2019 German Grand Prix: Race Highlights

  • Published on Jul 28, 2019
  • A wet and wild Hockenheim produced a dramatic race for the ages...
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  • Mr Hamilton
    Mr Hamilton Day ago +2

    Who's watching this because there's no F1

  • V8Hilux
    V8Hilux Day ago

    I think they've accidentally stumbled onto he solution to these tarmac run offs. Have the extra grippy asphalt instead of gravel traps, just put a meter of that drag strip around the edge of the track first :P

  • SebaCod Py
    SebaCod Py 2 days ago

    And watching again , just what a great gp , pls more rain in 2020

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion 2 days ago

    Most interesting race of the season

  • Pranesh Dara
    Pranesh Dara 2 days ago

    this was a pure mess

  • L S
    L S 2 days ago

    Best Race

  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 days ago

    5:31 :)

  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 days ago


  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 days ago


  • Daniel Tart
    Daniel Tart 3 days ago

    I suppose majority of this 14k+ comments are nothing but disrespect to Mercedes

  • LoLGamer 2018
    LoLGamer 2018 4 days ago

    epic race..

  • FailPlus
    FailPlus 4 days ago

    I speak for everybody:

    Fuck winterbreak!!!!!!!!

  • Roblox Boi
    Roblox Boi 4 days ago +3

    Most dangerous places:
    3. mt. Everest
    2. the Bermuda Triangle
    1. Turn 16 at Hockenheim

  • Tobias Benedikt Schmidt

    Wann erreicht ein Williams seine Höchstgeschwindigkeit?

    Wenn er abgeschleppt wird

  • Marv 27
    Marv 27 4 days ago +2

    The best Race i have ever Seen in the Last 3 years

  • Solomon Dixon
    Solomon Dixon 5 days ago

    1:43 Deja Vu 😂

  • AJ Imperium
    AJ Imperium 6 days ago

    Albon is dirty

  • Innosos
    Innosos 6 days ago

    IMO most entertaining race of the season.

  • MrHudy7
    MrHudy7 6 days ago

    The best race in hybrid era

  • Jarleth Eaton
    Jarleth Eaton 6 days ago

    One of the best Grand Prix I’ve ever seen

  • Caleb Birkett
    Caleb Birkett 8 days ago

    Imagine if verstappen saved his spin it would of looked sick

  • Axy
    Axy 8 days ago +1

    I would remove Suzuka to get Hockenheim back!

    • Thunderdome will Never Die
      Thunderdome will Never Die 2 days ago

      NOOOOO its gone

    • Axy
      Axy 7 days ago

      @Yoshi Chung Yes but since I started watching F1 in '17 Suzuka was boring

    • Yoshi Chung
      Yoshi Chung 7 days ago

      @Juna Siahaan Don't remove French GP. Move to Magny-Cours for French GP instead

    • Juna Siahaan
      Juna Siahaan 7 days ago

      *French GP not suzuka

    • Yoshi Chung
      Yoshi Chung 7 days ago

      How about Remove Abu Dhabi to get Hockenheim back?
      Suzuka is a classic track.

  • Giorgio Frangi
    Giorgio Frangi 9 days ago +2

    Who’s here during the winter break??

  • Ted Fieri
    Ted Fieri 9 days ago +1

    Rain, the great equalizer. Let's hope 2021 is the same. Can't wait for competitive F1 racing again.

  • Tushar Shinde
    Tushar Shinde 10 days ago +3

    Post Abu Dhabi I came here to remind myself how interesting F1 can be...

  • TheGreatGamer-Camalajs

    This like my 500000000000000000th time watching this video.

  • -Nico97- 泳むプ
    -Nico97- 泳むプ 10 days ago

    1:19 LMAO i thought he was going to fall!

