I bought every pullup bar in the world

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021

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  • Szymon K
    Szymon K Month ago +6502

    i have a pull up bar for 10 bucks and it only slipped once, almost broke my nose but worth it

    • Sam -91
      Sam -91 12 days ago


    • Czm64个
      Czm64个 13 days ago

      @slizz same I had the 10 bucks one and fell on my hips. Couldn't walk straight for 3 days straight

    • Kenley Garrett
      Kenley Garrett Month ago

      Same but i jumped the wrong way and it wasn’t screwed in and i busted my lip and my butt

    • Sanu
      Sanu Month ago

      @Layne Vaughn not funny didn't laugh

    • Egi
      Egi Month ago +1

      Mine never slipped, already use them for over a year. You just have to grip at the side where it extends when your hand move downward.

  • Benjamin Lootens
    Benjamin Lootens Month ago +2807

    Lol. 1000 dollars for something I could build myself for a couple hundred and a trip to home depot.

  • Will
    Will Month ago +638

    Made a pull up bar and a dip station in my backyard for about 120$ with supplies from Home Depot. Best way to do it, you feel accomplished cuz your hard work paid off and you can get a little workout in while you install it.

    • Wyatt W
      Wyatt W Month ago +1

      @Rene Ceballo pfff I built my school and a shithouse

    • Rene Ceballo
      Rene Ceballo Month ago +9

      Fuck it I'm building my own house

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin Month ago

    As a filmmaker, it makes me extremely jealous how cheap these accessories are compared to camera rig accessories with the same material…

  • BRXN
    BRXN Month ago +309

    I love the part when he shows us level 2 pull up bar

  • JELLYPlays_acnh
    JELLYPlays_acnh Month ago +79

    The last one reminded me of these monkey bars I had in school. I tried doing this thing everyone else was doing where you get on it and flip upside down then jump off, I was able to get upside down but panicked and forgot how to get back down. The teacher on duty had to get me down and all students had to leave the area, it took half an hour and I got to miss the rest of the day 😂

    • Freya Trueandonlyqueengoddess Daethtoallimpostors
      Freya Trueandonlyqueengoddess Daethtoallimpostors Month ago +1

      Um, they had some of those bars at the school they made me go to when I was about 6, and I was always good at the bars, for some reason... I also had a natural flexibility -- like, I always could do the full front splits and the full front bend naturally/without even trying... I could also always hold a handstand against the wall, but I can't lift more than 10 kg, and I struggle even when I hold a 5 kg package, and when I try holding a 10 kg package, I feel like I am breaking in half, ugh...

  • Arkee
    Arkee Month ago +2

    My dad owns a hardware store and made me one from the scraps of shelves used to wrack up plt boards, it's comfortable and can hold like a bazilion pounds

  • Jelly
    Jelly 2 days ago

    Thank you for always bringing us great content❤

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo Month ago +83

    This was great short, just straight to the point. I fck with it I don’t know why

  • How To Speed Run
    How To Speed Run Month ago

    As a filmmaker, it makes me extremely jealous how cheap these accessories are compared to camera rig accessories with the same material…

  • Tibbity
    Tibbity Month ago

    I use handles that I just slide into places like steel beams and get to work, cost me no more than £20 for both and they're extremely durable

  • qkr gusrb
    qkr gusrb 29 days ago +4

    I like using gymnastic rings bc you can use them for other calisthenic workouts and you can adjust the difficulty easily

  • Bradley Wilcox
    Bradley Wilcox Month ago

    Be careful with the ones that mount above the door frames. They cause damage to the door frames

  • Anus Repair Man
    Anus Repair Man Month ago

    Ive had one like the lvl 3 for atleast 15 years. Still works. Just dont do pullups like the cross fitters do.

  • Julia C.
    Julia C. Month ago +7

    Y'all are making it look so easy to do a pull up that I have to keep reminding myself to stay in bed and be lazy-

  • XXX
    XXX Month ago +156

    The best pull up bars are at the local parks and they’re free

    • Sam -91
      Sam -91 12 days ago


    • Trey coon
      Trey coon 14 days ago

      Yea but like u have to drive there

  • Joel
    Joel 28 days ago

    🤣 it's hilarious to Know that people buy these, while I just use the ledge over my door

  • Fizzy Drinkz23
    Fizzy Drinkz23 Month ago +27

    Though I heard: “we’re buying every single boulevard” lol 😂

  • Sesnoss
    Sesnoss Month ago +27

    I love how he said "probably a bit overkill".

  • Dios nos ha abandonado

    Yes, watching people doing excersice while eating tacos.. quality moments

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama Month ago

    I suggest wooden gymnastic rings. It’s one of the best exercise tools for building muscle, and it’s extremely versatile

  • Hector Montiel
    Hector Montiel Month ago

    I have the second one and it sure holds it's own!

  • Yaheeian
    Yaheeian Month ago +60

    Random question but where did u get that chain and pendant from?

