Let's Play DC Universe Online Part 1 - We're a villain guys!

  • Published on Jun 29, 2012
  • In which we begin a criminal career, in a game which I actually think has a very good set up in the MMO Market. I have way more knowledge of this game, and will show my higher level character (though not max level) later. This won't be a whole playthrough of an MMO! Think instead like another review at the end after I upload a few hours of footage showcasing what's in it, planning on trying something new with some reviews!
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  • ToastedTurtle
    ToastedTurtle Year ago


  • RagingBob77
    RagingBob77 2 years ago +1

    way better than pewdiepie

    • RagingBob77
      RagingBob77 2 years ago

      bye the way i suck at spelling

  • Dev_Eclipse
    Dev_Eclipse 2 years ago +2

    7:18 Thank me later

  • despicabledoge
    despicabledoge 2 years ago

    Because it is

  • Juan Macias
    Juan Macias 3 years ago

    why does this game so long to download

  • Silver rapid
    Silver rapid 3 years ago

    do super speed

  • Mr Axe
    Mr Axe 3 years ago

    I lost the will to live watching this ! It could of been done in half the time and with less messing about.

  • Jennifer Johnson
    Jennifer Johnson 3 years ago +1

    dud stop talking for once.

  • Mua Thime
    Mua Thime 3 years ago

    electricity if grr I hate you

  • Zenx Kurupt
    Zenx Kurupt 3 years ago

    Took me 3 days because I deleted the Update file when it was a 80%

  • parasite g
    parasite g 4 years ago

    He looks cool and he does look like ermac from mortal kombat

  • Matty Harris
    Matty Harris 4 years ago

    your villain looks like ermac from mortal kombat

    GEOFF MONAHAN 4 years ago +1

    6-9 hours ain't bad try 48 hours ..

  • CallMeRaxy
    CallMeRaxy 4 years ago

    Lol I'm jp

  • CallMeRaxy
    CallMeRaxy 4 years ago

    Fuck u hero DA best

  • Chegorach
    Chegorach 4 years ago +1

    more like DLC universe online

  • Jean Filps Gamer
    Jean Filps Gamer 4 years ago

    vai toma no cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Luki H
    Luki H 4 years ago

    It takes 6 to 9 HR to dowload

  • Happycreeper06 Gaming
    Happycreeper06 Gaming 4 years ago

    wow im sure the name is not good

  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 4 years ago

    how do you go to a pvp event

    • Tyler Croteau
      Tyler Croteau 4 years ago

      Depending on your system you go to your on duty tab, if your on PC then press y then enjoy I'm not to sure about PS3-4 but that's were you go

  • Bordo The Schemester
    Bordo The Schemester 4 years ago

    I have literally created my own hero with his own backstory occupation powers and badass name

    • Chris Pilcher
      Chris Pilcher Year ago

      Enclave Commander NO.3-117 who is your hero

  • Jake Rickert
    Jake Rickert 4 years ago

    You breathe very heavily

  • Dashaun Austin
    Dashaun Austin 4 years ago

    Please subscribe to ZNAK! Its a good and upcoming channel

  • chancelable
    chancelable 4 years ago


  • Eduardo Ramos Aldarondo
    Eduardo Ramos Aldarondo 5 years ago +1

    I agreed

  • Happy Ant
    Happy Ant 5 years ago +1

    Кто русский))?

  • Isiaih Barone
    Isiaih Barone 5 years ago

    green arrow always dies in injustice he died

  • Keenan Mack
    Keenan Mack 5 years ago

    Nice video

  • rabii simou
    rabii simou 5 years ago


  • .
    . 6 years ago

    Not trying to be mean but I thought your character looked incredibly stupid

  • Swavey Paths
    Swavey Paths 6 years ago

    Want to know how to make your videos widescreen? if you are using Windows Movie Maker go to Project and on the far right click Widescreen.
    Your welcome

  • AtremiousLetsPlay
    AtremiousLetsPlay  6 years ago

    Mark Hammel is yes

  • kieran romani
    kieran romani 6 years ago

    is mark camil the joker

  • akatanikitaras
    akatanikitaras 6 years ago

    I've downloaded the launcher, but every time i open it, it downloads some files for a minute and then closes automatically...
    Also i can't uninstall the game neither repair the launcher...
    Any help please?

  • Pyro Vegas
    Pyro Vegas 6 years ago


  • Pyro Vegas
    Pyro Vegas 6 years ago

    PSN: IMPART2 #teamvillian #VILLIANS

  • DaDeadPlayer
    DaDeadPlayer 6 years ago


  • Victor Gonzalez
    Victor Gonzalez 6 years ago

    Im downloading it now :(

  • crash64123
    crash64123 6 years ago

    looool same here

  • Fruity Rooty
    Fruity Rooty 6 years ago

    i download this game on my ps3 and it took soooooooiiii long

  • luke ohara
    luke ohara 6 years ago

    Yes maybe they noticed it but cba to change it. Its a minority to the game.

  • avril sweeney
    avril sweeney 6 years ago

    i have this game and it is epic if u lke games with powers and big maps downlod it

  • Dawn Gray
    Dawn Gray 6 years ago

    ok go to the part were superman sais u dont deserve to live ok now he stuck his hand in lex's chest ok. listen carefully cuz this reqires focus ok when lex came with the crypto spear there was no whole in lex's chest when the superman stuck his hand in it like this post if you seen that/ noticed that

  • Kyilan Alexander
    Kyilan Alexander 6 years ago

    they should make this CGI a show, that would be something i would watch.

  • SpikeGamesLG
    SpikeGamesLG 6 years ago

    your like breathing alot on the video gust saying

  • SpikeGamesLG
    SpikeGamesLG 6 years ago

    good audio

  • AtremiousLetsPlay
    AtremiousLetsPlay  6 years ago

    Yes. Yes it is.

  • evilsanta8585
    evilsanta8585 6 years ago

    is this free game??

  • AtremiousLetsPlay
    AtremiousLetsPlay  7 years ago

    See, that'd be the smart thing to do! Going ahead and getting some kind of a timer, even the cellphone I have at all times. But... then again I'm not all that organized. I suppose I will, though.

  • TheAlphaMinion
    TheAlphaMinion 7 years ago

    lol maybe get a timer? ps lotsa mmo stoof

  • AtremiousLetsPlay
    AtremiousLetsPlay  7 years ago

    Whenever something like a milestone hits, or certain holidays maybe. Whenever I feel like it!

  • lll
    lll 7 years ago

    nice video!
    when r the giveaways comin?