Everything Wrong With Mad Max: Fury Road


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  • Jason Castle
    Jason Castle 4 hours ago

    The biggest sin is that you created sins for this...go make a better movie, I dare you.

  • Marmalade
    Marmalade Day ago

    5:27 they have the belts because Immortan Joe's son Rictus tried to.... you know

  • John Oxford
    John Oxford Day ago

    A lot of these sins are very cherry picked, the real count is somewhere closer to the 30's and 40's. This movie is excellent, like Shawshank Redemption tier

  • Free Free
    Free Free Day ago

    This is one of the dumbest films I've ever watched all the way through and it still isn't as dumb as BEYOND THE THUNDERDOME.

  • Dmitri Kozlowsky
    Dmitri Kozlowsky 2 days ago

    Mad Max post apocalypse world makes no since to me. From logistics POV.
    Where do they get new tires, which would wear super fast in this environment.
    Where do they get gas for cars, diesel for trucks, motor oil in car and diesel engine grades?
    Working replacement headlamps?
    Copper and zinc for making bullets? Mines? Stockpiles that survived cataclysm?
    Precision machinery for milling replacement parts? Power for this machinery?

  • JYT
    JYT 2 days ago

    "These pogo assassins are really cool. Why didn't they have these things earlier when they attacked the War Rig?"
    OK first off those aren't pogos. They're poles. Hence the name "polecat," from when one of the wives is observing the incoming war party through the binoculars earlier (before they go through the canyon, I believe).
    Secondly, they weren't there because they're not Immortan Joe's polecats, they're The People Eater's, the big fat guy. He owns Gas Town, the original destination for the war rig. Thus Joe did not have them when he attacked the War Rig.
    Judging by your last comment on the movie, you watched the whole thing rather intently, so nice of you to leave this fact out to inflate your sin counter artificially and deceitfully.

  • Yumi
    Yumi 3 days ago

    I fuvking DIED at "girl, what"

  • game bin alien
    game bin alien 5 days ago

    Trucks have multiple barrel sized gas tanks on each side so he wouldn't have ran out of gas

  • Paolo
    Paolo 5 days ago

    at 3:10 i didn't know stephen hawking was in this movie??

  • Tim Bryant
    Tim Bryant 5 days ago

    I am very disappointed of the lack of research and quality in this video it disappoints me that’s such a good movie was criticized ln Such A bad way this video feels to criticize the movie mistakes instead it misses information and criticizes the movie accordingly this video does not contain fair criticism not take anything in this video as a professional video

  • Poizin Rath
    Poizin Rath 5 days ago +1

    Y’all know gas and diesel go bad after like 3 years at the most.

  • Poizin Rath
    Poizin Rath 5 days ago +1

    Fucking hate that overrated movie. The cars are cool. Everything else if fucking ridiculous and stupid.

    YOUR PATHWAY 5 days ago

    How did y'all edit the beginning narration to sound like that? He sounds like a normal person in the original audio...why mislead your viewers??

  • Дмитрий Орлов

    Hey! He took the bag with all the guns with him when leaving the rig! Shame on you!

  • Mike Phalen
    Mike Phalen 7 days ago

    You should take 10 sins off for Nux being so hot. Thanks, Nicholas Hoult.

  • Felix Altenburg
    Felix Altenburg 7 days ago

    Id have betted ud sin for the guitar guys finger positions being off all the time..
    Or something like him managing to keep a pick on him after hes been in the fighting and then do squealing artificial harmonics

  • Daniel Skrzyniarz
    Daniel Skrzyniarz 8 days ago

    wypierdalaj 😕😕😕

  • Daniel Skrzyniarz
    Daniel Skrzyniarz 8 days ago

    mondralo wypierdalaj 😕😕😕

  • Jono Fancett
    Jono Fancett 8 days ago

    Sin the fact there is more petrol in this film than there is plot.

  • dog3y3
    dog3y3 8 days ago

    you forget: Max used to be a cop before the world went tits up. As a cop, he would have received basic life-saving field triage, which would include, saline IV bag setup, tourniquets, CPR, and possibly tracheostomy. Possibly. Then again, it was Australia. Maybe they don't offer that level of training for their police.

