How SpaceX and Boeing will get Astronauts to the ISS

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
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    We’re at a really exciting time where the number of crewed vehicles going to the international space station will go from just one to three!. The Soyuz’s 8 year monopoly for getting humans to the ISS is coming to an end.
    So today we’re going to take a deep dive on the two new spaceships that will be responsible for taking humans to and from the International Space Station from the United States. We’ll compare the Boeing Starliner riding an Atlas V rocket to SpaceX’s Crew Dragon on their Falcon 9 Rocket.
    And to see how we’ve progressed in the world of human spaceflight, we’ll also compare all these systems along side Russia’s Soyuz capsule and the United State’s retired Space Shuttle in a side by side comparison.
    We’ll look at the designs, the rockets they’ll ride, dimensions, cost, safety considerations, and any other unique features that each vehicle offers.
    Considering I’ve been up close and personal with SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Capsule, and Boeing’s Starliner, I’ve got some good insight on some of these vehicles.
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  • G Beck
    G Beck 21 hour ago

    do you have

  • Funny Itworkedlasttime

    Well for starters one leaks hydrazine fuel out of its abort motors, the other explodes when it’s abort motors are readied for test firing. Both are definitely coming up short in that department.

  • jah a man will not sit on David's throne

    You bring a whole new meaning to the book in the Bible called "ACTS"

  • Gloucon X
    Gloucon X 3 days ago

    Human spaceflight since Apollo has been a complete waste. All we have learned is that the human body begins to deteriorate rapidly after about a year, which means colonization of space independent of the Earth is impossible.

  • Javier Vazquez
    Javier Vazquez 3 days ago

    Atlas V with that 100% reliability 🤘🏻

  • Bryden MacPhail
    Bryden MacPhail 4 days ago

    if you count partial failures the shuttle is by far the most dangerous

    LMLMD 4 days ago +1

    Soyuz. Because over 1,000 launches. It's had more diagnostics done than anything flying. Every single component has been tried and tested again and again and again. It's a known quantity, and when you are putting people into orbit, it's reliability and predictability that matters. It doesn't need to be sexy or dramatic, because it's only shuttling back and forth to the ISS. For longer missions, the Starliner CST.

  • david k
    david k 5 days ago

    is it because it blew up

  • Heo Quay
    Heo Quay 6 days ago

    Great Video mate, Good job.

  • Andy Cox
    Andy Cox 7 days ago +2

    Where did you get the information about the Centaur upper stage having two flight computers? Shouldn't flight-critical components have at least triple redundancy? Otherwise you can't tell which flight computer is producing correct information until a human intervenes. Or do the flight computers themselves already have this redundancy?


    24:26 are these sizes to scale? If so, than, THE SPACE SHUTTLE’S SRB’s ARE MASSIVE!

  • SkyLeviathan96
    SkyLeviathan96 9 days ago

    I'm telling you they should have called the dragon the millennium.

  • Pratham Patel
    Pratham Patel 10 days ago

    Wouldn’t the zip line still hurt the crew members in the case of an explosion due to the loud noise.

  • James Borgan
    James Borgan 10 days ago

    No talk of Orion?

  • suckmyvenom
    suckmyvenom 11 days ago

    Russia it has been fun but it's time for us to move on, nothing personal!

  • Allen Lichner
    Allen Lichner 11 days ago

    The world must keep Israel from going into space.

  • Allen Lichner
    Allen Lichner 11 days ago


  • Gadesht Mounigama
    Gadesht Mounigama 12 days ago

    Iss is I a joke. Astronauts, wasted on minutia. 50 plus years "studying" the effects of space on man and staring at Earth. It has not contributed a drop in the ocean on bettering humankinds condition on Earth. Where's the money really going?

  • Albert Lebel
    Albert Lebel 12 days ago

    Fantastic video. I would be interested to know why the return vehicle can only be used ten times or so. Is it due to so much damage per flight, or what wears out ?,etc. Why not just replace the certain parts and keep reusing it ?. Again, I'm just curious. The shuttle was used many many times

    RHIANN GACUSAN 12 days ago

    space shuttle is truly awesome! space x and boeing is not even close. now nasa must be doing their math.

