A Broken Down Bentley & Designer Dresses | The Supercar Family

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Kash wants to make sure his pride and joy Bentley is back on the road for his birthday.
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Comments • 123

  • Soul Hacker
    Soul Hacker Day ago

    Is the ginger kid Jamaican?

  • gengis khan
    gengis khan 2 days ago

    Man you and your family. Bunch of a holes!!! Every last 1 of ya

  • greenfingerish
    greenfingerish 6 days ago

    Did that range rover reg plate spell shish kebab lol ?

  • Ahmad Qadan
    Ahmad Qadan 9 days ago

    These people don’t deserve to be rich. Pathetic waste of money.

  • Ibrahim Bashir
    Ibrahim Bashir 13 days ago

    Next ep??

  • Shah Qayum
    Shah Qayum 15 days ago +1

    All u haters kash works hard for his family and all u do is talk rubbish

  • Call Of Dhiren
    Call Of Dhiren 16 days ago

    Rah the amount of hate is maud if they wanna spoil their yutes let them you hating broke paigons LOOOL it ain't coming out ur pocket so mind ur business

  • Abrahaem Rahman
    Abrahaem Rahman 23 days ago

    Where did he get that t shirt from? Looks ill

  • Yasin Ahmed
    Yasin Ahmed 23 days ago +1

    Kash bro give it up while you can, dont know what you think your gna get from these vids apart from disrespecting and embarrassing yourself, your family.. give it up g while you can, before you become another idiot on youtube. Your image will be out of your control and you will end up looking disgraceful. Kind regards....

  • Roger Rabbit
    Roger Rabbit 23 days ago +2

    I think these people are cool. Asians always get bad press for all the wrong reasons. Id love to hang out with these guys.

  • Jaj Shah
    Jaj Shah 25 days ago +2

    Boys working hard mans burning over them hard man
    I say ya allah make them more successful

    • Haris M
      Haris M 24 days ago +1

      Haram lifestyle

  • Jaj Shah
    Jaj Shah 25 days ago +2

    Bear Apnay haters here man

  • Oxford Town
    Oxford Town 26 days ago

    Happy Birthday bro! love watching your video

  • Kage Krôss
    Kage Krôss 27 days ago

    Is Britain predominantly muslim now?

  • Rajvir Rayit
    Rajvir Rayit 28 days ago

    England- “ fake it till you make it “ ... and even if ya don’t make it lol

    • Lara B Croft
      Lara B Croft 26 days ago

      No shame in being who you are, why fake it? just be happy with what you have Mr rajvir

  • jodak m
    jodak m 29 days ago

    This kid play shop is a rip of guys, owned by sikhs, BASE is better same thing and better price

  • Jameel Qureshi
    Jameel Qureshi Month ago

    The shop owner has horrible taste in selecting clothes.

  • Sohaib
    Sohaib Month ago +1

    Kash has 3 kids?

  • Steven Seagal
    Steven Seagal Month ago

    How is this a show?

  • taminislami
    taminislami Month ago

    Why the hell is this so short

  • AJ WBA
    AJ WBA Month ago +4

    the mom is a shallow women

  • AJ WBA
    AJ WBA Month ago +1

    shows how materialistic hes become

  • Koolkid
    Koolkid Month ago

    Imagine lying about Beyonce's daughter and say that she wears that shit.

  • S M
    S M Month ago +1

    These lot are gonna go broke tryna look rich, trash mentalities

  • Robi U.K.
    Robi U.K. Month ago

    Doesn’t matter how expensive clothes are you putting you looks pathetic

    ADAMHD GAMER Month ago

    You people man be grate ful designer heart makes a beautiful person stupid gyal

  • kisskissg60
    kisskissg60 Month ago +14

    Look this guy works really hard and provides for his family,whats so wrong with them splashing out?So its ok to spank 100k plus on a car but when it comes to clothing you have to dress the kids in primark?
    If i had the money i would do the same..right im off down to lidl's now...😅

    • Ricky Hyde
      Ricky Hyde 25 days ago +1

      @i a what isn't wrong the quality is shit

    • i a
      i a 29 days ago +2

      Whats wrong with Primark

  • MR.Z 2.0
    MR.Z 2.0 Month ago

    These man are srsly lost

  • Moe Brown
    Moe Brown Month ago

    If I speak I am in trouble

  • Irfan Din
    Irfan Din Month ago

    I would not buy my kids any of these expensive branded clothes they are a waste of money and you are only paying for the NAME.

    • Lara B Croft
      Lara B Croft 26 days ago

      Yea true, but when your kids grow up they tend to buy there own choice designer labels, what's to stop them

  • Salamat Ali
    Salamat Ali Month ago +3

    Lol kash cant weld. The machine was running too rich u can hear it. Either too much heat or running too fast. It should b a crisp sound.

  • Daily Car Videos
    Daily Car Videos Month ago

    Disappointed ☹️

  • Umme Habiba
    Umme Habiba Month ago

    All the negative comments are from haters who are just jealous because the family is muslim/asian

  • s s
    s s Month ago +5

    7.43 "right shall we go to the cash desk"?
    Dont give a toss about you just give us the money and get out.

  • Mahmoud Noureddine
    Mahmoud Noureddine Month ago +5

    This series is too good they should move it from BBC Three to BBC One.

  • Panchod Panchod
    Panchod Panchod Month ago

    Why isn't the girls mum not wearing hijab? Trying to copy Yanni. Crap

  • arman Khan
    arman Khan Month ago +1

    HAPPY Birthday Kash and sick mini cooper kream

  • Nunu
    Nunu Month ago +1

    Wtf is this crap???? Utter cringe

  • Below Zero
    Below Zero Month ago +39

    this video is really shallaow. No matter how much money you have this family cannot by class. class is permenant, not hating stating the truth..there was lack of class. kids clothes where shocking.