  • dUdIES
    dUdIES 24 days ago

    Issue with the level 7 is that there’s no neutral grip :/

    Edit: and the stands are too close to allow you to do pull up variations where you need to lift yourself above the bar like muscle ups

  • Olivier.mau37 Mau
    Olivier.mau37 Mau Month ago +1

    Attention, la barre de traction est quand même dangereuse, il faut mieux la fixer pour éviter de tomber avec. C est arrivé à mon fils, il a eu la clavicule cassée.

  • Dream
    Dream 19 days ago +1

    Well the cheaper one almost costed me my life so 🙃 I had 5 stickers on the back of my head missing the soft part 😅

  • Joanna
    Joanna Month ago

    0:13 I've had this one for like 3 years now and it has never let me down.

  • Larion233
    Larion233 Month ago

    0:13 I've had this one for like 3 years now and it has never let me down.

  • Blue
    Blue Month ago

    These shorts are so entertaining they always make my day happier💕

  • boli milda
    boli milda Month ago

    I literally thought he stole every pull up bar in the world 😅😂

  • jacknthaknox
    jacknthaknox Month ago

    I literally thought he stole every pull up bar in the world 😅😂

  • willow
    willow Month ago +1

    idk why i watched this but now i know which one to buy if i ever needed a pull-up bar

  • Kayla Bumgardner
    Kayla Bumgardner 8 days ago +1

    "Its not a mistake"🎆 it's a masterpiece🎆

    • MatTheHat
      MatTheHat 7 days ago

      "You're a mistake" 🎆no one loves you🎆

  • SovietOnion ._.
    SovietOnion ._. Month ago

    Why am i watching this knowing full well that I can’t even do one pull up

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez Month ago

    I have a bar that looks like the $10 bar and costs something around $10 in my currency. I bought it for strengthening grip and for assisted pull-ups for weight loosing. I weight 150 kg and this shit is really durable since it's working for 6 months now

  • Talk No Jutsu
    Talk No Jutsu Month ago +1

    That 25$ one is the best value for money I guess

  • harper wurth
    harper wurth Month ago

    the way he just did a muscle up like it was nothing😃

  • Charles Ricks
    Charles Ricks Month ago

    what about the ones that push up on your feet and help you do your pull up if you’re too weak?

  • KillersawOfficials
    KillersawOfficials Month ago

    If i ever tried to do a pull up i would drop into the ground as fast as a jet plane

  • Moonlight_Shadow
    Moonlight_Shadow 16 days ago

    my school spent like 2k euro on 4 pull-up rigs (something like lvl 8) only for 2 of them to be destroyed by some kids who were told to assemble them by the (ex PE teacher and he gave them a full tool kit the school had for fixing shit
    and he left them alone
    and they started messing
    and a clown used a drill to damage the actual pull up bar
    and the school can't use those 2 because they are a safety hazard and the kid's parents had to reimburse the costs since the company refused to cover it under warranty

    yes the PE teacher was fired for allowing first years to use mechanical tools unsupervised

  • DS33Z
    DS33Z Month ago

    For a moment, i thought he said “I'm gonna buy every boulevard“ untill I saw the pull-up bar.

  • Ashutosh Hiremath 10th A

    I've got the 10 bucks one, holds up alright since im round 80 kgs

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui Month ago

    For a moment, i thought he said “I'm gonna buy every boulevard“ untill I saw the pull-up bar.

  • Paul Lortie
    Paul Lortie Day ago

    Buys like 6 pull up bars him:we're buying ALL the pull-up bars in the WORLD

  • arif zamri
    arif zamri Month ago

    They spent their money so we don't have too. But I still would get the first one 😂.

  • gmanz5
    gmanz5 Month ago +1

    Rings are my favorite fitness equipment period

  • K FLY
    K FLY Month ago +1

    The 150$ one is the best one lol they have it at my gym

  • Emily .33jk
    Emily .33jk Month ago

    “We are buying every single pull up bar in the world” 💀💀💀

  • Živko simeunovic
    Živko simeunovic 14 days ago

    When my dad was at college he had one of these and he destroyed the wall with them 💀

  • Wojciech Chomiak
    Wojciech Chomiak Month ago

    Thanks guys this was short but full of most important info on the products.

  • Sukshith Shetty
    Sukshith Shetty Month ago

    Me looking at this video without and also realizing that i cannot do pull ups 🙃

  • Dominic Puntillo
    Dominic Puntillo Month ago

    Damn bro don’t buy them all. Save some for the rest of us

  • IceKweenie
    IceKweenie Month ago +1

    Me realizing these guys are Dutch: “Welkom bij de kaasclub”

  • Nati Gefner
    Nati Gefner Month ago +2

    I’ve had the lvl 3 one for almost a year now and it’s never fallen

    • YeHiA
      YeHiA Month ago

      Where can i find it?

  • Master Oogway
    Master Oogway 13 days ago

    You can also do muscle ups on the gymnastic rings

  • slida emif
    slida emif Month ago

    I literally thought he stole every pull up bar in the world

  • anonymous
    anonymous Month ago

    I almost broke my damn nose w one of those. Came straight down hit me straight in the middle bridge of my nose.

