Everything Wrong With Mad Max: Fury Road

  • Published on Oct 8, 2015
  • This movie blew our minds. We loved it. It still has sins, dammit. And we're still duty-bound to list them for you.
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  • Tom
    Tom Day ago

    Bro look at the timer

  • Sander Nielsen
    Sander Nielsen Day ago

    In what reality does a punsch to the stomach knock someone unconcious ?

    GODOFAWSOMENESS1 2 days ago

    I always heard that this movie was shit but it actually looks pretty good.

    • minnie and my
      minnie and my Day ago

      Where did you heard it was shit? Its called 1 of the best movies ever

  • Elizabeth Archer
    Elizabeth Archer 2 days ago

    I love that song!! It's no punishment

  • BillyTrex 2017
    BillyTrex 2017 4 days ago

    7:48 same reaction...wtf

  • Sue Allen
    Sue Allen 4 days ago

    6:21 "Schlange" means snake in German

  • j lll
    j lll 5 days ago

    I liked the movie, was the best mad max out all of them , seems like this guy doesn't like any movies

  • Tim McCarthy
    Tim McCarthy 5 days ago

    wait...max has 4,200 hairs on his head..and there should have been 38 more! I mean right?

  • Tim McCarthy
    Tim McCarthy 5 days ago

    just trying to show how clever you are, or how clever you think you are?

  • BakenBaconGaming
    BakenBaconGaming 6 days ago

    “Summer blockbuster or Tool video” lol you got me there man that’s pretty funny

  • reid rob
    reid rob 6 days ago

    I’m sorry but the one about the semi running out of fuel was really dumb. It’s a fucking gas truck, why question where they get the gas?

    • reid rob
      reid rob 6 days ago

      Same with the lookout one, she was a trap not a lookout

  • Im_not_Sully 8
    Im_not_Sully 8 7 days ago

    Not to mention when Splendid casually grabs the exhaust pipes. Not like those aren’t super hot or anything

  • marten veersoo
    marten veersoo 7 days ago

    4:12 wasn't actually cgi btw. I know they're joking but still.

  • Shadow Deslar
    Shadow Deslar 9 days ago

    I’m drunk
    Do a sins on the 100
    S1 EP10

  • Gaming Mortal
    Gaming Mortal 10 days ago

    I call bullshit on this sin thing. The movie was amazing

  • Stormthorn67
    Stormthorn67 11 days ago

    I want bobsvids to Sin this video so bad.

  • True Blue Films Australia

    nothing wrong with Mad Max Fury road it's blasphemy to say so

  • concept of schelz
    concept of schelz 13 days ago

    They have oil in a world without oil.....

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott 14 days ago

    Can we please stop masturbating to the guitar guy? We. Fucking. Get. It.
    Sin added back because people keep losing their minds over the damn guitar guy. Bite me.

  • Cash 1
    Cash 1 14 days ago

    When he went to go hook the pod back to the truck he was carrying the bag of weapons so he didn’t leave him in the car with the girls.
    You also said a lot of gunfire at this mostly if you’re caring big Greg Even though it was curing water the only real thing with fuel was the pod

  • big guy
    big guy 19 days ago

    Your channel's existence should be the first sin in every video.

  • Marz
    Marz 20 days ago

    There should of just been 1 thing and that thing would be that it ended

  • Vince Wilson
    Vince Wilson 20 days ago +1

    This movie was shockingly good, and there wasn't really a part I didn't like

  • Fucked Gplus
    Fucked Gplus 20 days ago

    Cyst ???? Its not a cyst.... Its cancer.... It says it

  • Yves Aquino
    Yves Aquino 20 days ago

    Best anti-Cinemasins video response: thexvid.com/video/4ti3chBx2Pc/video.html

  • Anna Kissel
    Anna Kissel 20 days ago

    She wouldn’t have had to break into the vault where the wives are kept because she was guarding them. To be fair, the movie never explains this.

  • Da Sneaky Git
    Da Sneaky Git 21 day ago

    This is such a beta film.