  • bilal Moosa
    bilal Moosa Month ago

    This isnt a car show anymore

  • saj h
    saj h Month ago +17

    Shop assistant....lets take you to the golden room and rob you properly...Beyonce,s daughter wears this dress.... Mmm ain't Beyonce and Jay Z Satan worshippers not really role models I would be following

  • Fahad alshahrani
    Fahad alshahrani Month ago +11

    Ya allah, all m gonna say that Alhamdolilah for his blessings, can’t believe ppl nowadays, she just said we need to stand out in front of our childrenby buying Gucci, LV, etc. Rahhhhh

    • Stephen A. Smith
      Stephen A. Smith Month ago +7

      Sad isn’t it? It’s not about the clothes on your back but what is inside and how you treat others. They’re lost.

  • Plug Talk
    Plug Talk Month ago

    Scud - Platinum VIP

  • Eithnaan Khan
    Eithnaan Khan Month ago +59

    What a chavy mentality lol oh i like gucci and my kids have to wear loud designers to be recognized fix up your life your husband owns a garage not a private island in the Caribbean lol

    • DeLaMan
      DeLaMan 4 days ago

      Na Lara but when a shop assistant for example spunk’s a months salary on an outfit what’s the point, you don’t have the lifestyle to do with the outfit and look you’re portraying

    • Lara B Croft
      Lara B Croft 26 days ago +1

      Hmm so I've got to own a private island in the Caribbean just so I can wear Gucci or designer labels, like WTF, DAMF

    • Di Maximus
      Di Maximus Month ago

      Hahahaha ye they are buying everything on credit, what I’ve heard

    • Ant Man
      Ant Man Month ago +4

      See you boys in Primark, take care

    • Stephen A. Smith
      Stephen A. Smith Month ago +1

      Eithnaan Khan Hahahaha

  • Best Playlist
    Best Playlist Month ago +2

    This guy is inspirational, may bless you with many more years to come. Need more content.

  • Y K
    Y K Month ago

    Side not kash have a child a white child

  • Y K
    Y K Month ago

    Why was theme of this episode designer clothes like everyone mentioning designer this designer that. Wow Armani baby bag no big deal man clearly this was the theme. Disappointed get Muslims on TV and we are reduced to this seem like nice ppl no doubt but really but what's so muslim about them..

  • Y K
    Y K Month ago +8

    Why must kids be an accessory for their parents? Buy Gucci buy D&G no worries but when u go out jus to look for a designer brand not BCS u like the designs but so ppl say oh look how rich they are it's just depressing. Kids grow up thinking life is cars money and being flashy. Worse yet it's Muslims we shud be instilling kids with good values yes if u got the money spend it but instill some values too

  • boro boy
    boro boy Month ago +1

    Well done work hard play hard

  • Mustak Miah
    Mustak Miah Month ago +12

    She spending her husbands money as if it grows on trees

    • Abdu Patel
      Abdu Patel 27 days ago

      She's an extension of Kash, she has full right 2 what he has, n she works too. So like.....

    • Nasim Amin
      Nasim Amin Month ago +1

      She works also soooo.....

  • Leila Molaei
    Leila Molaei Month ago +2

    The apprentice sounds Asian

  • Jeff Gee
    Jeff Gee Month ago +2

    What was the point of the documentary??? Come on bbc three you can do better than this, filming narcissistic people.

  • suleyman kamran
    suleyman kamran Month ago

    Were the clothes she bought

  • boxer 45
    boxer 45 Month ago +64

    This was one cringe episode man, what a let down.

    RICKY VLOGS Month ago +39

    Kash soon got his Mrs to return the kids £1100 outfits! 🤣🤣

    • i a
      i a 29 days ago

      7:52 She didnt buy any of the Versace etc. Just that white burberry shirt some jeans and something else

      RICKY VLOGS Month ago +1

      @Obadi YAH Well did you see any of his kids wearing the outfits his wife brought at his birthday party. NO!

    • Obadi YAH
      Obadi YAH Month ago

      Why would he need to do that?

    • bilal Moosa
      bilal Moosa Month ago

      RICKY VLOGS hahaha

  • o s
    o s Month ago +49

    Where’s the humility? Very dissapointing episode, you also think you’re richer than you actually are, stop aspiring to live the life style of others, be greatful for what you have...be humble

    • Kucingd Terbakard
      Kucingd Terbakard 14 days ago

      @rod2k786y no they're literally not humble flaunting their wealth

    • o s
      o s Month ago

      Y K fair point but when someone is doing something wrong you need to make them aware.

    • rod2k786y
      rod2k786y Month ago

      I wasnt a fan of dem baby clothes eithr but its dr money dy can do wat dy want wv it

    • rod2k786y
      rod2k786y Month ago +1

      Im a muslims too but what gives u the right to say they not humble...wat if she pays 10x the amount she paid in this episode to charity hmm?
      Dnt judge ppl islam also teaches this.

    • Y K
      Y K Month ago +8

      @Ricky Hyde come on man these days one can't criticise without being labeled a hater. Everyone jus wants to hear nice things no one wants to hear the truth

  • dankmemesrus
    dankmemesrus Month ago +4

    kream developments is 10 mins from me. Always a pleasure going past it with the supercars outside🤣

  • superr mannn
    superr mannn Month ago +15

    Need more series need to be longer aswel. Kash n his brother are likeable guys!

  • - TBP -
    - TBP - Month ago +3

    Keep chasing the illusion, g0yim.

  • Azhar
    Azhar Month ago +4

    Only 12 minutes!? :(

    • khawar hussain
      khawar hussain Month ago

      I think bbc3 shows the full episode TheXvid only gets 12mins 🤪🤪🤪