  • prod. blvck mvth
    prod. blvck mvth Month ago

    My buddy has the second one and we love it

  • Sleepy Ash
    Sleepy Ash Month ago

    The second one my brother uses pretty good

  • Kai
    Kai Month ago

    anyone remember that one ad on tv about this door bar, that could hold over 4000 lbs, and could have a swing attachment? just me? ok

  • xxx yyy
    xxx yyy Month ago

    Broke my elbow on one of these lol never doing pullups at home again

  • Rio Rio
    Rio Rio Month ago

    I have the lvl.4 one its pretty fun

  • 320speed
    320speed Month ago +1

    Good shit man, hope you get your money back from TheXvid revenue.

  • Hyper Shadow Sniper 176

    Very informational. Thank You

  • Max M
    Max M Month ago

    We have the one for level three it’s great but you have to put it on a door

  • Robin Kings
    Robin Kings 11 days ago

    25$ one is great never slipped with it

  • common gamer
    common gamer Month ago

    1000 for a pull up bar. meanwhile me with a broomstick..👍👍👍👍

  • Avocado Lover77
    Avocado Lover77 Month ago

    Where did you get the $25 one from?

  • Sheeshmaster420
    Sheeshmaster420 Month ago +75

    I thought he said “I bought every boulevard in the world”

  • The amazing Baltha the obease

    the perfect loop doesn’t exi-

  • Mekh Dio
    Mekh Dio Month ago

    I legit thought they'll buy every pull up bar in the world not every pull up bar type😳
    I was lowkey worried I wouldnt find any when I'll go buy one

  • the bean cult
    the bean cult 13 days ago

    It's not a mistake it's ✨a masterpiece✨

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre Month ago

    In the beginning I thought he said we’re buying every “boulevard” in the world & testing them out

  • mimikyu productions

    Him: can I hang on this
    Me: same energy here

  • Matthew L P
    Matthew L P Month ago

    In the beginning I thought he said we’re buying every “boulevard” in the world & testing them out

  • Camden Sterling
    Camden Sterling 2 days ago

    Brownie: hell yea lets gp bankrupt

    Bank: why you so stupid

  • Tallboy
    Tallboy 10 days ago

    It’s not a mistake it’s a masterpiece

  • Jack Lacy
    Jack Lacy Month ago

    The kid at my school can 10 muscle ups in a row

  • Rex Antony
    Rex Antony Month ago

    You should put the link to the full video in the description so its easy for everyone just a suggestion tho

  • elementplays 499
    elementplays 499 Month ago +3

    I bet all the people in the chat are bodybuilder chads but there's me who is eating cheetos and chocolate while being significantly overweight

  • Samuel Strunk
    Samuel Strunk Month ago

    Probably get the gymnastic rings for $20 on Amazon.

  • jel0nkae
    jel0nkae Month ago

    That 25 bucks bar looks dope

  • Cissy
    Cissy Month ago

    I have never, ever, successfully done a pull up

  • angel Gonzalez
    angel Gonzalez Month ago

    Indestructible? Is that a challenge for me 😂

  • Wize Wunz
    Wize Wunz Month ago

    What’s he gonna do with all those pull-up bars?? Surely he can’t use all of them!

  • Crispy Noodles
    Crispy Noodles Month ago

    Ah yes, every pull up bar

  • yew. cy
    yew. cy Month ago +2

    Gimme dat lvl 10 🤗🔥

  • kaiio
    kaiio Month ago +1

    ah yes there’s only 10 pull-up bars in the whole world

  • Adam Jessop
    Adam Jessop 14 days ago

    My pull-up bar is screwed into my doorframe it was custom made by my friend so I got it for free it’s done me well

  • RobiBobi008 Minecraft

    Apperantly there are only like 10 pull up bars? The more you know i guess?

  • bbooodd alfagih
    bbooodd alfagih Month ago

    For those who don't live in u.s.a.

    When u.s. americans say "in the world" they mean "in our country"

  • Harsh Vardhan
    Harsh Vardhan Month ago

    As shown at Level 9, how is that person 103 kg????!!!!!

  • Rhey Cruz Aragon
    Rhey Cruz Aragon 10 days ago

    𝓲 think i’d get the 25$ one ngl

  • Shiny Breloom
    Shiny Breloom Month ago

    F for how much money he spent

  • I_Darsh
    I_Darsh 11 days ago

    Too easy💪🔥

  • dead zero
    dead zero Month ago

    the one at my school is for pull ups, dips, and has supports on it so you can work your way up .-.

  • Lolli Lily
    Lolli Lily 3 days ago +1

    Oh I think my sister had the level 3 at home lol

  • shem lhuid
    shem lhuid Month ago

    I thought he'll buy every single boulevard

  • I post random videos

    How clickbait do you want this to be?

    Him: yes

  • Job Fernandez
    Job Fernandez Month ago

    A single metal beam for 1000$, yea no def not overkill