My Thoughts On KSI vs Logan Paul 2 Rematch...

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
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  • Tanya Maria
    Tanya Maria Day ago

    You shouldn't feel guilty, it's known that you should keep those precious moments to yourself

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  • Shivraj Sawant
    Shivraj Sawant 5 days ago

    Roast- youre the only person I know who uses ksi in title still doesn't get even million views

  • Link_Roblox
    Link_Roblox 5 days ago

    Do pranks

  • 100volt 176
    100volt 176 5 days ago


  • Nick den Heyer
    Nick den Heyer 9 days ago

    I’m from the Netherlands and I couldn’t buy the ppv...

  • Zaid khan
    Zaid khan 9 days ago +2

    Your accent is too hard to understand

  • Fuzit gaming
    Fuzit gaming 10 days ago


  • Sam Collins
    Sam Collins 11 days ago

    Adverbs... Adverbs ending with ly 😉

  • NCM Gamer
    NCM Gamer 12 days ago

    Youre not gonna like it but you and i are lazy

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 12 days ago +1

    Josh your videos are always great content. I don’t mind that you’re a little inconsistent with it because when you do post it’s great (compare yourself to ChrisMD but not as bad lol. You guys are both brilliant youtubers) if you’re stressing maybe take a break for a while, we’ll still be here when you come back ❤️

  • Waleed
    Waleed 13 days ago

    Yay more Josh

  • Jlister Gaming
    Jlister Gaming 13 days ago

    31:33 daddy?

  • CaesarThaToast
    CaesarThaToast 14 days ago

    even if logan's 2 point deduction was only 1 point, the ref still miss judged JJ's knockdown in round 3 calling it a slip so JJ STILL deserved it. I thought the fight was overall pretty ass to watch but that's how I see it

  • alisha
    alisha 14 days ago +1

    wait did tobi give josh the canvas thing with both of them on 🥺🥺🥺

  • Nina Ballerina
    Nina Ballerina 14 days ago

    Yoooo Josh your teeth glo up tho 😍😫👌🏾👀

  • Ja M
    Ja M 14 days ago

    Shannon Briggs:

  • The Last Snow
    The Last Snow 14 days ago

    love this from zerkaa

  • Lisa Mattola
    Lisa Mattola 15 days ago

    I like to hear you waffling about things! 👌

  • a
    a 15 days ago

    One vid I could tell you was way out your comfort zone was that stylist choosing your outfits, it was cool seeing you go a bit more out there

  • Viliame Derederenalagi

    I normally just watch ksi n miniminter but damn this Zerka is UNDERATED AF.

  • Ahmed Shadi
    Ahmed Shadi 15 days ago

    it feels like you're intimidated of posting here cuz the channel is almost "too big", thats what I think anyways

  • RanaKing Gaming
    RanaKing Gaming 15 days ago

    i was reluctant to watch this as your on ksi's team but finally someone had the balls to be real! Realist youtuber iv seen for a while well done josh 🙏

  • robin97rv
    robin97rv 15 days ago

    I don't even know who rick ross is

  • robin97rv
    robin97rv 15 days ago

    Why does ksi need a boxing nickname? Ksi is already his nickname

  • Marco Di Popolo
    Marco Di Popolo 15 days ago

    This is half an hour long ad revenue

  • Chouda04
    Chouda04 15 days ago +1

    Like if Josh speaks so much wisdom

  • Ethan Awesome-30
    Ethan Awesome-30 16 days ago


  • Isaac Percy
    Isaac Percy 16 days ago

    32 mins of Josh talking
    It's like being back in a school assembly

  • M1ks0n
    M1ks0n 16 days ago +1

    Logan held JJ's head which is a illegal move so actually that should be a disqualify :)

  • Joseph Gallagher
    Joseph Gallagher 16 days ago

    I'm sorry. but filming a dead body isn't a mistake

  • Buklau TheLegend
    Buklau TheLegend 16 days ago

    The sidemen missed a grate opportunity with merch for this fight. You guys should have launched 4 different KSI VS Logan fight designs, with the sidemen branding a month before fight night. Then carry out an advertising campaign through the sidemen, TheXvid, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook streams. Also briefly mentioning this merch across all 7 sidemen individual TheXvid, Twitter, Insta, etc. I as a fan would have definitely been interested in the merch, as memorabilia for this huge historical event, both in the online world and main stream media.

  • Tomas Brice
    Tomas Brice 16 days ago

    This is the first video I’ve watched on your channel. Much better than I expected!


    No one really watches josh his channel is kinda dead

  • Eski
    Eski 16 days ago

    ok boomer

  • King Rozay
    King Rozay 16 days ago

    difference between logan’s crew and Jjs crew.. Logan has Yes men and JJ has Real men keep him level headed

  • Bim Rai
    Bim Rai 16 days ago +1

    Best life lesson: 14:42

  • Leonardo Fernandez
    Leonardo Fernandez 16 days ago


    Josh hey ho

  • MarloSoBalJr
    MarloSoBalJr 16 days ago

    I'll have to stop you right there, Josh... Logan is back to being a meme again. Sore loser. Just accept the decision.

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 16 days ago

    The most underrated youtuber on the platform with tobi

  • Shepdogm8
    Shepdogm8 16 days ago

    great video!

  • Gequahn Colebrooke
    Gequahn Colebrooke 16 days ago

    Josh, I truly enjoyed this video! It was great! Nice pacing, the music was nice, and you were nothing but genuine. It had a ... vibe of gladness to it. (i.e. I felt happy). This was really good man!

  • Nathan Owen
    Nathan Owen 16 days ago

    Lol 3.33 mill subs and 1.1k comments

  • Laverne Chee
    Laverne Chee 16 days ago

    Ugh your cute annd can I move thee Hahahah

  • whyteXfang
    whyteXfang 16 days ago

    Hey ho, whaddayoukno

  • Swiss Cheeseballs
    Swiss Cheeseballs 16 days ago

    16:03 nahhh shoutout to the guy who streamed it thru his glasses

  • Omar Flores
    Omar Flores 16 days ago

    I never realized how much of an overbite he has

  • ollieleeb
    ollieleeb 16 days ago

    Was struggling with insomnia recently, watching this last night and I’ve just woken up

  • sumayya imran
    sumayya imran 16 days ago

    Please talk slower 😂

  • Wahder
    Wahder 16 days ago

    14:39 Josh is giving us sex tips boys

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 16 days ago

    You sound, how you look. Shit.

  • sondre elias ingvaldsen
    sondre elias ingvaldsen 16 days ago +2

    Yo, not everyone can film a 30 min video with just talking about a topic and still make it interesting. Good vid bro, keep it up

  • Huseyin Ergisi
    Huseyin Ergisi 16 days ago

    Fml 32 mins

  • Ollie Wilcock
    Ollie Wilcock 16 days ago +2

    Yo idk if this is common knowledge, but Josh defo got those invisline braces, his teeth are looking much better 👍🏻

  • Faceless Media
    Faceless Media 16 days ago

    How does he have the most to say compared to everyone???? Smart guy ngl

  • Zeyna Tarout
    Zeyna Tarout 16 days ago +1

    Logan is way better

  • Aniśmk
    Aniśmk 16 days ago


  • Salty 22
    Salty 22 16 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • Kallissa Furtado
    Kallissa Furtado 16 days ago

    Josh. I love you. Your videos are amazing and continue to make them

  • Maria Taumaa
    Maria Taumaa 16 days ago

    You have such beautiful eyes Josh! I love you. Huge fan 😘😘