Star Wars: The Last Jedi Slightly Undid J.J. Abrams’ Plans for Rey’s Parents

  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • Simon Pegg was being interviewed by Josh Horowitz on Horowitz’s Happy Sad Podcast and the latest Star Wars trilogy came up in conversation. Pegg offered his thoughts on how being a part of creating ‘Star Wars: A Force Awakens’ took away some of his joy as a fan because he knew what was coming in the movie. But the big reveal was when he talked about his reaction to ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. Pegg stated that, “Well I know what J.J. kind of intended, or at least what was sort of being chucked around. I think that’s kind of been undone slightly by [The Last Jedi]. I don’t know. I don’t know (laughs). I think Unkar Plutt is Rey’s real father.” He also went on to comment that he doesn’t know if Rey’s parentage has actually been decided.
    Jedi Council’s Kristian Harloff and Mark Reilly sit down to discuss this news and offer their unfiltered thoughts on what they think Pegg is actually saying about his thoughts on The Last Jedi. They also talk about if this is further proof that there is not one singular vision or voice on this trilogy. Let us know what you think about this news and what Perri and Dorian had to say about it in the Comments section below. Remember to Like and Share this video on your social media and to Subscribe to our channel.
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Comments • 841

  • Patrica Hyslop
    Patrica Hyslop 6 months ago

    rey is a clone from the crashed star destroyer on jakku thats why she has no reflection in the cave

  • Jeff Jensen
    Jeff Jensen 7 months ago

    Hey, great points. But Luke and Leia siblings?

  • Jake Skywalker
    Jake Skywalker 8 months ago

    Rian Johnson is the savior of the wreck that was SW. Be grateful we don't have to live in story-less nonsense of the OT that got it all wrong.

  • bobjordan69
    bobjordan69 10 months ago

    Doubt it

  • Alonso Valera
    Alonso Valera 11 months ago

    JJ can retcon Rey very easily and give her a Jedi lineage by simply making her the granddaughter or great-granddaughter of a Jedi that survived the Jedi Purge or maybe she hails from an Inquisitor from the Empire Era which could explain her natural affinity for the Force and the darkside. I have always thought Rey could be the granddaughter of Jedi Master Quinlan Vos due to Reys psychometry an ability known with Vos. Maybe Vos had a child that became a loser junker, who sold Rey.

  • mike schwermer
    mike schwermer Year ago +1

    in jj I do not trust, he started the downfall of star wars with his "force awakens" movie and he will continue its slow decay. the way the older characters have been killed off and not mourned at all, and shoving these new uninteresting characters in our faces is just bad writing, you dont defame a previously loved character (Luke) just to boost your own omnipotent character (Rey). it sucks, its terrible writing, and it simply shits in the face of 40 years of star wars fans!

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Year ago

    I kind of felt there is a Director war going on with this trilogy. RJ sort of tore down what JJ did with the prior movie. A lot of malicious digs at what was established. Star Wars is not the place for a War of the Roses.

  • demoskunk
    demoskunk Year ago

    It's very refreshing that Rey isn't related to any existing characters. The Star Wars universe has become WAY too small with everyone having to be someone's sister, son, nephew, etc. It's stupid.

  • boopiloopi
    boopiloopi Year ago

    spoilers for tlj?..
    still think the "mirror", kylo and snoke don´t know s#¤%, they´re negging her to become more depressed
    and angry to turn her dark i´d say. pegg and rian´re good, yea canon/continuity´s important. they should
    converse with the authors of the books and comics too. anyone writing should be up to date on everything.
    love the shows.

  • Teddy Rattlesnake

    Two words. Dave Filoni.

