Hate Figures - What Are They Good For? Russell Brand & Jack Monroe

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • Is Jack's theory right? What do you think?
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  • ttblade
    ttblade 20 days ago

    What a load of half witted fools who subscribe to their virtue signalling while they get rich. How dumb you all are.

  • rotpeter
    rotpeter 21 day ago

    What a pair of smug, self righteous cunts.Ugh.

  • Carl Ranger
    Carl Ranger 29 days ago

    I'd. do 'er.

  • Hidden Kitten
    Hidden Kitten Month ago +1

    she has a cute little cheeky face just like lilly allen

  • Charlotte Wenban
    Charlotte Wenban Month ago

    My favourite guest of yours ever Russell, what a gem!!

  • Patrick Cassady
    Patrick Cassady 2 months ago

    Its a dangerous conversation, but what people arent discussing are the biological impacts on sociology and psychology. People are primarily making ethical decisions based on their biological ability to consume.

  • The Niggler Project
    The Niggler Project 2 months ago

    Bloody auld sop.

  • Amber Dawn Lee
    Amber Dawn Lee 2 months ago

    i love you, the person who is reading this now, you.

  • ALBUMOF2008
    ALBUMOF2008 2 months ago

    I may not agree with everything Russell says because we’re all complex humans with different lived experiences but I truly admire his undying willingness to listen and learn and grow 💖 he’s also extremely intelligent and witty- Proof that you can be funny without being cruel!

  • With Wilk
    With Wilk 2 months ago

    I think negative energy and hate figures are a way for society to discuss a topic no?

  • Lucius Spinner
    Lucius Spinner 2 months ago

    Two total hotties talking intelligently... I call that foreplay 😘😘❤️🌏

  • N1na1995
    N1na1995 2 months ago

    impotent rage YEP!!!!!

  • Chris C
    Chris C 2 months ago

    There are no 'hate figures'
    hate is the latest political straw man in the lineage of 'communist' and 'terrorist'. When those in power wish to push an unpopular bit of legislation or cultural coercion, the enemy they frame it as combating is 'hate figures'. Look at all the speech and thought control the UK is getting away with because it's framed as protecting against bullying. Same crap that used to be framed as aiding in catching terrorists. The only thing that's surprising is so many that used to criticize these abuses of power are now openly supporting them because the arbitrary political side (left/right) has swapped.
    if you see someone as a hate figure, you're not seeing the whole person, you're only seeing the convenient enemy that you've been taught to see.

  • Mike Eades
    Mike Eades 2 months ago

    It's because humans are inherently bad , as soon as s we are born we are taught to b good and we learn all the bad things we are not supposed to do !!!

  • jason johnson
    jason johnson 2 months ago

    Jack has a wonderful way of over generalising and "boxing" culture into one living entity in that we all need/want a "villain" antagonist to be around. A cook turned professor of social psychology now? She's beginning to sound more like that villain character she thinks we crave but really some of us are trying to avoid.

  • Andy Roo
    Andy Roo 2 months ago

    Policing the demand for Political correctness, is an attempt at behaviour and thought modification. It's individual and collective suppression. Communism, Nazism, etc, did the same . Political correctness is not the answer. As it does not allow the shadow to exist and express itself. And of course it must and it will. So intelligently with the principles of the shadowy unconscious, and all phenomenon therein, is part of the enlightening process.

  • murphy butler
    murphy butler 3 months ago

    Dark thoughts......I'd have them if i didn't have to swing a sledgehammer 8hrs a day. My back hurts.

  • James Charles
    James Charles 3 months ago

    Jack Monroe is wonderful and so wise for her young years

  • fairy bliss
    fairy bliss 3 months ago

    The right wing in America are actively attempting to take away a woman’s right to chose. It’s difficult to see their side when it includes religious tyranny and a disregard to women who die without safe legal abortions

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller 3 months ago

    Why not have your entire interviews in video format as well as podcast? I enjoy watching the interaction.

  • Vincent Anderson
    Vincent Anderson 3 months ago

    Does her jumper say eat your queens?

  • Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah Armstrong 3 months ago +1

    Russell you used to be such a great comedian. its so sad its come to this, sitting around talking about 'growing'. make us laugh again, please!

    • Sarah Armstrong
      Sarah Armstrong 3 months ago +1

      +Scratch Productions If he cares more about his character than entertainment, then why film it all and put it on you tube! Have these private conversations in a coffee shop then? (except that aint gonna sell books is it) Look I love Russell Brand the comedian, its just getting so boring all this stuff - he's genuinely a comedy great.. bring it back to the comedy Rus.

    • Scratch Productions
      Scratch Productions 3 months ago

      Sarah Armstrong He cares more for his character development than our entertainment now. Better he do that than hide a depression under a ribbing career.

  • Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah Armstrong 3 months ago +1

    god shes so boring, typical snowflake nutty lesbian.people like her shouldn't be mothers

  • skywriting33
    skywriting33 3 months ago

    I wrote a paper 20+ years ago about the perils of individualism and multiculturalism. (Must be stated, I am pro multiculturalism but it had defined certain aspects of our society)
    Having a homogenous society means your world view, your belief system, your ‘reality’ is continually supported, validated and reinforced. Having ones reality validated gives one a feeling of security, belonging and acceptance.
    As we have embraced individualism, technology has thrown us all in different directions, there has been an increase in immigration from parts of the world that are largely unfamiliar to us, and I believe, it has led to a time of recalibration of society that leaves some feeling untethered and disconnected from that place of security. I think it is responsible for our feelings of isolation (ironically as we are more ‘connected’ than ever), and can lead to depression and other mental illness. We are losing that which reaffirms our place in the world/society, that security, that shared reality.
    Folks like trump, Morgan, etc put voice to a primal part of ourselves that yearns for that homogenous society that was the basis of a shared reality. People are threatened by change, especially if it is as fundamental as ones perceived realities about our society. Cognitive dissonance is a real thing.
    It’s my personal belief that this kind of reaction is unavoidable and understandable even if also misguided and potentially harmful.
    Anyway, a long-winded simplification of an idea I had ages ago.

  • Chango Chilemba
    Chango Chilemba 3 months ago +1

    necklace... 👁️

  • theworldwithout us
    theworldwithout us 3 months ago

    What the hell is this oi soy boy are u broken have u got a head injury u complete tit

  • Chris Walker
    Chris Walker 3 months ago

    I think sometimes 'dark' people can be really creative - I think the trick is to tap into that energy for good uses. I remember someone who used to haunt the comments section of your videos like a turgid dripping spectre that would coat the feelings of people in the comments in a hateful kind of rank fungal spray and oily slime - like something from the corner of a dingy flat that was difficult to get at and so never got cleaned and just accumilated and festered. This person suggested to me that I was so enraptured by you that I would suck the barnicles from the anus of your corpse after your project had crashed at sea and left you drowned and disgarded to wash up on some miserable beach head. But I saw through the hate to a creative person underneath and tried to engage with that - retaliating to him by saying I am sorry if my presence had unsettled his great cold and mountainous forehead into cracking and unsettling its surface to bring forth an avalanche of jagged rocks to tumble down upon my person. I continued to interact with this individual - even by him doing something it showed he still had hope.

    • Chris Walker
      Chris Walker 2 months ago

      +Death 420 blaze it What's the matter? - did the few hours it took you to read it distract you too much from your hate campaign against disco music?

    • Death 420 blaze it
      Death 420 blaze it 2 months ago

      How long did it take you to write this trash? an hour? Get a life.

  • Pablo Ucan
    Pablo Ucan 3 months ago

    Russel's show is an antidote to the troll mentality.

  • Ben Lindskog
    Ben Lindskog 3 months ago

    what a great human.

  • Strange Attractor
    Strange Attractor 3 months ago

    stoner cold.

