Ryan Reynolds opens up about 'Deadpool 2' live on 'GMA'

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • The star of the upcoming sequel discusses what fans can expect from the hit film, how he got into character and more!
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  • Robert Hart
    Robert Hart 10 months ago

    Reynolds was able to get them to make a r rated deadpool movie so I believe he can get hugh to play wolverine

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher 10 months ago +16

    "Mostly because I'm against child abuse"
    The sad thing is nobody will pick up on this because they think he's joking. He knows what goes on in Hollywood and doesn't want his daughter near it. Dude is just trying to live and have fun, but he knows the business is full of some of the most evil and sleeziest people in the world.

  • TheRichieRozay
    TheRichieRozay 10 months ago

    0:07 handshake fakeout

  • Caleb Jacobs
    Caleb Jacobs 11 months ago

    I remember him from two guys and a girl and a pizza place and then of course two guys and a girl.

  • The Champ
    The Champ 11 months ago +1

    In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night No Evil Shall Escape My Sight. Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might. Beware My Power Green Lantern's Light.

    BECAUSE I'M SPIDERMAN 11 months ago

    you got this ryan! you can bring wolverine back!

  • rodrigo reyes
    rodrigo reyes 11 months ago

    all the reporters ask the same thing

  • cooltoad00111
    cooltoad00111 11 months ago

    Rayil reynolds ?

  • greenmonster66
    greenmonster66 11 months ago +1

    So where's his number at tho? 👀👀

  • greenmonster66
    greenmonster66 11 months ago

    0:18-0:19 SAME. I've been ded for 24 years now

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 11 months ago +5

    lol such a great personality. he is what makes Deadpool who we know now today come to life , i believe both Deadpool movies will be great side by side

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 11 months ago

    Ryan Reynolds....awesome and amazing guy.
    George Stephana;sdlkfjads;flkj .....insufferably awful human being.

  • White Dove
    White Dove 11 months ago +1

    Who couldn't be more perfect for deadpool's role than ryan? This is like a comeback for him since green lantern.

    • White Dove
      White Dove 11 months ago

      harisyah fajar susila huh?

    • harisyah fajars
      harisyah fajars 11 months ago +2

      White Dove green lantern was never exist. Deadpool kill him

  • Patryk!
    Patryk! 11 months ago +4

    Well... For me Deadpool 3 can be just about him chilling and wondering around the city, while pretending to be a nice friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

  • 大野元
    大野元 11 months ago

    Miss woman not marriged be Crown?

  • 052970
    052970 11 months ago

    ::rolling eyes::

  • Nacho TV
    Nacho TV 11 months ago +14

    looking forward to Deadpool 3

    • Caleb Jacobs
      Caleb Jacobs 11 months ago

      Nacho TV spoiler: not for a long time.

  • ADucky YT
    ADucky YT 11 months ago

    You already said his name wrong why don't you just fucking call him Spiderman

  • Albert+
    Albert+ 11 months ago +5

    We’re still among for the middle. Classic Deadpool right there

  • alcott devalte
    alcott devalte 11 months ago +4

    I hope ryan convinces jackman for deadpool 3....

    • Alice Buvelot
      Alice Buvelot 11 months ago

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  • Awais Ahmed
    Awais Ahmed 11 months ago +18

    I loved what he said about not letting his daughters into show business. Ryan my man i agree with you. Show business is no place for kids. Looking at you toddlers and tiaras

  • Simpson17866
    Simpson17866 11 months ago

    Anybody else keep trying to x out of the "Live on GMA" advertisement at the bottom of the screen?

    • Alice Buvelot
      Alice Buvelot 11 months ago +1

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  • Logan with lightsabers
    Logan with lightsabers 11 months ago +8

    Ryan Reynolds is deadpool in real life too

  • IamWumbo
    IamWumbo 11 months ago +3

    When did this explain how he got into the character?

  • Hurbii
    Hurbii 11 months ago

    blake wants to divorce him so bad...

