i tested SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS using food items 3

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • turning cocoa powder into gold, exploding eggs or glow in the dark hard candy. i try these and many other science experiments using food items, i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe for more!
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    Exploding Eggs tinyurl.com/y25ws4nb
    Chocolate Turns To Gold tinyurl.com/y5gdsqe3
    Lightning Life Saver: tinyurl.com/yyvomeol
    Sugar Dome: tinyurl.com/y2yuxfz7
    Water Hack tinyurl.com/y33ba2by
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  • Sabrin Ali
    Sabrin Ali 3 days ago

    Your so funny lol the sugar experiment was the best

  • Llama Drama
    Llama Drama 5 days ago +1

    I love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • aero mousse
    aero mousse 7 days ago +3

    T o u c h t h e b a l l s

  • Haroon Majeed
    Haroon Majeed 19 days ago +9

    I always watch your videos they are so funny and your so into science

  • zarry stylinson
    zarry stylinson 20 days ago +12

    2:04 woowww he's so fookin cute

  • HyperBunny_Gaming
    HyperBunny_Gaming 21 day ago +5

    Who else saw police in the window 11:53 and 12:00

  • HyperBunny_Gaming
    HyperBunny_Gaming 21 day ago +3

    Go else saw police in the background at 11:53 and 12:00

    • Assia Lafrarni
      Assia Lafrarni 19 days ago

      Oh but maybe keep it to yourself.

    • Bdhdh D
      Bdhdh D 19 days ago

      Assia Lafrarni im not being mean i just dont see why thats such a big deal.

    • Assia Lafrarni
      Assia Lafrarni 20 days ago

      Bdhdh D Don't be mean he is just saying that he saw the police

    • Bdhdh D
      Bdhdh D 21 day ago

      HyperBunny_Gaming ok?

  • Kitome
    Kitome 22 days ago +5

    Why did you smash those mints on top of a glass table top? lol

    • Bdhdh D
      Bdhdh D 21 day ago +1

      Well hes like rich so he can buy a new kitchen lol

  • Bigg Topics
    Bigg Topics 23 days ago +5

    The mento does work just have to be in a very very dark area I’ve done it in 5th grade on a camping trip except we crunches on it and it should turn a neon green color

  • Gumba 44
    Gumba 44 25 days ago +6

    Random people at 11:52 :)

  • Dustin Jones
    Dustin Jones 26 days ago +8

    Can we get some silence for his microwave

  • Coco’s Contour
    Coco’s Contour Month ago +4

    Look at the window at 11:53

  • Shrimhead :3 Earth
    Shrimhead :3 Earth Month ago +6

    My mom accidentally did the egg one and she got it everywhere

  • Ahmed Nishad
    Ahmed Nishad Month ago +4

    Place the water under his head
    “ its dangerous “

  • x_demaro games
    x_demaro games Month ago +4

    This guy said his oven is a microwave

    • Sandy Dzifa
      Sandy Dzifa 11 days ago

      I get you because most microwaves don't look like that but it actually is. The oven is under the microwave

  • Thomas Cawley8
    Thomas Cawley8 Month ago +6

    The mint one is real I did it in a camp I went to we bit down really hard in pitch dark and it would glow a greenish color

  • Albina
    Albina Month ago +4

    13:49 Im wheezing😅😅

  • valval X3
    valval X3 Month ago +14


  • Td 100,00 subs
    Td 100,00 subs Month ago +8

    0:34 my mom gave me a warmed hard boiled egg at a hotel I stabbed it with a fork and it when tin my face and all over the hotel wall

  • Kaela Mmm
    Kaela Mmm Month ago +11

    i know for a fact the egg one work because when i was young my mom would tell me and my brother to heat up some boiled eggs while she was at work. so i did that and the egg was too hot then i dropped it. the egg went everywhere and on my face 😩😂.

  • katulinaplayz
    katulinaplayz Month ago +6

    Love this video i laughed whenu herd it blow up lol💖❤

  • littlebugdasuperhero meow

    When it poured on his head 🤣🤣🤣❤️Awww

    Loved this video

  • Ruschance -MC & RB
    Ruschance -MC & RB Month ago +6


  • PleaseStop You'reGurtingMe

    That's eggsellent🤣

  • Tarlee Bee
    Tarlee Bee Month ago +4

    I think the sugar should have being gelatine.. just saying 😁

  • Melissa Forrest
    Melissa Forrest Month ago +5

    have you ever went to college or university?

