The best Android cameras vs. the iPhone 11!

  • Published on Oct 2, 2019
  • There are few features in a smartphone more important than the cameras, so we pitted the Pixel 3, Huawei P30 Pro, and Galaxy Note 10+ against the new iPhone 11 Pro.
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Comments • 238

  • Davina Dankyi
    Davina Dankyi Day ago

    i have p30 lite the little brother of p30 pro

  • 84neilbone
    84neilbone 3 days ago

    I think the jitterbug phone from Best buy has the best camera

  • Ray Pondaag
    Ray Pondaag 8 days ago

    Huawei wins

  • Ajanae Williams
    Ajanae Williams 8 days ago +1

    The androids is tranna copy the iPhones now

  • Ajanae Williams
    Ajanae Williams 8 days ago

    iPhone 11

  • Jeff Chapman
    Jeff Chapman 12 days ago

    Thank you for making a video that's not over 11 minutes long

  • Peter Nugent
    Peter Nugent 15 days ago

    You should of went on your holidays an got the mate 30 Pro and then do your test.

  • Wayne Joyner
    Wayne Joyner 18 days ago

    I think the p30 pro is the best night mode camera

  • Summer Hall
    Summer Hall 19 days ago

    Being only half way in to this video, my only thought is, how does this vid just have 62K views? The side by side pic comparison made the choice is for me easy for me to make, at least for my taste anyways.
    Great job, guys.

    • Juan Ramirez
      Juan Ramirez 17 days ago

      That happens in litterally every other phone camera comparison video. This channel just isnt as big as the others. It seems good tho.

  • Pitchwisse
    Pitchwisse 19 days ago

    I hate Apple products for multiple reasons, but the iPhone 11 pro crushed them.

    • Pitchwisse
      Pitchwisse 17 days ago

      @Juan Ramirez We misunderstood each other. I was talking camera only. Of course iPhones suck when it comes to what you get for the money you pay. I personally use the MI9 and it's an awesome phone. Check my channel, you'll see what I mean.

    • Juan Ramirez
      Juan Ramirez 17 days ago

      @Pitchwisse Everything important really. Now people are really paying for the brand. I'll use my phone the s10 plus as a comparison. It has a better screen resolution, a better camera, and better battery size than the iPhone. Its costs less and is an older phone by a good amount.

    • Pitchwisse
      Pitchwisse 17 days ago

      @Juan Ramirez Based on what?

    • Juan Ramirez
      Juan Ramirez 17 days ago

      The iphone 11 pro is outdone by the galaxy s10 plus. And now all the others including the note 10 plus.

  • Sambatur Rajareddy
    Sambatur Rajareddy Month ago

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus world Bast Fast phone

  • ManSF 7
    ManSF 7 Month ago


  • Robo Virtuoso
    Robo Virtuoso Month ago

    iPhone gives you hepatitis

  • jemsncrystals
    jemsncrystals Month ago +1

    *PIxel 3a is a S L A Y E R*

  • jemsncrystals
    jemsncrystals Month ago +1

    Pixel 3 should not be in a comparison with flagship its a $399 phone vs iPhone 11 pro $1100
    But kudos to pixel team that it is neck to neck on low light photography with a triple $ time value phones.

  • Kevin Whiting
    Kevin Whiting Month ago

    All copies LG... Lol. The v series has been there done that. Manual modes and pro modes on LG Trump them all

  • Daya singh
    Daya singh Month ago

    I like Note 10 plus

  • Souvik Dutta
    Souvik Dutta Month ago

    How can I believe you when are not using a tripod. You are not a photographer.. You are an amateur with good video editing skills that's it..
    Sorry but this was a waste of time

    • SlybOllie
      SlybOllie 9 days ago

      nah ur just salty iphone sucks tbh

  • Nam Ngyen
    Nam Ngyen Month ago

    Selfie pixel, rear camera note 10, zoom p30pro

  • Zeeshan Qazafi
    Zeeshan Qazafi Month ago

    Pixel 4 is coming

  • Shadman Ahmmed
    Shadman Ahmmed Month ago

    Now that Pixel 4 is lunched u have make this comparison again

  • Brad M
    Brad M Month ago +2

    So you have never heard of this. From ANDROIDS website, “This is one of the most common questions an iPhone user finds when they move to Android.
    Sometimes when sending video to a non-iOS handset, or when iMessage is not available, messages are transferred using standard text messaging or MMS. Unlike iMessage, which goes through Apple servers, MMS has strict size limitations. Size limitations can be 300 or 600 KB. This means the video being sent will be compressed before transfer, reducing its quality. Wireless carriers can also compress the file before transferring via MMS.
    You want to keep video quality, email it or use a different messaging app like WhatsApp.”