  • BlackSwordChronicles

    Im sorry Christian, but your take on this whole situation is just insane. You and all TLJ haters make it sound as if Rian Johnson had a crazy idea and they just gave him money to pull it off. Thats not how it works and thats not what its meant with him developing the plot. The fact is the TLJ script, like any other Star Wars script, is a collaborative process between the writer and Lucasfilm. So, everything you hate about TLJ, sorry to break it to you, was thought in conjunction with and approved by the Story Group, Pablo Hidalgo included.
    As for Simon Pegg, who cares? This guy has been shitting on Lucas's legacy for years. Even if JJ had plans for Rey's parents, believe me it had nothing to do with she being a Kenobi, a Palpatine, Leia's child she doesnt remember giving birth to, or Mace Windu's and Jocasta Nu's estranged love child's clone. Her family having abandoned her is the most rational thing to write given her obsession with them returning for her. Thats how you write stories. You shake characters up and make their worst fears a reality. Thats called conflict, something thats incompatible with fan theories and unrealistic expectations.

  • Joseph Prestia
    Joseph Prestia Year ago

    I think rian johnson ruined the trilogy and star wars.

  • Ben Vernick
    Ben Vernick Year ago

    Click bait. Thought you guys at Collider we’re above that? Guess not.

  • themetalstickman
    themetalstickman Year ago

    Problem with this discussion is that JJ's plans were never set in stone. Rian was never under any obligation to follow anything other than the script of TFA.

  • Jack Ripper
    Jack Ripper Year ago

    lawrence Kasdan: "Rian Johnson is a friend of mine - he’s going to make some weird thing. If you’ve seen Rian’s work, you know it’s not going be like anything that’s ever been in “Star Wars.”
    "Some weird thing" - truer words were never spoken.

  • Et Cogito Ergo Sum
    Et Cogito Ergo Sum Year ago +1

    TLJ was bad

  • William La Rochelle

    The writers should be separate from the directors. No writers directors. I like TLJ but SW should not be for an auteur. The writing resources are abundant. Directors should be chosen for how they use the frame.

  • Maple City Firearms

    Rian Johnson is a Sith.

  • Tobias Wedin
    Tobias Wedin Year ago

    Jar Jar Abrams should have done IIX himself instead of dropping it and returning to IX when he realised it was a fuckup.

  • Mike C
    Mike C Year ago

    Fake news. Stop it Collider. You're above this.

  • Jett Guerrilla
    Jett Guerrilla Year ago

    I’m over Rey’s lineage. Just make a good movie...

  • Paul GR
    Paul GR Year ago

    Rian Johnson is a selfish pr*ck who wanted change for changes sake....a millenial SJW backed up by his mistress the overblown secretary Kathleen effin' Kennedy...she and her gimp Rian should have no more creative control over ANYTHING Star Wars...

  • Lib Sh
    Lib Sh Year ago

    from the Rian director commentary about if Kylo was lying to Rey about who her parents are he said NO when he looked into her mind that is what he seen. She thinks that she came from nothing so thats all he knows too and was not lying.

  • HeviNova
    HeviNova Year ago

    The movie has a terrible story. Ruin Johnson should not be allowed to write Star Wars as it's obvious he can't. Stick to directing.

  • J Astolfi
    J Astolfi Year ago

    Too little, too late.. I don't understand how they can fix that trilogy. It sucked so much on so many levels. I am done with SW... I ll stick to the originals

  • Excessive Grot
    Excessive Grot Year ago

    Great, but didn’t JJ gush about how good the script was beforehand? Or was this just more nepotistic bullshit advertising? ‘They ruined all my reveals! I loved it!’

  • gumby7584
    gumby7584 Year ago

    Exactly why i dont like this movie. It moves away from TFA and just messes the whole story ark. Both movies are now pointless.

  • william ceyrolles

    Why exactly does everyone have faith that Abrams had any kind of plan? He is the same guy that made the pilot to Lost and sold it to the network saying he had a plan when he had none and made it up for years. And that was HIS OWN SHOW! What makes anyone think he would do that and yet put any thought into movies he wasn't hired at all to touch?
    Its like people thinking he had Luke in hiding for some grand reason as if any reason would have been worth the destruction of MULTIPLE planets. Luke is the one guy who knows what happens when the dark side goes unopposed so his plan was to leave them unopposed? Abrams had no plans. Johnson had to clean up his mess. And Daisy Johnson has gone on record saying she was told all along her parents were nobodies. But you ignore that and go by someone who is quoted as saying "I don't know. I don't know."? You should be better than that.