  • VALENTINEproductions

    This movie is a masterpiece. Mel Gibson would have easily fit into this movie.

  • Anthony Nonoya
    Anthony Nonoya 9 days ago

    The chick was naked to lure men closer and kill him

  • Karl Matsunaga
    Karl Matsunaga 11 days ago

    Fury Road is Science Fiction. Trying to criticize something like that is a fool's errand. Sure, there will be defects, but what makes them so egregious in this film, than "historical" films that massacre actual history? "Kingdom of Heaven" comes immediately to mind. I love Fury Road, and nothing like this will ever change that. Make a film where 95% of the film is on the move, then I'll have some respect for crap like this. It's no sweat to criticize, MUCH harder to actually create something just so whiners can find fault with it.

  • Erik Ahl
    Erik Ahl 13 days ago

    07:55 that semi is carrying the gas the entire big tank you see on it is its gas tank you absolute twat.

  • BiffTech05
    BiffTech05 15 days ago

    Mad Max: Fury Road synopsis
    Cars drive one direction, discover that is a bad idea and drive back to where they came from... pretty much every road trip I've ever been on.... usually with less hot chicks and more shotgun rounds because Straya bitches

  • Mouna Da
    Mouna Da 15 days ago

    I watched this film in a school trip with my classmates ... it was HMJMMMMM NOICE

  • Soldat Daniels
    Soldat Daniels 16 days ago

    Hey! One of the out takes had Back to the Future audio! I watched that movie today!

  • Diesel Dave
    Diesel Dave 17 days ago +2

    Semis have 300 gallon fuel tanks, even at 4 mpg (which is extremely low) that's still 1,200 miles!
    1 sin removed!

  • V
    V 18 days ago

    4:40 sin 34, he was about to lose visibility and wanted to check the position of his quarry against the compass so he could still give chase in the storm...

  • KingProne
    KingProne 20 days ago

    7:44 those are lymph nodes/lymphoma, not cysts.

  • Laura Tucker
    Laura Tucker 20 days ago

    I want to be the boss

  • Mike Nauer
    Mike Nauer 21 day ago

    rip the guy in wheel chair he passed away last week

  • Dynamic Unreality
    Dynamic Unreality 21 day ago

    Nearly every sin in this video is stupid, but when you ask why the lookout is naked I almost crapped. It was a trap. She was naked to get people to come try and help her, and then they would be ambushed. Holy crap you are blind. And actually really bad at this.

  • Dynamic Unreality
    Dynamic Unreality 21 day ago

    The flames that would be burning that guy? Real. The guy? Also real. So no.

  • Mauve Journalist
    Mauve Journalist 21 day ago

    "OH what a day, WHAT A LOVELY DAY"

  • Andrew Mcconnell
    Andrew Mcconnell 22 days ago

    I know the cinema sins guy probably wont read this but the sin at 6:23 with the female saying hs a crazy smeg that eats slanga. Thats auzzie slang. Slanga is dick and smeg is something way to gross to expalin in a youtube comment

  • DVDuring
    DVDuring 22 days ago

    You should produce videos where you go over everything that's right about a movie. But you'd have to lose your virginity and not hate your life to accomplish such feats of appreciation.

  • Joshua Connell
    Joshua Connell 22 days ago

    i died at 10:18 my god

  • Dylan Wheeler
    Dylan Wheeler 23 days ago

    Dude the sin at 5:47 should be removed. That is a glock it has up to a 17 round capacity. one sin off

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 23 days ago

    I was going to be pissed if they added a sin for the flame thrower guitar

  • super Jenius11
    super Jenius11 23 days ago

    1 sin removed for the doofwagon, no questions asked

  • M'aiq The Liar
    M'aiq The Liar 24 days ago

    Answer.. absolutely NOTHING.
    Edit: lmao @ "Tool video"

  • troy jones
    troy jones 25 days ago

    Everything wrong with cinema sins...

