2-Year-Old Girl Convinces Her Mom To Adopt A Deaf Puppy | The Dodo Adoption Day

  • Published on Apr 15, 2021
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    2-year-old girl sees a deaf foster puppy walk by her house every day - and decides he needs to be part of her family ❤️
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    For more of Thom's fosters, check him out on Instagram: thedo.do/thomohawk .
    And thanks to Hopalong Rescue for bringing Lillian and Moz together, check them out on Hopalong Instagram: thedo.do/hopalonganimalrescue .
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Comments • 5 979

  • Adam Wittman

    Single handedly populating his neighborhood with dogs he likes. Smart guy.

  • Annalisa Sauter

    I love how the other dogs immediately welcomed Moz to the pack.

  • float
    float  +1

    "Steady, you can do this!" - heart melted. lol also, Thank you Tom for being an amazing foster and finding forever homes for these pets and making sure they are perfect.

  • Emma Butterfly

    The daughter has great judgment. He is adorable, a sweetie, and totally worth adopting.

  • WtFil
    WtFil  +479

    I love how when he shows back up she says “BYE TOM!!”

  • Survivor
    Survivor  +639

    Imagine being a stray dog AND being deaf what a scary life so glad he’s now in a loving home!🥰❤️

  • c b
    c b Year ago +3

    “Our daughter, who’s 2 years old, really loves quiet, mellow, gentle creatures”

  • Colleen
    Colleen  +194

    "Can ya watch him for a couple weeks for me?" LOL That's what he says to all the neighbors 😅😄❤❤ Smart man!!!

  • TheColosiss

    We see what you're doing Thom... You're manipulating the heartstrings so that everyone want more doggos...

  • Roset 1557
    Roset 1557  +203

    When she said “ you can do this” to the dog I absolutely melted

  • FingerSpazm

    People who foster dogs are incredible. I would get way too attached to ever do that. It's amazing they get to live outside of a shelter and in a real home before they find their forever home. It's a beautiful and selfless thing to do

  • Logan Hockema

    "Steady. You can do this!" Well that was the most adorable sage wisdom of all time!

  • Ed K
    Ed K Year ago +16

    “The girl who can’t stop talking and the guy who can’t hear anything.” Okay, so a match made in heaven!!!

  • XxCaleb Xx

    I started ugly crying when Lil’s said “hi Baby baby”. My heart exploded!!

  • 70Slinger
    70Slinger  +41

    Side note, I love the fact there are children who are gonna have a helluva immune system when they get older. Sweet people.

  • Jon A. Scholt
    Jon A. Scholt Day ago +3

    I love how the other foster pups took Moz under their wing (or paws). The pics of them sleeping together were adorable!

  • Fozzy Bear

    Moz is a beautiful little spirit. I hope he is always treated gently.

  • Teresa Waycaster

    This is so sweet it almost made me cry, I'm an animal lover and try to help the homeless or abused animals in my neighborhood, and this is just heartwarming

  • G Henderson
    G Henderson Year ago +3

    "I am Moz' forever family" this girl is absolutely right. Heart of gold.

  • Albe
    Albe  +109

    When I saw her share her pop up ice cream with him that made me smile. I have done the same thing since I was a child. Everyone said “ no, don’t do that, it will make you sick”. Well I am now 70, never did get sick.