Oslob Whale Sharks HD - Fishermen hand-feeding huge whale sharks

  • Published on Feb 14, 2012
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    Cameraman - Roger Munns
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Comments • 19

  • Vagabond Blues
    Vagabond Blues 3 years ago +1

    nice video, it brought back some nice memories

    • SZtv
      SZtv  3 years ago

      When did you visit?

  • Brooke Mougey
    Brooke Mougey 10 years ago

    I can't say that I approve of feeding them but I think it could help to raise awareness about these animals. Someone may feel more passionate about a creature when they have the chance to see it up close. These are such majestic animals and it's neat to watch their behavior around humans.

  • jill rollon
    jill rollon 9 years ago

    wow the pride of my hometown oslob cebu :)

  • syaochka
    syaochka 10 years ago

    In what month did you make this video? The water is so clear!

  • Burt Amor
    Burt Amor 10 years ago +1

    Well ! some Asian countries (you know who) catch this gentle giant and chopped off their fins, an expensive delicacy when dried. Recently another Asian country caught one and the whole coummunity pitched in and shared the prized catch in several pieces. Beyond the academic knowledge community, these fishermen discovered things you'll never learned from your studies what Oslob people are doing now. leave them alone. they know what to do.

  • SZtv
    SZtv  10 years ago +1

    @syaochka we were there in February. The water was always nice and clear very early in the morning but as soon as it got busy at around 730am it got murky.

  • JMASnet
    JMASnet Year ago

    "Fish are friends, not food" in a nutshell.

  • Hilton Jones
    Hilton Jones 10 years ago

    You should never touch or attempt to touch a whaleshark, as the diver is shown to be doing - there is a code of conduct set out by The Whaleshark Project which states:
    Do not attempt to touch, ride, or chase a Whale Shark
    Do not restrict normal movement or behaviour of the Shark
    Maintain a minimum distance of 3 metres from the Whale Shark

  • blokbirb
    blokbirb 2 years ago

    It's illegal to feed them

  • SZtv
    SZtv  10 years ago

    @dopelamb Definitely best to avoid the weekends when all the locals from Cebu city head down there.

  • han Grif
    han Grif 9 years ago

    nice video.. whats the name of the song ?

  • jeremy m
    jeremy m 10 years ago

    its like he is breastfeeding that whale

  • jane
    jane 10 years ago

    this is tourism exploitation! i hate to see this. :(

  • jeremy m
    jeremy m 10 years ago

    and whale shark exploitation! fuck that!

  • edrie
    edrie 9 years ago

    I don't like the idea of it. Its no longer a "wildlife".

  • edmhie1
    edmhie1 10 years ago

    Blame it on the Chinese if they ever became extinct.......they not only eat shark.....turtles and other sea creatures too.

  • rhonwynsuzanne
    rhonwynsuzanne 10 years ago

    This is sooooo wrong. The whale sharks should be watched from afar and certainly not taught to follow fishing boats expecting to be hand fed. What happens when they migrate out of Tan-awan? The whole process is a distortion and violation of the aims of the Whaleshark Project. Shame on everyone involved in this behavior. We will "love" these amazing creatures to death, literally.

  • LightSoundImagination
    LightSoundImagination 9 years ago

    Reminded me of welfare recipients in the United States !