Everything Wrong With Mad Max: Fury Road


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  • Josué Zepeda
    Josué Zepeda Day ago

    This is actualy the most loved movie in the series

  • zztosha
    zztosha Day ago

    The only REAL sin this movie has is that Max doesn't get to drive his famous Interceptor at all, except for a short opening-scene. Otherwise, this is the best action movie of this decade.

  • Number Six
    Number Six 3 days ago

    The ender with the Office Space reference killed me!

  • LouisianaBoy1990
    LouisianaBoy1990 3 days ago

    "Lets literally dehumanize some fat women, society's easiest targets".
    Christ, when in the fuck did the CinemaSins narrator become a literal virtue signaling SJW?

  • Manek Rudolph
    Manek Rudolph 4 days ago

    0:19 ....I am the heir to the Iron Thron Khaleesi of the great grass sea etc.

  • Boris V
    Boris V 4 days ago

    05:10 Those chastity devices have an opening so they can go to the f*cking bathroom!

  • Mugwump
    Mugwump 5 days ago

    I love cinemasins, but he said the porcupine car was obviously CGI.
    As if Charlize Tharon had her arm cut off for this film and grew it back for future roles (not that I can remember any though) ;)

  • Cooper Chamberlain
    Cooper Chamberlain 5 days ago

    I watched this movie and never new what was going on.

  • Jimmy M
    Jimmy M 6 days ago

    I'm one of the few people who don't care for this movie. Mad Max without Mel Gibson just isn't Mad Max. He should have been in the film.

  • Dan Jemison
    Dan Jemison 6 days ago

    Good job guys

  • Nathan ELLIS
    Nathan ELLIS 7 days ago

    anyone noticed the tree or grass or whatever it was at 1:58

  • Gabriel Ramirez
    Gabriel Ramirez 7 days ago

    Oh lord. Fucking nerds

  • Enigma Seeker
    Enigma Seeker 7 days ago +1

    I think this was inspired by the manga soon to be a movie, #Alitabattleangel

  • Solum
    Solum 9 days ago

    9:26 She's naked because she wasn't a lookout, she was bait to lure in people and when they got close to the tower to help, she'd probably make a different call and the Vuvalini would have rode in, killed the kind/ opportunist passerby and take their stuff.

  • Spook _
    Spook _ 11 days ago

    1:43 ayeeeee he mentioned tool

  • OneofInfinity
    OneofInfinity 11 days ago

    5:45 Around 17 bullets in a full loaded Glock 17, at 01:59 those hooks near a loading door could be expected.

  • Big Gus
    Big Gus 12 days ago

    Honestly this channel sucks ass and you guys give yourselves too many points

  • Mindf*ck
    Mindf*ck 12 days ago

    The ad was the teen titans go movie.

  • Type 2
    Type 2 13 days ago

    bullshit theres nothing wrong with this movie.

  • Brains before BS
    Brains before BS 13 days ago

    To be honest the first time I saw the movie I didn’t like it but on the second viewing and third and etc... it gets better it’s a damn good movie

  • Cavalier Scalogno
    Cavalier Scalogno 14 days ago

    I think I have an explanation for the War Boys being painted white and black. White reflects light, so it keeps off the heat better than clothes. Meanwhile, the black painting around their eyes helps preventing blindness in open, sunny areas. If you get lost in a desert (or a snowy mountain) and don't want your eyes to get all fucked up by the light reflecting on the surface, you can use charcoal or some other black shit to paint your eyes.
    Also, the people who say that this movie is overrated and boring and that "Max should have been the main character, boo ooh" are obviously the same kind of dumbshits that after watching Fight Club would say "yeah tough shit" whilst missing completely the complex criticism of toxic masculinity it actually is. Mad Max Fury Road is a masterpiece in the way it depicts feminism and toxic masculinity, the latter one being represented in Immortan Joe. In every stupid sexist action movie the wives would have been super sexualized in every scene, there would be stupid remarkings of Furiosa being "capable even if she's a woman", and other stupid shit. Max would have been the violent, macho hero that all you men love to see. But Miller understands the dangers of toxic masculinity, and he understands what violence can do to people. Max has a wonderful character arc, in the way he slowly manages to trust others, in the way he actually begins a journey of mental healing. But of course you stupid assbrains need to be spoonfed with stupid movies about assholes who treat people like shit, worship violence, and have sex with women written as dolls and not human beings.

