“Charlie’s Angels” Tanked… Whose Fault Is It?

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • Real fam, why do you think “Charlie’s Angels” was a box office bomb?
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  • Carmela Morada
    Carmela Morada 9 minutes ago

    The movie was not properly publicized. If it was hyped and the girls properly did press then yes it couldve done better. But I hate Lonnie in this video...u dont need big names to make a movie hot and also she is rly talking over the other girls

  • Life of Dove
    Life of Dove Hour ago

    The marketing was poor. Few ppl know about the movie

  • D. J.
    D. J. 2 hours ago

    Men all loved the Charlies Angels series and the first movies with Diaz and Lucy. This movie just tried to succeed on simply the fact that females were in it and didn't make the movie fun or interesting.

  • killa haze
    killa haze 3 hours ago


  • Helen Bell
    Helen Bell 4 hours ago

    Nobody wanted to see this. Nobody cares. It's not sexism cause women didn't see it either.

  • TerroristNeutralizer
    TerroristNeutralizer 7 hours ago

    Or, it just may be that this movie was fucking horrible.

    SIA CREESE 11 hours ago

    Jeeze the original didn't have darn plus size .Every darn thing is an issue

  • Tin Tizzy
    Tin Tizzy 15 hours ago

    How much did mad max make again? People want an actual empowered woman not this garbage.

  • stephen barber
    stephen barber 16 hours ago

    they're trying to make woke movies, if you want to succeed you should make entertaining movies

  • Alexander Stewart
    Alexander Stewart 23 hours ago

    It is a woman issue. Men don’t go to see chick action movie.. they suck.. men r better.. get over it.. women belong in the kitchen cooking so when I get home from a make action movie.. I got food..

  • Paul Commerford
    Paul Commerford Day ago

    Five women all talking rubbish over the top of each other about a film which tanked because people are tired of remakes and even more tired of female empowerment themes.

  • dave4248
    dave4248 Day ago

    0:09 "The Female driven reboot tanked" So the earlier versions were.......male?

  • Your Name Here
    Your Name Here Day ago

    Ive never been a fan of the charlies angel movies so i didnt go see it. Plus, male action movies are better. Better action, men connect more with masculine behaviors in movies.

  • Amicus Prime
    Amicus Prime Day ago

    Lol.. that's your solution to an all women movie with adequate black representation - fat women of color?!?

  • Anatolia
    Anatolia Day ago

    Who asked for this movie? Honestly?

  • Terri-Anne
    Terri-Anne Day ago

    The original movies were better. The remake was cringe that’s the problem

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson Day ago

    Loni keeping 100, lol I love her.

  • Rasmus Ehlers
    Rasmus Ehlers Day ago

    The Real, get it “the real” thing that bugs me is how these women who i generally love is to put down the movie on reason “i only knew one of them”? Yall speak on giving it up for a new generation, where is that love here though? U actually even said u didnt even c it and u still speak on it? Not cool.

  • TrapTombstone
    TrapTombstone Day ago

    It's because we can see when an all female movie will be good, versus just existing for the sake of girl power. Looking at you, Ghostbusters and Disney Star Wars.
    Good female characters exist in great action movies: the OG Star Wars, The OG Terminator, Alien, Lucy, Salt, Resident Evil, Kill Bill, The Matrix, etc.
    You can't just put a female in the lead role for no apparent reason, give her substandard dialogue and unexplained abilities, and expect people (not just men) to say, "wow, look at her, you go girl."
    The problem is shitty writing, meh actors, and announcing your political agenda before even releasing the film. "Let's cut our fanbase by 75% before the movie releases, not market it, and then call everyone who didn't watch it sexist."
    Go away SJWs, America doesn't like your comedy, your Hollywood "entertainment" (looking at you, SuperGirl, Amy Schumer, Dear White People, etc), or your inability to separate politics from anything.

  • kenneth ruffin
    kenneth ruffin 2 days ago

    I kind of don't like the four lady , she sounds (NEVER,MIND)

  • Chelsea Jones
    Chelsea Jones 2 days ago

    The early 2000s movies didn't tank so that is not the reason. Maybe the actresses and script wasn't interesting. Stop trying to reboot every classic.

  • Viking Shark
    Viking Shark 2 days ago

    2:32 "A woman who is amybe a little awkward and nerdy and isn't perfect".. You mean, women don't pay to see Mary Sue characters acting like tough guys either? I guess not.. Looks like the female audience for this movie was as enthusiastic as the male audience.

  • galaxyEverAftr89
    galaxyEverAftr89 2 days ago +1

    A bad movie is a bad movie. It doesnt matter what gender is involve. Oh, wait... Its men fault if a women movie flop(😂😂😂😂😂😂😂).

  • Blood BRS
    Blood BRS 2 days ago

    Glad they did't watch the movie, if they did they would be disappointed.

  • MrAcehard
    MrAcehard 2 days ago

    they should try a reboot of men

  • S2661 Saldanha
    S2661 Saldanha 2 days ago

    They blamed men? I thought they were blaming spiderman few weeks ago😂😂😂😂

  • S2661 Saldanha
    S2661 Saldanha 2 days ago


  • vianjelos
    vianjelos 2 days ago

    Just throwing this out there...but straight women dont want to see pretty ladies kicking ass on screen...we want to see ripped studs kicking ass preferably shirtless...straight men want to see sexy bombshells kicking ass ...and no one wants to see a bunch of ackward looking tumbler chicks fumble through a fight scene..just saying its not compelling. If you are going to try to bait women into seeing an action flick, at least give us some eye candy....because if not, Im just going to watch an asian made martial arts movie instead since they tend to have far better coriagraphy and arent trying to push their poltitical agenda on people.