  • Jin
    Jin Year ago

    Retcon the entire movie.

  • Jp Gotrokkits
    Jp Gotrokkits Year ago

    "Slightly"??? That's got to be the biggest understatement of the last hundred-fifty years.

  • TheColorOfCaramel

    Considering how *long* I've watched Star Wars and OTHER past Jedis were *not* Skywalkers, but *equally* strong in the Force. I have to ask WHY does it matter who her damn parents are??? That's not a blimp on my radar, but other issues in the movie are...

  • Garrett M
    Garrett M Year ago

    People dislike 7 for being unoriginal and a rehash... 8 comes out and people complain that it doesn’t follow suit with the unoriginal, rehashed elements of 7. Seriously wtf people lol.


    I hope JJ redcons all of episode 8 in the next one. And thanks for the honesty. Yes, Kathleen is at fault. RJ was allowed to do what he did. He did a terrible job, in my opinion, but it’s her job to say hey wait, something is wrong here. Monumental task for JJ now. Let’s hope he can bring it back. And by the way, how are the blue ray sales going for them? Just curious.

  • darth wint
    darth wint Year ago

    Maybe in one of early script drafts JJ did have an idea for Rey's Parentage.
    If JJ still wants Rey to have a significant Parentage, he can easy retcon it by having Kylo simply Bullshiting her.
    End of day we all know problem & that's KK had No Plan going forward from one movie to next, except for Let's just throw some Shit at a wall & see what sticks. KK Won't get Sack, she's to powerful right now. Harloff right, Best we can hope for is KK runs Business side Lucasfilm, Producing ETC. But everything from writers/directors has to go through Filoni & his Creative team 1st

  • Frankie Smith
    Frankie Smith Year ago

    JJ was the wrong person to set up the trilogy and he left rian johnson an absolute mess to try and carry on FIGHT ME

  • lorearna
    lorearna Year ago

    I say....cut the social justice warrior shit...there's no place for that crap in the star wars universe...come on,say it as it is....

  • Jeminai
    Jeminai Year ago

    lol... slightly?
    TLJ is so bad it retroactively makes TFA bad.

  • thaThRONe
    thaThRONe Year ago

    Wait how does anybody that's seen both movies not know there was no through plot for these stories. TLJ is basically an 180 to TFA.
    With that said it definitely falls on Kathleen Kennedy. Sure Johnson didn't have to take his free will and use it to crap all over everything (his on movie included), but KK should have never given it to him (or any writer/director) in the 1st place. That was a terribly difficult situation and it has almost ruined Star Wars with it's awful execution.

  • Alex Vallejo
    Alex Vallejo Year ago

    This trilogy is about Kylo Ren 1st, Rey 2nd. Daisy said JJ told her Rey was nobody in TFA.

  • ryan reeseman
    ryan reeseman Year ago

    This is exactly why you don’t bring in the Little Puzzle Box Boy to do your franchise in the first place. Abrams is incapable of telling a story without throwing mysteries all over the place. It sucks that Rian had to inherit them, and the pettiest part of me is glad that he smashed them all.

  • Half-Baked Fantasy


  • BIGE1312
    BIGE1312 Year ago

    Episode 9 needs to start with Luke suddenly waking up. He's clearly disturbed. He dresses and goes outside to clear his head and admire the view from the cliff top. A few moments pass and he feels the presence of someone he doesn't know. He slowly turns to see Rey standing in front of him holding his father's light saber.
    Episode 8 was just one of Luke's Jedi nightmares.

  • Frederico Batista

    Now that the Last Jedi has started to die down people are starting to understand how the story has hurt the sequel trilogy. Even Reily is complaining about the lack of an overall story arc. And it was so easy to mend the overall feeling of The Last Jedi by editing the Luke's fade-way scene and having him being alive for episode IX. JJ will have to climb such a tall mountain to bring this sequel trilogy home and give it a good ending and close Star Wars Skywalker Trilogy forever.

