• Published on Aug 21, 2019
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Comments • 865

  • NorthernLaw
    NorthernLaw 8 days ago

    This video was so funny

  • MitspeithEtc
    MitspeithEtc 23 days ago +2

    "I'M GOING TO SOMEONE ELSE'S SERVER!" Terroriser lands on Castle Toonz

  • Zealot plays
    Zealot plays 25 days ago

    11:30 did wildcat turn into a Pokémon

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 26 days ago

    Who else counted how many times Nogla died?

  • Kazuya Mishima
    Kazuya Mishima 26 days ago

    Brian got him right in the balls!

  • Redicle
    Redicle 27 days ago

    wondering how terroriser gets the /back command. really need it

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor 27 days ago

    11:28 LOL it's the Wildcat Wilhelm Scream.

  • Red_X_Gaming 123
    Red_X_Gaming 123 27 days ago

    The fact that wildcat sounds like a crow 😂😂😂

  • Anarchic Doktor
    Anarchic Doktor 27 days ago

    (4:27) Dick shot? Still a head shot.

  • Marlon
    Marlon 28 days ago +1

    Terroriser should make an official song out of his outro

  • Arnold Reston
    Arnold Reston 28 days ago

    you should do arrow roulette, its like axe roulette but with arrows

  • Meme Lord 2.0
    Meme Lord 2.0 28 days ago +1

    Holy hell i died laughing so many times

  • Emily Carter
    Emily Carter 28 days ago

    Totally thought it was a penguin on Evans cape

  • Abdallah Marzouki
    Abdallah Marzouki 28 days ago

    Wildcat gets shot twice: "Brian you dumb bitch fuck off"
    Nogla gets shot no less than 80 times: *stays patient*

  • ijkdenem
    ijkdenem 28 days ago

    the cat died in the nether

  • Haru Sphere
    Haru Sphere 28 days ago

    Thumbnail is misleading you never save your cat you even punch it xD.

  • Enrequea Partlow
    Enrequea Partlow 29 days ago

    Out of everyone in the bbc terroriser has the best outro

  • Cian Devine
    Cian Devine 29 days ago

    I can one be on the same server as nogla and even yet still have 62 levels??

  • Marie
    Marie 29 days ago +1

    moos lil “nnOooOoOo” when they killed the cat 🥺

  • Zander
    Zander 29 days ago

    Best ending ever.....

  • Devin
    Devin 29 days ago

    i can’t stop rewatching 11:27 😂😂

  • Lentheus ford
    Lentheus ford Month ago

    Don't worry Brian everybody respects you in your channel

    QUEEN of GAYS Month ago

    Terrorizer. the only person who can make fun of Nicki Minaj and not have the barbs attack him

  • Carys *-*
    Carys *-* Month ago

    I think this is the best video🤣🤣🤣

  • Boyd Howells
    Boyd Howells Month ago

    Ha ha

  • Buttowski Rex
    Buttowski Rex Month ago

    "NO CAPES!!!" Someone will get it

    PM_PIKLOS Month ago

    shake my balls

  • Kansei Yamazaru
    Kansei Yamazaru Month ago

    On this episode of, "Making Nogla despise his so called friends"!

  • MRMEDaKhosy
    MRMEDaKhosy Month ago

    7:32 OH NO!!!!😂😂😂

  • Bean Yoda
    Bean Yoda Month ago

    Brian bullies nogla every video.
    *wildcat kills nogla once*
    Brian: "what an asshole"

  • memes for all
    memes for all Month ago

    Wildcat: moves to Minecraft as pig skin*
    Techno blade: there can only be one

  • Austin Super Mario and Sonic the hedgehog fan1

    2:18. You gonna take a big po-op. You gotta get some big toilet paper!

  • Keifsgv
    Keifsgv Month ago

    If the video has the work prank on it you know someones house is about to go BOOM

  • Camron Raddatz
    Camron Raddatz Month ago

    Play mortal kombat 11 premium edition on October 8th because Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator is coming out then

  • Yoyimin
    Yoyimin Month ago

    you should get the nuke mod for minecraft

  • Just my OwO
    Just my OwO Month ago

    2:34 I could hear the dolphins talk to eachother

  • Robert Heckard
    Robert Heckard Month ago

    Don't listen to them brain other people watch your videos

  • Lycanthis99
    Lycanthis99 Month ago


  • Summer Hull
    Summer Hull Month ago

    *Use Code Moo*
    5:00 R.I.P Garfeild

  • Christian Garsilazo

    Even did a swore

  • x93greenyx
    x93greenyx Month ago

    Jesus nogla keep getting murder bruh

    KILLERDREW 79 Month ago

    So Nogla died 10 or 11 times I think.

  • SH4VVn K
    SH4VVn K Month ago

    To get a cape donate to optifine

  • Kanna Kamui420
    Kanna Kamui420 Month ago

    if he had had a diamond helmet to protect his other head Heheh

    DATSATOILET Month ago

    The next prank they should do is to kill all of Basically’s villagers and lead him in a wild goose chase by telling him they lured them and hid them somewhere in the Minecraft world.
    Do not worry! They can always reset the server back before they killed them. Also, Basically is the only one they have not pranked so far.
    Like this comment if you want this to happen.

  • eqjx
    eqjx Month ago

    stop bullying nogla, give more original content

  • Raivis Jurcs
    Raivis Jurcs Month ago

    sprainnordis mainordis

  • Andres Gallo
    Andres Gallo Month ago

    11:28 ROFL omg that sound man, that killed me

  • Juggie
    Juggie Month ago +1

    Play dead island

  • shane Ip
    shane Ip Month ago

    Would it be funny if a random person joined and scared them with a herobrine skin

  • kelly watts
    kelly watts Month ago +1

    How many likes are how many times nogla died

    THE HUNTER Month ago

    You guys are so mean to nogla when he is a huge part of your content creation

  • DaintierZero
    DaintierZero Month ago

    He can’t see it because he doesn’t have the cape option on

  • Charlie Bila
    Charlie Bila Month ago +1

    Guess you can say Wildcat _murdered_ that Pu55y.

  • Shadow Creature
    Shadow Creature Month ago

    I still love the outro sm

  • rileyman power
    rileyman power Month ago

    And the content continues

  • d c
    d c Month ago

    Sometimes pranks by hackers backfire in the worst way possible....

  • FrostWolf5597
    FrostWolf5597 Month ago

    dont worry i watch and love your vids they are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron Revill
    Aaron Revill Month ago +1


  • H3dg3v0lt
    H3dg3v0lt Month ago

    11:28 When Yoda joins the server