• Published on Dec 4, 2019
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  • Eddie 'The Beast' Hall
    Eddie 'The Beast' Hall  Month ago +4093

    Must say the staff at emirates were very accommodating of my humour... That’s the true first class service right there, they were more than happy to partake in producing this comedic twist of the first class experience!!!
    Big Love
    Team Beast

    • J TV
      J TV Hour ago

      Eddie 'The Beast' Hall think that champagne hit abit hard big lad

    • Andrew Wootton
      Andrew Wootton 2 days ago

      @Richard Rae He didn't pay that, hence he said "swindle" he got an upgrade. Probably still paid a decent chunk, like for a business flight or something.

    • Mertsi Svarts
      Mertsi Svarts 12 days ago

      After Strongman you could go in to comedy you are funny as hell man.... Go BEAST GREETINGS FROM FINLAND

    • Jay Sharma
      Jay Sharma 13 days ago

      Buddy, you have tremendous talent in sipping liquids.
      You make THE BEST "aahhhhh" sound after having a drink in the whole world

    • Michael Tobi
      Michael Tobi 14 days ago

      I sugest u try garuda indonesia first class

  • Nick Bulle
    Nick Bulle 6 minutes ago

    Eddie is hilarious

  • Xolphia
    Xolphia 8 minutes ago

    Am I the only one getting flashbacks of Casey Neistat’s video back in 2016? Lol

  • Samurai Step
    Samurai Step 55 minutes ago

    Why is eddie so funny man omg

  • tomp415
    tomp415 Hour ago

    5:10 . so that's what a male bodybuilder ahegao looks like

  • David d
    David d 2 hours ago

    Goes on 1st class trip...

    if that’s not a flex what is

  • xRavenholm
    xRavenholm 2 hours ago

    He literally dwarfs the bags

  • jason H
    jason H 2 hours ago

    more than 75% of the population are living in hell!! Shameful to watch

  • David Jung
    David Jung 2 hours ago +3

    13:29 lol can't stop laughing at the fit of the shirt

  • David Jung
    David Jung 2 hours ago +1

    Person on the right 11:26 lol

  • David Jung
    David Jung 2 hours ago +1

    8:07 is that why you skipped the video LOL

  • Tibian MenAce
    Tibian MenAce 2 hours ago

    Brilliant Edditing

  • superman10408
    superman10408 2 hours ago

    First time seeing one of his videos and the guy seems pretty awesome to just hangout with and crack jokes with.

  • Joey_Rl
    Joey_Rl 2 hours ago

    HE EATS SO MUCH!!!!!

  • BWG_Spence
    BWG_Spence 3 hours ago

    Can you push me to my gate 😂

    G'NOY MIK 3 hours ago

    Eddie is hilarious haha!!! He makes anything funny lol

  • Bazuzu
    Bazuzu 4 hours ago

    How many calories was that? 1000000? 😅😁

  • Classic B
    Classic B 4 hours ago

    I love how the staff has fun as well 😂😂😂

  • Luke Measures
    Luke Measures 4 hours ago

    Have a bash and no one would see 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 33drewster
    33drewster 4 hours ago

    Eddie is hilarious

  • Lucaskid08
    Lucaskid08 5 hours ago

    What happened the litre of cranberry juice 😂😂😂

  • Scott Yensen
    Scott Yensen 5 hours ago

    His forearm weighs more than I do.

  • Joshua Edwards
    Joshua Edwards 5 hours ago

    This is too funny 😂😂😂

  • always stiff always hard

    I bet they ran out of food , big man

  • always stiff always hard

    Wow ... living the dream

  • Dr_jackass_phd
    Dr_jackass_phd 5 hours ago

    Eddie, for the last year-and-a-half to two years since I've started watching strongman I have watched you exclusively for your remarkable Feats of Strength on the stage. In the last week and a half you have skyrocketed to my favorite TheXvidr and I can't get enough of your shenanigans off the stage! You are hilarious.