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton Year ago

    Kennedy and Disney actually had Abrams go back and RESHOOT Force Awaken scenes *to fit what Johnson was writing.*
    Abrams MAY have had a different direction planned than what Johnson delivered, *but CLEARLY Disney/Kennedy liked what Johnson WAS GOING and so they made Abrams reshoot Force Awakens (hell Disney LOVED what Johnson did SO MUCH THAT THEY REWARDED HIM WITH HIS OWN TRILOGY).
    And I WHOLLY DISAGREE: *I believe thagt Kennedy/Abrams/Kasdan always had an end point for the sequels trilogy and:*
    - they didn't care what Abrams did in TFA *as long as it gets to the planned endpoint.*
    - they didn't care what Rian Johnson did in TLJ *as long as it gets to the planned endpoint.*
    - they don't care how Abrams gets to the endpoint in Ep9 *as long as it gets there in good movie.*

  • BT Prototype
    BT Prototype Year ago

    I agree with the view that a lot of the problems with TLJ, seem to stem from Kathleen Kennedy allowing missteps, whether because of lack of initial oversight, or care, or even a distorted vision on the future of Star Wars. Not having a dedicated storyboard for what you wanted to do for the three movies hurt a lot as well, so now we just have to trust in J.J. and wait for him to rescue Star Wars once again. #InJJWeTrust

  • Ess Be
    Ess Be Year ago +1

    I'm not shocked. Just another example that Disney F'd up this new trilogy. It's beyond amateurish that there wasn't a set story arc, or that if there was, Johnson was allowed to trash it with his stuff. Retcon it all....pretend last jedi never happened. I swear, I'll be ecstatic if the play is that all of last jedi turns out to be a force vision like the Degobah cave and never happened

  • Clark Clark
    Clark Clark Year ago +2

    Harloff is speaking STRAIGHT FACTS!

  • Nate Nobile
    Nate Nobile Year ago

    JJ is such an overrated director.

  • 2084 Apocalypse
    2084 Apocalypse Year ago

    Who has said that Rey's lineage story arc is over? Just because Kyle said "you come from nothing, come join me in running the universe" people are interpreting that as 'job done' and 'Rian did a big F-you to Abrams'. There's the final part to come yet, I'm sure that's not the end of her origins story...

  • Gary Freeman
    Gary Freeman Year ago

    You should never do a trilogy with multiple directors who dont collaborate. You end up with a big mess!!!

  • Ivanka Umar
    Ivanka Umar Year ago

    I think star wars cant be fixed anymore. Ep.8 was just to bad.

  • Meticulous Broadcast

    Rian did kinda ruin what JJ set up, but it’s the way it is and they should stick with it.

  • KNDAWG74
    KNDAWG74 Year ago

    With all the jumbled confusion of story & connectivity in both the Star Wars & the DCEU, a Kevin Feige is even more appreciated as he shows how you properly steer a successful cinematic universe. Whether you like what Marvel has done thus far is irrelevant, you can't argue with their tremendous success & seeing how much turmoil is going on with those other 2 as well as Universal's Failed Dark Universe you have to admire what they've done & how far they've taken it.

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago

    Obi-Wan told Luke his father was dead, but we later found out his father was Vader. Who's to say something similar won't happen again?

  • Tess Marshall
    Tess Marshall Year ago

    Look, I'm a big JJ Abrams fan. BUT, he is the king of "mystery boxes" with disappointing answers, I doubt he had a super clear vision for Rey.

  • dhanushka sachintha

    Hate hate and more hate...guy's it's just going to get worse...that's what happens when you make a sh%t movie.

  • cingram8168
    cingram8168 Year ago

    They should do what they originally said and let George Lucas help he doesn't have to direct but he can help write the story he is very good at that.