  • Fay Reynolds
    Fay Reynolds 10 days ago +3

    Anyone here after the 2019 season

  • juandhaltrich
    juandhaltrich 11 days ago

    i hate Croft's voice. it's so annoying

  • Chilli 55
    Chilli 55 11 days ago

    I come back to this all the time

  • 시험얼마안남음
    시험얼마안남음 12 days ago

    1:42 omg

  • Dani Pierre
    Dani Pierre 13 days ago +6

    I come back every now and then to this video just to have a good laugh at the mercs

  • DugBingo951
    DugBingo951 13 days ago

    Keep coming back to hopefully see Hulkenberg get the podium

  • Vishnu Varman
    Vishnu Varman 13 days ago +4

    Who’s here after Max said Hockenheim?!

  • Motor Memes
    Motor Memes 14 days ago +2

    Wait Gasly was at Red Bull?

    • Snaakie
      Snaakie 4 days ago

      @Motor Memes it's no joke if you have to explain it though...😉

    • Motor Memes
      Motor Memes 13 days ago +1

      Balnazzardi its a joke tho

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi 13 days ago

      Ye....you must be very new to F1....He got demoted back to Toro Rosso shortly after summer break.

  • GabrielKirov
    GabrielKirov 14 days ago

    Fuck Hockeinheim

  • N M
    N M 15 days ago +1

    No Mercedes pitstop? that was a highlight!

    YOLOLMK 15 days ago +2

    The whole video is just:


  • ThatMaNgo
    ThatMaNgo 15 days ago

    If it’s raining why did they use the red tyres

  • King Tin Hou
    King Tin Hou 16 days ago

    Do any of you fucktards know why would some tracks get removed from the calender instead of whinging all the fucking time

  • Anshul Gupta
    Anshul Gupta 16 days ago

    Hamilton is great and all but can't drive in tough conditions.

  • Dunkirk Donuts
    Dunkirk Donuts 16 days ago +3

    The best race of 2019, hands down.

    • enes Tas
      enes Tas 8 days ago

      best race of the decade

  • deagleoneone
    deagleoneone 17 days ago +3

    Hamilton got a penalty?
    Wait thats illegal.

  • deagleoneone
    deagleoneone 17 days ago +7

    2:42 Leclerc: "***** ***** **** No."

  • deagleoneone
    deagleoneone 17 days ago +7

    Driver of the day: Safety-Car driver

  • 児玉ミッドスポーン

    フェルスタッペン って不正しているフェラーリに勝つんだからすげー

  • nickname87
    nickname87 17 days ago +1

    Why soft tyre?

  • Hariboboi 9000
    Hariboboi 9000 18 days ago +1


  • Hendrik
    Hendrik 18 days ago +2

    Where is Hamiltons spin?

  • Chito Consolacion
    Chito Consolacion 19 days ago +1

    My driver For Mercedes-Benz Receive a 5-Second Time Penalty for Going On The Wrong Side Of The Bollard?! That’s Bad for my driver!

  • Ben
    Ben 20 days ago +3

    Best race of the year.

  • Richard ter Veen
    Richard ter Veen 20 days ago

    No spin of Lewis?? Why isn’t that on these higlights?? .... it clearly answered his own question why it all went so wrong ...... we seem to not say anything negative about the divine Hamilton

  • Ryan Hsiao
    Ryan Hsiao 20 days ago

    This is why there is no Hockenheim next year

  • N Z
    N Z 21 day ago +4

    One of the best races of the 2010s.

  • Rockett Sally
    Rockett Sally 22 days ago +1


  • sagar shetkar
    sagar shetkar 22 days ago +10

    German gp 2019: best race of the season
    Brazil 2019: hold my 🍺

  • P G
    P G 22 days ago +5

    I will miss the German GP

  • Soulz 98
    Soulz 98 22 days ago +1

    1:43 1:52 somebody gonna put Tokyo drift song theme in this scene.

  • Omar Khan
    Omar Khan 22 days ago +3

    I feel so sad for Gasly, especially since he's performing so well now. He finally got his 1st podium in Brazil 19

  • Marcio Filho
    Marcio Filho 22 days ago +8

    Yeah, this race looks just like a walk in the park after the Brazilian GP.