DR3 x St Hugo

  • Published on Mar 7, 2021
  • Proud parent of two gorgeous reds, weighing in at 2.65lb each. Stoked to introduce the DR3, my own wine range made with the iconic winemakers @sthugowines. Touring Aus. Get yours now at sthugo.com
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  • Sarath shankar
    Sarath shankar Year ago +676

    even he couldn't do the rich accent,always humble

  • Shantanu Seth
    Shantanu Seth Year ago +468

    Will there be an official wine tasting session with Lando anytime soon?

  • Thejeshni
    Thejeshni Year ago +553

    Ready for doing a shoey😂

  • Kathi
    Kathi Year ago +74

    I want someone to look at me the way Daniel looks at that bottle.

  • MasakoX
    MasakoX Year ago +934

    Does this go with a nice plate of mac and cheese balls?

  • Jonathan hatherall
    Jonathan hatherall Year ago +16

    DR is like a fine wine, surprising, smooth and ends with a laugh so this makes sense.

  • George Cook
    George Cook Year ago +4

    Love a Barossa Shiraz... need to try this! All the best for the season Dan (just seen the merch... love the shoe fill line on the wine glass!)

  • sarthak patil
    sarthak patil Year ago +147

    Please do a shoey with this wonderful wine!!!

  • Floriaisabella
    Floriaisabella Year ago

    Just what I need it to start the day...Danny Ric just being Danny Ric!!! 🤣 Sounds too good to be true that wine! 🧡

  • Sindhu Sojan
    Sindhu Sojan Year ago +207

    “Free alcohol” - Daniel Joseph Ricciardo

  • MetikalMan
    MetikalMan Year ago +4

    Amazing Danny. I work in wine in Cali. I’d love to to taste this ASAP!

  • Beyond Time News
    Beyond Time News Year ago

    Loved it, more of this please

  • Gustavo Brigeiro
    Gustavo Brigeiro Year ago +143

    The next F1 World Champion 💪🏆

  • Dalibor G
    Dalibor G Year ago +1

    Australia has it's own Ryan Reynolds marketing machine. Keep on going!

  • KC's
    KC's Year ago +2

    We just had 5 bottles of these, and can confirm they work.

  • Vitória donzela

    mandou bem Daniel Ricciardo parabéns👏👍✌🥰😘😚🌹💐

  • Robinson Smith
    Robinson Smith Year ago

    The only reason I'm excited for this season! Let's gooooooooooooooo!

  • Angelica Lolli
    Angelica Lolli Year ago +34

    At the beginning of the video I thought "it cant be that serious". I was right. Anyway, that's amazing

  • tweakradje
    tweakradje Year ago +1

    Cheers Daniel. Never knew you were into red. And above all keep being you.

  • John Sekhar
    John Sekhar Year ago +2

    Daniel is like the Ryan Reynolds of F1 (ref the gin ads) :)