YK Osiris - Freaky Dancer (Lyric Video) ft. DaBaby

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
    Music video by YK Osiris performing Freaky Dancer (Lyric Video). © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Detrick Reed
    Detrick Reed 30 minutes ago

    Toot toot

  • Manny Yorok
    Manny Yorok 14 hours ago

    When he says dancer lowkey reminds me of x

  • Andrew b
    Andrew b 17 hours ago

    5 seconds on 0.25

  • Sebastian Roundwind
    Sebastian Roundwind 20 hours ago

    Water sheep would not approve

  • Austin
    Austin 23 hours ago


  • DWRF Dooch
    DWRF Dooch 23 hours ago

    Next thing you know they both make XXL

  • Nchant
    Nchant Day ago

    Who came here from clix's video ?

  • jöergen
    jöergen Day ago

    someone here from clix 's trio montage?

  • burst
    burst Day ago


  • TheRussianOne Official

    For the longest time I thought his name was YK ORIS 🤦‍♂️

  • Isaiah Washington
    Isaiah Washington 2 days ago +1

    This is lit

  • Prodazine
    Prodazine 3 days ago


  • Laila Obeid
    Laila Obeid 3 days ago +1

    This sounds like the xxl cypher

  • xBlink
    xBlink 3 days ago

    this whole video look like the ending of a video game or like a deadpool movie

  • Gadriana
    Gadriana 3 days ago


  • Timber 007
    Timber 007 4 days ago

    Who is from Clix?

  • Novo
    Novo 4 days ago +3

    Yah yah i know u came from clix

    • Reedツ
      Reedツ 17 hours ago

      Novo lmao you right

  • THK FLam
    THK FLam 4 days ago

    Who’s here from MSF Clix?

  • Szymon Fus
    Szymon Fus 4 days ago +1

    Someone frop Clix?

  • Just Moldii
    Just Moldii 4 days ago

    MSF Clix

  • BestPlayer2160
    BestPlayer2160 5 days ago

    Anyone here from clix???

  • A_goll
    A_goll 5 days ago +1

    I cant be the only one who thinks he his underaged.

  • Nyaa TV
    Nyaa TV 5 days ago

    *She's a "turns on theory music" DANCA*

  • Will Fountain III
    Will Fountain III 7 days ago

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhardest track n da joint,,this nigggggaaa,,,,,,,,,,,wowww,,,,,gangsta afk,took music to a whole new level.i can listen to this track a thousand times a day,,,,,,,he killed dis shyt

  • King Arrogance
    King Arrogance 7 days ago

    Dababy killed that shit fire asf no cap

  • Maria Romero
    Maria Romero 9 days ago +1


  • Marwa Jxjx
    Marwa Jxjx 9 days ago

    She’s a dancaaa damn kkkk like it 😂 🔥

  • Σvil_XenoZ
    Σvil_XenoZ 9 days ago


  • Weston Wallace
    Weston Wallace 10 days ago

    One time that yk osiris rapped

  • Koa Hunt
    Koa Hunt 10 days ago

    Ayyyyyy she a dennnnsaaaaaaa😂😂😂

  • Ivan De Brito
    Ivan De Brito 11 days ago


  • Queen _zuzu
    Queen _zuzu 12 days ago

    Freaky dancahhh

  • Tay Bands00
    Tay Bands00 12 days ago

    I got to do a song wit yk 🔥📈💯💯

  • Abigail Johnson Akingbade

    Yk Osiris is sexy. Yk Osiris is awesome. I love this song! 😍😍😍

  • Crappy HR
    Crappy HR 12 days ago

    Back that ass up like toot toot 😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️

  • yerak zurnaci
    yerak zurnaci 12 days ago

    YOU are horny ,really horny,freaky horny 😹😹😹😹

  • Azaria's world
    Azaria's world 12 days ago

    I loke when he say danca

  • Emmanuel TheDon
    Emmanuel TheDon 13 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/tkJE-nSSuBE/video.html tap in you won’t regret it.

  • Sean Koenigs
    Sean Koenigs 13 days ago

    Anyone else milly rock to this

  • Carol Moreau
    Carol Moreau 13 days ago


  • Carol Moreau
    Carol Moreau 13 days ago +1

    I like the part BRING YO FRIEND WITH YOU I LIKE 1+2

  • Reine Dogbe
    Reine Dogbe 13 days ago +1

    Turn up!!!! Love this song Fire!!