  • Rozq
    Rozq 11 months ago +20

    "I'm gonna post his cellphone number online". Damn, he is just so witty like 24/7. Incredible :)

  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt 11 months ago +31

    Spoiler Deadpool dies

    Not... he can’t die. In the comics he was cursed with immortality by Thanos himself because the female Death loves Deadpool and doesn’t love Thanos.

    • Honglex Ly
      Honglex Ly 11 months ago

      Nemesis T-Type that doesnt he actually died tho. He even telepoted to kill himself as green lantern

    • Nemesis T-Type
      Nemesis T-Type 11 months ago

      Honglex Ly Did you watch the credit scene where Deadpool kills Deadpool? That's your answer.

    • Honglex Ly
      Honglex Ly 11 months ago

      Nemesis T-Type Really? Cuz when I saw the movie, he didnt die😒

    • Nemesis T-Type
      Nemesis T-Type 11 months ago

      I watched the movie. Deadpool died.

    • Roblox Guy
      Roblox Guy 11 months ago +2

      So... what was the point of this..?

  • Adina Zuberi
    Adina Zuberi 11 months ago +2

    0:02 the guy failed at saying Ryan’s name

  • amittoibis
    amittoibis 11 months ago +1


  • BaptainBalcon
    BaptainBalcon 11 months ago +22

    It's good Ryan finally opened up about Deadpool 2. He has been so secretive and hard to get information from.

    • DomnoSaur
      DomnoSaur 10 months ago

      Well he probably doesn't want to spoil anything

  • Master JC
    Master JC 11 months ago +8

    I hope this movie will gross $800 million or more worldwide so there is a huge chance for Deadpool 3!

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev 11 months ago +3

    Very good and funny film

  • Paul L. Munoz
    Paul L. Munoz 11 months ago +5

    This interview is much better than the childish one held for the cast by Roberts & Strahan in promoting the movie.

  • Skywalker Lion
    Skywalker Lion 11 months ago +34

    End Deadpool 3 with Wolverine and it will be the greatest trilogy

    • Simpson17866
      Simpson17866 11 months ago +1

      Nah, man, everyone knows that you want to stop at the second movie! If you stop at the second, you know you killed it ;)

    • DearxAgony
      DearxAgony 11 months ago +4

      Skywalker Lion he's trying lol
      The only thing stopping wolverine from being in a Deadpool movie is Hugh Jackman. I love Hugh and I understand why he doesn't want to come back, but damnit lol

  • Shashank  Joshi
    Shashank Joshi 11 months ago

    Before 10

  • Stephen Moore
    Stephen Moore 11 months ago +74

    Ryan does not want his daughter to be in Hollywood because he knows what goes on in there

  • D Bone
    D Bone 11 months ago +28

    *reads the discription of the video*
    "How he got into character?"
    He just played himself?
    Edit: And they didn't even ask him... Wtf?!

  • ѕarcaѕιc ĸlυтz
    ѕarcaѕιc ĸlυтz 11 months ago +6

    lol@ιм dead inside

  • nobody survives even one bit
    nobody survives even one bit 11 months ago +112

    He is so fine for 42 years old.

    • KITS
      KITS 11 months ago


    • Daniel Edmonds
      Daniel Edmonds 11 months ago +1

      FItness goes a long way but yea its crazy that josh brolin is only 8 years older than ryan reynolds

    • Netwon Jeric
      Netwon Jeric 11 months ago

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    • crispy dango
      crispy dango 11 months ago +3

      Jesus fuck he is in his 40s, what a mad secksy lad

  • Yasin Miah
    Yasin Miah 11 months ago +5

    Ryan, Deadpool was always my favorite character even from when you did the X-men movies failed Deadpool, that's what got me interested in the character even tho he's not really Deadpool, more like a failed version. Deadpool 2 is gonna be amazing!

  • Sam sadat
    Sam sadat 11 months ago +4

    Rayan becoming one of the most talented actor