• Published on Jul 17, 2019
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    It's going to get many updates to fix some bugs, fix some things around and add awesome new features so make sure you leave us a comment of what you think!

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  • Alisha Augustin
    Alisha Augustin Hour ago

    Ameerah is the real slime queen!!☺👌❤

  • Hope Mallory
    Hope Mallory Hour ago

    Elsa's magical slime!!

  • Maltie Bachan
    Maltie Bachan 5 hours ago

    I am not seeing slimetory slimetory

  • Xxunikornz_world puppyXx

    Ameerah how old even are u!?
    U said 50 years!

  • apueblos
    apueblos 7 hours ago

    Meybe elsa snow

  • Dennis Pretti
    Dennis Pretti 9 hours ago

    I would name the Elsa slime icy cloud.

  • Ambria Wolfgang
    Ambria Wolfgang 12 hours ago

    Omg j didn't use clae

  • Nadia Miles
    Nadia Miles 13 hours ago +1

    Does any of y’all recognize that slime 😆🤔

  • Elida Morales
    Elida Morales 14 hours ago

    I don’t know how to play it

  • Liplll Queen
    Liplll Queen 15 hours ago

    Paul doesn’t play with slime correctly

  • Guterres Sisters
    Guterres Sisters 17 hours ago

    Everyone- Who will you vote of you are the judge

    me-Uhh Paul? How about him?

  • Dolly Khan
    Dolly Khan 21 hour ago


  • Immy loves unicorns
    Immy loves unicorns 21 hour ago +2

    This is how many times jeda said “and”


  • Sonnie Staas
    Sonnie Staas 21 hour ago +1

    Lol idgsjwjshsjwusjahwujsjshshsshshshwydgdgdgdgdgfshshshshsswwssssshhh

  • Cloud crxxm
    Cloud crxxm 21 hour ago

    So sorry
    But I'm new to your channel and is jade your mom and Paul your boyfriend? 😂🤔💖

  • Artemis Salehi
    Artemis Salehi 21 hour ago

    Elsa’s slime

  • Leeia Leeia
    Leeia Leeia 23 hours ago

    All I see in the comments: 👇👈👉☝️

  • Paola Santillan
    Paola Santillan Day ago +1

    This is how many times Jeddah says “clay is magical”

  • Pandas Are Lit
    Pandas Are Lit Day ago +1

    This is how many times Jeddah said some

  • Tilly Burke
    Tilly Burke Day ago

    Where do you get the clay from

  • Mia Cute
    Mia Cute Day ago

    I think you should name it ice cloud!

  • Sonja van Wyk
    Sonja van Wyk Day ago

    Too much glitter

  • Sonja van Wyk
    Sonja van Wyk Day ago

    Love you ameerah # ameerah

  • Xx_Unicorn_blue_lover_darksquad_xX Gamer

    Jeddah you should make your OWN slime pls stop COPYING ameerah!

  • monster 123
    monster 123 Day ago

    Ameerah i love your vids but please can you keep a litteo bit quite starting bc my mom is sick and when im watching you i want hear your beatiful voice but i have to wath like you guys are mute😣😣😣😣😦😦😦😢😢

  • Charisma Baldwin

    Jeddah throwing a tantrum when she loses ;-;

  • maree Sione
    maree Sione Day ago +1

    How much times ameerah wears pretty ears

  • Dakota Lajeunesse

    I love slime❤️😍

  • Bethany Adams
    Bethany Adams Day ago

    Elsa’s powers

  • Kathy Krezmien
    Kathy Krezmien Day ago +1

    Who thinks they should do more than 2 rounds
    Agree= like

    Disagree= comment

  • Isabel Lopez
    Isabel Lopez Day ago

    You guys are the best

  • Raquel Rojas de Weir

    Me:first thing come to mind is whipping cream
    Paul:First thing come to mind is white poo

  • Naomi Isla
    Naomi Isla Day ago +2

    How much Jeddah said your just jealous. 👇🏻

  • Naomi Isla
    Naomi Isla Day ago +1

    #team ambers

  • Noreen Bi
    Noreen Bi Day ago

    Love the new slime a Tory game

  • Mirlinda rinesa
    Mirlinda rinesa Day ago +1

    tha SliMEATORy is THE Best

  • Elisa Gonzalez
    Elisa Gonzalez Day ago +1

  • Taylor McPherson
    Taylor McPherson 2 days ago +1

    This is how many time judo said she will win

  • Gatcha XX
    Gatcha XX 2 days ago

    Jays first slime looks like sand

  • Georgia Anne Labios
    Georgia Anne Labios 2 days ago +1

    Paul your really talent-
    Pauls mind o wait I don't want Ameerah to say that
    Ameerah is talented

  • M M
    M M 2 days ago

    This is how many times jaddie siad does that mean I win

  • M M
    M M 2 days ago +1

    Who is going to be the best

  • Cute Film
    Cute Film 2 days ago

    Teach your mom to say color

  • Anna Piskorska
    Anna Piskorska 2 days ago

    December 2019

  • Niya Vinayachandran
    Niya Vinayachandran 2 days ago

    Elsa’s magic should be the name

  • McKenna Yonally
    McKenna Yonally 2 days ago +5

    For the “Elsa” slime I would name it
    Elsas tower or Elsas palace

  • D Johnson
    D Johnson 2 days ago

    I had the app but then it got boring so I deleted it but now since your saying a lot of stuff. About it I want it back

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 2 days ago

    Well I think that Ameerah should win both and name the slime frostbite

  • Hailey Y
    Hailey Y 2 days ago

    And I made the same thing

  • Hailey Y
    Hailey Y 2 days ago

    Elsa snowball

    XD SQUAD The RPG 2 days ago

    Icy fluff

  • Olivia pizana
    Olivia pizana 2 days ago

    And she called her ugly not being rood just saying

  • Olivia pizana
    Olivia pizana 2 days ago

    She said really ameerah i could fix enything pretty than you .........................her mom just roasted her

  • Mystic lovegirl
    Mystic lovegirl 2 days ago +1

    For the first one I think it was ameerah but the second I can’t choose so I choose both
    Lemme know what u guys think

  • Hayley Cole
    Hayley Cole 2 days ago +1

    Why don't you add a new upgrade to your Slimeatory app like allowing the person that's playing to have two stores when they run out of space also I love your videos and Amira I love your cat ears💙💛💗🐱

  • oriontae daprince
    oriontae daprince 2 days ago

    Frozen powers

  • Suhana Ali
    Suhana Ali 2 days ago

    actually i think jeddah should win in the second round but i loved ameerah's slime ALOT

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 2 days ago

    Does anybody else see that Jeddah acts like a little kid when she looses

  • Crystal Hayes
    Crystal Hayes 2 days ago

    Name it winter wonder land