  • Ray Sater
    Ray Sater 12 days ago

    If this is the best tehc they have since the moon landing then I am sure they never went to the moon.

  • 69JayBee
    69JayBee 13 days ago

    So impressed with your information regarding the new age of spacecraft development. All in one place, and alot to take in but explained for the layperson. Thank you and im a new subscriber.

  • renato botteon
    renato botteon 13 days ago

    I understand why they have chosen to go with the splashdown instead of the fully Superdraco landing for the Dragon 2, but I can't get why they have completely excluded the landing on the ground using parachutes and the Superdraco only for the soft landing. Soyuz have used this system for ages.

  • dar leb
    dar leb 13 days ago

    33 launches to put the ISS together? the most amazing feat of man kind, and not one real time video of this super doper feat assembly, only cartoons, so whats up with that? NASA such liars

  • steflamb33
    steflamb33 13 days ago

    Awesome and entertaining presentation ...thumbs up ...keep it going !

  • Ed Lee
    Ed Lee 13 days ago

    Space-X is Avant Garde, Boeing is Modern Conservative and Soyuz belongs to yesterday.

  • Florence Summers
    Florence Summers 14 days ago

    Still can't launch crew, can you?

  • Reality NotFiction
    Reality NotFiction 14 days ago +1

    Great videos. What does NAZA do with 56 Million dollar a day budget? I mean Russia sends them to space? 56 Million a day budget, what do they do with all the money? What do they have to show us, tax payers? Thank you.

    • Ambient Morality
      Ambient Morality 14 days ago

      NASA does far, far more than human spaceflight. Operating more rovers and probes than every other country combined, for example.

  • Big Hammer
    Big Hammer 14 days ago

    To be honestly I thought you're Wil Wheaton

  • misterfjf
    misterfjf 14 days ago

    that title is a good joke dude.

  • Official Copycat
    Official Copycat 14 days ago

    Confused How SpaceX putting a Everyday Astronaut sticker at their laptop....

  • George Mancuso
    George Mancuso 16 days ago

    Great video, how long did it take to produce?

  • Jet Piston
    Jet Piston 16 days ago

    Asterisk. Not asterick.

  • Manuel Gómez de Membrillera Pérez

    Boeing or Space X?

  • Tom Raymond
    Tom Raymond 18 days ago

    Such a shame NASA never made Space Shuttle 2.0, with the greatest repsect all the new systems look like somthing from the 1960's... But then there is reaction engines here in the UK maybe they are the future? Great video btw, very much enjoyed. Please keep them comming.

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 18 days ago

    Rapid unscheduled disassembly

  • Ken Reilly
    Ken Reilly 18 days ago +1

    I love the names Space X comes up for their rockets, recovery ships, components etc....

  • snurk agurk
    snurk agurk 18 days ago

    Dexter isnt an arm, its a tool the canadaarm uses, you probably mean kibo’s arm

  • Gaming Ocelot
    Gaming Ocelot 18 days ago

    Why did the crew dragon 2 dich fairings?

  • Alex Hawke
    Alex Hawke 19 days ago

    where can I get those mars and earth glass balls that are behind you?

  • Hemayet Hasan
    Hemayet Hasan 20 days ago

    dragon & starliner should have factor of safety 8.Otherwise it may explode.

  • Purple
    Purple 21 day ago

    But they all get the job done

  • snurk agurk
    snurk agurk 22 days ago

    Why dosen’t the dragon touchdown on land, that would allow them to reuse them for crew

    • snurk agurk
      snurk agurk 21 day ago

      Wojtek Sykurski nonono, Im talking about landing with parachutes on land

    • Wojtek Sykurski
      Wojtek Sykurski 21 day ago

      NASA didn't approve using Super Dracos enginess for touchdown breaking.

  • dogevadergaming
    dogevadergaming 22 days ago

    I remembered that the united luanch allience proposed the dream chaser but its been some time since we heard of the dream chaser. I wonder what happened to it and i don't know if it got cancled or still being built.

    • Wojtek Sykurski
      Wojtek Sykurski 21 day ago

      It was Sierra Nevada and they won several flights for cargo transport to ISS. They will use unmaned version of dream chaser. Sierra regualry posts info about work progress on Dream Chaser + they still work on maned version.