  • Jake Sparrow
    Jake Sparrow 6 hours ago

    $20k and you play chess and get your fill of top notch grub. Why not mate!

  • BergenVestHK
    BergenVestHK 6 hours ago

    "Caviar canapes"
    Can't believe this is the same guy that shat himself in the gym without batting an eye.
    Great entertainment

  • Supposedly Anonym
    Supposedly Anonym 7 hours ago +1

    You can't hate him

  • Samson Bell
    Samson Bell 7 hours ago

    shrek asf

  • Conexus X18
    Conexus X18 7 hours ago

    You look like giant baby in that sweater, lol

  • Conexus X18
    Conexus X18 8 hours ago

    That poor waitor must have thought you were playing a prank, lol

  • Andrzej
    Andrzej 8 hours ago

    Emirates will go broke if they have to feed him.

  • John Henrik Bergene
    John Henrik Bergene 8 hours ago

    came for the gains, stayed for the amazing humor :D

  • Andrzej
    Andrzej 8 hours ago

    4:30 poor poor guy

  • Bubba Boy
    Bubba Boy 8 hours ago


  • Cinquecento Nero
    Cinquecento Nero 9 hours ago

    Subscribed funny as hell.

  • Martin Pokmat
    Martin Pokmat 9 hours ago

    Dom Perignon? Which years? This is one of the best champagne!

  • C Mocke
    C Mocke 9 hours ago

    That's freaking insane!!!

  • DGDGaming
    DGDGaming 9 hours ago

    8:07 fuk sake 😂😭😭😭

  • Џон Мастерман

    I'd usually find stuff like this annoying, filming first class, luxury n all, but Eddie is such a sweet guy, you just can't hate on him.

  • Joe Chand
    Joe Chand 11 hours ago

    im surprised that jet can hold "the real thanos

  • darkkrenify
    darkkrenify 11 hours ago

    i think he is one of the only men that could take a shit on the plane and bust the toilet and im not talking about just sitting on it

  • tanay stanley
    tanay stanley 11 hours ago

    14:50 put ur crack away lmao

  • Ed Lloyd
    Ed Lloyd 11 hours ago

    does he think he’s goldilocks @ 1:10

  • O A
    O A 11 hours ago

    Could have had better manners when the waiter was taking your order smh

  • Plops Studios
    Plops Studios 13 hours ago

    He’s such a chunky spoiled brat

  • Edward Wilson
    Edward Wilson 13 hours ago

    Rehydration? But you were never hydrated to begin with

    THUNDERCLOU2D 14 hours ago

    12:51 thank goodness! i would not have been able to sleep wondering if the pear was left in the bowl or not.

  • Grahamh Crossman
    Grahamh Crossman 15 hours ago

    Such a funny fella. Watched you on mattdoesfittness too. Very down to earth for somebody so famous!!

  • zUnknown
    zUnknown 15 hours ago

    They see you rolling, they jealous :D

  • SuperBahamuth
    SuperBahamuth 15 hours ago

    Very funny video , my favorite moment is the pyjamas

  • Vlad
    Vlad 15 hours ago

    imagine one o the strongest humans in the world being actualy so cool and chill while most kids are the thugs xd

  • Greg Norton
    Greg Norton 15 hours ago

    I bet Brian is very jealous haha

  • Archer /
    Archer / 16 hours ago

    What is the song in 13:50

  • Raymond Lane
    Raymond Lane 17 hours ago

    man.... i barely make more then that a year..

  • Benjamin Holzwart
    Benjamin Holzwart 17 hours ago

    Eddie is so fucking funny

  • Mateo Bolognini
    Mateo Bolognini Day ago

    14:50 his buttcrack was out😂

  • robert labuda
    robert labuda Day ago

    Your a tank and believe all natural 👌

  • Spetsgruppa V Kapkan

    5:05 When you nut but she keep succin