  • dodge royal
    dodge royal 22 days ago

    What a day what a lovely day

  • Petarded •
    Petarded • 23 days ago


  • Bot101101
    Bot101101 23 days ago +4

    This should really be a two-second movie of a sign that says ”There is nothing wrong with Mad Max: Fury Road”.

  • AubreyPlays1
    AubreyPlays1 24 days ago

    Honestly no matter what,this movie is the best movie I have ever seen

  • Tentons O'fun
    Tentons O'fun 26 days ago

    Quality movie, quality acting esp from the main pair.

  • UnivPoke
    UnivPoke 26 days ago

    I can't wait til you do Jordan Peele's "Us"

  • Polarbear
    Polarbear 28 days ago

    This movie was all over the place. Absolute pile of crap that was nowhere near as good as the first ones

  • Damon Bartness
    Damon Bartness 29 days ago

    Boooooo this video sucks ass

  • Ubercharge Mex
    Ubercharge Mex 29 days ago

    Not bad

  • zach steele
    zach steele Month ago

    Why is there not a sequel yet.

    • Freddo Productions
      Freddo Productions 28 days ago

      I believe that George Miller is involved in legal issues atm

  • Etang Bose
    Etang Bose Month ago +2

    Narration isn’t always bad for example goodfellas or casino

  • Major Slurmp
    Major Slurmp Month ago

    Annnnnnnd unfollowed because it's fucking Fury road soo fucking metal, don't talk shit about the Max!

  • Sponge AAMP
    Sponge AAMP Month ago

    Someone should have told Hardy he is not playing batman. There was no need to grunt out his raspy lines.

  • Atom Man 0805
    Atom Man 0805 Month ago

    C'mon how could anyone hate this film

  • Black Batman
    Black Batman Month ago

    Best Mad Max Ever

  • Parental Guardian
    Parental Guardian Month ago

    man you are fuckign annoying,why do you speak like tht..jheez..heres a dislike annoying man

  • Glenn Stewart
    Glenn Stewart Month ago +1

    Damn dude did you even WATCH the film? So many contradictions and (hopefully) deliberate misunderstandings in this video.
    Just a couple of example: first (4:55) you complain that the war-rig doesn't get sucked up into a sand-storm tornado , then (8:41) you note that it's "super heavy". Which is it? Light enough to fly into a storm, or super heavy?
    At 6:25 you accuse Max of leaving all the guns in the front of the rig with the women. Did you not see him putting them in a bag, then put the bag over his shoulder, then leave the rig? (i.e NOT leaving the guns with the women?) I can't tell if you literally weren't watching, or are deliberately playing dumb.
    Then, at 6:55, you complain that the "mostly-fuel-carrying big rig" isn't exploding when being shot. But it's not "mostly fuel-carrying" It's totally milk-carrying! You know it's full of milk, right? From later in the movie? Because they're ostensibly taking it to Gastown? To trade for gas? At Gastown? Where they probably sell gas? And don't have any milk?
    Also, what's your problem with the "no backstory"? You understand setting development and world-building, right? Is it a "sin" not to provide exposition for every little thing?
    Watching this video just made me more stupid.

    • Glenn Stewart
      Glenn Stewart Month ago

      +Darth Nihilus Everything produced for public consumption is ripe for critical review. Moreover, I would argue that this video is less about entertainment and more "misinformation". Cinemasins is wrong about So. Many. Things. Their product is irresponsible because there are people who actually use this site to make decisions about the films they watch; these people are being misinformed by guys who don't watch films properly and deliberately edit out key aspects in order to claim "sin".

    • Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus Month ago

      Glenn Stewart
      It’s for entertainment not for a critic review

  • Asikur Rahman
    Asikur Rahman Month ago


  • Max J
    Max J Month ago

    Ok This movie is really entertaining, but it's way less Mad Max than any Mad Max ever. It should've been "Furiosa Quest"

  • Daniel Woodhouse
    Daniel Woodhouse Month ago

    One of your worst. Be better, or stop.

  • Grey the wolf
    Grey the wolf Month ago

    4:26 idubbbs?? is that you!?