  • madelaine kaiser
    madelaine kaiser 22 days ago +2

    Great job, Tim Dodd. Just discovered your videos today and have already enjoyed watching two of them. Keep 'em coming!

  • Mack Dlite
    Mack Dlite 24 days ago

    Ha, "rut" cause is 100 percent Iowa accent.

  • Linknoir
    Linknoir 24 days ago +3

    A "Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly!!" Wow!!

    • Haph
      Haph 24 days ago

      Hmm, a common sight in Kerbal Space Program, quite an amazing game. I would love to see these new rockets in that game.

  • Vasiliy Nechepurenko
    Vasiliy Nechepurenko 24 days ago +1

    Eh, it's kind of sad that nobody is even looking at perfecting Space Shuttle concept. Soviet Buran was already a much more refined spacecraft with safety being taken care off and that was 30 years ago...What are they going to build the new station with?

    • Vasiliy Nechepurenko
      Vasiliy Nechepurenko 21 day ago +1

      +Wojtek Sykurski oh well, a working VASMIR would solve so many things, lets hope we see one working one day.

    • Wojtek Sykurski
      Wojtek Sykurski 21 day ago

      +Vasiliy Nechepurenko the best thing would be a "cycler" with VASMIR engine - ser it on LEO for maintanence + 0g work, set it in unmaned mode to LMO, then send the crew by Orion/Dragon/Federation (faster trip for Van Allen radiatio exposure). Or - add heavy shielding + suplies and send it with crew to Mars.

    • Vasiliy Nechepurenko
      Vasiliy Nechepurenko 21 day ago

      +Wojtek Sykurski yeah, I think you are right, Falcon Heavy already as a concept looks like Energia 2 (they, had a bigger rocket called Vulcan with reusability in plans). Although a crew ship with built-in modification for the crew to go into open space and something like the ISS's canarm would help.

    • Wojtek Sykurski
      Wojtek Sykurski 21 day ago

      +Vasiliy Nechepurenko Mayby this would be sollution:
      - launch components to LEO/LMO on heavy lift rockets (FH, Energia, DH)
      - perform auto docking on most of modules
      - send humans to perform final tasks on Soyuz/Dragon/Orion/DC

    • Vasiliy Nechepurenko
      Vasiliy Nechepurenko 21 day ago

      +Wojtek Sykurski well its not going to cut it. To build something in space (and fix it when something goes wrong) you need a big cargo compartment like Shuttle and Buran had. Dream Chaser is based on American HL-20 and Soviet Bor-4 experimental designs that were used in development programs of Shuttle and Buran respectively.

  • Ron Eggler
    Ron Eggler 24 days ago +1

    Amazing, what's coming, eh?! Awesome! Thanks for covering!

  • Benson Li
    Benson Li 26 days ago

    Just looking for Matt Lowne in the comments

  • Philip Whitehouse
    Philip Whitehouse 26 days ago

    It kinda sucks that the Dragon won't land on land. Propulsively landing back at a space centre would be awesome.

  • declan starr
    declan starr 26 days ago +1

    You explain thing really well and in a fun way, thank you for your hard work! :)

  • Galaxy Guy
    Galaxy Guy 26 days ago +1

    Tim I got a question for you.
    Why is the countdown for rocket launches a counted a t- 10 seconds.

    • Cyanide 142
      Cyanide 142 13 days ago

      +Ambient Morality oh well I'm no expert, just what I thought happened

    • Ambient Morality
      Ambient Morality 14 days ago

      +Cyanide 142 Rocket engines do not take 10 seconds to ignite. That's slower than any modern engine, at any rate.

    • Cyanide 142
      Cyanide 142 23 days ago

      +Galaxy Guy no problem

    • Galaxy Guy
      Galaxy Guy 23 days ago +1

      +Cyanide 142 That's the answer which I was looking for. Thank you buddy 😊.

    • Cyanide 142
      Cyanide 142 23 days ago +1

      +Galaxy Guy time going down (minus) until launched time

  • Corey Lane
    Corey Lane 27 days ago +1

    Tim, you are my inspiration. i want to be just like you when i grow up

  • Elgoog
    Elgoog 27 days ago

    As always great video! But... about the cost of a Shuttle seat... As per NASA, a Shuttle launch is about $450m. So even without subtracting payload cost, a seat would be about $64m.