  • cingram8168
    cingram8168 Year ago

    I think 8 absolutely derailed the whole thing.

  • quatz1981
    quatz1981 Year ago

    Harloff i couldn't agree more.

  • ION iC
    ION iC Year ago

    Ironic these 2 morons talk about how great TLJ was and now siding behind JJ not even 3 months after... While still defending Kennedy who is responsible for all this mess

  • ida juulia
    ida juulia Year ago

    Rey was the one to say her parents are nobody in the throne room scene. Why are people even talking about this anymore it's clear that Rey was the one to admit the truth to herself.

  • Aidan Burt
    Aidan Burt Year ago


  • The Real Deal
    The Real Deal Year ago

    ‘Unlike almost everyone else in the world, Ridley has known for years who Rey’s parents are, since Abrams told her on the set of The Force Awakens’. Ridley believes that nothing ever changed; ‘I thought that what i was told in the beginning is what happened’
    -Rolling Stone Magazine
    -at the very least this means that Rian and JJ collaborated and knew what the other was doing. Beside JJ executive produced TLJ and is on record as saying he loved it and wished he was directing.
    - this is a non story that blew up over a strung-tight fan base by someone who was a little bigger than an extra in the film and is probably embarrassed at his off the cuff remarks going crazy and will have to clarify at some point, all the while as he was trying to enjoy himself at a convention poor dude.

  • TheOnePickle
    TheOnePickle Year ago

    JJ obviously wanted Rey to be Lukes daughter! After all Rey is instantly a talented force user, they have similar origins, they look similar and Luke's theme started when Rey pulled the lightsaber out of the snow! (In the cinema that gave me goosebumps) I think there's so much pointing towards it that it has to happen! In episode 9 it can be reavealed by Luke's force ghost that Kylo was lying! Simple!

  • Keith Franklin
    Keith Franklin Year ago

    Chuck Wendig just this morning went on a long twitter rant about Rey parentage and how it is presented. If you were not aware Chuck is the author of the Star Wars Aftermath series.

  • Aaron Galibert
    Aaron Galibert Year ago +1

    I’m delighted that kristian Harloff is back on the light side of the force because rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy are the biggest with lords ever in real life destroying star wars from the inside

  • Matt Nicholson
    Matt Nicholson Year ago

    Rey being nobody was such a good revelation. JJ should NOT retcon that. If we keep SW as stories with the exact same melody (everyone is a Skywalker or Kenobi), it’ll never mature into new/fresh things.

  • appjackle
    appjackle Year ago

    Daisy Ridley said in a Rolling Stone article that JJ told her who Rey's parents were years ago, and she said it hasn't changed since then. So I think they've been set on having them be nobodies for a long time now. Which I think is way more powerful for the story and for Rey.
    I'm sure JJ played with parentage ideas early on in the process, which is normal and what I think Simon is saying here. But I seriously doubt he had an elaborate, all-encompassing plan set out that Rian just threw away. He was an executive producer for TLJ and said that he wished he was directing TLJ because he likes its script so much. There's no way he and Rian weren't on the same page/didn't discuss things on some level. But no, let's just run with a bunch of clickbait articles instead anyway. Great.

  • Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson Year ago

    I feel like Lucasfilm sees all the fan theories and goes "Oh no! they figured it out! Right! we need to change this, this and that because we need the film to be surprising."....."This is not going to go the way you think" and love it or hate it, The Last Jedi was very surprising to all of us. Also its not as if the film was to have snoke be Plagius or Rey be Luke's daughter that the film would be boring. The reason we come up with these theroies is because they are exciting. I think Lucasfilm are chasing that "I am your father" moment level of surprise.

    DIESELPOWER127 Year ago

    I think this was the worst Star Wars movie period.

  • jesse garrett
    jesse garrett Year ago +1

    I’m actually surprised that it took this long for the media outlets to start backtracking on themselves. We had a lot of pundits lauding TLJ at release, and now they are starting to swing to the side of the upset fans. A lot of critics didn’t like the movie, but they are just now finally being honest about it.