  • Dmitrii Vasilii
    Dmitrii Vasilii 25 days ago +3

    i love how he didnt even give context to why he removed a sin for doof warrior. it isnt about "why" with doof warrior, its about "why not"

  • Jules
    Jules 25 days ago

    almost every sin here is explained in the movie...or the context and flavor of the world we know from seeing all the movies!

    YENI CERI 26 days ago

    Whole dam movie was wrong

  • Phteven
    Phteven 26 days ago

    This movie is perfect.

  • Kairu-kun
    Kairu-kun 26 days ago

    I didn't expect baneposting

  • jayman691
    jayman691 27 days ago

    Kravitz song being played while his daughter Zoe Kravitz being dragged away was a nice touch

  • TheSteelStallion
    TheSteelStallion 27 days ago

    8:20 Deus ex machtreena

  • Nathanowitz Peterstein Cuomoberg

    This film is the Satan of CGI.

  • musiquefrique
    musiquefrique 28 days ago

    Seriously need to remove sins for the amazing job Nicholas Hoult did with Nux!!’ WITNESS ME!!!

    DJCRAZY 29 days ago

    You missed out that one of the cars that crashed in the first scenes was on the back of a truck in perfect condition when they were driving back to the citadel towards the end.

  • TR
    TR 29 days ago

    You said way "further" around 8:00. It's supposed to be "farther".

  • eskiyosavage
    eskiyosavage 29 days ago

    Here's one no black people are in it lol

  • Nugget on a Stick
    Nugget on a Stick Month ago

    Fun fact my dad made the things that keep the cars in straight line and yes most scenes the cars are moving

  • chooseaname50
    chooseaname50 Month ago

    how does every vehicle have fresh new tyres in an apocalyptic wasteland?

  • Rafiul Haque
    Rafiul Haque Month ago

    13:16 is the most funny thing in this vdo

  • Rafiul Haque
    Rafiul Haque Month ago

    Nightcrawler please

  • Will Foster
    Will Foster Month ago

    I hated this movie just action scene after action scene.

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord Month ago

    4:05 how we all felt

  • ADGSW Mims
    ADGSW Mims Month ago

    This movie felt like a feminist propaganda film with the undertone being men always want to control a woman body

  • Aaftab Turiya
    Aaftab Turiya Month ago

    You motherfuker

  • 0hjaa
    0hjaa Month ago

    This movie was so shit and disgusting that it deserves 5 000 000 sins.. watch Water World.. that's better.

  • Randome things cats too


  • Anantharaj Jack
    Anantharaj Jack Month ago

    You can say whatever you want... This film won Oscars... Plural

  • Dyllan Tinch
    Dyllan Tinch Month ago

    The rigs got water in it was going to trade it for gas

  • Walt Williams
    Walt Williams Month ago

    A pathetic attempt at finding fault. How about finding something more constructive to do.

  • Ethan Jimenez
    Ethan Jimenez Month ago

    I saw on rotten tomatoes that this movie had only one bad review and that the stunts looked faked and cgi BUT THEY WERE ALL REAL

  • nosferatu 507
    nosferatu 507 Month ago

    Everything GOOD*

  • Danielle Barks
    Danielle Barks Month ago

    Furiosa was a wife bt could not produce babies so she escaped him by Immortan Joe pawning her off on one of his men that drove a war rig, she took over his war rig when he died,

  • BeRadikal
    BeRadikal Month ago

    What is this a summer blockbuster or a TooL video! Classic!

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A Month ago

    I watched this movie a few time it just doesn't make sense

  • maximiliano figueroa

    stupid video

  • Fox Blue River
    Fox Blue River Month ago

    Nothing was wrong with this movie :(

  • Marchander the Great

    4:53 you’ve gotta take away at least 5 sins for that epic scene

  • Adam V.
    Adam V. Month ago

    This movie sucked

  • Big Tall Paul
    Big Tall Paul Month ago

    6:53 These ricochets are consistent with the anti-ex-machina thing; shooting a gas container to make it instantly explode is a ridiculous concept that somehow has become mainstream.

