• Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • Andy and I go head to head in todays episode of Squad Builder Showdown!
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Comments • 236

  • Paul Grech
    Paul Grech Month ago

    Click bait 👎

  • Feranmi Dada
    Feranmi Dada Month ago +1


  • Essential Rapidz
    Essential Rapidz Month ago +1

    Anyone else notice how Grizeman is supposed to be a Barca player meaning arias is off chem........

  • Steven Mendez
    Steven Mendez Month ago

    Great job Jack trying something different!

  • Johnny Williams
    Johnny Williams Month ago +1

    Mate just focus on building a half decent team rather than trying to fit 75 rated players in ur teams to make a shit hybrid

  • specimen
    specimen Month ago

    Barca doesn’t have a cf.. they have a striker

  • Josh Mayhew
    Josh Mayhew Month ago +1

    Arias needed another link since they were pretending Greizmann played for Barca

    • PK
      PK Month ago

      According to that logic Coutinho didn't need a strong link either.

  • Angus Van Der Vaart

    It starts at 4:15

  • zain hussain
    zain hussain Month ago

    andy in vid equals dislike

  • Massimo Brivati
    Massimo Brivati Month ago +1

    Your the only person to persuade me to get one football

  • JayAllenAK17
    JayAllenAK17 Month ago

    Jack: let me talk to you quickly about onefootball
    2 and a half minutes later ........

  • Haider Khan
    Haider Khan Month ago


  • Haider Khan
    Haider Khan Month ago

    U spelled sign wrong my guy

  • Ahsan Ali
    Ahsan Ali Month ago

    Andy why are you cheating mate you always ignore GK`s check when its up to you why would you count it this time he wont even get chem so whats the point of links

  • Dan Keeble
    Dan Keeble Month ago +1

    9 midroll ads jack that's filthy

  • lil darian23
    lil darian23 Month ago +2

    You couldn't play Quinones LF because he is a LM not a LW

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia Month ago

    I'm from Mexico and my favorite team is Tigres, I was so happy to see my favorite players of my local team in a match of England gamers, love it!

  • JS ProPlays
    JS ProPlays Month ago

    9 mid rolls, 2 sponsors. fucking hell jacks making bank regardless of his views😂😂

  • Semmel Brössl
    Semmel Brössl Month ago

    The german sbb's are much better than yours!

  • Valmik DEBOOR [12Y1]

    Jack please stop saying “aPsolute” and “aPsolutely” we got 3 of those within the first 1:30, i love the vids but it’s really annoying when u say that and its an overused word

  • Josh Saul
    Josh Saul Month ago

    Imagine in July crying about not wanting to spend 300k on pires😂😂😂

  • jerom nys
    jerom nys Month ago

    Mate a 4 minute long intro 😓😓

  • Conall M8
    Conall M8 Month ago

    if you’re only allowed to pick one icon you should only be able to guess one icon, just fucking stupid what andy did, ruins it

  • Andy Kuan
    Andy Kuan Month ago

    “Interesting “ ? In other work cheap 🤣

  • Sebastian Manzur
    Sebastian Manzur Month ago

    they won the euros with fabregas at striker, in the world cup they had david villa up top :)

  • JN0481
    JN0481 Month ago

    Jack should’ve gone with pavard, FFS upamecano, thiago silva and french goalie from ligue 1

  • Next GenGamerz
    Next GenGamerz Month ago +1

    I said James Rodriquez and Tolisso 100 times before the round 😂😂😂

  • victor Eso
    victor Eso Month ago

    It was nigeria🇳🇬

  • CoachFC
    CoachFC Month ago

    Once again genius jack at it again!!!!!

  • Constantinos Poyiatzis

    Should've made it so Griezmann counts as a Barcelona player (exact same links as Dembele)

  • Will Cumming
    Will Cumming Month ago

    9 ads ok

  • Dixie Normus
    Dixie Normus Month ago

    Fam what's the point he legit went from 1 club in la Liga to another club in la Liga

  • jr77
    jr77 Month ago

    Andy got the inbetweeners quote wrong

  • Paraswati Sarkar
    Paraswati Sarkar Month ago

    Why at the end did Andy put 2 icons on his board

  • Mad Tekkerz
    Mad Tekkerz Month ago


  • Toobski 24
    Toobski 24 Month ago

    its funny how jack has never used onefootball till now when some of us have been using it since it came out

    • Jack54HD
      Jack54HD  Month ago

      I’ve been using it for well over a year

  • Connor Stevens
    Connor Stevens Month ago

    You rely way too much on TheXvid endorsements😂

  • Mr Worldwide
    Mr Worldwide Month ago

    Andy with his cheats
    A better love story than twilight

  • Fawaz Qamber
    Fawaz Qamber Month ago

    So many ads

  • Martin Funda
    Martin Funda Month ago

    It doesn't make sense if you are allowed to write down to icons if you only have one guess per position that makes it stupid to even put the players in your team

  • caleb major
    caleb major Month ago

    How’d ya pick Di Maria for a CM?

  • jake berry
    jake berry Month ago

    Fabregas at striker was euro 2012! Not the world cup, that was villa!

  • اغاني عربية نار

    TheXvid : how much ads do you want?
    Jack54hd : yes

  • Via3t0 GD
    Via3t0 GD Month ago

    ginger nonce

  • dan m
    dan m Month ago

    jack if you actually picked some decent players with good links you might win a game at some point

  • Sergio Agüero
    Sergio Agüero Month ago +1

    Why not a French in the Colombian league?

  • Sergio Agüero
    Sergio Agüero Month ago +2

    Well we know that jack ether didn't lose or he did but didn't discard musa

  • J
    J Month ago

    Jack always picks the shittest players...

  • Insane killer9
    Insane killer9 Month ago

    Couldn’t jack use the upamecano the French cb in bundesliga to get Tolisso full chem?

  • Knypplarn
    Knypplarn Month ago

    You should only be able to guess one icon as well as choose one icon, doesnt seem fair if you can just put down all the choices

  • Adrian Wunsch
    Adrian Wunsch Month ago

    Actually Spain won the Euros 2012 with I think Iniesta at CF, at the world cup 2010 David Villa was striker

  • VisionZ
    VisionZ Month ago

    There was a bronze goalie that played for Atlético Madrid and was brazilian

  • FunnyThings61
    FunnyThings61 Month ago

    since when were u allowed to write down two icon guesses??????????????

  • Tech Yeti
    Tech Yeti Month ago

    Nigga the mid-rolls

  • Regin27
    Regin27 Month ago

    I bought fifa coins from u7buy I didn’t get them

  • Liam WM
    Liam WM Month ago

    Andy couldnt use Di maria at Cm in sbs u can only move one either way and di maria's deepest card is at CF

  • Liam WM
    Liam WM Month ago

    EA dont put in the game the big transfers they save those for next year so not expecting griezmann in this fifa at barca

  • Maxwell Farquhar
    Maxwell Farquhar Month ago

    Di maria doesn’t even have a cm/cam card

  • J B
    J B 2 months ago

    Andy type of person to play against his friends to abuse mechanics and stab you in the back and try and take your girl

  • iiClayton xx
    iiClayton xx 2 months ago

    Were they pretending griezmann was from Barca? If so Andy’s Arias doesn’t get chem