  • Mountain Mamma
    Mountain Mamma 3 months ago

    You limey brit. Take up freeform skydiving with a bedsheet

  • Rob Burnley
    Rob Burnley 3 months ago

    Lots of long words without really going anywhere or saying anything. Jack is cool though

  • Hungrytongues 69
    Hungrytongues 69 3 months ago

    She’s assuming that people being upset at you means that you’re wrong, and that people saying that others are wrong regardless of being offended are being ignorant. Very silly and thoroughly failing to go into reasonable detail

  • H Mc
    H Mc 3 months ago +2

    This got pretty boring pretty quickly...

  • Chase Clay
    Chase Clay 3 months ago +1

    Russel, have Katie Hopkins on your show. You and Katie are both great, would love to hear the conversation!

  • RaimonTarou
    RaimonTarou 3 months ago

    in a word, tribalism.

  • Selma Unsley
    Selma Unsley 3 months ago

    I can’t help thinking that the piers Morgan outburst was staged, by Greggs for publicity ( they have the same PR company...)

    SUPER MARIO BMX 3 months ago

    I don't care about her theories ! more russell please...

  • Sovereign Life
    Sovereign Life 3 months ago

    Interesting conversation. Russell, When are you going to do a video with Teal Swan? That would be an epic conversation.

  • lelue
    lelue 3 months ago

    Chilly Gonzales: The Grudge thexvid.com/video/AJmT9c1i4yY/video.html

    NATURE BOY 3 months ago

    enjoy my channel please find time to take a look

  • sweet2thpuppylover
    sweet2thpuppylover 3 months ago

    Ive watched this interview here and listened to it countless times on spotify. Everytime i learn something new. Love more than i can say. Also, Jacks personality is so similar to Russells its awesome!

  • Ben Shaw
    Ben Shaw 3 months ago +1

    The scrubbers need scheduled TV to watch that's why they're all so mad. Jesus Christ burst me.

  • Justyn Mychael
    Justyn Mychael 3 months ago

    It's easier to direct anger outward rather then counter it inward.

  • elsa Grace
    elsa Grace 3 months ago

    But Hitler serves this purpose.

  • mst3kpimp
    mst3kpimp 3 months ago

    she seems to be the female equivalent of russell.

  • Nihilist
    Nihilist 3 months ago

    Her shirt looks like 'eat your teens'.

  • bat in the attic
    bat in the attic 3 months ago +1

    I've just noticed the beard. That's biblical level!

  • JXXK X.X.X
    JXXK X.X.X 3 months ago +1

    Both talking utter shit. Whiney middle class shnidey shit talkers. So boring and so trite.

  • JMD
    JMD 3 months ago +2

    So the solution to the resistance to PC culture is to watch more telly - Deep stuff

  • Swift Allan
    Swift Allan 3 months ago

    Has Russell converted to Islam?

  • Darth Dani
    Darth Dani 3 months ago

    4:20 "I believe in a thing called love!"

  • Dee Cohen
    Dee Cohen 3 months ago +1

    I don’t know who this bitches but I think she’s honestly trying to impersonate him to get on his good side or something and she’s just pissing me the fuck off even though I would stay to watch him I can’t watch this fucking bitch you won’t shut the fuck up already and let the sage do his good work and say what she asked him to come there to say but she won’t shut the fuck up so he can’t even fucking say what he wants us to hear

  • Dee Cohen
    Dee Cohen 3 months ago +1

    Can she shut the fuck up and let him say one fucking thing he looks so fucking annoyed for the most peaceful guy on the planet right now and rightfully so because she won’t shut the fuck up because she think she’s so fucking in lightened but if she was in lightened she would shut the fuck up

  • nishtha kalra
    nishtha kalra 3 months ago

    Love Jack !

  • Paul Denet
    Paul Denet 3 months ago

    Why is her name Jack? Lol

  • Mcfishy First
    Mcfishy First 3 months ago

    Like trump plp r so filled w hate #thedevilbreathsfreely

  • Mark McAllister
    Mark McAllister 3 months ago +1

    Princess Jack...what a catch...to throw back

  • Master Adjuster
    Master Adjuster 3 months ago

    it's a protection mechanism.