    • Everyday Astronaut
      Everyday Astronaut  27 days ago

      There’s many many different quotes on the launch cost. When you consider the program cost at whole, it boils down to 196 billion (program cost) divided by 135 launches = 1.4 billion per launch

  • Tim Ullrich
    Tim Ullrich 27 days ago +1

    I just stumbled across this. I had no idea. This new era is is incredible and frankly i am completely baffled.

  • Haliff Roslan
    Haliff Roslan 27 days ago

    i would want to reuse the capsule for personal purposes after it completed its 10 cycles in space travel, thank you

  • Rich Buddy
    Rich Buddy 27 days ago +2

    8 year monopoly due to Obama's 8 year presidency. He will forever be remembered as the Man who klled NASA. HERE IS A LINK TO PROVE EVERYTHING WAS CANCELLED FROM 2008 ON WHEN HE WAS PRESIDENT.

    • Two Eye
      Two Eye 27 days ago +1

      Actually the shuttle program was cancelled by George Bush. Besides cancelling the shuttle program was a really good call, focusing on private companies was a great way to make Spacex excel.

  • Grant Comber
    Grant Comber 28 days ago +1

    Elon Musk is today what Christmas Columbus was in the past- explorer, but as Henry Ford he seeks to build cheaper rockets like Henry Fords Model T cars. Elon has three key ingredients
    vision, passion, and entrepreneurship-ROCKET MAN!

  • Cawfee Catt
    Cawfee Catt 28 days ago

    nice heterochromia

  • Julian Crooks
    Julian Crooks Month ago +1

    Maybe we need to build modules for China so we can hitchhike with them to ISS

  • Beatz heelz
    Beatz heelz Month ago

    @Everyday Astronaut So now what? Dragon blew up ;( Spacex have more Dragon's (You were talking about 5 pieces?) so this probably will delay the next crew mission I guess? And does Boeing profit of this set back? Bummer!

  • Yves Rince
    Yves Rince Month ago

    Best video for a long time 👍👍👍

  • Wemdiculous
    Wemdiculous Month ago

    1 crude vehicle to 3 crewed vehicles does sound pretty sweet.

    EDGE DUTCH Month ago

    those rockets look standard af

  • sshironodeath toresu

    dont know why i had to come back here. this is such a well made video :)

  • 黄前麗奈
    黄前麗奈 Month ago +1

    Rus solo carried the ISS for decades... Now it's time for later players in the game!

  • Qiuyuan Chen
    Qiuyuan Chen Month ago

    Well, least get it off the ground first.

  • Kaltenstein Müller

    well, the spaceshuttle had 5 orbit capable versions, of which 2 failed... so 40% of the launchers where failiurs...

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore Month ago

      Techically they had 6
      Enterprise was never space worthy unlike discovery colombia atlantis challenger and endeavour

  • Edgar Alvarado
    Edgar Alvarado Month ago

    Great Job Tim!!

  • ANAK Creates
    ANAK Creates Month ago

    Great video!! Always love your content!!

  • ANAK Creates
    ANAK Creates Month ago

    Great video!! Always love your content!!

  • Pete Sheppard
    Pete Sheppard Month ago

    Wow! Atlas and Centaur!! I remember those from my childhood as a space-crazy kid in the '60s.
    The mention that this would be the first time Atlas carried humans since MA-7 brought a nostalgic tear to my eye.

  • HUFORIC - UFO Investigations Center

    Falcon Heavy actually launched the CLOVERFIELD Satellite!!

  • Max Krumholz
    Max Krumholz Month ago

    Soyz last almost killed crew....russian junk from P7 (Idea by German bot Korolov)

  • cruz0e
    cruz0e Month ago

    The shuttle launched from kerbal space center?:D

  • Will Young
    Will Young Month ago


  • Will Young
    Will Young Month ago

    I Belve that spaces and boing.

  • Anthony Austin
    Anthony Austin Month ago

    Now if you could take NASA, Boeing, SpaceX. And combine them into NBSX, we will have the ultimate Space platform that the world would have seen.

