7 Natural Anti-inflammatories For Pain Relief

  • Published on May 24, 2016
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    In this video Dr Jones shows you the top 7 Natural Anti-inflammatory ingredients that you can be using on your dog or cat. What to use, what dose, and how to give them.

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Comments • 632

  • Veterinary Secrets
    Veterinary Secrets  Year ago +49

    Remedy List (w/ Amazon affiliate links):

  • Nigel Richards
    Nigel Richards 3 years ago +136

    Boswellia and Curcumin in conjunction with physical therapy has fixed my 100lb dogs CCL injury without TPLO or TTA. Thank you Dr Andrew for your amazing loving advice. If only all vets valued animals wellbeing over massive profits the world would be a much better place for animals.

  • I. Iversen
    I. Iversen 3 years ago +59

    so good to hear a dr whos NOT brainwashed by the medical industry....im so fed up with advise from vets and all their medications....good to get support here online from someone who dares to think for him self and share...send you love....and such a kind energy too...wonderfulll - thanks <3

  • nofd1977
    nofd1977 2 years ago +162

    Thanks you Dr Jones. You put your career on the line for the good of animals. You are a true Humanitarian/Animal Savior with a heart of gold

  • John Malloy
    John Malloy 4 years ago +71

    I,ve been practising massage , acupressure , reflexology and manipulation for 25 years . The things you are revealing to the puplic and pet owners is fantastic . Thanks John

  • bellyful ochelly
    bellyful ochelly 2 years ago +20

    You can't imagine how valuable this information is for me. I thank God you exist and are willing to share your healing wisdom!

  • Hye Angels
    Hye Angels 4 years ago +102

    You are the BEST vet with a gold heart out there!! We're blessed to have you as a long distance vet. Blessings!!!!

  • Terena Lehr
    Terena Lehr 4 years ago +8

    Dr. Andrews, I have just recently came across your videos. I wanted to let you know how amazing I believe you are not only are you standing up for what you believe in whole heartedly but your doing it for the animals across the world.. It is not every day you find a person whom is educated enough in their field let alone a Doctor of any medical degree to stand so strongly to the point of not practicing just to help others in a more beneficial way not only heath wise but financially as well.. I would love to applaud you and let you know I completely support your views .. I am myself far from a DVM but have worked many years as a tech " I'm not employed at the moment , not due to anything but life " but I do however use home remedies and help all those I can in my neighborhood and through social media when I'm asked " Basic common sense stuff and only in my realm of knowledge " if I believe the animal needs to be seen by a vet I certainly push the issue " I just am basically the triage house visit nurse who stabilizes until an appointment or giving my opinion on simple stuff " I have rescued animals and have had the local DVM tell me there is no hope and should have PTS a few weeks or months with me and the animal is unrecognizable on the positive side and the Vet is amazed. Please don't take this as I'm bragging on myself I'm just trying to give you a small look inside myself and why I absolutely respect and believe in you!!! I wish you where located in my area as I would love to have the chance to work under your expertise and learn I love to learn new things no matter what field it's in I love learning but my absolute heart lies in helping animals 💕 Please continue what your doing You have all your fans 💯 % support!!! Do you have a FB page if so I would love to follow it .. again THANK YOU ..

  • J.P.L 79
    J.P.L 79 4 years ago +7

    Wish there were more vets like you. Thanks for making these videos. Wish Id'e found them sooner

  • Seadog Gozo - Fishing, guitars and more.

    This is a great video. Thank you! My Dalmatian, Gus, will be 9 in July. He's only recently started to suffer from what our vet (who is a really great guy) says is arthritis. It's his right shoulder that bothers him. In January 2013, Gus had TTA cruciate ligament surgery on his right knee. The op was a complete success and he has had not a bit of trouble since. No sign of any arthritis in his bionic leg ....yet! I already give him cod liver oil with his meals and also SynoquinEFA which is a glucosamine, chondroitin supplement. Would you suggest starting him on one of the treatments you mention, seeing how he gets on, and then if necessary try something else on your list? Thanks. Phil

  • Angel Fritz
    Angel Fritz 4 years ago +6

    Thank you for your service to animals and helping them heal naturally. <3 My dog just tore her ACL and we're treating her without surgery. I've ordered your supplements and will be ordering her pain supplements. My question is can all supplements mentioned in your video be given together or are they simply choices to choose from?

  • Delightful Addition
    Delightful Addition Year ago +10

    I wanted to thank you for your very helpful advice on more natural, less harmful alternatives that have saved both money and lives. I have one question. Are each of these safe to give every day to dogs for the rest of their lives? I know you said daily, but I just wanted to make sure that did not mean daily for a limited amount of time.