  • Grey the wolf
    Grey the wolf Month ago

    cross out the movie

  • F Howl
    F Howl Month ago

    You can pick apart any cinema sins video just like this guy did: thexvid.com/video/4ti3chBx2Pc/video.html
    If you subscribe to this channel...you're a fucking moron.

  • Cream's Streams
    Cream's Streams Month ago

    This series should be called "No matter what I say after every sentence add a point to the counter".. I know it's long but it's more accurate.. He had 5 points on the counter after the first sentence of the movie for no reason cept his own personal opinions, nothing actually wrong with any of it..

  • Max MAX
    Max MAX Month ago +2

    The only thing wrong with this movie. They made it

  • mindJuice
    mindJuice Month ago +1

    I love how the dude with the guitar just kept fighting till he got his guitar back and then minded his business

  • sky10456
    sky10456 Month ago

    I really hope common sense was left out in making these vids, because if this is how someone thinks at face value then im pretty sure all the swings you take at things are a huge miss... but this is cinema sins and i still today cant tell if this is satire or trying to be insufferable... I do like it when you rip on movies that actually do suck.

  • MegaBound
    MegaBound Month ago

    8:27 hahahahhahahahahahahaha

  • Toasty boi
    Toasty boi Month ago

    Great movie

  • keeganshigh
    keeganshigh Month ago

    Chastity belts were used but more for keeping kids in puberty from diddling themselves.

  • cerebral edema
    cerebral edema Month ago

    All I hears was tool video, instant like

  • Zoleka Mncwabe
    Zoleka Mncwabe Month ago +3

    This whole movie made me wanna drink a class of ice cold water

    • Zoleka Mncwabe
      Zoleka Mncwabe Month ago

      +IG KingHalik yeeeeees. Mothers Milk!!! How can i forget about that😂😂. You're right

    • IG KingHalik
      IG KingHalik Month ago +1


  • Thomas Tovey
    Thomas Tovey Month ago

    Everything wrong has a lot of things wrong too...For one, you don't need test strips to know blood type. All you need is a microscope and those could have easily survived the apocalypse.

    • Stormthorn67
      Stormthorn67 11 days ago

      You should check out Bobsvids sometime. He has videos tearing apart all the errors and lies in some of the CinemaSins vids.

  • No Neck
    No Neck Month ago

    Someone has stolen your content...

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka Month ago

    3:00 They are treated better than most people. They are given food and water and they only give milk in return. If you ask me, i would LOVE to be in this situation if i was a woman

  • Jacob Quibell
    Jacob Quibell Month ago

    The naked women is bait

  • Arthur Curry
    Arthur Curry Month ago +1

    CinemaSins is *dumb* and *ignorant*

  • Death Troopers
    Death Troopers Month ago

    1979 version way better lol
    Probably the only best mad max!

  • vincent allen
    vincent allen Month ago

    I always wanted to shoot that snotty blond bitch in the face ON THE SPOT

  • #where da bucket at

    Red Alert he ate the go Goddamn bug

  • james wills
    james wills Month ago

    Get fucked. Nothing is wrong with this movie, be grateful you pieces of shit.

  • park parker
    park parker Month ago

    funny AF

  • Slay_A_Ton 94
    Slay_A_Ton 94 Month ago

    I feel like some of the gore was unnecessary, other than that the action scenes were amazing to watch

  • I’m beuitiful Hulu

    He had 12 bullets

  • M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews


  • p&bjackson
    p&bjackson Month ago

    My name is Max

  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller Month ago

    I love the positivity for a great movie!

  • That Guy In Green
    That Guy In Green Month ago

    Tom hardy has never been allowed to just talk normally
    Example: bane - mask
    Mad max - dusty, old voice
    Venom - drunk, broken and venom voice

  • Sam Krohn
    Sam Krohn Month ago

    i wish we did get some backstory in the movie but it was a great action movie

  • J C
    J C 2 months ago

    6:26 - Max very purposely takes the bag of gathered weapons with him when he leaves the cab. the vid doesn't show it, but if i remember right he sort of hangs it over his shoulder or something as he climbs out

  • magmablock
    magmablock 2 months ago +6

    11:27 is a Chekhov's Gun, literally the exact opposite of an ex machina. I don't think you even know what an ex machina is.

