Everything Wrong With Mad Max: Fury Road


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  • xaviiiiv
    xaviiiiv 8 hours ago

    9:28 she is naked to make her seem more armless and vulnerable to since it was a trap it would atract both good people trying to help or bad perverts trying to take advantage

  • xaviiiiv
    xaviiiiv 8 hours ago

    6:28 max actually takes the weapon bag with him

  • Samael Pirini
    Samael Pirini 15 hours ago

    immortan joe is actually a feared name across the wasteland, and the joe part is the one that sets in most of the fear because normal people can become immortan too, so can you officialy please remove a sin?

  • musiquefrique
    musiquefrique 20 hours ago

    Such an epic movie!!’

  • 714Sluggo
    714Sluggo 3 days ago

    Why does EVERYONE in EVERY modern action movie have to GROWL their lines? They all sound just like the idiotic "This is Sparta" douche. I want to see more sins for badly growled dialog! And seriously, as awesome as this movie is, there really were some ridiculously stupid ideas.

  • The Hoffmeister
    The Hoffmeister 3 days ago +2

    Sorry this is the only video of yours I’ll ever dislike, this movie is a MASTERPIECE to me.

  • DeadAndAliveCat
    DeadAndAliveCat 4 days ago

    God this movie sucked ass.

  • Miguel Vasquez
    Miguel Vasquez 4 days ago

    Juan carlos

  • TheTruth
    TheTruth 5 days ago

    The hero of this movie was not mad max so it lost me already .. SJW ruining another movie classic

  • Pandemonium2381
    Pandemonium2381 5 days ago

    They explain that all the war boys have a half life and thats why they are bald and covered in tumors

  • Haidan Durham
    Haidan Durham 5 days ago

    Nux looks like the singer from my chemical romance

  • Tumble Sensei
    Tumble Sensei 6 days ago

    >implying something was actually wrong

  • 2003evodave
    2003evodave 6 days ago

    Worst movie of the franchise,,,,,I thought it was a roadrunner or buggs bunny cartoon. Simpleton shit for adolescents.

    • Moonshine Autos
      Moonshine Autos 5 days ago

      2003evodave it was kinda grotesque but if you really let yourself in it’s a good watch

  • Jayden Spear
    Jayden Spear 7 days ago

    Think I was the only person who found this film boring. Very good looking, but boring

  • hoyaa
    hoyaa 7 days ago

    came here after watching this movie for the 5th time, because this movie is the greatest ever made

  • richard wilkins
    richard wilkins 8 days ago

    This film is diabolical

  • Jack Larson
    Jack Larson 8 days ago

    the only issue i have with this flick is they killed off the interceptor before it had any real screen time... i mean think about it.., what was the coolest part of the road warrior.. it was the CAR!!!

  • Pyra Gorgon
    Pyra Gorgon 9 days ago

    Really? The movie totally sucked.

  • Btech Jack
    Btech Jack 9 days ago

    0:29 fucking hilarious

  • Lily James
    Lily James 9 days ago

    You're wrong and it's basically perfect.
    You just want somebody to witness you

  • Ace7of7Hearts
    Ace7of7Hearts 9 days ago

    How you not unsin "witness me"

  • longlive stars
    longlive stars 9 days ago


  • Dushan Topalovic
    Dushan Topalovic 9 days ago

    It's a crap movie.

  • Arid Flesh
    Arid Flesh 11 days ago

    You altered the intro audio. Wtf.

  • Good Garcia
    Good Garcia 11 days ago

    The white dudes the dead

  • Bonnie Bunny05
    Bonnie Bunny05 11 days ago

    You say max leaves the guns he took in the war rig but he takes the bag with him also when you ask if he is any better at running from the living then the dead did you not see one of the war boys throw a stick thing that blew up and made his car flip? Also the crane hooks are sitting right next to the door did you not see them? And when it says that imortan joe pumps up the water from deep in the ground also that car flip is not fake they actually did that but the guy flying off is cgi also imortan joe needs the compass so when they actually go into the sand storm he knows which way to keep going. Nux doesent see the war rig because of lightning he sees them first then the lightning flashes than he turns. When furiosa tells max that she needs him up there he only goes into the hole a little bit not all the way in so he can still drive if needed nux eats the bug so what what you find in the wasteland has to be used he eats the bug for food. The pole cats came from gas town and couldn’t be used earlier because they were coming from gas town. The sun roof broke in a previous scene they tried to use it to get out of the mud. Furiosa was probably watching him the whole time and that’s how she saw him