  • Welsh Azor Ahai
    Welsh Azor Ahai Year ago

    Huge plot hole not really discussed yet but I believe Kylo Ren lied about Rey’s parentage because they weren’t flying that spaceship away after abandoning her like they were drunks. Nice straight line through the air, no stalling or being sick outta the window xx

  • jesse garrett
    jesse garrett Year ago

    Not surprised at all. I had a suspicion that there wasn’t a guiding force right after I saw Last Jedi. The tone and feel is so vastly different than TFA. It’s ok to be different, but like Kristian said, it feels like two standalone movies that are in direct contention of each other. I think Dave Felioni could be Star Wars Kevin Fiege. I think they really need someone like that along side Kennedy to help her.

  • Deniz Puolamäki
    Deniz Puolamäki Year ago

    Slightly? mean Rian Johnson took a bulldozer over Abrams planned Rey´s parantage story arch and then set it on fire.

  • Nathan Patch
    Nathan Patch Year ago

    To be honest I don't care who Rey's parents were and still don't. Why shrink the universe does everybody of significance have to be related? Elements of the star wars fandom at times seem backwards. I was glad Rian made the choice he did. Its star wars infinite possibilities, the planets, the ships, the races, the force powers and the lore e.g. sith, jedi. But no we seem stuck on who are Rey's parents and having a smaller universe. You might not have liked the Last Jedi, or you may have but Disney and Lucas Film are making the right choices. Rians new trilogy will cover new stores, locations, Benioff & Weiss will hopefully do something like an Old Republic series as well. They could of just rolled out more standalones of established characters which could of annoyed fans but they are thinking of the future. How these are executed is another matter and time will tell. The only point I may agree on is the Star Wars needs like a Kevin Feige to ensure the fans are serviced in a respectful way, without alienating mainstream audiences. As for Han Solo I have an open mind, I haven't decided to hate it on principle, the trailer looked okay, fun, unfortunately we live in a 0 or 10 culture so many have already determined it sucks already and people that cannot be just, fair, or reasonable to give something a chance well frankly you suck.

  • Darth Durkel The Wise Ass

    Very different plans yes, but the movies suffer because of this yo-yo effect.
    It’s flat out stupid to make these movies like this. Why does Kathleen Kennedy allow this?? It’s disrespectful to the characters and to the fans.
    And this is exactly why more and more Star Wars fans are distancing themselves from this franchise.
    And please stop with the “in J.J. we trust” nonsense. These characters have been ruined by TLJ and Abrams doesn’t have the talent or balls to get this wreck back on the track...
    Star Wars is in shambles right now and until Kennedy moves on nothing will change.

  • areki 38
    areki 38 Year ago +1

    TLJ was shit. If you don't admit it now, you will in 5 years. Then you won't remember how you defended this horrible piece of crap. We just need to remove it from canon, so simple.

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson Year ago

    I still find it odd that shortly after Kathleen Kennedy was made the co-chair of Lucasfilm by George Lucas, Disney buys the company and makes her President. Conspiracy theory? Probably, but it all smells as fishy as JarJar's undercrackers... ;)

  • Christopher Doucet

    I couldn't agree more. Not only is there really no through-line or arc over the trilogy, TLJ feels to me like it goes out of its way to contradict TFA.

  • Stargate Video Productions Productions

    I have a theory, Johnson didn't want to kill off Luke. That was more Kennedy/Disney's idea. The deal he made with them was if he took the brunt of the blame and backlash for it (so Kennedy/Disney doesn't have to) that they would give him his own trilogy to write/direct. Just a theory.

  • Baconated
    Baconated Year ago

    Not sure why everyone gets so stressed on this. When Kylo revealed her story in Last Jedi I never took that as 100% truth. It could be...but it could be just what he needed to tell her to turn her. Much like old Ben telling his version to Luke to enable him to start thinking more broadly. Whether it's true or not, I think more needs to be explained in IX.

