Best Tactical Battle of the Season | Man United vs Liverpool 1-1 | Tactical Analysis

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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    In today's video, I've tried to analyze yesterday's game between Man United and Liverpool which ended in a 1-1 draw!
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Comments • 383

  • Hassan Fayad
    Hassan Fayad 4 days ago

    man united looks good against top teams because they play counter attack football, but when smalls teams come at old trafford and park the bus that’s when they are exposed cause united don’t control games

  • Shuvagata Datta
    Shuvagata Datta 16 days ago

    Plz make tactical analysis about zidane 4-3-3 formation & mercelo bielsa 4-1-4-1/3-3-1-3 formation.

  • array s
    array s 19 days ago +3

    Ole showed everyone how to deal with Klopp's Liverpool. "Killed" their FBs.

  • Harry Pillay
    Harry Pillay 20 days ago

    Great footballing brain man!

  • TheRunningSloth
    TheRunningSloth 20 days ago +1

    Use a Voice narrator

  • nimnim thailand
    nimnim thailand 20 days ago

    Technical not good but v a r verygood for Manchester United

  • Sajiv Kuruvilla
    Sajiv Kuruvilla 23 days ago +2

    Ole would've neutralised Klopp's switch if he had at least one other player on the bench that he didn't have to drag out of a classroom. Patience, fellow United fans. Keep the faith in Ole and watch the good times roll

  • That Should Work
    That Should Work 28 days ago

    ole underrated?

  • Lemiso Saroni
    Lemiso Saroni Month ago

    Amazing work!

  • Ronaldinho Vikas
    Ronaldinho Vikas Month ago

    Hi Nouman,
    Can you please tell us what went wrong between Arsenal and Liverpool that they both conceded 5 goals each. Is there any specific strategy which doesn't work for the both teams as compare to their playing style? Looking forward for your revert.

  • Guillermo Etxenique

    I didn't know to defend the whole match with 10 defenders was called a "tactic". Pathetic. Parking the bus is not football.

    • AdrastosSaturn
      AdrastosSaturn Month ago

      @Guillermo Etxenique bruh you just about scraped a draw against your biggest rivals who were in 14th place at the time
      No need to be so salty lmaoooo

    • Guillermo Etxenique
      Guillermo Etxenique Month ago

      @AdrastosSaturn whatever, playing to defend the whole match is just the mindset of the pathetic "at least we didn't lose, right?"

    • AdrastosSaturn
      AdrastosSaturn Month ago

      Liverpool fans are still so salty ahahah

  • Soham Kadam
    Soham Kadam Month ago +3

    Great video. Just would like to say that after Liverpool changed their formation to a 4-2-4, Ole also changed the formation to a 5-4-1

  • Only _RON
    Only _RON Month ago

    Very nice tactics analysis man..... thank you.....keep doing this job.... Wonderful...

  • Azoo Alharbi
    Azoo Alharbi Month ago +1

    Liked the new music and analysis

  • Randy Sterla
    Randy Sterla Month ago

    Even I am man utd fan, hearing Van Dijk mentioned playing bad like WHATT??? Am I living in other universe???

  • Ahmad 357
    Ahmad 357 Month ago

    I think liverpool's weakness can be exploited if the opponent wingers cross the ball instead of cutting inside.

    • Ahmad 357
      Ahmad 357 Month ago

      @Utkarsh Gupta for that,they need a fast player at the wing when counter attacking.

    • Utkarsh Gupta
      Utkarsh Gupta Month ago +1

      I doubt crossing will be effective either since they have to always get the ball past Van Dijk or beat him in the air. Even during Rashford's goal, you can notice that Van Dijk almost intercepted the cross.

  • Leon NGENZI
    Leon NGENZI Month ago

    i think you should coach Nouman

  • Yui Ming Ho
    Yui Ming Ho Month ago

    In the first half, United did high intensity pressing. Intensity was even higher than Liverpool. This and the 343 you mentioned caused United to not be outplayed by Liverpool in first half, even led at half time with luck. In the second half, United parked the bus with 532. In the last quarter of the game, even switched to 541. Klopp did the rational thing to increase no. of attackers, as you mentioned. Rojo was obedient and looked at Mane, his man. However, no one tracked Lallana. United's defensive organisation fell short by just a little bit.