  • Colloquial Soliloquy
    Colloquial Soliloquy 12 days ago

    As a action fan,I've been suffering from withdrawal symptoms since Gladiator.
    Fury Road was a like a hypodermic needle brimming with late 80's,early 90's action.
    No slowdown to develop a love story,no cringey lines from the protagonist,no examining of morals,or hidden message.

  • güven kurt
    güven kurt 12 days ago

    When coming to 2nd film

  • triangleswinger RC
    triangleswinger RC 12 days ago

    You know they do explain the place with the Crow's and dude's on stilts walking around.

  • TheOnlyOne
    TheOnlyOne 12 days ago

    Damn, my bluray didnt come with all the scenes or this asshole is using deleted scenes. (?)

  • amit s
    amit s 13 days ago

    It's a movie, not a real life documentary to find logic. It's meant only for entertainment purpose.

  • M LG
    M LG 14 days ago

    The Chastity belts were a punishment by Joe due to The Dag (Pale Wife) angering him for speaking out against his plans to rape Fragile (Who was the only wife that wasn’t raped)

  • SDM121888
    SDM121888 14 days ago

    to answer sin 17, furiousa isn't a baby factory because she used to be one of joe's sex slaves but turned out to be infertile.

  • Dustin Chen
    Dustin Chen 14 days ago

    doesn't know shit about cars

  • Dustin Chen
    Dustin Chen 14 days ago

    look up the damn definition of literal please

  • Oumayma
    Oumayma 15 days ago

    this movie is legendary

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis 17 days ago

    Ummm if you did any research before you start to bitch about a good movie you would have known that the warhog is a fuel truck so they can drive for as long as they want. Also your an arse hole when it comes to big woman also that crash you said was CGI wasn’t CGI it was real only think that was CGI was the people on it also that gun holds 15rounds you really need to research movies before you fucking sin them and talk shit. Also also also your a dick head

  • William Intemann
    William Intemann 18 days ago

    When is the next mad max movie

  • Mr Cyclops
    Mr Cyclops 18 days ago


  • cole floyd
    cole floyd 18 days ago

    The comic explains why furiosa isn't one of the wives. Explains alotta the plot holes

    PEWDSKATE 18 days ago

    Fuck this guy!! Talks the fucking lot

  • Frøken Glattbarbert Stillas-sikkerhetsinspektør

    I couldn't watch the whole thing, the sins are too bad. There's nothing to complain about.

  • titus flowers
    titus flowers 19 days ago

    28 ,29 [Sick flaming guitar scene] *ding 28 😂😂 4:00

  • meme consumer
    meme consumer 21 day ago

    Wow they made cross out a movie

    This is obviously satire

  • Willem Febri
    Willem Febri 22 days ago

    Namanya juga pilem om

  • Neo Payne
    Neo Payne 23 days ago

    was there be a Everything Wrong With CinemaSins???

  • alex_Swe
    alex_Swe 24 days ago

    Thank god i grow up in the 90:s whit the old once, this one sucked......

  • Collin Gray
    Collin Gray 26 days ago

    God I loved this movie

  • Elias Smolcic-Larson
    Elias Smolcic-Larson 27 days ago

    wait a minute doesn't this also take place like at least 25 years after the first movie, I mean if Max had kids and a wife at least 25 years before this movie happened he would have been at least 30 in the first movie making him at least 55 in this movie, from what I understand radiation is not good for you and makes you less strong and able to do things, he still seems to be able to hang off of trucks and fight like he is 30.

  • Joseph Walker
    Joseph Walker 27 days ago

    He made a tool reference! Hell yeah!

  • Sans and Papyrus
    Sans and Papyrus 28 days ago

    I’m from Phila. and Fuck you

  • brandon cottrell
    brandon cottrell 28 days ago

    11:56 song?