  • Klemensas Kozlovas

    Pegg is just salty ,i think only plan jj had for this trillogy was in his head as a mistery box ,jj just threw lots of shit in TFA and didnt knew what to do with it later to make a proper story

  • Rogue Two
    Rogue Two Year ago +1

    Now that adds another person who has said that JJ Abrams had a different vision then Rian Johnson. First it was Daisy, then Mark Hamill, and now Simon Pegg. We even have John Williams saying that he was not happy with Rey being the daughter of drunks. I smell a retcon for Ep 9

  • gavin cain
    gavin cain Year ago

    This is just confirmation of what we already know..Ruin Johnson did his own thing...that's why it's a mess

  • Doug625
    Doug625 Year ago

    Slightly undid? The Last Jedi totally undid all of Star Wars, collider always sugar coats anything with TLJ

  • Genesis event10000

    I hated TLJ. And what was the deal with spending a good portion of the movie on something that was never going to work out to begin with. Yeah their little foray to that planet looking for the whatever dude who was supposed to know how to infiltrate a star destroyer and blah blah blah. We sat there and watched a pointless subplot that made little-to-no sense. Ridiculous story.

  • Joshua Tetreault
    Joshua Tetreault Year ago

    The guy on the left is legitimately talking out of his ass, no basis for anything that he's saying, Simon Pegg made a tweet about one possible change and his language was non-committal on the idea that they even definitely planned to do his version of it and this guy uses that to decide Rian Johnson just came in swinging his big dick around and said fuck JJ or something. This is why people don't watch Collider any more.

  • FrankDaDeplorable

    Im so glad Kristian has come out and finally talked the truth. Their seriously needs to be a change in the creative department and Feloni is the man.

  • Barton
    Barton Year ago

    Fix it JJ! I loved the Force Awakens!

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones Year ago

    If Johnson said F what Abrams did with 8 he has the final chance to say F what Johnson did with 9.

  • Firebrand
    Firebrand Year ago +1

    Star Wars is totally directionless, they're making it up as they go along with too many chefs in the kitchen. They've made me not care anymore.

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones Year ago +3

    Kristian coming in with that fresh common sense.

  • Alex Pollock
    Alex Pollock Year ago

    i don't want a retcon, i didn't want her to have a special lineage. I've never looked at the force as something you have to pass down, its there for everyone to use if they want to. the obi wan and yoda were always saying that

  • EricTheKartoonKing
    EricTheKartoonKing Year ago +1

    I definitely agree that the way the structure of this trilogy is being handled (or lack thereof) is frustrating and poorly thought out.
    HOWEVER, I do think Rian's choices, especially concerning Rey's parantage, were fantastic, and absolutely do NOT think JJ should retcon them- don't make that kind of gross backtracking man.
    Kathleen may be making many poor choices in running this trilogy, but one good choice she did make was bringing on Rian, because he happened to do well with it. But she narrowly avoided dissaster, one could say she still brought disaster with this fan backlash. So this lack of planning needs to end here, while they can still call it a high note.

  • chaz
    chaz Year ago +2

    But it subverted your expectations and that’s what makes a good movie right Rian Johnson??? Screw Disney they ruined Star Wars

  • TheRealCSD
    TheRealCSD Year ago +1

    While watching the last jedi I thought it looked like rian johnson wanted to get rid of everything introduced in the force awakens

  • molin1
    molin1 Year ago

    This is all going to make a very interesting book someday.

  • Tokster
    Tokster Year ago

    Fuck rRian Johnson, what a shitty movie...I'm with Pegg TLJ sucked donkey balls and effectively killed any excitement for ep.9 and I'm a life long star wars fan, fuck even the prequals didn't do that... The fact that they're talking about ret-conning in ep9 should tell you you everything

  • Hazard2005
    Hazard2005 Year ago

    We were left with many questions with The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi took the easy way out and answered NONE...

  • Jamin Schmitt
    Jamin Schmitt Year ago

    Slightly? False.