  • Michael Motter
    Michael Motter 16 days ago

    I must be the only person alive that didn't like this movie lol

  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 18 days ago

    What’s not wrong with Fury road

  • Monk
    Monk 18 days ago

    I thought this was just Tool: the movie

  • Heart92a
    Heart92a 19 days ago

    5:08 there's no way Max was able to breathe in that situation..

  • Heart92a
    Heart92a 19 days ago

    0:54 Max survives this

  • Bhocolate Bhip Bookies! Bhewy!

    That truck only had 2000hp we got 2000hp Supras just driving around

  • Dr Love
    Dr Love 20 days ago

    I don’t care. I Fucking loved the movie.

  • Megasladon :D
    Megasladon :D 20 days ago

    Remember when movies used to be like this?

  • Agon Dana
    Agon Dana 20 days ago

    I appreciate this guy trying to find mistakes or sins of the film but, really some of the things that he considered as a sin is just not right since everything that he comments about are the absurd things that happen which technically the whole movie is made of, so considering some of the exaggerations or actions that were made because of the style of the film those mistakes that were mentioned should not be considered as such, it just fits the movie style which doesn't make it weird for the audience, it's not about being 100% realistic and create it the way it would happen in real life i guess, but fuck it the movie was amazing.

    • Malick Dao
      Malick Dao 19 days ago

      Please people, read the channel description before commenting... Nitpicking is the basis of sin counts. These aren't supposed to be enormous flaws, anything can be a sin if you nitpick enough.

  • Pilsbury Fuqboi
    Pilsbury Fuqboi 21 day ago

    Im surprised a movie got less than 100 sins 😂

  • Nick Warr
    Nick Warr 21 day ago

    this video is thirteen and a half minutes too long.

    • Malick Dao
      Malick Dao 19 days ago

      You are *insert your age here* years too old.

      (Sorry, saw the opportunity just had to take it)

  • Boogey Man
    Boogey Man 21 day ago

    This is how i watch a movie i dont wanna watch

    A 4 PLAYJUNKIE 21 day ago

    TOM HARDY! that's everything!

  • Brian Surber
    Brian Surber 21 day ago

    no sin removed for "Witness me. Mediocre.".

  • bryan Zol
    bryan Zol 21 day ago

    If he had watched the movie it would only be like 40-50 sins

  • Panther15 ZodiacGods
    Panther15 ZodiacGods 22 days ago

    Bottom line...fantastic adventure movie. Four Stars.

  • yojo346
    yojo346 22 days ago

    Why are you so wrong about so much of this?

  • Nick Driever
    Nick Driever 23 days ago

    2:25 I believe the comics say she is barren/can't have kids, and so that is why she was given to a warlord guy that worked for Immortan Joe (who took her with when they did raids and she learned how to fight and drive, eventually took over his position when he died) but yeah it would have only taken a single line to explain that in the movie.

  • Patrick Givens
    Patrick Givens 23 days ago

    LOL omg nonstop darudestorm, that explains the schism in reviews. Personally I liked it alot, and sandstorm too.hah

  • gordon morley
    gordon morley 23 days ago

    wouldn't all the vehicles be diesel powered due to less refining of the oil to make diesel.............

  • Dorian Gatsby
    Dorian Gatsby 23 days ago


  • Kielov Pyriel
    Kielov Pyriel 23 days ago

    What's wrong with the siphoning bit? You can do that with carburetors.

  • Mike P
    Mike P 24 days ago

    Borderlands the movie??

  • Mitchell McDonald
    Mitchell McDonald 24 days ago

    Jeremy says everything under the sun is a "deus ex machina" when Max's universal donor identification is tattooed on his skin and the use of blood transfusion has been shown to be used throughout the film. That is the definition of great planting and payoff in film.