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов 3 months ago +1

    This guy/ftm? Is a paedophile

  • Waterybint *
    Waterybint * 3 months ago

    Russel Brand really fancies himself as a modern day Socrates.

  • Connor Richardson
    Connor Richardson 3 months ago +3

    lmfao, how is trump a "hate figure" 😂

  • Lindsay Smith
    Lindsay Smith 3 months ago

    Here's my theory on all the negative ridiculousness going on within social media. People LOVE drama! Why else would all these trash "reality" tv shows be doing so well? These producers create drama and situations to amp up the drama. If the show was drama-less or had the same amount of drama as perhaps A NORMAL human being's life, no one would watch it. Then, social media will have us censoring our own negative thoughts, and make us believe that we must only show the good parts of our lives. All this brewing anger and hate is then being suppressed because "good vibes only." Due to this viscious cycle, depression and suicide is now becoming an epidemic because we lack the tools we need to effectively deal with all these new forms of stimulation mixed with negativity.

  • Zoe_13
    Zoe_13 3 months ago

    ‘Hate figures, what are they good for?’
    We fear what we don’t understand. What we hate is only a projection of our inner most secrets and insecurities.. held in part through ideologies thrust upon us through social conformity. So in answer to the original question, hate figures are good for understanding our true selves. Truth lies in the places we least want to go to. Don’t be afraid.. embrace it and move like you want to.

  • Michael Feddeler
    Michael Feddeler 3 months ago +2

    Okay, Sorry, But, she needs to blow Her NOSE.......... WHAT THE HELL.... I'm pausing, writing, and deleting... Love hearing Russell breathe through his nose.🙄🙄🙄

  • Joshua Lindsay
    Joshua Lindsay 3 months ago

    I tend to think it’s because we are descendants of warriors hunters gathers, and farmers, not SJW’s on FB...

  • Steve steve
    Steve steve 3 months ago

    She’s right. I remember talking daily to friends about... say the tonight show with J. Carson. We always discussed the SAME shows, it was a daily ritual with friends. I cant relate to most of my old friends because they regurgitate on facebook what they hear on fox or msnbc. Oiy

  • Mr Dunning Kruger
    Mr Dunning Kruger 3 months ago

    almost everyone "hates" someone or something these days - even if it's just having an intolerance for intolerance - but there's no generally held consensus - a lot of people do dislike the things that Katie Hopkins says but others may dislike Owen Jones or even Russell Brand's views (as inconceivable as that may seem :) we are not really logical beings & often we take against someone for ideological reasons or just on a hunch. Also, ever since CERN went mining for dark matter(s) a lot of crazy stuff has surfaced & entered into the collective psyche

  • Matthew Parrish
    Matthew Parrish 3 months ago

    You went full-hippietard, didncha boy?
    When you are out there, in the jungle, fightin' honkies.... You never go full hippietard!😬

  • Marie Williams
    Marie Williams 3 months ago +1

    People like thinking their more important and have superior attitudes.

  • D Personal
    D Personal 3 months ago

    Everyday that Russell is alive is a better day for me, just knowing that he's out there and he cares.

  • bIg HilL
    bIg HilL 3 months ago

    She looks like she smokes a lot of dope, her eyes are dark and puffy and there is nothing like it to make a person more egotistical and to identify with their body, having all those awful tattoos done. The are so unfortunate that they will argue that they are beautiful.

    • wildebest
      wildebest 3 months ago +1

      Na, she's on the autistic spectrum. There's definitely a certain look to the eyes (almond shaped, wide-spaced) for some people - not a criticism in the slightest though. But nothing to do with weed. She's teetotal.

  • No One
    No One 3 months ago

    That beard is old testament, stick some legos in it to make it more fun.

  • Blue&Green
    Blue&Green 3 months ago

    I’m starting to think these people just reflect their own shortcomings onto everyone else.

