this cursed Minecraft house will trigger you...

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • this cursed Minecraft house will trigger you... yes this is satire, yes it took effort and coding to set it all up.
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    So I moved to Minecraft 1.14 for this video of the lets play. this is a series on my channel, not a minecraft but challenge, for those confused.
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  • Aaron Fhong
    Aaron Fhong 15 hours ago

    THIS is the reason why i subscribed 😂

  • Fürst von Dortmund

    The Trader one got me....

  • Fürst von Dortmund

    "I look like in one of those movies, where they have two swords."

  • David McClune
    David McClune 2 days ago

    When he got the nether portal from the chests I got legit got brain cancer

  • Jordan Diehl
    Jordan Diehl 2 days ago

    I want a one hour video of him searching every chest

  • Ayeitsphantomz Roblox

    Wait i got triggerd the chest are not double

  • urmanismyman
    urmanismyman 3 days ago

    That's a flint

  • Lord Midori
    Lord Midori 3 days ago

    5:52 *The prophecy is true*

  • Kaitri
    Kaitri 3 days ago

    oh my god thats PISSING ME OFF
    Idk why this made me laugh the hardest

  • Nightowler
    Nightowler 3 days ago

    I was eating when he went to the basement..
    I nearly choked to death. tf dream

  • Nightowler
    Nightowler 3 days ago

    Minecraft: Chesteption

  • kavin nainar
    kavin nainar 3 days ago

    omg the ending though, that made me laugh so much and get triggered a lot, god damn

  • sam garner
    sam garner 4 days ago

    ive become immune to item searches i watch grian this is nothing

  • Jonathan Falso
    Jonathan Falso 4 days ago

    That's a Flint

  • Sophie Garner
    Sophie Garner 5 days ago

    A cats heaven

  • LuxUmbra37
    LuxUmbra37 5 days ago

    My brain fried when I watched him make the bow, and when it didn't work I thought "AHHHHH that's funny cuz everyone does that"...
    ...and then I realized I was being swerved.
    This is why I watch these videos. Take my Like, you troglodyte!

  • Пучкова Анастасия

    dude i love your videos so much q__q

  • RandomD00D
    RandomD00D 5 days ago

    Nice Basement

  • tony jensen
    tony jensen 5 days ago

    How can you use your lifetime like this 😂

  • Jaime Renteria
    Jaime Renteria 5 days ago

    Why is there ear rapping minecraft music in the background🤣

  • Krzysztof Nowaliński

    When he made nether portal out of chests i thought the chest is obsidian. But then he started to open them and a bit of anxiety went throght my brain xD

  • Snowzo
    Snowzo 6 days ago

    I thought he was gonna take the iron ore outta the chest and then when he clicked on his furnace the iron ingots would be in there for him to use.

  • Jordan Tillman
    Jordan Tillman 6 days ago +2

    people making a living in the storage unit:

  • ItsOgClutch23 !!
    ItsOgClutch23 !! 7 days ago


  • Katherine Isn’t coming

    I’ve never been so angry 😡

  • Oreo is not Oreo Backwards

    silk touch m8

  • Moreno Cariati
    Moreno Cariati 9 days ago

    2:23 mobs in the nether****

  • Todd Howard
    Todd Howard 9 days ago +13

    “Honey where are the keys”
    “Let me go check the house”

  • Jatzuu gaming
    Jatzuu gaming 10 days ago

    That background music is 👌

  • MetalGuitarManiac
    MetalGuitarManiac 10 days ago

    begging for subs is pretty lame, unsubbed ;)

  • Suitor LP
    Suitor LP 10 days ago

    on a PvP server i build a house made of furnace
    as it had an anti-griefing plug in
    and you coudlnt break furnace or chests unless you were in my faction

  • MogelKaiser187
    MogelKaiser187 10 days ago

    i think you need more chests

  • Khallid Mays
    Khallid Mays 10 days ago +1

    He was looking for his armor and the music was progressively getting louder

  • Brollergunsz 4life
    Brollergunsz 4life 11 days ago

    Black chest racist huh ?

  • Icekang
    Icekang 11 days ago

    Dream: My chest’s right here
    Me: Which????

  • .xlorny ,
    .xlorny , 11 days ago +1


  • Pheng Vang
    Pheng Vang 11 days ago

    Wtf did i just watch i lost so many brain cells wtf with all of the chest

  • Lucas Parente
    Lucas Parente 12 days ago

    Minecraft, the game where you can put *1280 chests inside a chest*

  • oddbird
    oddbird 12 days ago

    Have you considered the wonders of Parrots? They imitate the sounds of other mobs. It also seems like there's some delightful things to be found in the bamboo forest biome, with scaffolding, panda breeding, and podzol. You might even enjoy ewanhowell's cursed resource pack, depending -- the perfect set of textures to go with any lets play.

    Keep doing what you do, friend. A+

  • Tempz _
    Tempz _ 12 days ago


  • Mr. Squigles
    Mr. Squigles 13 days ago

    whats triggering about this house isnt this normal

  • Jessica Szerszynski
    Jessica Szerszynski 13 days ago

    I knew when I saw the house you'd end up searching every chest. But it didnt make my brain hurt any less when you did. IT BURNS

  • Agelos Agelos
    Agelos Agelos 13 days ago

    If u shaft...
    ME: *shift*

  • Demonic Zero
    Demonic Zero 13 days ago +1

    *when he goes into the basement*

  • FB Savage
    FB Savage 14 days ago +3

    Literally nobody:

    Dream:oh I almost forgot to put the chest full with chests next to the crafting table in my chest house with a chest basement

  • FB Savage
    FB Savage 14 days ago

    I don't know if he was trying to trigger us or make me enjoy it more with that nice calm music

  • Love Explosion
    Love Explosion 14 days ago

    I can still hear the chests opening

  • AceOfSpades Lena
    AceOfSpades Lena 14 days ago

    Love the basement. I was already impressed when he was going down but when he reached it. Man.

  • Star Magiic
    Star Magiic 14 days ago

    dream you make me want to yeet myself out a window I---

  • Nathan
    Nathan 14 days ago +1

    10:00 when you plug all your pedals

  • kk0
    kk0 15 days ago

    1.37, couldn't stand the music anylonger...

  • Stamina Overlook
    Stamina Overlook 15 days ago

    i lost it when he began searching the chests. what a literal madman.

  • Stamina Overlook
    Stamina Overlook 15 days ago

    this took a deep dive into madness when he built a working portal from chests. i applaud. also, i need a week to unsee this.

  • Stamina Overlook
    Stamina Overlook 15 days ago +4

    also i like how "That's a flint" turned out to be a recurring joke on this channel, i love it

  • Stamina Overlook
    Stamina Overlook 15 days ago

    when he tried to create a bow using the normal recipe and couldnt do it, and then he was like "Oh, right" and changed the recipe and created a bow with sticks in place of strings, i had to stop the video because my brain did a forced shutdown and i needed a few minutes to recuperate

  • Hobo Wick
    Hobo Wick 15 days ago

    please keep these cursed vids coning dream 10:00

  • Lo-Dawg
    Lo-Dawg 15 days ago

    Hey guys, I heard somewhere that only 20% of the people watching dream's videos are subscribed. Better do it now before he whips out the analytics board again

  • Legend
    Legend 16 days ago +1

    He said he don’t like black chests and I felt that lmfaooo

  • Acid
    Acid 16 days ago +1

    Ok boomer

  • Xx_CoeX _xX
    Xx_CoeX _xX 16 days ago +1

    the durability on his boots is -666