Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • NINETY NINE PACE!!! THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED... It's like playing Fifa in fast forward... ~Fifa 19 Squad Builder Showdown on 99 paced FUTTIES Musa #Fifa19 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Musa
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Comments • 317

  • Gjergji Kuqi
    Gjergji Kuqi 16 days ago

    The dirty dobule👀👀👀

  • Elvisp Jr
    Elvisp Jr 22 days ago +2

    22:37 Wow he said we both suck ass this isnt familly friendly pg clean, my 39 year old uncle is now scarred for life......

  • Rae Piste
    Rae Piste 2 months ago

    Please don’t try an Aussie accent again it gave me aids

  • Rahima Begum
    Rahima Begum 2 months ago

    I'm named Musa :P

  • Ronin Crawford
    Ronin Crawford 4 months ago

    I'm a huddersfield fan and I couldn't even think about wearing that in fifa 20 I would have become a liverpool fan lol

  • R1SKY FE4R
    R1SKY FE4R 4 months ago +1

    I thought my phone was glitching but turns out im not the only one who had the screen go black a few times

  • Rickey Barrett
    Rickey Barrett 4 months ago

    The young offenders is way better

  • Jeremiah Gabriel
    Jeremiah Gabriel 5 months ago

    the Huddersfield kit is really horandus

  • Jake Mason
    Jake Mason 5 months ago

    Thought my phone was broken.

  • NotANumber
    NotANumber 5 months ago


  • James Collins
    James Collins 5 months ago +1

    Everton have got angry birds but Norwich have best fiends

  • Kian Clarke
    Kian Clarke 5 months ago

    111xqq. 111111qqqqqqq1qqq11qqq1 Qi. 1 cqqq11 11111111111q111qqqqqqh+

  • FinnTank 2K24
    FinnTank 2K24 5 months ago

    Used to bash musa on FIFA 17 as he was still at Leicester and could build an easy prem squad

  • Ahmed Akmal
    Ahmed Akmal 5 months ago

    song name in 3:00

  • definitely_not_dean_marney_01

    Love Andy's Jay impression

  • Niels
    Niels 5 months ago

    Jack not knowing that the right side needs chem is awful

  • Bastian Andersen
    Bastian Andersen 5 months ago

    ‪what do you think about this.‬
    ‪Switching formation in game, the way it will work is you say at the beginning fx I wanna build my squad in 433 but play 4231, if one the formation is written down you have the 2 options as usual but if you change, the opponents formation no switch in game. I don’t think I will be that big of a deal, wingers is allowed to go to a cam cf or striker role, and can cf and strikers are allowed to be wingers. Rest of the players is just is the same rules as usual‬

  • Kyle Egginton
    Kyle Egginton 5 months ago

    It's actually 3 jars of larger and a pint a Guinness

  • Lynn Norton
    Lynn Norton 5 months ago

    I'm 10 and I watch Inbetweeners

  • Lynn Norton
    Lynn Norton 5 months ago

    Forget Huddersfield think about stevenage

  • Giovanni Attolini
    Giovanni Attolini 5 months ago +1

    Is there someone who wants to play sbsd against me? Just for fun, but I would really love to try to play against someone 😝 if someone answers I'll give my nickname so that we can get in touch

  • JayJay RL
    JayJay RL 5 months ago

    Love the vid and Andy bro

    Are we ready to win the league?😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Reynolds
    Alex Reynolds 5 months ago

    You should have put David Luiz John stones and Emerson as the last three 👌

  • Nils McCallion
    Nils McCallion 5 months ago

    The 50 rated striker is like vik 2.0

  • xDanboiii
    xDanboiii 5 months ago

    The Huddersfield kit is a Tesco bag lol😂

  • Sebastian Bush
    Sebastian Bush 5 months ago

    i’m an aussie and no offence but your accents are terrible

  • oliver_mufc_ 458
    oliver_mufc_ 458 5 months ago +1

    Bring back Lilley the bronze from Brighton

  • gus giblett
    gus giblett 5 months ago

    andy, from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of all your fans down under... never ever do the aussie accent again or we will all unsubscribe! thank you