  • Evan White
    Evan White 28 days ago

    Most of your guys’ sins are nitpicks of the movie. This is a sins video made up 99% of nitpicks. It shows how much you guys love this movie.

  • DuckTheCat Gaming
    DuckTheCat Gaming 28 days ago

    6:53 that’s realistic you idiot

  • Menilek Mulugeta
    Menilek Mulugeta 28 days ago

    6:22 "Girl, What?"
    Too Funny!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Powell
    Daniel Powell 29 days ago

    The CGI crash was actually good for a movie... I never paid any attention to it but I love this channel so lol

    • Mac N Cheese
      Mac N Cheese 27 days ago

      If your talking about the crash at 4:14, its not actually CGI. If you dont believe me it was in a behind the scenes video.

  • Syko White
    Syko White Month ago

    all of sins are bullcrap. Cinemasins are so not funny anymore. Unsubbed

  • Happy Savage
    Happy Savage Month ago

    When you have a desert, there IS sandpits, and not to mention, your enemy, quick sand.
    The War Rig, would just fall to pieces in the sand.
    Thus...no more War Rig.
    Aka, Immobile, Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon War Rig.

  • royal_patrick 721
    royal_patrick 721 Month ago

    Don't you even dare say mad Max is a bad movie

  • Julian Scales
    Julian Scales Month ago


  • Mntimandze Bhambolunye

    sin 51 he takes the bag with him

  • poop
    poop Month ago

    Please leave your SJW bullshit out of your comments.

  • Gradient
    Gradient Month ago

    This is probably the worst CinemaSins video that I have ever seen. Some of these sins are utterly massive blunders on their part and I'm not talking about the style of comedy. I am talking about the absolute lack of attention to quality control. Some of these sins are blatantly misleading or incorrect such as...
    - 2:37 The water is coming from pipework. Why is he acting as if pipes can't...ya know...pipe water to the surface from below?
    - 4:52 They are complaining that a car got sucked into a tornado while the loaded semi truck directly beside it that is probably 10 times the weight.
    - 6:34 Being out of sight is not at all contradictory to being available. He just needs to be ready to help while staying hidden.
    - 8:32 That tree doesn't withstand shit. You see it get ripped out of the ground.
    - 9:26 Max literally says it himself as they are getting closer. "That's bait."
    The one that REALLY bothers me is a double whammy
    - 6:53 "Fuel-carrying rig" ......that tank is not filled with fuel. It is filled with milk. We literally see one of the wives tell Max this earlier.
    - 7:54 They seriously just contradicted their own contradiction. One tank of gas and they think the truck is carrying fuel?
    Considering that Jeremy himself comments on how good the movie is, it's pretty shocking how much goes over his head. I have no problem with satire, I love it actually. However, good satire has to be clever with strong attention to detail and is not purposely ignorant or incorrect.

  • Simple-Commentator-not-really

    Oh, what a sin video! WHAT A LOVELY SIN VIDEO!!!!

  • JMUDoc
    JMUDoc Month ago

    A dreadful, dreadful film - stylized to ridiculous levels.
    Like something Terry Gilliam would make while drunk, and his films are bad enough when he's sober.

  • marko mandic
    marko mandic Month ago

    the only sin this movie has is he is not mel gibson

  • Annette Maldonado
    Annette Maldonado Month ago +1

    I love how Jeremy silently took a sin off for the flame shooting guitar

  • Towson Tiger
    Towson Tiger Month ago

    This movie was flawless

  • Mike Bonnell
    Mike Bonnell Month ago

    First and only video I've seen of yours. Very very lame. I'm not a huge fan of this movie, but I'm even less of a fan of people who either deceive purposefully for their own benefit or who might be a bit too dumb to be treating a subject that's beyond them. So what is it? Are you full of crap or is this yet another Dunning Kruger example?

  • FlubbyMan269
    FlubbyMan269 Month ago

    I don’t get it there’s nothing wrong with this movie

  • Jack corbett
    Jack corbett Month ago

    No👏🏾one👏🏾likes👏🏾critics 👏🏾or👏🏾haters

  • killerbs420
    killerbs420 Month ago

    I think you are a little bit over zealous with your opinion of what are sins. The chastity belt had a hole so they could piss and not have to take it off and the bombs not blowing up quickly is because they’re homemade bombs. What do you expect from retards that huff silver paint? There are a myriad of other things that you complained about that are ridiculous, but that’s all I am going to bother with at the moment. I usually like your videos but I don’t agree with this one.

