Living A Day With Cardi B's Nails

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • Celebrity manicurist Jenny Bui does ET's Lauren Zima's nails while dishes on working with Cardi B. However, after the interview Lauren has to navigate her daily life with her new nails.
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  • julius paragas
    julius paragas 41 minute ago


    IN fact I have some on now🤪🤪🤪

  • Imani The toy collector

    She doing to much it's not that serious

  • Jaeda Mckenzie
    Jaeda Mckenzie 2 days ago

    U are over reacting😑

  • Makanalii Kahaawi
    Makanalii Kahaawi 5 days ago

    Bruh she acts so extra like if you get nails you have to think of the things that your gonna do how to do it and opening a can isn’t that hard

  • Jeff Kealy
    Jeff Kealy 6 days ago

    Cardi just wants to think she's a lizard, dragon or something, huh?
    Okay, I watched some more and she overreacts! No wonder why jenny seems to be pissed.

  • shvonda ezeb
    shvonda ezeb 6 days ago

    But you too white baby to be Card B

  • Emory Pruitt
    Emory Pruitt 9 days ago

    Thoes look like press on nails🤔🤔

  • Antoinette Vassell
    Antoinette Vassell 13 days ago

    She is so extra and i recently did my nails, after about a year or two without doing anything to my nails and I wasn't behaving half as how she was in the video.

  • Kxelyn Time
    Kxelyn Time 14 days ago

    Which is it u wanna be cardi or Ariana

  • Andrea Avila
    Andrea Avila 14 days ago

    Bru she is over reacting

  • Darci B
    Darci B 14 days ago

    Ugly ass nails. Long like witches nails. Uglyyyyyyyy. Just ugly

  • Madelynn U
    Madelynn U 14 days ago

    So I was washing my ass and I was washing it fast and I just got my nails done and they where pointy

    Do u know I stabbed my ass hole?

  • Trazon McMullen
    Trazon McMullen 15 days ago


  • Tara Baxter
    Tara Baxter 15 days ago

    You can do the normal everyday things with those nails she’s being dramatic asf kinda annoying

  • sadiyah ansari
    sadiyah ansari 15 days ago

    i think she got nails done for the first time

  • Paris DEnise
    Paris DEnise 16 days ago

    Your exaggerating sorry it’s not that bad. And you can hold things regularly honestly

  • cecilia yanes
    cecilia yanes 16 days ago

    Girl u could easily type, hold a can well, and use the bathroom rlly easily. That is just being extra ( No hate)

  • crybxby dadoll
    crybxby dadoll 18 days ago

    Doing wayyy tm. I do my nails way longer then that and the only problem I have is tying my shoe.😂

  • Caiden Glabb
    Caiden Glabb 18 days ago

    Cardi...... #My Insperation my life

  • obaapa cartello
    obaapa cartello 18 days ago

    Stop acting like a low key person
    Like a villager

  • Tanja Myers
    Tanja Myers 19 days ago

    Literally the nails she has on are press ons. There not even acrylic OR gel!! UNREAL!! Fake ass!!

  • Larry Sherrin
    Larry Sherrin 19 days ago

    Cardi b is my girl not yours okurrrrrrr

  • jhy
    jhy 20 days ago

    wow imagine how much does she have to pay fir that😂😣🤔

  • Evelyn Orduno
    Evelyn Orduno 21 day ago +1

    Probably cardi b doesn't even like this girl

  • black hammer8825
    black hammer8825 21 day ago

    Dramatic, extra...what could go wrong in her life?

  • Nigel Chambers
    Nigel Chambers 23 days ago

    well this makes me love cardi b
    i mean i never knew cardi is so sweet and funny ..omg ive never seen she shout at her workers like nicki

  • Yasmin Khan
    Yasmin Khan 23 days ago

    I just can not get with those nails. I'm too clumsy for them i may end up in the E.R

  • Joan Namatovu
    Joan Namatovu 24 days ago

    So how do you even clean your self???just asking

  • Muhammad Waleed
    Muhammad Waleed 24 days ago

    What the hell is this 😫😡

  • Tato Dabu
    Tato Dabu 24 days ago

    Jenny Bui is from arunachal I am right

  • Sobeida Acosta
    Sobeida Acosta 24 days ago

    So cute hope that cardi b see this you deserve all the love from cardi b jennie🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤👄👅💅💅💅💞💥💄👝👡

  • Dulce González
    Dulce González 25 days ago

    Jajaja practice practice practice please¡ I can use perfectli ¡

  • Amine Rabi
    Amine Rabi 25 days ago

    Maybe two

  • Martinez Antonio10
    Martinez Antonio10 25 days ago

    Do wait you think u are the next cardi b hell no

  • Gail Wagher
    Gail Wagher 26 days ago


  • Gail Wagher
    Gail Wagher 26 days ago

    Fuck yeah

  • Fatoumatta Trawally
    Fatoumatta Trawally 26 days ago

    Cardi don’t have to do all this by herself duhhh

  • Keylah’s Nation
    Keylah’s Nation 26 days ago

    I ain’t hating on Jenny,, but lowkey those don’t look how cardi b nails be lookin😂

  • ery mora
    ery mora 26 days ago


  • Rosa Aparicio
    Rosa Aparicio 27 days ago

    It's a white girl what do u expect she is gonna be dramatic😂

  • Courtney Broadfoot
    Courtney Broadfoot 27 days ago +6

    "1i want to be more like MY girl Cardi B" Cardi: Ain't nobody say I was yo gurl

  • Mary Nyambura
    Mary Nyambura 29 days ago

    She's not overeating

  • Mya Cooper
    Mya Cooper Month ago

    Ok your being way to extra for no reason, it’s not that serious 🙄

  • danica francisco
    danica francisco Month ago +1

    Cardi b nails is so hard 🙄

  • Nala Swift
    Nala Swift Month ago

    Dont worry gurl your hair still poppin 💆💁 5:06

  • Samantha Atkins
    Samantha Atkins Month ago

    This is just ridiculous

  • Yessenia Salazar
    Yessenia Salazar Month ago

    i dont like them 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Stacey Maybe
    Stacey Maybe Month ago

    this girl being so extra you can tell that jenny was uncomfortable time to time and annoyed like damn its not that hard and ive had 4 inch nails before and i had them for 6 weeks no problems

  • Gilbert JUMBA
    Gilbert JUMBA Month ago

    Love you cardi




    1:10 💗🖤🔥💃
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💛

  • Dragonz-Are-Funny Too

    I always asked myself how do women with long nails are doing things?
    I'm ten yrs old and rn i m wearing fake nails that are long and i cant rlly surviveeee and i will stay with them for 5 days

  • Claudette Muñoz
    Claudette Muñoz Month ago

    I hate when people go al extra its not that hard?

  • Geeta Gill
    Geeta Gill Month ago

    Nails are too long, for me too! 🤣🤣

  • Alex Aphmau
    Alex Aphmau Month ago

    I this I'm the
    Nexe carde b I'm good at daceing sing and I'm raven eckert I'm 11 years old

  • Eneva NailArtist
    Eneva NailArtist Month ago

    Long Nas are not for everyone only for Queens

  • Angel Ntumba
    Angel Ntumba Month ago

    That looks every 😂 hard

  • Amanda Sebastião Jr.

    Those nails are ridiculous 🙄

  • Amanda Sebastião Jr.

    Those nails are ridiculous 🙄

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