  • ovoj
    ovoj Month ago

    Sorry but Ole did it last season against Liverpool and spurs. Playing with a false 9 and 2 strikers attacking the spaces left by the full backs. He didn't copy it from Emery. Rather Emery copied it from him

  • luhya_finnest_niccur Wayne watch the nba video

  • tepi corner
    tepi corner Month ago +1

    The ultimate tactical MU used is included ref on their tactical...huhu

  • Raymond Tee
    Raymond Tee Month ago

    finally talking about other tactics than your chelsea. geez you might as create chelsea fan channel instead!

  • Amir Warsanah
    Amir Warsanah Month ago

    Bro Nouman, excellent analysis!

  • NGC Nebulae
    NGC Nebulae Month ago

    Bravo Nouman! Great analyse!

  • Nirmal Raj
    Nirmal Raj Month ago

    I wonder how Ole is going to counter Liverpool the next time he faces klopps 4-2-4 adjustment to his 5-3-2 .

  • poopn romeo
    poopn romeo Month ago

    as a liverpool fans, we better just praised Ole. So he could stay a much longer. Lolololol #Olestay

  • Ahmed Mohamed
    Ahmed Mohamed Month ago

    Do a Chelsea vs Ajax tactical analysis

  • Ahson Naveed
    Ahson Naveed Month ago

    better bus than a mourinho's

  • Othusitse Ditlhogo
    Othusitse Ditlhogo Month ago +6

    Mike Phelan and the coach staff must take praise also...

    • Ashley Rowland
      Ashley Rowland 19 days ago

      Othusitse Ditlhogo I think sir Alex had helped as he was spotted at the training ground day before

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 Month ago

    There should be a question mark in that title. Had our players actually turned up for the first 75 minutes, this should have been a routine win against a struggling side. We were too poor for too long for non-tactical reasons. Pochettino essentially set up similarly against us today, only with far superior players in just about every position, and yet but for a demonically good, 12-save MotM, performance from Gazzaniga, we would have blown Spurs right back to London before half-time.

    VIKRAM RN Month ago

    Please make an analysis for Paul pogba

  • Sabyr Abu
    Sabyr Abu Month ago

    I thought Indians and Pakistanis only play cricket???😅

  • Clyde Warren Govender

    Great video but I sometimes wonder if we over exaggerate tactics and make managers look brilliant... at the time Gini plays the ball to Robertson, there are 6 Man Utd players in and around the box compared to Liverpools 4. Wan Bisaka, Pererira, Rojo and young are ball watching. When the ball is played out to Robertson, Wan Bisaka then realizes he can cross and tries to run out to block. Pereira is marking nobody. Young and Rojo do not watch Lallana's run. To make things worse Rojo misses the clearance. I would put that goal down to lack of concentration and poor defending, not brilliant tactics. How can Ole get it so right in one game and so bad in the others. Besides Liverpool were poor on the night. But hey, that's just my humble opinion. A good guess would be SAF dropped Ole a call...

  • solitary soul
    solitary soul Month ago

    please do Chelsea 4-2 Burnley please

  • Jonathan Gadzini
    Jonathan Gadzini Month ago

    This guy’s obviously partial af to Utd.
    I mean who doesn’t mention how Martin Atkinson ruined that match.
    Andreas goal should’ve never happened. Full Stop.
    Thumbs Down, Not interested.

    • Jonathan Gadzini
      Jonathan Gadzini Month ago

      Kwame Sinclair dude gfy there’s no tactical masterclass with a meth head officiating.

    • Kwame Sinclair
      Kwame Sinclair Month ago

      This is video review the tactics involved in the game. ur in the wrong place if u think he should be talking about the ref and not praising good tactics from ole as well as klopp

  • pai pai
    pai pai Month ago

    sure, tactical masterclass to get a draw
    *how low can Man Utd go right now?

  • Trip Switch
    Trip Switch Month ago +6

    It’s better if u become assistant coach for United “wow”

    NEWS NOW UG Month ago

    Great job ole

  • YaaYe Entertainment
    YaaYe Entertainment Month ago +1

    2:27 System

  • Nishanth Jegadeesh
    Nishanth Jegadeesh Month ago

    Brilliant one brother. 👏👏👏 in-depth analysis 👍

  • hesham alshowaikh
    hesham alshowaikh Month ago +1

    Love the fact that you started speaking in your videos. Makes it much more interesting and easier to understand. Keep up the good work mate.

  • SheetFiber4488
    SheetFiber4488 Month ago

    I like Klopp's direct football approach.
    but pushing henderson to the right-wing to create overload was a bad idea, he couldn't do shit but a backpass. I also miss a shot from distance from the past few seasons, especially when arnold and robertson got stuck.