  • Kara R
    Kara R 3 years ago +1

    Thank you for all the great advice & recommendations! I absolutely prefer natural remedies. However, with so much misinformation out there it's great to know what a traditionally trained vet considers to be safe for our pets.

  • B Spooner
    B Spooner 4 years ago +1

    Thank you for your videos. Our lab has arthritis in his elbows and crepitus. I started treating him with boswellia, cod liver oil, glucosamin/chondroitin with msn but he had an acute episode and had to go to the vet. He has been prescribed Meloxicam 30mcg, tramadol 200mg, (enough to put me off balance), paracetamol 225mgs per day on top of the supplements. He also has cartrofen injection monthly now. My husband and I have worked for the ambulance service in the past and were astonished at the chemical onslaught on an 11 year old dog. He started to vomit , not drink and was constipated so we stopped everything the vet prescribed. He recovered with rice, turmeric, plenty of honey and a little apple cider vinegar and a few senna pods diluted in the mix. He also developed a nasty ulcer on his leg as he was pain transfer chewing. We are treating with dilute apple cider vinegar to clean, gently easing out the fluid and puss and applying honey to the wound twice a day. Everything is improving. I have re-introduced half doses of the meds and of course he's lame again. We are worried about our next visit to the vet and how we argue our case for natural remedies. She hard sells and we're going through a tough time financially. Do you have any advice on how to approach her? Our two lab X 16 month old pups go there too because they give a discount for rescue dogs we can't afford to go elsewhere. Your videos are valuable source of information for us. Beverley, Staffordshire, UK

  • joe Young
    joe Young 2 years ago +1

    Love your channel. Knowing your history with Veternarian practice. Its makes you a hero. No high price vet visits. Your wholestic approach for alternative treatments does work. Suggestion...please hold the herbals , meds and other products you suggest up for a better camera view so we may see the spelling of herbs and other medicines we might not know about . Thanks for all your advice. Where I live in a very rural area I'm always concerned about parasites from wildlife. Constant battle. There are tons of feral cats that roam my acreage. I love animals...most all. Except the poisonous critters. I can't watch the cats go hungry so I feed them. This has caused a worm problem. I'm on Social Security and your advice helps do much keeping Vet. Bill's down. Diatoniachious Earth goes into the cats feed daily along my dogs daily treatment as well. I've seen kittens born with respiratory problems. This DE treatment has saved a many sickly kitten. Maybe it was other problems involved with their health issues but after 2-3 weeks, many are looking so much better and get back to their kitten play activities. I take DE too. My own parasite control and toxic metals sprays from the Chemtrails that our government let's shower over us.

  • Gayle Dimitri
    Gayle Dimitri Year ago

    Thank you so much for this! My 9 year old staffie has hip dysphasia.

  • Jacquelyn Diamond
    Jacquelyn Diamond 3 years ago +18

    THANK YOU- you are providing a wonderful gift to our society and are truly a blessing to our wonderful furry friends and us, their human family! In our home we see our dog and cats as an extension of our family- like our children/brothers/sisters, because they have taught us so much about compassion, empathy, forgiveness and love- we have grown and respect all living creatures and our canine, feline, mammal friends have given us knowledge of what it truly means to love from a universal perspective! I recall when people actually thought animals had no emotions and only basic survival instncts-how wrong we were! We are becoming more balanced as a civilization everyday by learning from one our animal friends! My children have grown up to respect the right of all living things to exist and my eldest son is actually looking for non violating ways to address pest control of all kinds, believe it or not. The world is changing for the better and you are part of that! Thanks again for sharing your extensive knowledge with us!!!

  • Bama Sher
    Bama Sher Year ago +7

    Thank you for your unselfish dedication to our furry family!! You are amazing!

  • Sharon Andersen
    Sharon Andersen Year ago

    Thank you for the great information on pain relief for dogs! My dog has Cushing's and receives Trilostane to control it. He recently had a tumor removed from his liver. he is 14 and has what looks like muscle wasting in his rear legs. Both knees hare had surgery for cruciate ligament problems (one surgery done wrong), He is very drug sensitive and gets reactions to things. He is getting Metacam for pain, Gabapentin alternating with Metacam and apoquel for fungan skin infextions and itching relief. He was a happy dog and still is, but after starting the pain meds he seems confused and his leg stability isno better. Can I give the natural meds seen in this video with these other meds as i replace the prescription drugs with natural ones? Thank you! My dog still has time left and I want him to continue with his happy days.

  • FifthGenCanuck
    FifthGenCanuck 3 years ago

    Hi Dr. Jones,