Sen Morimoto - People Watching

  • Published on May 3, 2018
  • Sen Morimoto's Cannonball! LP out now on 88rising / Sooper Records!!! Listen/Download here:
    Introducing: Sen Morimoto - the Kyoto-born multi-instrumentalist prodigy making waves in the Chicago scene.

    Sen Morimoto
    Sooper Records
    88 is double happiness
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  • Thomas
    Thomas 10 months ago

    I have no idea what is it about this song that keeps me coming back.

  • Saqhib Khan
    Saqhib Khan 11 months ago +2

    People watching there's people watching secret Santa
    All you gifted people watching people watching secret cameras
    They keep their distance
    When you tried did it make a difference ?
    We're being so dramatic
    People watching they're like, "why you laughing?"
    I'm like "why you trying?"
    They're like "stop asking"
    I let a whole lot pass me
    When you tried was it everlasting?
    Was it ever answered? The last thing that you ever asked me
    People watching, I watch the people pass me
    People persons I don't get along with have the nerve to ask me - "Are you sure about this?"
    Please don't worry about this
    If you don't hurry you won't ever catch me
    I said if you love me and you want me to stay, you just gotta give me the time of the day
    You can always tell me how you want it to be, I just have a feeling 'bout a couple of things
    She told me that the pleasure and the secrets you make, is dealing with depression in a meaningful way
    She came to the show and I practically beamed, she was dancing laughing at me
    [Verse 2]
    I write songs everywhere I go, everywhere I land
    I don't have a band, I don't need a band
    I wrote songs in Japan on my Grandma's baby Grand, she was dancing clapping her hands
    And what do you do if the mirror is lookin' at you funny?
    Massachusetts maple syrup is sweeter than honey
    The sunny side of the street is 200 degrees in the summer
    And I'd bet everything I have on it, I put a little razzmatazz on it, I'm only sad when I'm mad, honest
    Fallin' out will put you back on it, hey
    I said put a little back in it
    But I make bad decisions, I make them all the time
    We have inner demons that's a hell of a find
    They say a dirty kitchen is some kind of a sign
    Twenty-something vision with my eyes in my mind
    I said if you love me and you want me to stay, you just gotta give me the time of the day
    You just gotta tell me how you want it to be, I got a feeling 'bout a couple of things
    [Verse 3]
    Time froze but kept count, I wasn't watching
    It's been doing that my whole life I almost let it stop me
    I love you for who you are - oh, ohh
    I wasn't comparing to them, I was just staring at me
    I will not ask for the answer, I live in the question for cheap [?]
    Included you 'til the tease who did you give the keys to?
    Elusive as the words to describe - I wasn't comparing at them, I was just staring at me
    I will not ask for the answer, I live in the question for cheap [?]
    Included you 'til the tease who did you give the keys to?
    Elusive as the words to describe how time in a dream moves
    Time froze, I chose love, I won't budge
    Most people I haven't met I don't judge
    Or at least that's what I tell me to do, sometimes it happens if I'm telling the truth
    I'm fine, I'm laughing, I'm aware I'm the fool on the hill, by the valley or the planet by the moon - I'm still feeling love
    I said "Do you love me, do you want me to stay?"
    She just wanna smoke and watch anime
    She can always tell me how she wants it to be, she just has a feeling 'bout a couple of things
    I said "Do you love me, do you want me to stay?"
    She just wanna give me the time of the day
    She can always tell me how she wants it to be, I just have a feeling 'bout a couple of things
    She just said I love you 'cause she's fucking with me, she just has a feeling 'bout a couple of things
    I love you for who you are
    Time froze, I never let it stop me
    Time froze, I'm just people watching

  • Miftah Putra
    Miftah Putra 11 months ago


  • enhtuul eni
    enhtuul eni 11 months ago


  • ssc sion
    ssc sion Year ago

    So this guy, used to rap he was under a label named darkworld search him up, shifting from hip hop rap to something like this, this guy is rough diamond waiting to be polish

  • ssc sion
    ssc sion Year ago

    "She just wanna smoke and watch anime"
    That lyric hooked me up sooo goood

  • urban l
    urban l Year ago

    my ad on this song was joji's "yeah right" not even 15 seconds or something, it was the whole fucking song lol. amazing

  • Broke Frog
    Broke Frog Year ago


  • Alex Dumbreck
    Alex Dumbreck Year ago +1

    One of my favourite jams atm...

