Whatever You Land On, You Destroy ft. W2S

  • Published on Aug 8, 2019
  • Bit of a crazy video with Mr W2S...

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Comments • 2 389

  • Callux
    Callux  14 days ago +5859

    who else thought one of us as going to hit the car???

  • Last time I had sex was

    I’m actually relieved by the fact that Harry didn’t smash the xbox

  • Carnage 11
    Carnage 11 4 hours ago

    Doesn’t anyone think that callux looks like Alan walker?

  • Jack Cary
    Jack Cary 6 hours ago

    Should have smashed his pc mate

  • ECArt
    ECArt 6 hours ago

    There is a ton of broke people living without these things so instead of breaking them give them away

  • Mozay Menzelli
    Mozay Menzelli 8 hours ago

    4:47 who else thought he was accidentally gonna smash the range rover in the back 😂

  • Cevuz
    Cevuz 9 hours ago


  • channel squad
    channel squad 10 hours ago +1

    At least you could've given the things away... dislike

  • khan beats
    khan beats 10 hours ago

    A boggle toggle fat person dancing on ice cream in my life and a bit more about that fat person

  • Gtxw1 Gaming
    Gtxw1 Gaming 10 hours ago

    yo I think callux was watching the window mirroring to guess where it is

  • The fresh meme :D
    The fresh meme :D 11 hours ago

    How is the skin cream doing?

  • Sean Aboim
    Sean Aboim 13 hours ago

    Felt so sorry for Harry when his drone got it 😂😂

  • KriSsi
    KriSsi 13 hours ago

    i like how i got an ad on how to invest and get money before the video, suits it very well..

  • Sandy Pipe
    Sandy Pipe 15 hours ago

    10:40 u were looking at the reflection

  • Kamikaze Knock off
    Kamikaze Knock off 15 hours ago

    Who else thought you were looking out the window

  • Swiift Aquaa
    Swiift Aquaa 15 hours ago

    Callux, you forgot to delete your history mate...

  • Sebi
    Sebi 22 hours ago

    Do this with KSI and pick his Beerus chain ☻

  • KD_Kaze
    KD_Kaze 22 hours ago

    4:45 - 4:51 try not to blink
    like if u didnt

  • Charlie Hoskins
    Charlie Hoskins 23 hours ago

    Cal you cheated you were looking in the glass reflection

  • hadji briones
    hadji briones Day ago

    well this waS a depressing video

  • demon killer
    demon killer Day ago

    He was cheating beacuse when he picked the second grand he kept looking at his phone and u can look at the gopro from yr phone

  • Shajaodbznalsnbs

    Callux is actually annoying as fuck

  • Fraser Lawson
    Fraser Lawson Day ago

    Why can’t Callux do a video without one of the sidemen🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • wnar x
    wnar x Day ago

    Lands on girlfriend

  • - Hex -
    - Hex - Day ago

    i literally can't afford anything here, kinda pissed off

  • Yung Mo
    Yung Mo Day ago

    Harry owes u £2000

  • djemiran
    djemiran Day ago

    this game would be even better if you guys swap around and then you have to pick a place and hope you don’t have to break your own stuff 😂

  • xhuli
    xhuli Day ago +3

    I think Harry doesn't upload because he is to busy because his is trying to be on his friends video
    1 like = 1 pray for Harry to upload videos on his vids

  • Teh MLG Mariusz/Mushroom

    if harrys diament plaque was destroyed, Harry would make a petition that has to be signed by the fans to get a new diamond plaque. Like if you would sign the petition.

  • Cockney Spence
    Cockney Spence Day ago

    There poor people who'd use all this, life is not fair

  • Carlos Areces
    Carlos Areces Day ago

    This is fake or your are fucking stupid

  • Danny Goldsmith
    Danny Goldsmith Day ago

    we know why harrys not recordin now

  • Danni Rasmussen
    Danni Rasmussen Day ago

    OMG !!!!!

  • MainZ EU
    MainZ EU Day ago +1

    Harry’s kamehamehah was so perfect with the slow motion voice crack

  • zack chennouf
    zack chennouf Day ago

    Dude that's just wasteful you should know better Callux...

  • Jeremi Östring
    Jeremi Östring Day ago

    callux you're a prick smh

  • TB Tesley
    TB Tesley 2 days ago

    Is this too far

  • The Heliosss
    The Heliosss 2 days ago

    Uno switch

  • Maximilien Lecomte
    Maximilien Lecomte 2 days ago

    At 4:55 , am I the only one that's scared that Harry is gonna hit his car

  • Derp Theclutcher
    Derp Theclutcher 2 days ago

    Ur a bully

  • red albert
    red albert 2 days ago

    You could give the things away to fans instead of breaking them

  • HD_Clan ____
    HD_Clan ____ 2 days ago

    I actually feel bad for harry

  • User 52738
    User 52738 2 days ago +10

    Who noticed Callux looking in the window to see the reflection of Harry’s stuff to guess the correct answer?