  • wujidao
    wujidao 3 months ago

    Is that a crucifix Russell or a luciferean, Illuminati NWO necklace?

  • marcus l
    marcus l 3 months ago

    "a triumvirate of personality traits" ...I'll just throw that one in in the first 20 s. lol

  • Elle Sunshine
    Elle Sunshine 3 months ago


  • twelvepetaledlotus
    twelvepetaledlotus 3 months ago +1

    Has rusty got thoughts about shagging her?im just wondering??

  • Aten Ra
    Aten Ra 3 months ago

    No the theroy is wrong, it's not a lack of scheduled villians on televisions that is the problem, it is a biased media deliberately flaming the fans of hate and fake news, Why mention katie hopkins?? all she has done is stand up to speak out for sake of british people who are being abused left right and centre, she speaks out for kids who get abused and it's the media who portray her as some kind of hate merchant, it's the media who spin everything to suit their marxist agenda and it's people like Russel brand who re-enforce the media position with their own brand of subtle left wing manipulation and hate propogation. jack is completely wrong, it's the media takes advantage of the naivety of the general population, we are left in deliberate ignorance by thse who should be telling us the whole story and then that ignorance and lack of information is used to manipulate our reactions to sensationalised news stories. Then fools like jack come along and try to push ideas that realy it's a lack of brainwashing from places like the BBC that causes us to follow these people. I don't look at Katie hopkins and then say 'oh my god have you heard what she's said now', I look at the content of what katie says and act accordingly because most of what katie says is spot on and it's the media trying to stiffle our voices with their hate campaigns... If you react to katei hopkins at el with 'look what they said' mentality then you are part of the problem

  • Kt Kt
    Kt Kt 3 months ago

    Well sad if Jack is right

  • Hasan Sharif
    Hasan Sharif 3 months ago

    I like her

  • daniel
    daniel 3 months ago

    As an Australian, I don't know much about Katie Hopkins, so I'm not going to comment on her. However I'm rather sceptical of the hate narrative. It seems to me that hatred is a word used by certain interest groups to label people that they believe have the wrong opinions. It is then not so much about discussing the shortcomings or issues with a 'wrong' opinion but about shutting it down by all means possible, civilised or not. The types who use hate as a currency in political dialogue are looking for ways to shutdown opponents and circumvent the task of battling in real discussion. A difference of opinion is a threat and 'hatred' is used as a virtuous word to tell their followers not to go out and find opposing arguments. I find this rather dangerous. From a merely human perspective, life is not all about kindness in any case. So can all non-kind interactions between persons be labelled hate? and can those people then be labelled as hateful figures, as a permanent characteristic of their persona? Should they now be allowed to host events to spread their message? Considering they use the internet to spread their message maybe we should consider disallowing them from using that too. Perhaps the best approach is to talk to their advertisers, to their bosses and maybe to MasterCard, PayPal and Visa to see if there's any way that person can stop receiving money. Do you guys think that a word as broad and wishy-washy as 'hate' can be surgically cut out of society without bringing about a hell on Earth? It seems to me that the term 'hate' has already been corrupted and is starting to bring about a rather non-progressive press censorship policy. There are many social commentators who wish to speak to people about what they believe to be metaphysical deficiencies in modern society. Certain powerful people and interest groups of the political natures are willing to erode their decency and honesty in order to shut those innocent people down because these powerful people believe their messages are an attack on their authority. I'm going to make the assumption that most people who listen to Brand come from the intellectual and reasonable left. My message to them is merely to consider the people that you believe are voicing out 'hate' and become seriously more specific about what you dislike about them. Cut the 'hate' label out of the argument because using such a word is a serious linguistic problem which will incite powerful people (people who have not earned their authority through competence and merit) to tighten their grip on that power. Serious social consequences will follow and have been following for a while now.