  • Channel
    Channel 5 months ago +2

    Just a suggestion I think you should make the face cam smaller and game screen bigger 👍

  • Euan McFaralane
    Euan McFaralane 5 months ago

    Still game better than inbeteeeners

  • Jason Wood
    Jason Wood 5 months ago

    I was one of them ashamed Huddersfield fans when that kit came out

  • Vi _XXiV
    Vi _XXiV 5 months ago

    Obvious players not to use 101: Okocha & Ndidi 😂

  • JafPlays
    JafPlays 5 months ago

    Actually Andy u put down ohocha

  • LeonC9704 PS
    LeonC9704 PS 5 months ago +1

    Polvani looks like chandler

  • Waveyy
    Waveyy 5 months ago

    I prefer the gameplay on the ps4 but I hate the controller

  • James Layton
    James Layton 5 months ago +1

    Andy actually gets on my nerves 😂 I fully don’t know why

  • Feranmi Dada
    Feranmi Dada 5 months ago +2

    Who else comes from Nigeria if you do leave a like

    • Adambadboy301
      Adambadboy301 4 months ago +1

      Yes yes yes my BRUDDA 👨🏿‍🦲👍🏿

    • Bare Raps
      Bare Raps 5 months ago

      Feranmi Dada yes my brudda

  • Cameron hughes
    Cameron hughes 5 months ago

    Andys wearing air pods and jacks just wearing earphones

  • Jonny Reed
    Jonny Reed 5 months ago

    How do these shit vids get so many views?

  • Rene Pointon
    Rene Pointon 5 months ago

    The huddersfield kit is a prank retard

  • Yaseen Ahmed
    Yaseen Ahmed 5 months ago

    I thought my phone was broken when the screen turns completely black

  • amid
    amid 5 months ago

    Tye paddy power sash kit is a prank the real kid doesnt have the sponsor showing

  • dylan riedel
    dylan riedel 5 months ago

    Hamdallah and zyiech would have been fun to see

  • Adam Canavan
    Adam Canavan 5 months ago

    What happened the idiots rtg

  • GK De GeaMB
    GK De GeaMB 5 months ago

    That pace though

  • harvey myers
    harvey myers 5 months ago

    Inbetweeners movie ? It’s the episode where they go for a traditional school drink the same episode where will joins the school

  • James Healy
    James Healy 6 months ago +1

    Nice dandruff pal

  • game time
    game time 6 months ago +1

    Brad Jones did play for Liverpool

  • Ajay T
    Ajay T 6 months ago

    Andy put ohocha not okocha

  • Alfie Tatner
    Alfie Tatner 6 months ago

    If he did this with Itani he’d still just build a prem team

  • ttv sixer
    ttv sixer 6 months ago +1

    Umm carvajal isn't on full chem

  • Serious Mince
    Serious Mince 6 months ago +1

    Finnaly not itani

  • Jack Soucy
    Jack Soucy 6 months ago

    i did him then put him right into an sbc

  • Fifa Mr Hell Law
    Fifa Mr Hell Law 6 months ago

    Jack could have used an icon centre back

  • elaine mcginty
    elaine mcginty 6 months ago

    Don’t gamble. Put money on me if you can catch me hehe

  • Rygorg Von Falcon
    Rygorg Von Falcon 6 months ago

    The purpose of Huddersfield kit was to get marketing off of jerseys, not just advertising themselves.

  • Sh00sx
    Sh00sx 6 months ago

    Anyone who hasn’t seen the inbetweeners will be confused

  • Joe Abbotts
    Joe Abbotts 6 months ago

    Andy has watched far too much inbetweeners

  • ZxY
    ZxY 6 months ago

    Get in you did it like I said you should

  • Auo Zernak
    Auo Zernak 6 months ago +1

    When I saw musa I knew it wasn’t gonna be with itani