  • orchoose
    orchoose 24 days ago

    5:08 the hole is there for peeing obviously lol do you think for sec obout it?
    8:57 they actualy say that area was where the city was located before it perished so you can imagine those are survivors who didnt want to leave.
    this video screems lazy.

    • Lennie Torizzmo
      Lennie Torizzmo 19 days ago

      You obviously did not hear the guy, maybe you should recheck your time stamps

  • Jakov Pavlov
    Jakov Pavlov 24 days ago

    I'd never seen so many sins removed!!! I actually loved that movie too

  • liam casey
    liam casey 24 days ago

    is it just me or is he realy quiet

  • Midi World
    Midi World 24 days ago

    What is the name of the techno song at the end of the video?

  • Gambit Slots
    Gambit Slots 24 days ago

    This film is awful i don’t know why everyone likes it. Crap story, unrealistic and just boring.

  • Miguel Domínguez
    Miguel Domínguez 25 days ago

    Nothing. Nothing is wrong with Mad Max: Fury Road. What's the matter with you?

  • Jallek
    Jallek 26 days ago

    Did you watch this movie while jerking off in pornhub on another tab? Because every single thing you say is just false. Youd think actually watching the movies you cash in on wouldnt be too much to ask but hey, guess im wrong.

  • BlackRayPlayer
    BlackRayPlayer 26 days ago

    Scene 9:40 is a pre-cursor to a scene you overlooked, nice job. "Max's flashbacks don't meaning anything to me or the film"; even when it protects him, later in the film.

  • Sideswipe
    Sideswipe 27 days ago

    Oof, more bullshit from CinemaShits.

  • Deniz Sackes
    Deniz Sackes 27 days ago

    Didn’t watch the video but I disagree

  • warrior4life47
    warrior4life47 27 days ago

    I love the tool video reference

  • Lord Dumb Dragon
    Lord Dumb Dragon 27 days ago

    Adam Sandler's 8 crazy nights please

  • Nayan Bhoola
    Nayan Bhoola 28 days ago

    I don't understand the Jimi Hendrix reference??

  • Stereotype
    Stereotype 28 days ago

    Only 96 sins for that UTTER BULLSHIT movie?! I've never fallen asleep watching a movie, but ..

  • Dayday Mclovin
    Dayday Mclovin 28 days ago

    I love this movie take away 96 sins

  • Shiraz Pervez
    Shiraz Pervez 28 days ago

    I Know I'm GOING To Be Ripped Apart For This But CAN Someone Explain The Reference Of "ex machina" in almost every video....

  • Meddy O'hara
    Meddy O'hara 29 days ago

    I regard all cinema sins in this movie as fake news.

  • Mrdineshkani
    Mrdineshkani 29 days ago

    9:02 what are these people called

  • Michael Bush
    Michael Bush 29 days ago

    PSA: Watch this movie on acid. That is all.

  • dbrad 333
    dbrad 333 29 days ago

    He actually said good job guys he actually liked the movie...WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THE OTHER GUY?!

  • S.A.M Unknown
    S.A.M Unknown Month ago

    Nux looks like that main character zombie dude from warm bodies.

  • Clara Miller
    Clara Miller Month ago

    there is a hole in the chastity belt so she can piss and shit.

  • francis mate
    francis mate Month ago

    How did they still have tyres... When there is no more factory

  • some crazy fan
    some crazy fan Month ago

    It's cool that they did a lot of real stunts but the cgi ones are understandable

  • Golden State Warriors fan since 2015

    Best 4:02 best sin removal

  • Fade_killa
    Fade_killa Month ago

    He should have 12 shots left

  • snoo333
    snoo333 Month ago

    well done. thank you

  • Divergent Pictures
    Divergent Pictures Month ago

    movie sentence : nonestop darude sandstorm, lol.

  • Daniel McDowell
    Daniel McDowell Month ago

    the Big rig is carrying water and mothers milk, the pod on the rear had the fuel...
    just sayin

  • jake nikolia
    jake nikolia Month ago

    Sin 80 isn't a flashback its him seeing the future

  • GG TTR
    GG TTR Month ago


  • Entertainment
    Entertainment Month ago

    made me wet

  • Brandon Grant
    Brandon Grant Month ago

    You would suppose the hide-a-glock was a full loaded 9mm so at most he would have 11 or 12 left after the sins. Not incredibly sinful but still...

