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  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • Nail Art Designs Compilation #3. This is another collection of some of my favorite nail art designs. I hope you all are enjoying these nail art compilation videos that showcase some of my previous nail designs.
    Full Nail Videos:
    Sprinkles Nails:
    Orchid Chrome Nails:
    Bacon Nails:
    Ocean Nails:
    Polygel Heart Nails:
    Pink Lemonade Nails:
    Encapsulated Flowers Polygel Nails:
    Negative Space Nails:
    French Manicure with 3D Flowers:
    Snowflake Ornament Nails:
    Blue Marble Nails:
    Acrylic Hearts Nails:
    Ice Glitter Ombre Nails:
    Pink Zebra Nails:
    Pink Glitter Tip Nails:
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Comments • 172

  • Erika Taylor
    Erika Taylor 6 days ago


    THE NAIL DIVA Month ago

    Hello, i love these nails, do u sell those lil balls or know where i can buy them?

  • Kathy Salvatore
    Kathy Salvatore Month ago +1


  • Como Assim?
    Como Assim? Month ago

    Bacon kkkkkk

  • Ariahn Baker
    Ariahn Baker Month ago

    I gotta wait 2 weeks to get my nails done😭😭😭

  • PikaPika
    PikaPika 2 months ago

    You inspire me so much to keep learning how to do nails I am self thought i am starting to wonder into the poly gel territory i hope to some day get least close to being as good as you, what you do is definitely art

  • VillaT
    VillaT 2 months ago +1

    Didn’t realize it was your channel,showing all your work, was about to comment how much I like your channel, then realized this was you. 😆💜👍🏻

  • David Salcedo
    David Salcedo 2 months ago

    Oiga esas uñas asi de largas son para esas viejas q no asen nada q todo se lo colocan en la mano
    Sean felices con lo que tienen pues

  • rouse fam
    rouse fam 2 months ago

    Those nails are awsome

  • Francine Taveras
    Francine Taveras 3 months ago

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work! 😍 Are you self taught? I just started doing my own nails and only wish for them to look THIS good 😅😂

  • TeeJay Love
    TeeJay Love 3 months ago +1

    I’m on a roll ..I’ve been watching your videos since 9pm and I’m still at it

  • RobinCoffins
    RobinCoffins 4 months ago

    Ugh so talented and creative!

  • Ana Gacha life
    Ana Gacha life 4 months ago

    About bacon
    Great nail art
    Comment like this one😅

  • danielaa aa
    danielaa aa 4 months ago

    Like if ur here to see if ppl commented on the bacon nails

  • Iris Diaz
    Iris Diaz 4 months ago

    Please make more vids like these

  • Beatrice Yeetrice
    Beatrice Yeetrice 5 months ago

    Whyy bacon

  • Karoline Lopes
    Karoline Lopes 5 months ago

    bacon nail is nasty 🤢

  • ねるね水
    ねるね水 5 months ago +2


  • Storm the ice/rain wing

    Those nails weren't built for school

  • Poduschka TV
    Poduschka TV 5 months ago

    WOW! Dress up to the same time, idk what time.♥

  • Life with Dahnya
    Life with Dahnya 5 months ago

    I would never get my nails that long the ice cream nails are to damn long

  • ShaamDee Tv
    ShaamDee Tv 5 months ago

    can you do my nalis

  • Emily K
    Emily K 5 months ago

    Why bacon
    I love your nail art

  • Jakki Akki
    Jakki Akki 5 months ago

    She snapped on every design!

  • Nika Nails
    Nika Nails 5 months ago

    That’s amazing, you have so many cool ideas

  • Tamara Fleming
    Tamara Fleming 6 months ago +3

    Who put bacon on your nails because you cat will eat it and it is very nasty👌🏾👌🏾

  • Tamara Fleming
    Tamara Fleming 6 months ago +1

    This nails are so pretty i like them nails so much🤩🤩

  • Francis V
    Francis V 6 months ago

    What is the goop stuff for??

  • Sara Mes
    Sara Mes 6 months ago

    If anyones interested I have unique easy to apply beautiful nail wraps on *Etsy: Cosmic23art* ^_^

  • karmenn lopez
    karmenn lopez 6 months ago

    Solo tengo un comentario...wacala...¡¡¡¡😝😝😝😝

  • Kim C
    Kim C 6 months ago +1

    The designs are fun, but some of the nails are too pointy for my taste. I like squared nails...

  • Sofa_ PatataKpop :3
    Sofa_ PatataKpop :3 6 months ago

    Demasiado exageradas!! D:

  • watermelon
    watermelon 6 months ago

    Dat bacon tho🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓ooh bacon let's get shaking

  • Cynthia Oliphant
    Cynthia Oliphant 6 months ago

    You should really make all the awesome nails and sell on ebay I'd definitely buy them

  • Austria beautiful country
    Austria beautiful country 6 months ago +1


  • Tasha Dorelus
    Tasha Dorelus 6 months ago

    Its so beautiful ❤❤❤❤

  • Лариса Булдакова

    Красивые и сложные работы

  • Halinea Michael
    Halinea Michael 6 months ago

    It’s really stupid to put bacon on your nails. Like my comment if you agree

  • Ahmad Hussein khatri
    Ahmad Hussein khatri 6 months ago

    Wow beautiful

  • Dobre Fam
    Dobre Fam 6 months ago +1

    Cardi B left the chat shook

  • Никар Мамедова

    Fuuuuuuu 🙁😒

  • Long Live Jahseh
    Long Live Jahseh 6 months ago

    These are awful. Every last one

  • Ms Trish
    Ms Trish 6 months ago +11

    The bacon nails 🤦 oh you got skills skills 😂😂😂

  • I'm Ki'Yunna
    I'm Ki'Yunna 6 months ago

    Your copying my aunt she's Sha'naenae

  • jasmyne artis
    jasmyne artis 6 months ago +42

    Am I only one that can smell the nail salon while watching this ?

  • Hadia Diallo
    Hadia Diallo 6 months ago +9

    Its cute and all but I think is too much bling like I’m the type to keep it nice and simple and cute

  • BeeDuck
    BeeDuck 6 months ago +1

    Welp the tumbnail was in the video lol

  • karla santos
    karla santos 6 months ago

    Those nails are ugly

  • Black Butterfly
    Black Butterfly 6 months ago


  • SuZaN Hiwa
    SuZaN Hiwa 6 months ago

    شا زه😙😙

  • Amanda Bethke
    Amanda Bethke 6 months ago

    Bacon on nails?

  • Retaj Tamer
    Retaj Tamer 6 months ago

    Wow ! ( ; ♥♥♥

  • Mütevazı Egoist
    Mütevazı Egoist 6 months ago +11

    This nails looks so uncomfortable

  • Chyanna Rayford
    Chyanna Rayford 6 months ago

    you are so bum for puting bacon on your nails you gon have ans evre day you gon to wake with ans on your hand

  • Stephanny Mejia
    Stephanny Mejia 6 months ago

    What where they thinking

  • Stephanny Mejia
    Stephanny Mejia 6 months ago

    Wtf why would they put bacon in their nails!!!!

    • Mint
      Mint 6 months ago

      HighGirl 713
      To eat on the go.... nvm that sounds weird

  • Josie Draine
    Josie Draine 6 months ago

    Awesome job

  • NA Gang
    NA Gang 6 months ago

    I love you na gagn

  • adriana leonor
    adriana leonor 6 months ago

    Que feas 😝

  • Brittany Gordon
    Brittany Gordon 6 months ago +82

    I'd be scared to put bacon the dogs is gonna eat me off🤣🤣