    • SheetFiber4488
      SheetFiber4488 Month ago

      @Azarol Izxa but why at 80+ min, could've been earlier, or did I missed something?

    • Azarol Izxa
      Azarol Izxa Month ago

      SheetFiber4488 That's why he made Lallana fulfill Hendo's role.

  • Ibrahim Nyazee
    Ibrahim Nyazee Month ago

    Good video, man 👍

  • pial halder
    pial halder Month ago

    when liverpool had 4-2-4, andreas was free in the middle. 1 good through ball and the job could be done :/

  • Akmal Rifaie Abdul Rahim

    andreas spoil the game hhaahahhaa

  • Badrinath Patle
    Badrinath Patle Month ago +40

    It was Fergie who might have given some tweaks to solskjaer tactics. He had visited training ground.

    • Edibles
      Edibles 18 days ago +1

      trezeguet4ever Clearly not if he won so many titles

    • trezeguet4ever
      trezeguet4ever 18 days ago

      Fergie wasn't that great of a tactician. He was a great man manager and an average tactician.

  • Dandy Subzero
    Dandy Subzero Month ago

    Review Ajax v Chelsea please

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata Month ago

    chelsea vs ajax nxt

  • Denzil Kuppan
    Denzil Kuppan Month ago

    United tactics the first half was to go down easy for a foul or take long on the throw ball to stop liverpool's rhythm, luckily for United the referee was on they side because fouls were mainly going Uniteds way if not they would have lost the game.

  • firesquadworld
    firesquadworld Month ago +1

    One problem I have with this video why no mention that ole also change his tactics In second half to parking the bus 🤔I am a United fan and Believe me that second half was terrible the team sit too deep and didn’t press as they did in the first half. Klopp didn’t do any in game management ole did it for him by letting his team sit too deep. For this tactics to work you have to win back the ball really quickly

  • Syed Syamma
    Syed Syamma Month ago +6

    great analysis. one of the reason why during fergie era, when he play with 4-4-2, he only allowed 1 fullback to go attacking at a time. the other one have to remain at their defensive line to ensure 3 man at the back. and carrick to do cb job as well to cover.
    AND 1 all out winger with another one at the same line with his 2 mc (so he has 3 mc at a time). the numbers game.
    ole doesn’t have the luxury of ‘carrick’ type of player hence have to settle with sound defensive 5-3-2 which is yet more offensive than 4-4-2 when you play against liverpool. playing 4-4-2 against liverpool means you lost your fullback contribution and even limit your flank player contribution because they have to do a lot of defensive duty.
    ole doing good in utilising his stocks on cb. with 3 ball playing cb, there is always an option to pass the ball at defend area, without them having to clear the ball ala jones/carrangher.
    the limitation to this approach is it is mirror image to Pep tactical (pep with dmc as cb while ole with cb doing dmc duty), you hardly can control possession and going to be clueless against team with deep defensive line. the problem liverpool had few years ago.

    • array s
      array s 19 days ago

      SAF team in the 90's was full of attacking mode though, i love watching Irwin & G.Neville bombarding the oppo flanks. Although having Giggsy and Beckham clearly helped as those two never stopped tracking back their opponents.

  • Ches Da
    Ches Da Month ago

    Frank lampard that was six win with ajax

  • arnold rebello
    arnold rebello Month ago

    The reason Liverpool scored was because Marcos Rojo went to mark someone who wasn't present and young was jogging 4 yards behind the back four . They let their concentration slip for two seconds and lallana slots a tap in

  • Alfred Banga Sépa
    Alfred Banga Sépa Month ago

    Liverpool went at Old Traford "in peace", wearing white color...And we don't win any battle in peace approach...
    I think they could be more agressive in the dark one shirt... but am maybe subjective...

  • Woon Tai Yan
    Woon Tai Yan Month ago +2

    Fergie lent a helping hand.. he was at the training ground..

    • shaaf Tauqeer
      shaaf Tauqeer Month ago +1

      The freak cant stay away, He' so obsessed with Liverpool. Ole is just clueless, Fergie was at both Training sessions

  • Tee Munii
    Tee Munii Month ago

    Are we back ?

  • David  Morris
    David Morris Month ago +1

    Football is a business not a sport!

  • Peron Roy
    Peron Roy Month ago

    ManU shld format 3-4-3 ; Rojo,Maguire,Lindelof;james/shaw, mactominay,fred/Pogba,AWB ; rashford,pereyra/martial,greenwood/james

  • zaini mohsin
    zaini mohsin Month ago +1

    save man utd...welcome to division 1...hahaha

    RENE BROWN Month ago