  • Shahid Shabbir
    Shahid Shabbir Month ago +3

    A new weapon was made by a kid

  • manon van dijk
    manon van dijk Month ago +10

    Egg exploded in microwave
    Raphael: i need to sit down
    A mood.

  • Linda Bradley
    Linda Bradley Month ago +7

    is that real ?

  • Jesse Rodriguez
    Jesse Rodriguez Month ago +5

    Someone was at the gym

  • anime legacy
    anime legacy Month ago +18

    Raphael: 7:29
    Me: God, PLEASE NO

  • Nish Debs
    Nish Debs Month ago +2

    I really laughed at the end..

  • Diana Cole
    Diana Cole Month ago +5

    Gosh just watching you do the exploding egg gave me anxiety!!!

  • Z-DIYS
    Z-DIYS Month ago +5

    It’s brown because you burnt it 😂😂

  • Savage Aaron
    Savage Aaron 2 months ago +25

    Your microwave is bigger than my oven

  • Malia Gossett
    Malia Gossett 2 months ago +9

    4:24 It sounded like the egg farted

  • Swag Ghost
    Swag Ghost 2 months ago +7

    How many times is he going to say like

    • aero mousse
      aero mousse 7 days ago


  • elena ortega
    elena ortega 2 months ago +3

    11 52 hello there

  • idk can't decide
    idk can't decide 2 months ago +4

    I'm in love with himmmm💗💗Am I the single one? Without jokin' he's fuckin' greaaaattttt !!!

  • birdies 4ever
    birdies 4ever 2 months ago +6

    I think you should have mixed the gold pigment more😊

  • tin Blogs
    tin Blogs 2 months ago +3

    yup you look like a cat touching an exploding egg hihihih😅

  • Ur Fav Chinita
    Ur Fav Chinita 2 months ago +7

    i love how you’re asking me if i can see stuff happening like i’m there 👀

  • Rayn and Indy Lauradin
    Rayn and Indy Lauradin 2 months ago +8

    Please make more and no fucking hate gosh

    • jjaym15
      jjaym15 27 days ago

      its the internet.

    • Kpop Things
      Kpop Things Month ago

      uH no need to swear

    • Diamond Dakota
      Diamond Dakota 2 months ago +2

      Rayn and Indy Lauradin hey so swearing mister

  • Iyannah Hampton
    Iyannah Hampton 2 months ago +32

    Why does his microwave look like a whole fucking oven

  • Kennedy's Korner
    Kennedy's Korner 2 months ago +4

    I know this was made in May but I’m almost certain they used warmed corn syrup for the sugar dome.💕

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A 2 months ago +13

    11:59 someone is walking outside ur window

    • WhyDontWe WalkerHollandFan77
      WhyDontWe WalkerHollandFan77 2 months ago +2

      When he is crushing mints people are too so I think his camera is facing the street in front of his house.

  • Sophia Griffin
    Sophia Griffin 2 months ago +5

    This is so funny

  • Wolfy Gamer115
    Wolfy Gamer115 2 months ago +14

    How didn’t the glass break

  • Pakistan Mobile
    Pakistan Mobile 2 months ago +4

    I saw some sparkle (2ndlast try) on left side

  • Ciken Pile
    Ciken Pile 2 months ago +10

    7:29 god please no nooo

  • Daniel Libby
    Daniel Libby 2 months ago +6


    TheXvid: Demonetized

  • Moa Morgenstern
    Moa Morgenstern 2 months ago +4

    I just found your channel through these videos and am now a subscriber. Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪

  • Pink Koala
    Pink Koala 2 months ago +4

    OMG i have exact the same IPad case on my IPad ahhhhhhh TWINS❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳

  • Wellie Trin
    Wellie Trin 2 months ago +6

    you don't have the proper equipment camera for the thing.

  • jackie f
    jackie f 2 months ago +10

    my bro was microwaving eggs and that’s when we knew we can never do that again

  • trying to get 150 subs for no reason challenge

    I can smell hard boiled eggs from my screen... Uhhh

  • LiLo Hlawnchhing
    LiLo Hlawnchhing 2 months ago +4

    💜💜💜💜 i love n support u in all u do

  • Winona Salanguit
    Winona Salanguit 2 months ago +5

    Hahahahaha your anxiety on the eggs was hilariouss

  • Sara Pineda
    Sara Pineda 2 months ago +6

    Scientifical 😂😂😂

  • Matt and Betsy Young
    Matt and Betsy Young 2 months ago +1

    Did you use real gold