James Maddison on FLAMES during free-kick challenge vs Jimmy Bullard 🔥🔥 | You Know The Drill LIVE

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
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    James Maddison goes head to head with Jimmy Bullard in a You Know The Drill free-kick challenge!
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Comments • 319

  • BladeChild
    BladeChild Day ago

    Fuck sake keeper. You're already gambling on it going to your right, why the fuck do you stand still when it goes over the wall

  • Ben L
    Ben L 9 days ago

    Why is the wall not jumping

  • My,that's a big one
    My,that's a big one 14 days ago

    I've always liked Maddison since he scored a beast of free kick against Rangers to make it 2-1 in the 89th minute aye he's a class player, no doubt and he's only going to get better! Future England Captain material!

  • Stanley Cummins
    Stanley Cummins 15 days ago

    I am going to be on yor show

  • bonesjuones melo
    bonesjuones melo 17 days ago

    The tekkers he hits this thing with is mad!

  • Sparky Malarky
    Sparky Malarky 21 day ago

    Maddison euro 2020

  • 1981RichB
    1981RichB 21 day ago

    Really enjoyable video, Maddison showing the top player that he is. Unlucky Bully! 😉👏

  • ozamrani22
    ozamrani22 22 days ago +2

    We're waiting for you here in Manchester James

  • Anisa farah
    Anisa farah 25 days ago

    Madison welcome to liverpool

  • liamdor
    liamdor 27 days ago

    Fenners takes stoney jackets instead of cash for his pay

  • MordoTyMoja007
    MordoTyMoja007 29 days ago

    Whats wrong about football shoes?

  • Mahdi Mohamedsani
    Mahdi Mohamedsani Month ago +1

    Why so much hate towards fenners?

    CAL ROBBO Month ago +2

    Full of himself tho aint he.good freekick but he loves blowing himself off

  • Guru ji’s Kaur Let’s change the world

    imagne him and mctominay

  • dylan vasey
    dylan vasey Month ago

    Does Stone Island sponsor the show now?

  • THG
    THG Month ago

    Nice guy James is

  • Benya Pongnarai
    Benya Pongnarai Month ago +3

    Leicester city!!

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M Month ago

    I mean I know it's all in fun but if it hit the bin and bounced out it pretty much went into the corner on an actual net lol

  • jimipurple123
    jimipurple123 Month ago +1

    If he loses the ego hopefully southgate will play him

  • Bodhi Murphy
    Bodhi Murphy Month ago +2

    Is it just me or is it annoying none of them went far post even though the keeper was standing in the middle

  • Michał Chlebek
    Michał Chlebek Month ago

    What a techinqe. Top class

  • Steven Hickman
    Steven Hickman Month ago +1

    Shame he can't score in real games!

  • Harry Bland
    Harry Bland Month ago

    Never heard of Fenners. But i think he is a prick

  • mickbelfast
    mickbelfast Month ago +4

    “On FLAMES” no wonder no one watches soccer am anymore

    • AC Milan 1899
      AC Milan 1899 Month ago +1

      Yeah 25 years and still the same tired jokes and format

  • Craig W
    Craig W Month ago +4

    Madders free kick v Rangers 🔥

  • yourboiblue
    yourboiblue Month ago +3

    3:51 sorry, you already done that with the double denim

  • cicstommy
    cicstommy Month ago +2

    Title of the vid is slightly misleading.

  • theroddy
    theroddy Month ago

    That multi millionaire needs new trousers.

  • Raster Boy99
    Raster Boy99 Month ago

    ...another ex-pub league player doin well for himself.

  • Have-a- Cigar
    Have-a- Cigar 2 months ago

    What’s that we wiggle run up all about plus the fact he has yoga pants on

  • Jamie Birkett
    Jamie Birkett 2 months ago

    He's decent this lad. On fire this seasone

  • fessells ahmed
    fessells ahmed 2 months ago +2

    Bullard is my favorite footballer

  • mediacenter man
    mediacenter man 2 months ago

    Maddison's lower legs look super bendy. Wonder if that helps with his striking angles? Top player

  • nick260682
    nick260682 2 months ago +1

    All that cash and holes in his jeans.