  • XIX alphaprime
    XIX alphaprime 2 days ago +1

    bit harsh

  • Elchapo
    Elchapo 2 days ago +1


    • Elchapo
      Elchapo 2 days ago

      wnnalis cioov , ahahah exactly

  • Keatz
    Keatz 2 days ago

    Callux made the game and came off worse 😂😂

  • KX Spiked energy drink
    KX Spiked energy drink 2 days ago +1

    When the laptop was being destroyed I got an ad for a laptop. Wow

  • Willow Hemmings
    Willow Hemmings 2 days ago +1

    The whole time I was like. Don’t hit the car. Pls. Don’t hit the car

  • Harry Newell
    Harry Newell 2 days ago

    Posh battleships

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom 3 days ago

    Harry might have to upload to pay for replacements

  • suhaib baig
    suhaib baig 3 days ago +2

    This is what harry is up to instead of uploading 😂

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 2 days ago

      qualified to give us eternal life. also heal their bodies.

  • Vmike The king
    Vmike The king 3 days ago

    I was bored and depressed that my xbox broke at the beginning of the summer, and they are breakiing one purely for content, love that

  • Sam Mc
    Sam Mc 3 days ago

    Callux why do u always put bigger channel names in your titles? Can’t u do things on your own without other ppl

    • Sam Mc
      Sam Mc 2 days ago

      Ptao Tom wdym

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom 3 days ago

      Used the window for reflection

  • E Player
    E Player 3 days ago

    Poor Harry

  • JrachGaming
    JrachGaming 3 days ago

    Big respect to the 2,9 thousand dislikes

  • xXLucasvlogsXx xXLucasvlogsXx

    Harry should have got his bed

  • carping 4 surrey
    carping 4 surrey 3 days ago

    This ain’t even fun to watch ur just smashing shit ?

  • Eds
    Eds 3 days ago

    00:56 - 01:00 Harry’s reaction when the sponsor bailed

    • Cassie
      Cassie 3 days ago

      What a waste.

  • The Gaming Knight
    The Gaming Knight 3 days ago

    This is one of the most disgusting videos I’ve ever seen

    • Cassie
      Cassie 3 days ago

      Tell him to upload

  • DGA 08
    DGA 08 3 days ago +120

    Did everyone watch because Harry was there on the thumb nail 🤣😂

  • John Segura
    John Segura 3 days ago +113

    Callux thinks he slick he was looking through the window reflection 💀💀 10:40

    • Thunderbird0253
      Thunderbird0253 2 days ago +1

      He just Saïd c 5 but the drone was already in c5

    • TrueYJ
      TrueYJ 2 days ago

      He missed completely

  • videos deleted
    videos deleted 3 days ago +10

    Callux started cheating by looking at the window so he could get Harry’s mirror but failed 😂😂😂

  • o0s4eed0o
    o0s4eed0o 3 days ago

    guess thats how you were born huh?

  • CG C
    CG C 3 days ago +4

    Just imagine after the video Harry just throws the xbox out of the window

  • Julius Madrow
    Julius Madrow 3 days ago

    💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸 ♥♥♥♥🌸🌸🌸💗😄😄😄😄💸💸💸💗💗 😄😄😄😄💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸 *Jesus Christ is the only true God!*
    *The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.*
    *Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.*
    *also heal their bodies.*

  • Wolfie 94
    Wolfie 94 4 days ago

    This is what true friendship looks like

  • Clashevv
    Clashevv 4 days ago

    You have a really good friend callux

  • Yekzu
    Yekzu 4 days ago

    Used the window for reflection

    PAQI POOL 4 days ago

    Harry might have to upload to pay for replacements

  • Zuxtqh
    Zuxtqh 4 days ago

    Congrats on 3mil 👍🎉🎊

  • BlackRoseDawn 823
    BlackRoseDawn 823 4 days ago

    How are they still friends after this?

  • ellen clifford
    ellen clifford 4 days ago

    Jeez, wat a waste.

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 4 days ago +1

    Tell him to upload

  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 days ago

    What a waste.

  • Harley HD
    Harley HD 4 days ago

    Callux is cheating becuase the tv is on a slant so it’s reflects onto his board

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 4 days ago

      Yo 😂 harry bonk gang ur xbox I'm sleep☠☠