  • Broke Frog
    Broke Frog Year ago

    Sen should be pushed.., 88 better push him. He deserves to be at the Grammys🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊❤️

  • Broveh Records
    Broveh Records Year ago


  • Adonis Young
    Adonis Young Year ago +1


  • Dasone Dasone
    Dasone Dasone Year ago

    Good vibe

  • Gerhart Vondrivesabus

    hes actually better live believe it or not. Live, hes so much smoother and much more charismatic, he can make you fall asleep with the sound of his words

    WALKINGPARADOX Year ago +3

    More Morimoto please


    More Morimoto please

    ASSI TV Year ago +9

    Sen becoming one of my favorite artist of all time relaxing with meaning

  • Clackson
    Clackson Year ago


  • Joshua Zhi Lee
    Joshua Zhi Lee Year ago +2

    Definitely go check out the live version if you haven't, has a totally different vibe, but just as good!
    If you like his voice, go check out Healy, very similar bluesy feel

  • Gabi A.C.
    Gabi A.C. Year ago +9

    This is awesome! For some reason it made me think of Cowboy Bebop.

  • CoffeeBeen
    CoffeeBeen Year ago

    I'm so thankful that this exists

  • 清水ダマロン


  • Dar
    Dar Year ago

    88rising = god of aesthetic songs

  • Dasone Dasone
    Dasone Dasone Year ago +1

    Weird but Cool

  • Vortonic
    Vortonic Year ago

    fire as always Sen

  • Daniel Luong
    Daniel Luong Year ago


    • Daniel Luong
      Daniel Luong Year ago

      I like it but... the live version is much better to listen

  • BeardedPotato
    BeardedPotato Year ago

    Holy fuck, is there any artist in the 88 rising that i dont like, its turning into a impossible quest to find one at this moment :V

  • Singularity Gaming

    The majestic hair is back

  • black cobra!
    black cobra! Year ago

    High vibes.

  • Jamie Collins
    Jamie Collins Year ago

    this is actually so good

  • Fruity Rooty
    Fruity Rooty Year ago

    Wtf are the lyrics

  • LuffyAkAMaDGuY
    LuffyAkAMaDGuY Year ago

  • Athena Cornejo
    Athena Cornejo Year ago

    Was this ever featured in Sofar?

  • Why has god left us WHHHY

    Joji please come back. If not a trend will start called #jojiplzcominme

  • Insane Ambassador

    Hey uhh I'm not the rapper in this video but idk if you guys can reach out to him
    I think he's good

  • MehnameJaff 22
    MehnameJaff 22 Year ago +12

    Joji and sen would be awesome

    • MehnameJaff 22
      MehnameJaff 22 11 months ago


    • ssc sion
      ssc sion Year ago +1

      Hip hop trap with a little jazzy tune to it. Hhhmmm sounds nice

    • Augustine Vega
      Augustine Vega Year ago

      MehnameJaff 22 that's my dream right now.

    SKATE CHESSE! Year ago

    I’m faded 👹🔅💮☣️

  • Miftah Putra
    Miftah Putra Year ago

    So. Fckn. High.

  • Dane
    Dane Year ago

    yes! i love this song!

  • Martha Dzhenganin

    yesss! thank you!

  • Smith T
    Smith T Year ago


  • jeanpants
    jeanpants Year ago


  • Lorena Giménez
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  • Iggy
    Iggy Year ago +1

    that ed edd n Eddy sounding ass intro

  • Guy LaBorde
    Guy LaBorde Year ago

    Super candyliscious

  • San bee
    San bee Year ago


  • I Do Like Shit, I Do Go Outside

    This album is one of the best things that's happening in my life right now, god bless you for your wonderful music 💖

  • danielsame
    danielsame Year ago

    Production value 99999999

  • Riley Graham
    Riley Graham Year ago

    This is so relaxing fuckkkk yesssss

  • Trapian
    Trapian Year ago

    Your talented

  • Anna M
    Anna M Year ago

    This is gold

  • Crispin
    Crispin Year ago

    still a god

  • Mason Daugherty
    Mason Daugherty Year ago

    Damn this is good

  • Danny Syindex
    Danny Syindex Year ago

    Been repeating this on Spotify

  • poppin noodles
    poppin noodles Year ago

    This is actually really good.