  • Christopher
    Christopher Month ago

    Please make a video about satellite orbit types, because Im confused what, where and the different of all the orbit. Please:)

  • M.A. M.R.
    M.A. M.R. Month ago

    Russians have left the chat.....

  • Gab LP
    Gab LP Month ago

    Just wanted to comment on this video today to say you make by far the best space content, the second Falcon Heavy launch today was to bad, although keep up the great work. Love the content.

  • kirtil5
    kirtil5 Month ago

    basically boeing is cheap and redundant and spacex is luxury

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    Jetcowboy Marc Month ago

    Great Video

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    Fire And Rescue Team.... Why no acronyms all of a sudden?

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    All a lie

  • Nicholas Singer
    Nicholas Singer Month ago

    How would the parachute work in space if there’s no air

    • Sebastian Nolte
      Sebastian Nolte Month ago

      It doesn't, but it doesn't need to. It is not opened "in space".

  • Luigi R. Bedin
    Luigi R. Bedin Month ago +2

    would be good to have the comparison of STARLINER and CREW DRAGON in the same scale with ORION, instead of SOYUZ and SPACE SHUTTLE, much more interesting

  • EpicPro1
    EpicPro1 Month ago +5

    I feel like the starliner landing would be a **bit** bumpy

  • EpicPro1
    EpicPro1 Month ago +1

    Would you rather jump into starliner or dragon 2 for a launch?

    • EpicPro1
      EpicPro1 Month ago

      Cyanide 142 also the starliner is as you said cramped, which is another upside for the dragon. Anyway they are both awesome but I like the dragon more but that is an opinion.

    • EpicPro1
      EpicPro1 Month ago +1

      Cyanide 142 true true

    • Cyanide 142
      Cyanide 142 Month ago

      +EpicPro1 interior is nice but cramped, and the landing cool to watch but I fear someone could get hurt in a rough landing

    • EpicPro1
      EpicPro1 Month ago

      Cyanide 142 I also like the interior. But the starliner landing design is what I prefer, even if the landing is a **bit** bumpy

    • EpicPro1
      EpicPro1 Month ago

      Cyanide 142 Yeah I got that

  • EpicPro1
    EpicPro1 Month ago +1

    Amazing vid Tim!!! I learn so much from these!

  • RearViewLife
    RearViewLife Month ago

    soyuz may die off here...
    do you think when space's population expands that it'll return to its current status as the go-to?
    it still looks like the most simplified. and every degree of difficulty adds a hundreds more possible flaws.
    is rocket reuseability more important than transportation?
    all we really gotta do is put people there.
    boeing did sooooo much but took soooo long just to produce this. at taxpayer expense.
    soyuz was like "i'm a tin can, let's go already." and super reliable. js

  • RearViewLife
    RearViewLife Month ago

    you make great content. you began hard with "considering that i actually sat in them, check out what i have to say." and then completely smashed with data and video editing. very nice! in the past the right people wouldn't be in their right places, but in this new age each of us can actually follow what we love. you're in your right place and it shines.

  • A Fuller
    A Fuller Month ago

    Waste of money,, clean up our polluted oceans. NASA is testing a rain making device in India, this is money well spent, fix our problems.

  • Chuck in Texas
    Chuck in Texas Month ago

    Tim - BEAUTIFUL work, bud ! ALL the VERY BEST to you and yours, from Texas - Chuck.

    Mr MUNYANG Month ago

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    Paul Freedman Month ago

    The space shuttle came from an era where people working in the space industry thought BIG and seemed to have way more innovation and creativity than later on (during the shuttle era). Only since Musk started the race again, have there been truly wonderful innovations and brilliance in engineering again. The shuttle was the 70's pinnacle of the early lessons learned, and it was again proof of American resilience and teamwork, like the apollo project was in the 60s. I don't think anything as elegant and capable as the shuttle will be around for some time to come.

  • Hannes Gustafsson
    Hannes Gustafsson 2 months ago +1

    May I ask where you bought those rocket models that you have in the background?

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    Martin Torrez 2 months ago

    I learned more from this video than the knowledge I obtained in 58 years. I guess I never took the time to really study, with this video the "Study " part is explained very well!