Chadwick Boseman on Top Secret Marvel Photo

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • Chadwick talks about a photo he took with Samuel L. Jackson, Don Cheadle, Laurence Fishburne and Anthony Mackie for a top-secret Marvel movie.
    Fool Release - People Will Agree to Anything

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    Chadwick Boseman on Top Secret Marvel Photo
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Comments • 289

  • Rachael Gordon
    Rachael Gordon Month ago

    Chadwick is so Blessed & Adorable😇🙏❤😘

  • You’re boy Diego the entertainer 19 Scar

    When you pause at 1:55 it’s kinda creepy

  • BIcentral MUSIC
    BIcentral MUSIC 5 months ago

    Chadwick: No that’s too many black people in one movie
    There can never be too many black people in one movie hence your OWN movie Black Panther case closed goodbye

  • GEMof72
    GEMof72 9 months ago


  • Angie Scales
    Angie Scales Year ago

    I love his laugh😍

  • gmarlon61
    gmarlon61 Year ago

    "Secret Marvel photo" Black Avengers confirmed

    JON ALEX Year ago

    when Chad laugh you have to laugh with him


    He has such a beautiful laugh..and he is humble..and sweet... just 😍

  • Living Rogue
    Living Rogue Year ago +1

    that laugh lmao xD

  • N.T.
    N.T. Year ago +1

    So Fishburne is both in DC and Marvel huh

  • La BK
    La BK Year ago +1


  • Legends
    Legends Year ago +2

    His smileeee and laughhhh he looks so sweet just laughing right at Jimmy awwwe

  • Intan Khoirun Nisa
    Intan Khoirun Nisa Year ago +1

    When he said "marvel-related", I'm beyond thrilled. 😂😂😂

  • Zakir Sheriff
    Zakir Sheriff Year ago +1

    Antman thing!

  • Proy
    Proy Year ago +1

    King T'challa does not dress casually for mere interviews.

  • FinnTheStarLord
    FinnTheStarLord Year ago +1

    If this is a movie with only marvel black guys I will watch it 10 times

  • Viet N
    Viet N Year ago +1

    That image is from the Marvel 10 year anniversary event

  • nagaking07
    nagaking07 Year ago

    I'm surprised the camera didn't implode from the sheer levels of awesome present there.

  • XProject13
    XProject13 Year ago

    Ayyyyy we know what this pic is

  • YouHateMe
    YouHateMe Year ago +1

    That's the set of Ant-Man and The Wasp which means War Machine and Falcon do not die in Infinity War.

  • Paula Yu
    Paula Yu Year ago

    jimmy kimmel enjoys grilling chadwick.. :D :D stop it jimmy, your getting them in trouble.. :D

  • Shay 101
    Shay 101 Year ago

    Who is the person that “missed up a little bit” ??????

  • Inaccurate Flicks

    Now we know

  • afro symphony
    afro symphony Year ago


  • Justin Poppiti
    Justin Poppiti Year ago

    That thor comment was funny.

  • Samuel Davies
    Samuel Davies Year ago +1

    They were at a marvel get together thingy celebrating 10 Years or something like that. Confirmed in another recent interview

  • isa arif
    isa arif Year ago +1

    We did wait for black panther. It was absolutely phenomenal!

  • Official Bennett
    Official Bennett Year ago +4

    Chadwick has a very satisfying and infectious laugh

  • sahalanimation
    sahalanimation Year ago +1

    I would like to live in a world where I can wear something as dope as that shirt as an appreciation for the African culture without anybody screaming "cultural appropriation" . But unfortunately I can't. so I won't.

  • Zendaya's wife
    Zendaya's wife Year ago

    0:50 sounds terrifying

  • Victoria Melara
    Victoria Melara Year ago +1

    Chadwick's laugh giveme life

  • Novira kartika Mayangsari

    1:36 is jimmy going to say “what are those?” HAHAHAHA

  • Shahida [X]
    Shahida [X] Year ago +1

    Love him!

  • Funk O'Matic
    Funk O'Matic Year ago +1

    seems he's eased in really well to the whole mcu famz this time round.. 😆
    remember during civil war interviews he still seemed all serious n..nervous..?
    but he seems chill KING. they should make the wakanda hands crossing salute emoji... 😉😊

  • Joshua Naranjo
    Joshua Naranjo Year ago +1

    He is so humble

  • larnizzo91
    larnizzo91 Year ago +1

    That was a politically correct jab at the movie industry haha

  • wahidah pesol
    wahidah pesol Year ago +1

    now i know that the photo was in the making of 10 years marvel...

  • johnny j
    johnny j Year ago

    Now we finally know what it was for hahah

  • ImpulsiveBeetle
    ImpulsiveBeetle Year ago +1

    So marvel has Morpheus now?

  • Dominique Condison
    Dominique Condison Year ago +6

    I love his laugh ! & that line "that's too many black people in one movie, you have to wait for Black Panther for that " LMAOOOO

  • Queen of Nevers
    Queen of Nevers Year ago +2

    now we know, what this photo was about.

  • Lizzy Grant
    Lizzy Grant Year ago +5

    I can’t stop smiling when he laughs. People around him must be very lucky 🍀

  • awwwkitteh
    awwwkitteh Year ago

    Who is the someone that messed up??? It's not Tom Holland this time?? Lol

  • C.A.A
    C.A.A Year ago

    Muchdank get ahold a dis please

  • Britney Houston-Escajeda

    Both very handsome men

  • fionna
    fionna Year ago

    wait is that the time when mark ruffalo went live and they were taking a pic? he said he saw someone get in trouble maybe it was ruffalo hahaha

  • Quintin Curnow
    Quintin Curnow Year ago

    He looks like he is getting a bit skinnier

  • Gavrie Zuber
    Gavrie Zuber Year ago +2

    So his Accent in the movies is fake?

  • Henrÿ TM
    Henrÿ TM Year ago +1

    Damn goat laugh. 🐐

  • Axel Ayala Jimenez

    😂😂 that jay z laugh tho

  • Eidia Nabi
    Eidia Nabi Year ago +6

    God, Boseman is so beautiful!!

  • otherbully
    otherbully Year ago +3

    Omg that laugh... I love it

  • Peyton Johnson
    Peyton Johnson 2 years ago +5

    I love this guy.

  • Mr Commentator
    Mr Commentator 2 years ago

    Can't wait for the movie

  • M S
    M S 2 years ago

    Wdym by “can I say that?”. Wikipedia has written it already.

  • Daxten
    Daxten 2 years ago

    was there a quota i didnt know that said no black person ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AbnormalGlasses
    AbnormalGlasses 2 years ago +1

    1:38 earned this a like - We don't deserve Chadwick

  • M Projects
    M Projects 2 years ago +1

    Imagine in the middle of Thor all the black characters just so happen to be walking by lmao

  • Davontae B
    Davontae B 2 years ago

    My husband

  • Davontae B
    Davontae B 2 years ago +1

    Keeping it real xD