  • Big Diesel
    Big Diesel Year ago


  • jyden rose
    jyden rose Year ago

    Morning vibes song

  • Ravi Maraño
    Ravi Maraño Year ago


  • Dat
    Dat Year ago +64

    y do it sound like an ed edd n eddy instrumental at the beginning

    • Iggy
      Iggy Year ago +4


  • anabel
    anabel Year ago

    dude this is so good make more things please

  • OrryEx
    OrryEx Year ago +3

    yea hes a prodigy okay.

  • What.We.Preach
    What.We.Preach Year ago +1

    COLLAB WITH PHONY PPL! Sorry dont like being that guy but Jesus he's like in the same genre as "the internet" and "phony ppl"

  • ARCHIVED3002
    ARCHIVED3002 Year ago

    Hey everyone, I'm a 16 year old artist and if you have Spotify I ask that you take a minute to check out a chill song i have from my new album. Thank you, looking for feedback

  • Uncle Bubbles
    Uncle Bubbles Year ago

    Aight 2 for 2 keep it up my dude I got a new musician to listen to

  • 대마왕방댕이

    ㅠㅠ 노래 너무 좋다.... 크......

  • gogbees
    gogbees Year ago

    Hell yeah

  • Mikehy
    Mikehy Year ago

    I like everything about this song: the beat is good, the instrumentals both synthetic and natural and the lyrics are all blended really well together. I really wish his vocal performance was a bit more lively though. Theres some nice harmony mixed in at some points and yea it's a style of rap it's not supposed to really have a lot of melody in the vocal performance but I think it would have really made the song a whole lot better. Not hate, just a genuine critique; definitely going to be looking out for music from this person and their upcoming EP

    • Emanuele G.
      Emanuele G. Year ago

      Well there's a life performance where he sings in a higher tone and in a much more lively way. You can find it in Sofar Sounds

    • Iggy
      Iggy Year ago

      Miké yea why he gotta sing like he’s forever bored

  • Grimosaur
    Grimosaur Year ago

    The fuck is that album cover?

  • KiddKoalaz
    KiddKoalaz Year ago

    Beginning sounds like Sim City 4 lol

  • okUrsus
    okUrsus Year ago

    Sounded like Ed Edd and Eddy in the beginning

  • Anzel Arce
    Anzel Arce Year ago

    Why that intro sound straight outta ed edd n eddy tho

  • Toby
    Toby Year ago

    Hell yes!

  • Aan Khunaifi
    Aan Khunaifi Year ago +4

    i thought it was sean on title

  • Elymathew Suryaninggusti


  • Buyer Music
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  • Ckeelay
    Ckeelay Year ago +1

    Intro’s an instant Thumbs Up 👍🏼

  • crazychadmb
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  • Codeine and Chill
    Codeine and Chill Year ago +1

  • Onyx
    Onyx Year ago +28

    Still a great song, but less vibrant than the live version.

    BEEG YOSHI Year ago +61

    *These are the type of tunes you can do your school work too lol*

  • Ekawa Taiei
    Ekawa Taiei Year ago

    Damn good vibe.

  • I N U K
    I N U K Year ago +12

    This is chill af, love it

    DJ SOFTLOCK Year ago

    everybody gets a car, i love you for who you are

  • đặc biệt
    đặc biệt Year ago

    happy to know i saw his preformance of this song before this was released

  • narvis kam
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  • おーはし、、
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  • You Mee
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  • mågneta
    mågneta Year ago +2


    • Simon Westhoff
      Simon Westhoff Year ago

      Ikr! Could very well be the case since this guy is from Chicago as well

  • Jasen Effendy
    Jasen Effendy Year ago

    Japanese Kamasi Washington? I'm in!

  • Pecuman
    Pecuman Year ago

    This stops my tourette syndrome

  • Miguel Fresneda Carrasco

    I'm getting some real Durarara vibes here

  • TombStone
    TombStone Year ago +1

    It's fcking awesome! =D

  • Nugroho Agung
    Nugroho Agung Year ago +25


  • Haze Research
    Haze Research Year ago


  • Farhan M
    Farhan M Year ago


  • Gucci Nova
    Gucci Nova Year ago +5

    I luv you for who you Rrrrrrrr

  • Yeve the Deer
    Yeve the Deer Year ago

    Holy shit this is great

  • まるうさ
    まるうさ Year ago +21


  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren Year ago

    Chill while rolling up to hill

  • Murmaxy
    Murmaxy Year ago +75

    Pepolr are watching this

    • ge ne
      ge ne 11 months ago

      rly want to leave a like on this comment, but gotta retain the 69 likes

    • sos
      sos Year ago +3

      watching are this Peoplr