  • kirk brown
    kirk brown Month ago

    she is naked in the cage because it's a trap for men. That was obvious the moment i saw her.
    Dangle naked girl out in the open and shoot the assholes that want to rescue her. You've seen what the rest of society is like outside of their coven; it's all insane men.

  • Eric Whitney
    Eric Whitney Month ago

    It is a great movie, but still deserves sins for them not bringing Mel Gibson back to reprise his role!

  • CXVII 117 R
    CXVII 117 R Month ago

    10:55 it's not a bomb, it is a smoke granade, unless u want to kill the wives in which immortan treasures. (1 sin for cinemasins)

  • Metal \m/
    Metal \m/ Month ago

    i love that the cinema sins guy listens to Tool

    FUTURE Month ago

    the chasity built has an opening so they can use the bathroom

  • Jamie Lannister
    Jamie Lannister Month ago

    This opus is to Road Warrior/Thunderdome as this morning's bean burrito turd is to a gold Rolex. Tom Hardy sucks, in anything. Theron can't act, in anything. Looks like a shitty video game. Which means no doubt that millenials not born when the aforementioned RW/T fapped over it. Watch the originals and lament the descent of civilization in a scant few decades. Took the Roman Empire at least a few centuries to get this fucked.

  • pantslizard
    pantslizard Month ago +1

    This movie SUCKED. However many sins...is not enough...

  • X Ray Studios
    X Ray Studios Month ago

    11:42 mel gibson as max had that injury on the road warrior, does that mean Hardy is such a bad Max furiosa should be the main character?

  • 1 billion subscribers with random videos

    Joe's death was the best part of the movie for me. Should've removed sins for that.

  • Mashal Khan
    Mashal Khan Month ago

    @Mashal Khan

  • Jusumoner M
    Jusumoner M Month ago +1

    Everything Wrong With Your Mom: she created you.

  • HopeisAnger
    HopeisAnger Month ago

    1) In the Real World, Law Enforcement gets medical training. Some more then others. Highway Patrol officers, for example, tend to get a lot more than regular police do, due to how far from medical facilities they can be when something goes wrong.
    2) In the Mad Max World, Max was in the Main Force Patrol (MFP). The MFP was a post-apocalyptic law enforcement agency that operated both in cities and out in the isolated badlands. Only a terminally stupid agency would put its people into those kind of conditions without at least basic medical training.
    For the record I found this funny, but I just wanted to pass that info on.

  • Rick Papineau
    Rick Papineau Month ago

    CinemaSins acknowledges that this is a spectacular movie... gives it almost 100 sins anyway.

  • Jasmine Wright
    Jasmine Wright Month ago

    First time I've ever seen him remove sins

  • Savage Comet
    Savage Comet Month ago +1

    I love this movie like u do too

    NORFSIDA Month ago +10

    Just another day in Australia M8

  • Blackbeard The great

    Because dust storms are not that dangerous here in Australia and all that ground is just dirt and dust no sand just dust

  • Ryan Cooper’s Nissan 240SX

    4:01 I like how he say completely nothing and just look at this guitar guy and remove the sin

    • Nathanowitz Peterstein Cuomoberg
      Nathanowitz Peterstein Cuomoberg 28 days ago +4

      Ryan Cooper’s Nissan 240SX - no need. Those few seconds explain why it’s the best use of a guitar in the history of ever.

  • Josué Zepeda
    Josué Zepeda Month ago

    This is actualy the most loved movie in the series

  • zztosha
    zztosha Month ago

    The only REAL sin this movie has is that Max doesn't get to drive his famous Interceptor at all, except for a short opening-scene. Otherwise, this is the best action movie of this decade.

  • Number Six
    Number Six Month ago

    The ender with the Office Space reference killed me!

  • LouisianaBoy1990
    LouisianaBoy1990 Month ago

    "Lets literally dehumanize some fat women, society's easiest targets".
    Christ, when in the fuck did the CinemaSins narrator become a literal virtue signaling SJW?