  • Dan Fenech
    Dan Fenech 2 months ago +3

    This show needs to stop trying to be cool its like your dad going thru a mid life crisis

  • JLH
    JLH 2 months ago

    Not flames he didn't get it in the top bins at all 😂

  • free bird
    free bird 2 months ago

    Better than Dele alli

  • daddy
    daddy 2 months ago +1

    Hopefully maddison stays at leicester, his ego and showing off is to much as it is

  • johannsebastienbach
    johannsebastienbach 2 months ago

    When did british started calling football soccer

    OUSMAN SAIDYKHAN 2 months ago


  • Craig Tyler
    Craig Tyler 2 months ago +35

    ''I always take 4 steps'' Takes 5 steps every single time.

    • Ryan M
      Ryan M Month ago

      @Craig Tyler nah, not the comment, more the tone that I read it in, in my mind lol

    • Craig Tyler
      Craig Tyler Month ago

      @Ryan M You must be so upset about my comment.

    • Ryan M
      Ryan M Month ago +1

      Right foot back - left foot back - right back - left back. Set your stance. Go. It's 4 in terms of significant/relevant steps. More if you wanna be a smart ass.

    • AC Milan 1899
      AC Milan 1899 Month ago

      Didn't go to school, such is the lot of a footballer.

    • Peter Cross
      Peter Cross Month ago +2

      He said 4 otherwise we’d all know his secret 😉

  • ODI YT
    ODI YT 2 months ago +1

    Beckham can do this free kicks in wheelchair hahahaha😂😂😂😂

  • Shaun Keegan
    Shaun Keegan 2 months ago +2

    He's one of our own 💙

  • mr nutty
    mr nutty 2 months ago

    I was not impressed I just watched Ronaldinho free kicks they were much better Maddison is average at best compared to others

  • Cheximus
    Cheximus 2 months ago

    Credit for doing it in those jeans with those figure hugging jeans in.

  • backdownyoutube654
    backdownyoutube654 2 months ago

    I cant stand that Jimmy guy

  • Stu 6
    Stu 6 2 months ago

    Kdb more assists

  • Hajiera Wagiet
    Hajiera Wagiet 2 months ago

    He looks like Beckham

  • Mark Chawner
    Mark Chawner 2 months ago

    He's Fox ! ......

  • Gar Sm
    Gar Sm 2 months ago +2

    The money he gets and he wears jeans like that !!

  • Jimmy Norris
    Jimmy Norris 2 months ago

    Who wrote the title of this video?

  • Mustak Miah
    Mustak Miah 2 months ago +2

    Those skin tight jeans are putting me off, why the hell would a guy want to wear trousers as skinny as that

    • rb26dett
      rb26dett 2 months ago

      Have you not been outside recently? They are common

  • Marlon Brando
    Marlon Brando 2 months ago

    Mickey mouse compared to Ronaldo??

  • Liasos88
    Liasos88 2 months ago

    Are those pants or is it body paint?

  • altec00
    altec00 2 months ago

    Jombo suck

  • Villamart1982
    Villamart1982 2 months ago +1

    On flames? What's that meant to mean? Does he have a carpet of flames under his feet? Oh I get it, trying to do a more trendy 'he's on fire'. Can't we just stick with that

    • OnceIWasYou
      OnceIWasYou 2 months ago

      Exactly what I thought, trying way too hard and it's just meaningless.

  • James Williamson
    James Williamson 2 months ago +3

    Great player!! Without question... best free kick this man scored was against Rangers in the 90+ minute to win 2-1. Fantastic player....

  • Bucket with a face on it
    Bucket with a face on it 3 months ago +1

    Blokes like Bullard dont like being shown up. Always have a hissy fit.

  • Bucket with a face on it

    If southgate ever picks dele alli or Lingaard over James Maddison or mason mount he needs putting in a straight jacket. Mount and Maddison will rip teams apart. English Ronaldos.

    • LFC Shanks
      LFC Shanks 3 months ago

      There nothing like ronaldo

  • Baileathacliath24
    Baileathacliath24 3 months ago +1

    Remember Tim and Helen???