    GURTEG SINGH Month ago

    Pixel 4 also only have one camera which is ultra wide and convert photos into imple wide and you can zoom in wooth that ultra wide. Soo only one camera again

  • Amran Ibrahim Rashidi

    Very excellent camera comparison ever no buyers at all...

  • Ali khan Ali khan
    Ali khan Ali khan Month ago +1

    Huawei p30 pro best camera 2019

  • Unic Sher
    Unic Sher Month ago

    If you used Mate 30 Pro better

  • Silverfox
    Silverfox Month ago

    And the winner is... Spoiler alert - they don't bloody tell you!

  • sayan chandra
    sayan chandra Month ago

    pixel 4 will come...and will redefine what CAMERA means...the LORD IS COMING....
    @#@# RIP

  • Laman Digital
    Laman Digital Month ago +1

    This put me in confusion

  • Faddli Syamsul
    Faddli Syamsul Month ago +1

    I cannot see any difference other than color saturation & temperature

  • Rolex Addict
    Rolex Addict Month ago +1

    Iphone kills all

    • SlybOllie
      SlybOllie 9 days ago

      not really pixel has best camera stats and specs

  • Yashwant Samdariya
    Yashwant Samdariya Month ago +1

    Note 10+ awesome

  • Munawar Salim
    Munawar Salim Month ago

    Just wait for the big daddy.... #october15 😍

  • Burn Productions
    Burn Productions Month ago +4

    The fact that the pixel 3 from a whole year ago at this point had such a good camera that you're comparing it to newly released phones. Wow, can wait to see the pixel 4.

    • Juan Ramirez
      Juan Ramirez 17 days ago

      They messed up by not including a wide angle on the 4

  • DigiCure
    DigiCure Month ago +2

    It will always be Apple, Samsung, pixel those 3 are the best smartphone cameras on the market and always will be until someone comes out with some new computational algorithm that blows everything away

    • Lel Lel
      Lel Lel Month ago +2

      DigiCure huawei?

  • Chad Higgins
    Chad Higgins Month ago

    No V40, really?

  • Jedwyn Marc Salado
    Jedwyn Marc Salado Month ago

    Dont expect too much on pixel 4

  • Zeke Kiel
    Zeke Kiel Month ago

    Night photography should only be used with a tripod if you want a great photo.

  • abhay v
    abhay v Month ago +1

    Where is One plus 7t

    • Mirza Rizwan baig
      Mirza Rizwan baig Month ago

      abhay v OnePlus camera is 💩

    • Munawar Salim
      Munawar Salim Month ago

      It is mentioned as best android cameras... Oneplus is not having the best..

  • Weiss
    Weiss Month ago +8

    Proud to own my regular Pixel 3 in just black color 🥰

  • KA S
    KA S Month ago +6

    Note 10's pen is a gimmick.Who wants to be Harry Potter?

    • Ultra HT Tech
      Ultra HT Tech Month ago

      I do A lot of things with my note 5 and this logo made by note 5

    • Nxel
      Nxel Month ago +1

      Disagree, I had note 3 and I used it a lot. Productivity was very quick, really missed it. Now I'm poor to buy note 10 hahah

  • scott lee
    scott lee Month ago +1

    the best Android mate30 pro?dxomark current no1?

    • Kazuma Azuma
      Kazuma Azuma Month ago

      That's why they didn't include it in this video 😂
      And choose p30 pro instead.

  • Kwekusa
    Kwekusa 2 months ago +1

    We are wasting money on these toys that we don't even know which one is good anymore. Ironically they are all above average and do the dame thing.

  • Konttu
    Konttu 2 months ago

    Where is Nokia 9 Pureview? Lol

  • Vishwesh Swaminadhan
    Vishwesh Swaminadhan 2 months ago +3

    Honestly, Pixel's night sight couldn't come close to Huawei P30 pros auto mode in low light! That's how good Huawei is at night time.

    • SlybOllie
      SlybOllie 9 days ago

      one thing that makes it better is it fills in images from very far away with telescope pics to make it so you can see that far without a telescope

    • yeinhorn
      yeinhorn Month ago

      I have the P30 pro and anytime I'm in dim lighting conditions the camera messes up the pics by adding noise reduction.... It's horrible

  • Fujin Yumi
    Fujin Yumi 2 months ago +2

    If you think the note 10+ looks best then you literally know nothing about photography. Those shots are overexposed af.

    • Bearded Bro
      Bearded Bro Month ago

      Fujin Yumi so you don't edit any of your photos? And your assuming the note always overexposes which isn't the case.