  • Nude Jawn
    Nude Jawn Month ago

    F U Santa.

  • SoDeepSoFineCOD
    SoDeepSoFineCOD Month ago +3

    Everything wrong with what? Excuse me sir. There's nothing wrong with fury road.

  • Royal3Cheez
    Royal3Cheez Month ago

    They are bald because they are irradiated cancer bois.
    Edit: Larry and Barry are not cysts the ate tumors.

  • avinash kashyap
    avinash kashyap Month ago +1


  • Laen81
    Laen81 Month ago

    This commentary is stupid as fuck. 1/30 is close to accurate.

  • I like Turtles
    I like Turtles Month ago

    I live about ten minutes away from the scene where the car drives off the cliff

  • Mr Monkeynuts
    Mr Monkeynuts Month ago

    Anyone else annoyed he didn’t follow up “fire and blood” with anguish

  • Luis Melendez
    Luis Melendez Month ago

    Why the hell did u not take away 10 sins when max litteraly blows up their rig and comes back with all their stuff that was arguably the best scene

  • Prius facebook mom
    Prius facebook mom Month ago

    9:36 it took me a couple years to notice it is that a titty sidecar?

  • riya dey
    riya dey Month ago

    Mel Gibson = Real Mad Max

  • Tig TV
    Tig TV Month ago

    You would need a means of production for the state to seize, and an over bearing moral order for Joe to be a facist dictator. He's much closer to a narco state dictator since he controls through violence and resource control Wich is much closer to how cartels control their territory

  • Roger Da Illegal Alien

    Luv this movie 🎥 even more than my girlfriend

  • Marek Víťazka
    Marek Víťazka Month ago

    This movie was more or less symbolic

  • Jy Walker1603
    Jy Walker1603 Month ago +1

    This was made clear Coober pedy in SA Australia and so was tham movie about the dude on mars cuz that area looks so much like mars
    The only reason I watched this was to see if the movie was any good

  • Red Wolf0001
    Red Wolf0001 Month ago +1

    This is actually one of my number one favorite movies I have ever watched even though it is 2 hours long if I had the chance I would watch it over and over again. Sadly I can't so it's a bit upset for me.

  • Royal Dynasty Kenya
    Royal Dynasty Kenya Month ago +1

    red alert, he ate the godamn bug

  • Lasse Bohnenkamp
    Lasse Bohnenkamp Month ago

    I didnt see the old Mad Max moview. But I really like the new one. Its ok think what you think. Its nice as fuck and entertained me well.

  • mycroft16
    mycroft16 Month ago

    The lookout wasn't naked because she wasn't a lookout. Max calls it like it is seconds before. She is bait.

  • whitekid345895
    whitekid345895 Month ago

    1) totally unnecessary
    2) Tom Hardy is always murmuring
    You should not have made this video

  • Gibson Rocks123
    Gibson Rocks123 Month ago

    I hate that “joke” people say about Mel Gibson being crazy. I mean he is, but is that ONLY what he’s going to be known for? He’s actually a talent. The real crazies are the people who say that

  • chilakil
    chilakil Month ago

    This video is trash

  • Alfredo Duende
    Alfredo Duende Month ago

    This is just fucking stupid...

  • MontanaCheeky
    MontanaCheeky Month ago

    Mostly fuel carting? The truck is carrying "Mothers Milk" ie. human milk, this was established in the first 20 mins of the movie, and again when Max washes his face with said milk, *DING* Cinema sins missed a spoken line.

  • Dvdv
    Dvdv Month ago

    Just saying, but the who played Immortan Joe also played Toe Cutter in the first Mad Max.

  • Jimothy Snooker
    Jimothy Snooker Month ago

    the red headed baby slave married the flame throwing guitarist in real life.

  • Liam Delaney
    Liam Delaney Month ago

    Was scabrous scrotus Canon?

  • Curtis Lee
    Curtis Lee 2 months ago

    Barely understood any of the movie. Still think it's fantastic