  • Jinx Vi
    Jinx Vi Month ago

    Good movie, dumb video.

  • Ray
    Ray Month ago

    Never seen so many triggered fanboys in the comment section of an "Everything wrong with..." video before !

  • War Against Myself
    War Against Myself Month ago

    This movie was garbage. The chase scense were cool, but it's literally a terrible feminist fantasy film. So much more things in this film that make no fucking sense.

  • Jonathan Aguilar
    Jonathan Aguilar Month ago

    Ding ding ding ding ding fucking diiiiinnnnnnggg

  • Joel Peter
    Joel Peter Month ago

    Why is this movie called mad max and not furiosa? I mean he hardly looks lile the lead role to me

  • 2909 9092
    2909 9092 Month ago

    >or a tool video

  • Oberon
    Oberon Month ago

    As an Australian, I can confirm this is an average day in our kindergartens.

  • Ill Rahtah
    Ill Rahtah Month ago

    Um Max took the bag of guns on top of the war rig with him when nux unhooked it, he didn’t leave it inside

  • Evan Davis
    Evan Davis Month ago

    You actually sound that you never seen the movie

  • Springwood Slasher
    Springwood Slasher Month ago

    This was the worst movie I ever saw. Feminist propaganda.

  • ZeroXA Productions
    ZeroXA Productions Month ago

    Fury Road Runner.

  • noazark the ac aprentice

    That I before the. ... Isrng meant to be there

  • noazark the ac aprentice

    Hey dude the naked chick in the tower was
    Bait for horny men, which imortal Jo keeps ALOT of l... Also how did now of them become gay if imortal Jo has the only women free from the milk machines

  • SpyroD
    SpyroD Month ago

    Allow me to sin you for not noticing Max brought the bag of weapons with him on top of the War Rig. Also, the War Rig is an amazing price of machinery I think a sin or two should be removed for its versatility, I mean it was designed to put out engine fires in the world they live in and still kick ass as soon as it lifts the plow back up(plow bumper set up to toss sand, which the world is mostly covered in at this point in the timeline, over the engine to suffocate the fire. The double engine seems a little far fetched, however it does make raming cars out of the way without losing speed look awesome. Another win for the War Rig is the tires having thick metal frames under its rubber so when the wheels do get spiked it just keeps going.

  • Dead men tell no tales 1914

    This was an awful film. Feminazi wet dream.

  • Furious Psy-Op
    Furious Psy-Op Month ago

    Later on in the comic Furiosa is driven out of the citadel by the brain, or Joes midget son-thing and retaken.

  • Austin Peterson
    Austin Peterson Month ago

    Why does he always make ex-machina's comparisons/jokes or puns? I watched the whats wrong with ex-machina that he does but I have not seen the movie an even after watching the whats wrong about it I still do not get it..... Please explain!!! Please!! I wanna be on the inside joke circle!!! :(

  • Termimental
    Termimental Month ago

    after watching office space 12:39 made me lose it, and I'm ashamed to admit a dubbed clip of a harem kicking a chastity belt made me laugh.

  • saturn580
    saturn580 Month ago

    This film sucked.
    The visuals and action were great, but there wasn't a single likeable character in the entire story. No likeable character = I don't care who dies = no dramatic tension during action scenes (basically the whole movie).

  • Gonaddabarbarian
    Gonaddabarbarian Month ago +1

    i give this movie a 5 1/2 outta 11, 3 1/2 points off for no Mel Gibson, 1 1/2 points off for fuckin up the last of the V-8 interceptors 30 seconds into the movie, and 1/2 point off for trolling all the trolls.

  • kevin fox
    kevin fox Month ago

    Read the four part comic series that was released with this movie. It will answer many of the questions brought up, such as how Furiousa got the brides out, how joe found the Citadel, how the water is brought up that high, and why she is now a warrior, and not one of the brides.
    And yes, that is more for the audience, not the channel. trust me, it's well worth picking up the collection, especially the book with all four issues, which has an exclusive fifth issue, that gives the history of the War Rig.