    • Fujin Yumi
      Fujin Yumi Month ago

      Bearded Bro that’s an additional swipe every time I take a photo. I take many photos using my camera. Let’s say I take five pictures a day on average. There are 365 days a year so I’d take 365(5)=1825 photos/year. Now using my note 10+, let’s say I have to dial down the exposure every time I take a shot. It’ll take me maybe an additional 3 seconds now to take those photos, whereas the iPhone gets it right every time immediately. 1825 photos/year(3 additional seconds/photo)=5475 additional seconds spent on taking photos every single year. That’s over an hour and 30 minutes lost from me every year simply by changing the exposure every single time on my note to make it look more realistic. Not to mention other issues the note’s photos have like being over saturated. I’d have to go back into my photos app and decrease the saturation after taking the photo, which would take even more time. This was a conservative estimate.

    • Bearded Bro
      Bearded Bro Month ago

      Fujin Yumi you just made the note 10 not overexposed. Yes I agree it shouldn't be overexposed in auto but a simple slide of the exposure and your set

    • Fujin Yumi
      Fujin Yumi Month ago

      Bearded Bro I’m not paid for photography, but you can always just add exposure and stuff after you take the photo. There’s no need for the stock photo to be so overexposed.

    • Bearded Bro
      Bearded Bro Month ago

      Unless you get paid for photography, it doesn't matter. It's subjective

  • Lucky Peter
    Lucky Peter 2 months ago

    Why you didn't add the Mate 30 pro

  • Savan Raja
    Savan Raja 2 months ago

    my fav Michael Fisher

  • Hélder Pinheiro
    Hélder Pinheiro 2 months ago +3

    A review of no conclusions

  • ꜱᴜᴍᴇᴅʜ ꜱʜɪɴᴅᴇ

    Iphone 11 is jack of all trades but master of none !

  • mosincredible
    mosincredible 2 months ago

    Don't know what happened on that night mode photo with the Note 10+. I have never taken a shot that looked that bad. Dude must have shaky hands.
    However, I do agree that they need to work on making night mode more intuitive with a countdown timer or visual representation of how long it's going to take.

  • петър йорданов

    Pixel rocks!!!

  • KuroKami94
    KuroKami94 2 months ago +1

    2:04 pixel 3 wins in my opinion right there. iPhone lacks sharpness and real details. Note 10+ has that smooth face effect going on also missing details in beard.

  • 1 2 3 Four Five
    1 2 3 Four Five 2 months ago +3

    The fact that the Mate 30 Pro isn't in here is a crime

  • danangdevils
    danangdevils 2 months ago

    Ummmmmmm deep fusion anyone??

  • Simon Strother
    Simon Strother 2 months ago +3

    The Note 10 kills with its dynamic range, even vs the Iphone.

  • Alex Herold
    Alex Herold 2 months ago

    1:21 iPhone 11 Pro ad XD

  • Mzwandile Harmans
    Mzwandile Harmans 2 months ago

    Hahaha in camera comparison, last comments are on camera for each device and note 10+ was the S pen 🤣🤣🤣🤣 comment on the subject. iPhone is the boss here and in addition it’s the video kind, and shoots 4k60fps with front and rear cameras, the note10+ with rear camera, well p30pro and pixel don’t know what am talking about 🤣

    • Mzwandile Harmans
      Mzwandile Harmans 2 months ago

      K. D. Of course iPhone strengths don’t count

    • K. Deese
      K. Deese 2 months ago

      The iPhone shoots the best video--hands down--problem is most people don't use video that often. 5-10, seconds of Snapchat doesn't count

  • Jm Tech
    Jm Tech 2 months ago +1

    iphone 11 camera is the best overall and you all know it, most reviews say so, and this is without deep fusion lol

    • Oscar Chavez
      Oscar Chavez Month ago

      @Jm Tech wow if you think that triple camera design and logo placement isn't hideous, that is beyond me lol. Alright ya man 😂 Honestly last gen was so nice lmao

    • Jm Tech
      Jm Tech Month ago

      Oscar Chavez But there not ugly lmao

    • Oscar Chavez
      Oscar Chavez Month ago

      @Jm Tech Have you seen how ugly the iPhones are 😂

    • Jm Tech
      Jm Tech Month ago

      Oscar Chavez i have seen one very nice phone, top camera , but the facts are most reviews say the new iphone 11 pro have a better camera overall.

    • Oscar Chavez
      Oscar Chavez Month ago

      @Jm Tech Have you held a P30 pro in your hands? Sit down

  • MICH
    MICH 2 months ago

    P30 pro camera system is pleasing to use and shoots amazing photos the colors are beautiful.