    • daniel
      daniel 3 months ago

      +K Yes, I do believe that the left or at least the radical left has derailed itself from its directive: to punch up at people who have earned their power through tyrannical activity. Instead they go after all sorts of decent humans due to a difference in opinion and they are managing to get large corporations on the job as well. Take the example of Google firing conservative thinkers from their development team, or MasterCard which is cutting of commentators' revenue supplies on Patreon due to their 'hateful' messages. Isn't corporate belligerence supposed to be something that the left opposes? If such an ideological and authoritarian narrative engraves itself into state, law and constitution, I'd imagine it would bring about something approximating the state of 1930-40s Europe in Germany and the Soviet Union.

    • daniel
      daniel 3 months ago

      +ShitGotReal I find that considering the lengths I have gone to to explain myself, your rather vapid statement is by comparison rather low IQ.

    • K
      K 3 months ago

      There is something seriously disturbing about this. Very worrying about what is at the root of what you are saying

    • ShitGotReal
      ShitGotReal 3 months ago

      daniel You're a cunt... Tell me this isn't hate? low IQ aussie, nah I ain't hatin'

  • B Lynch
    B Lynch 3 months ago +2

    "I’ve revaluated my position. I realise I was wrong. I upset you, I’ve upset people. It wasn’t my intention but I can see that there are things I need to learn. I’m going to take this as an opportunity to grow. Thank you for pointing this out". I think we could all do with this statement on a card we keep in our wallets...

    • K
      K 3 months ago

      Absolutely, and it's much more important than people realise to self reflect

  • neilo
    neilo 3 months ago

    piers morgan as a villian in a soap,,id watch that ,,,

  • andthereisntone
    andthereisntone 3 months ago

    Jack? You're not a man, love.

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 3 months ago

    I don’t get Russell from vagina jokes to pretending to be all wise and mighty in knowingly comparing himself to Ernesto Guevara and Gandhi on the messiah complex get real

  • Steve Hatt
    Steve Hatt 3 months ago

    What’s this the over analysing hour !!!!!!!

  • Carl
    Carl 3 months ago

    I'm not sure irradiating your food is all that wise.

  • mark d
    mark d 3 months ago

    Jack looks like that girl from Twilight!

  • glenny oc
    glenny oc 3 months ago

    I wonder if Russell still feels like hitting on his female guests? I remember when Everbody talked about blue Peter, who, grange hill and TOTP the following day. I loved griwingbup in the 7os

  • Susan Larkin
    Susan Larkin 3 months ago +4

    I think it’s lack of personal responsibility and we have made our lives all about ourselves and forgot what it’s like to walk in another’s shoes!

  • VisInvis
    VisInvis 3 months ago +5

    If Russell Brand could ever answer one of my infinite questions i think I might start with, "what does your necklace represent and what does it mean to you?"

    • With Wilk
      With Wilk 2 months ago

      It's probably not that deep, maybe a Harry Potter souvenir 😂

  • VisInvis
    VisInvis 3 months ago +9

    Nobody in my small circle of friends can converse like this nor would dare try. I love this style of conversation so much. It's time to work on growing.

    • K
      K 3 months ago +1

      Agree, this is how I like to talk. It's about what's meaningful

  • Xenophrenia
    Xenophrenia 3 months ago

    why don't you have videos of whole episodes anymore?

  • Dr00f
    Dr00f 3 months ago +1

    Russell is the man, inspirational genius

  • christmanandre
    christmanandre 3 months ago

    i love her shirt and opinion.

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman 3 months ago

    Thought that was Lily Allen in the thumbnail

    • zekezero12345
      zekezero12345 3 months ago +1

      Yeah, I nearly didn't watch it either.

  • Legion James
    Legion James 3 months ago

    Dark thoughts and good thoughts coagulate online. In orwells 1984 "the party" members had to meet daily for the evening HATE. They would all scream at the televison which played pictures of the enemy's of the party. If you didnt hate you were tortured to death. True story. Thought police and all that. You hear thought police but dont realise they were tourturing psychopaths in the orignal book. Cant have people thinking, will cut your dong off for that! Lol cry

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb 3 months ago

    Not dark thought's, facts

  • Me
    Me 3 months ago +1

    Please post full videos I prefer videos to audio podcast