  • CHI Nation
    CHI Nation 2 days ago

    It's all the SJWs fault

  • smarthearts71
    smarthearts71 2 days ago

    It's like anything women do or say,

    WHO CARES!!!!!!

  • Eddie Sasa
    Eddie Sasa 2 days ago

    Its white mens fault.

  • rasronin
    rasronin 3 days ago

    The first scene was nothing but cringe. Women don’t want to see women in action movies. Men can’t suspend belief enough to believe any of those women can kick anyone’s butt. Sorry but characters like Ripley from aliens didn’t try to play tough and that makes her believable and love able.

  • thnzxc
    thnzxc 3 days ago

    This movie tanked cause of itself, end of story.

  • dkey971
    dkey971 3 days ago

    Where are Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu? They should have done it again.

  • william johnson
    william johnson 3 days ago

    The real reason why the movie failed because 1.It had a political agenda in it.2.Elizabeth Banks insulted the fan base that pay them money to see the movie.3.No respect for the legends who paved the way for these actresses we have today.

  • packing a woody
    packing a woody 3 days ago

    Loaded management

  • OneVoice412
    OneVoice412 3 days ago

    After you’ve seen Cameron, Lucy and Drew in TWO Charlie’s Angel’s films in this generation it’s hard to see a new film with completely new cast and all.. you could’ve at least incorporate those ladies in this movie somehow.

  • The Modern Glitch
    The Modern Glitch 3 days ago

    The marketing and casting was a flop so there you go. Had nothing to do with mEn.

    For me as a 24 year old, the only reason I knew about this film was because of Ariana promoting the album but even with that I only liked maybe a few songs off that.

    Did they really think Don't Call Me Angel was gonna be enough marketing?

    As embarrassing of a flop the movie was try taking ownership of what went wrong.

  • Gaby Suazo
    Gaby Suazo 3 days ago +1

    Maybeeeee the movie sucks..... Nobody thought of that

  • nate godwin
    nate godwin 3 days ago

    So many moives so little time and money

  • josh palmer
    josh palmer 3 days ago

    That fat pig "ain't nobody know" about that movie🤮

  • Sophia Sorbello
    Sophia Sorbello 3 days ago

    Maybe watch the film before commenting on it, because “we want a women that’s maybe awkward and nerdy” ?? Yeah you got it, if you actually watched it, a diverse beautiful darker women, and a gay women represented and many others, so sad you don’t have to research before having opinions anymore

  • Zac Lund
    Zac Lund 3 days ago

    I like the fact that these women on this panel disagree with Elisabeth Banks. Men did go see it, but neither did women.

  • The Best Version of You

    casting wasnt right plus the marketing.

  • Martin Jasiak
    Martin Jasiak 3 days ago

    I like the Turkish Carpet pretending to be a human woman. Very convincing.

  • Betty Lee
    Betty Lee 3 days ago

    Still blows my mind Loni doesn't know Naomi Scott who plays Princess Jasmine in Aladdin with Will Smith.

  • xxxCODExxx1
    xxxCODExxx1 3 days ago

    Nobody but Elizabeth banks and mouth breather had faith in this movie. The marketing budget was even slashed in half so that way the studio could make up for the cost once it flopped.

  • RatedR Pinto
    RatedR Pinto 3 days ago

    Man does wanna see 100 pound women beating man that is 260 pounds. So it’s the feminist agenda is why man don’t watch that garbage.

  • WallKenshiro
    WallKenshiro 3 days ago

    "I'm gonna see it this weekend" "You wanna go see it together?" "No."

  • Christopher Balsom
    Christopher Balsom 3 days ago

    "I want diversity."
    No white women on their panel...

  • Eli Pen
    Eli Pen 4 days ago

    The 2 living original Charlie's Angels are still more attractive than these feminazi hags !

  • Antoine Simpson
    Antoine Simpson 4 days ago

    2 women clapped!! That's telling!!! Miss Banks and others blamed for the movies failure but WOMEN DIDN'T SEE IT EITHER!!! Explain!!!!

  • josh c
    josh c 4 days ago +1

    It bombed because nobody wants to see the damn thing it's just a dumbass idea for a movie that's irrelevant in today's culture.

  • Butters Mclovin
    Butters Mclovin 4 days ago

    if a movie's bad it's bad regardless of the gender ....make a good movie and it won't tank.

  • Professor Firefly
    Professor Firefly 4 days ago

    the trailer sucked...the actresses weren't sexy or good..
    the movie sucked
    has NOTHING to do with women driven movies...

  • Nate Cassidy
    Nate Cassidy 4 days ago

    I have no desire to see Charlie’s Angels. Having said that, I’d rather sit through that entire movie than watch 1 more minute of whatever the hell this is.

  • Arthur Humphreys
    Arthur Humphreys 4 days ago

    Its liberal feminist virtue signaling trash. No one wants to see crap like that.

  • Al Yi
    Al Yi 4 days ago

    I got something to prove this bitch is wrong Laura Croft that's all I'm going to say

  • Dorie Tow
    Dorie Tow 4 days ago

    I like the ones with Cameron Diaz Lucy lu and drew Barrymore better!

  • barsoom43
    barsoom43 4 days ago

    Just like women... 3, sometimes, 4 of them all talking at the same time, cutting each other off so that no one can finish their statement or make their point.. I knew the movie was coming out and I also knew it would be a load of feminism shoved down everyone's throat.. Men will see women in lead, action roles: Hunger Games, Lara Croft, Aliens, etc.. but not crap like this..