  • Red Christian
    Red Christian 14 days ago


  • That Boi
    That Boi 14 days ago

    Here for dababy,stayed for Osiris.

  • Upt0wnzF1nest Jr.
    Upt0wnzF1nest Jr. 14 days ago +1


  • naydette andrade
    naydette andrade 14 days ago +1

    like if dababy ruind the hole song 😖😖

  • Dev Trends
    Dev Trends 14 days ago

    She a dancaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • SocialSauce
    SocialSauce 15 days ago

    Baby carried the cypher yk carried the song

  • y z
    y z 16 days ago

    Check it
    Area 51

  • -ˏˋ Soup ˎˊ-
    -ˏˋ Soup ˎˊ- 16 days ago

    what happened to the comment saying he sounded like a gay boy lol

  • Zoe Sales
    Zoe Sales 17 days ago +1

    shiii..,😂dis kinda dope😎

  • Julesia  Howard
    Julesia Howard 17 days ago +3

    Jaylen kids have to come home 🏠💯😂😘💙🤦🏾‍♀️dddhj did ff

  • cupcakegirl456 cupcake
    cupcakegirl456 cupcake 17 days ago +5

    Y.k osiris u and cardi should atleast should make a video fr fr😯

  • Slimify .y
    Slimify .y 18 days ago +6

    TikTok girls get tis song oooooooooooooof

  • devin smith
    devin smith 18 days ago

    This or look back at it like = look back at it dislike = dancer

  • Cool it Big fella
    Cool it Big fella 18 days ago

    Dancaa 🔥

  • xxxtentacion's ski mask


  • Zachary Watson
    Zachary Watson 19 days ago

    I love you so much this is a girl. But it just says a boy

  • NickAndTheTeam
    NickAndTheTeam 19 days ago +1

    I just realized why I’m in love with yk Osiris songs, he’s like a younger Kanye like when he was in his prime 😳

  • Anime God YT
    Anime God YT 19 days ago

    Niggas keep hating this song low ki fire all for all yo hoes that keep mentioning that he says "danca" thats low ki fire to me 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿 all ya'll haters

  • lil_trillaa bro
    lil_trillaa bro 20 days ago

    YK you have a

  • Phantom Withered Zeek
    Phantom Withered Zeek 20 days ago +3

    I keep listening to this song over and over it's a nice song that I like it's on my number 1 favorite song

  • DC GøtHeat
    DC GøtHeat 20 days ago +1

    How u go from this to the 2nd worst XXL 2019 Freestyle?

  • Chrome Flame
    Chrome Flame 20 days ago +22

    A few weeks later and they both made XXL💯🙌🏽

    • Chrome Flame
      Chrome Flame 13 days ago

      Alfonso Ipiales facts tho

    • Alfonso Ipiales
      Alfonso Ipiales 13 days ago +1

      Chrome Flame yk’s cypher was not it doe

    • Meme_ dcash
      Meme_ dcash 15 days ago

      This song came out during xxl

    • Mattia Leneveu
      Mattia Leneveu 15 days ago +1

      @FEVER87 they did that look on is ig story and yk record his shit at billion dollar baby studio

    • FEVER87
      FEVER87 16 days ago +3

      Well XXL is pre recorded so they probably collabed after the cypher

  • yusof Seyedkhel
    yusof Seyedkhel 20 days ago

    this is fire

  • Dennis Bliska
    Dennis Bliska 20 days ago +55

    YK Osiris: You just gotta be worth it.
    Me: Finally a rapper that respects woman
    YK Osiris a couple months later: She a danca freaky danca
    Me: Nevermind

  • Travis Tolls
    Travis Tolls 20 days ago

    Fasho Lil Bro !!! $$$

  • North S
    North S 20 days ago +219

    Who actually likes freaky dancer more then shakira🤷‍♀️

  • Classy The Vixen
    Classy The Vixen 20 days ago +2

    My favorite 💋❤️🔥

  • ØhØkay ßye
    ØhØkay ßye 20 days ago


  • Cj da goat
    Cj da goat 20 days ago


  • Maddi Futrell
    Maddi Futrell 20 days ago

    She’s a dancuhhhh🥵😩💍

  • DEM0N_
    DEM0N_ 20 days ago +1


  • Nkorey Hall
    Nkorey Hall 20 days ago

    Subscribe to channel N’Korey Hall

  • Maverick Wilton
    Maverick Wilton 20 days ago

    yo this is a banger