  • Alec Karfonta
    Alec Karfonta 2 months ago

    This whole movie is a sin

  • Too Forest 2
    Too Forest 2 2 months ago

    He takes the weapons with him

  • Atomic Dragon76
    Atomic Dragon76 2 months ago

    Every movie has a sin rip

  • roedhunt
    roedhunt 2 months ago

    I don't care how great it is. Still not going to watch this crap.

  • ClassixGaming
    ClassixGaming 2 months ago


  • Frank P
    Frank P 2 months ago

    This movie was way overrated. Not as good as The Road Warrior. It was put on a pedestal because it is flavor of the moment to have a woman hero. Even though Sigourney Weaver already did that in the 70's. And Pam Grier for that matter.

    FUCK YOUTUBE 2 months ago

    this movie kicked soooooooooooo much ass.

  • Phyco Buzzaxe21
    Phyco Buzzaxe21 2 months ago

    The good ol' black on black and buzzards got only a few seconds of screen time

  • Jordon Jasper
    Jordon Jasper 2 months ago +2

    They’re also not siphoning gas to blow into the cars intake, they’re blowing nitrous into the intake. Once insides it mixes with the gas in the cylinder before the combustion cycle of the engine resulting in a bigger boom boom.
    If they were just using gas it would actually make it go slower. Since most big-rigs have high pressure fuel lines that atomize the fuel, human spit mixed fuel would be less efficient.

  • daenerys max
    daenerys max 2 months ago +4

    NOTHING! Nothing is wrong with Mad Max Fury Road.

  • cheese chisel
    cheese chisel 2 months ago

    how about the matching set of tires on the war rig that are in perfect condition?

  • It’s Metroid man
    It’s Metroid man 2 months ago

    Mad max fury road how dare you hate it

  • WhateverFloatsYourBoat
    WhateverFloatsYourBoat 2 months ago

    Garbage video made by a garbage channel

  • WhateverFloatsYourBoat
    WhateverFloatsYourBoat 2 months ago

    This is the worst video that has ever been made.

    • Henry Goater
      Henry Goater 2 months ago

      You clearly haven't been on TheXvid long

  • Muggy
    Muggy 2 months ago

    I would've given a sin for what happened to the V8 Interceptor

    • Henry Goater
      Henry Goater 2 months ago

      It shows the creaters have balls to wreck a classic car

  • wampa hoth
    wampa hoth 2 months ago +6

    you folk had to work pretty hard to get to 96 sins, and most of them were personal preferences not sins

  • That Guy In Green
    That Guy In Green 2 months ago

    Tom hardy has the power of “infinite bullets” in this movie
    I see Keanu Reeves is filing some copyright lawsuits from “John wick”

  • That Guy In Green
    That Guy In Green 2 months ago +1

    This movie is 95% practical
    And it has a 150 million budget
    That’s insane

    • Cynical Cyanide
      Cynical Cyanide 28 days ago

      +That Guy In Green oh I see what u mean. I thought you meant that it should have been less money to make

    • That Guy In Green
      That Guy In Green 29 days ago

      Cynical Cyanide
      You’d expect a movie that is mostly explosions and guns to go over 500mil, right?

    • Cynical Cyanide
      Cynical Cyanide 29 days ago


  • That Guy In Green
    That Guy In Green 2 months ago +1

    Man, I just watched this movie
    Now I want to watch it again

  • Der Reiseführer
    Der Reiseführer 2 months ago

    Most of the scences are Not in the German version

  • Anthony Vitera
    Anthony Vitera 2 months ago +13

    This is crazy late to the game, but I just realized. "Why didn't furiosa wait until she was out of sight"
    Out of sight where? The towns can literally see each other on the horizon.
    Plus how would she know exactly how far to be out of range of the telescope?

  • thereign
    thereign 2 months ago

    7:42 To be fair the power of boners is super strong