Top 3 Mistakes at Virginia International Raceway

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019

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  • Tim Gould
    Tim Gould 2 years ago +4

    Would love to see you talk about the braking zone from the back straight through the roller coaster section.

  • Jay McArdle
    Jay McArdle 2 years ago

    Like the review. Great for my students and I learned a lot also. Your thought on skip shifting into Oak Tree versus dropping two gears since you are not advocating throttle there? Standard gearbox.

  • Rad Racer

    I'll be competing here twice this year and I'm interested in some of your coaching. It's live at the track?

  • Jog B
    Jog B 3 years ago +1

    Great review, thanks.

  • Duffer Mercedes

    He’s breaking for the yellow flag at 11?

  • Shalah Rahim
    Shalah Rahim Year ago +1

    I love watching all Audi's Go Go Go

  • TheParkster15
    TheParkster15 2 years ago

    Call it VIR dork lol jk nice vid

  • lemansz
    lemansz Year ago